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REGGIE BUSH: “Give Me My Heisman Back.” | I AM ATHLETE

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 25 Sep 2022
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    Reggie Bush opens up about the depression he battled early in his NFL career because of the NCAA probe he and the USC Trojans faced because of claims he and his family profited from his collegiate career. Bush hopes a recent multi-million settlement the NCAA paid to his former position coach will help clear his name, and potentially lead to the Heisman Trophy taken away from him being returned.
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Komentar • 2 147

  • Waldo205
    Waldo205  +999

    Watching Reggie as a kid was so awesome dude was Electrifying at USC he forever my college G.O.A.T

  • Brandon Berry

    Shady is that little brother that can’t wait to tell his buddies about his experience 😂

  • RailL II FR35H_ Twe1ve2/6ixteen

    Reggie is hella humble. I hope he's doing much better mentally. You can definitely tell life took a toll on him. Hope all who love him keep him close, his eyes have a deep concerning look.

  • Dalton Davidson

    Man I could watch Reggie highlights for hours. But listening to him talk about life after football and how he’s realized how much more there is to life, especially as a father and husband. That made me tear up a little because I’ve been through that too. I never played after high school, but I had to go through realizing football wasn’t all that mattered too. And giving up football was the worst time in my life because I hadn’t made anything else important. Now being a father and husband, I just have so much appreciation for anyone who makes family the most important part of life. God bless you Reggie!

  • Sam Ellis
    Sam Ellis  +100

    Reggie Bush was like a created player in a video game at USC... absolutely dominated college football.

  • KRoyal
    KRoyal  +4

    Shady steady snitching…. “I’m so hungry……in a BENZ?” 😂😂😂

  • J Scott
    J Scott  +599

    This man is definitely in the conversation as the best college athlete EVER!

  • Jason Cardwell

    They took the Heisman from this man, but it still doesn't change the fact he was the best college football player the year he won it. Reggie Bush was incredible the year he won that trophy. I hope you get your trophy back bro because you deserve it.

  • CW
    CW  +60

    Man much respect to Reggie I love this interview but I couldn't help but notice Pacman's growth..Just goes to show you no matter what you going thru in life never give up.


    Knowing Reggie and his family personally....He is a humble and honest man....He and his family have always been great to my kids.

  • Justin Haigler

    His story needs to be told in a documentary format. Gross negligence from the NCAA.... Reggie was innocent by all accounts. Hopefully the NCAA right this wrong. Fight On love you Reggie

  • Kenny Briggs

    Reggie is so media trained man, you knew he wasn’t getting dirty as Marsh likes to say. You can tell Pac, Shady, & Marsh we’re waiting for more details but Reg has been trained since he got to SC about how to answer questions. This felt more like a 20/20 than I Am Athlete interview.

  • Leah K
    Leah K  +222

    Shady & Pacman are such a vibe! Really great energy. I know people try to compare to the old crew but I truly believe they have found a good chemistry and the higher purpose for both platforms is that athletes feel comfortable to be honest and tell their stories to them people who know how it is to be in their shoes.

  • chris murphy

    Reggie is the greatest Trojan ever -- not for his on-the-field accomplishments, which are astounding -- but for his character and example of Fight On off the field and the way he's conducted his life. As an alum, he is my all-time favorite and a true class act through everything he's been put through. He's an amazing example of character and class and always has been.

  • reekhavoc
    reekhavoc  +19

    Reggie was a prodigy of football. As kids we were so happy to see him do good in NFL! Reggie was legend

  • Ms. Ellaneous
    Ms. Ellaneous 14 hari yang lalu

    I REALLY enjoyed this. Lesean I didnt know was so funny, PacMan speaks with conviction and is a real man , REGGIE you gave me many great moments in my home while watching you play and I WISH THEY GIVE YOU BACK WHATS YOURS from USC, and Brandon, thank you for providing this platform and allowing athletes to speak freely. BLESS all of YOU!

  • Brandon Sofola

    He’s the greatest college football player I’ve ever seen and him winning a super bowl with the Saints made him a legend in my family

  • Worrell
    Worrell  +31

    I probably watched Reggie's USC highlight like 1000000 times in high school. Me and all my friends wanted to play exactly like him and dude is the reason I am a Saints fan lmao.

  • H Kae01
    H Kae01  +371

    My College GOAT. I grew up watching Reggie Bush at USC and it was amazing!!!

  • TFGSportsTV

    Been watching Reggie since I was a kid in 4th grade and when I first feel in love with football. He always been a role model to me and I’m glad to finally fully hear bro story. Legitimately always been a good guy