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Komentar • 38 513

  • yep4andy
    yep4andy 12 hari yang lalu +5425

    Yixing’s music videos are always so cool

  • Borac
    Borac  2 hari yang lalu +42

    LAY eres el mejor, vamos chic@s a seguir apoyando a nuestro Rey nadie como el, porfavor sigue con el streaming aquí y en spotify, QUE SE ESCUCHE EN TODO EL MUNDO VEIL, es una obra de arte cada canción nueva de LAY es lo menos que podemos hacer por nuestro Rey demostrando nuestro apoyo y amor.💜🤚👑

  • Esthefania De Leon
    Esthefania De Leon 2 hari yang lalu +16

    Yixing haciendo canciones que siempre me den ganas de bailar, me llena de energia

  • xiubrandnew 2022
    xiubrandnew 2022 2 hari yang lalu +10

    Lay está en otro nivel, es un artista increíblemente completo.

  • Ernielyn Garcia
    Ernielyn Garcia 3 hari yang lalu +40

    I'm addicted to this song! Lay definitely nailed it!!! Happy to support his Solo album. Exo-L lovelots!!

  • N
    N 12 hari yang lalu +1953

    Yixing is a true musical genius, he never repeats himself and always put some elements to surprise you. those instruments.. freaking amazing

    • Peccavi No Mas
      Peccavi No Mas 2 hari yang lalu

      @제바사 디아 simple, I wanted to see if perhaps the song got better. However it did not. That's why I listened to. Anddddd it was on the Algorithm shorts.
      Now piss off.

    • 제바사 디아
      제바사 디아 3 hari yang lalu

      @Peccavi No Mas then why are you even listening??

    • Peccavi No Mas
      Peccavi No Mas 3 hari yang lalu +1

      All I heard and read was him repeating himself. What you talkin bout?

    • 제바사 디아
      제바사 디아 5 hari yang lalu +1

      So True. He is too Good.

  • Anita Raquel
    Anita Raquel Hari Yang lalu +8

    Wow! Lay nunca decepciona, sigamos reproduciendo está joyita Exol.

  • ᵉˣᵒ❥『Bᴀᴍʙɪ』❥

    Todo que lo hace Yixing es ARTE.

  • Ale chii
    Ale chii 2 hari yang lalu +5

    Como amo los resultados que presenta Yixing en sus trabajos, excelente música Rey (ㅅ´ ˘ `)

  • Marcelleabi
    Marcelleabi 2 hari yang lalu +4

    Una canción muy adictiva, que genial lo hace Yixing siempre

  • Anna Liza Fernandez
    Anna Liza Fernandez 9 hari yang lalu +885

    Music - 100%
    Vocals - 100%
    Choreography - 100%
    MV Quality - 100%
    Concept - 100%
    Visuals - 1000%

    • Zhengda Chai
      Zhengda Chai 6 hari yang lalu +1

      @Robin Skull promise more than deliver, that’s what I am bored of American.

    • Nahid Yar
      Nahid Yar 7 hari yang lalu +1

      he is KING

    • Byun Lotus
      Byun Lotus 8 hari yang lalu +4

      @Robin Skull you have an hidden talent,keep it hidden

    • Moon🌜
      Moon🌜 8 hari yang lalu +1


    • Fany uwu
      Fany uwu 8 hari yang lalu +8

      @Robin Skull and who are you? go away and stop bothering

  • Mateo Gonzales
    Mateo Gonzales 2 hari yang lalu +4

    Esta canción es puro arte... me encanta el ritmo, el baile, la voz Yixing... es que no la puedo sacar de mi cabeza

  • Dandaine kim
    Dandaine kim 2 hari yang lalu +18

    Lay siempre hace arte (⁠~⁠ ̄⁠³⁠ ̄⁠)⁠~

    PENGSOO 2 hari yang lalu +12

    You know, everytime I'm watching yixing's music videos, its like watching a movie. The cinematography, the places, the characters, everything is lit and cool. And I love how he always show china's culture in his music video. Thats how proud he was of his own origin which we all should learn. We should be proud of where we came from.

  • Le..
    Le.. Hari Yang lalu +4

    LAYY!! mi vidaa!! Siempre dacando tremendas obras de arte, se ve espectacular y es buenima la canción

  • Squishy Penguin
    Squishy Penguin 7 hari yang lalu +103

    Streaming lay's veil and xiumin's brandnew is now my daily routine

    • hani
      hani 6 hari yang lalu

      he is solo

    • Sneha6
      Sneha6 6 hari yang lalu +2

      Lets go Ls

    • Juani Melgarejo
      Juani Melgarejo 6 hari yang lalu +2


    • Love
      Love 6 hari yang lalu +4

      They say "y'all better dance"

    • chanyeolwife
      chanyeolwife 6 hari yang lalu +6

      fighting Ls!

  • yesenia mayory
    yesenia mayory 2 hari yang lalu +7

    Lay te amo

  • Becky_xingmi
    Becky_xingmi 2 hari yang lalu +10

    Zhang Yixing:
    Dancer 100%
    Producer 100%
    Visual 100%
    Composer 100%
    you are perfect!!!!!!!!!

  • kate&ru
    kate&ru 2 jam yang lalu +2

    Вот это талант, так всё снято хорошо, песня класс, а про танцы вообще молчу. Всё на высоком уровне

  • Sheyla
    Sheyla 2 hari yang lalu +4

    Desearía que tu música llegue a muchísima más gente.

  • The Nobody
    The Nobody 12 hari yang lalu +144

    Gotta love how yixing makes a brilliant fusion of Chinese traditional style with western style in his music,dance,choreo,video and even clothes and it always turns out as a masterpiece?? He's a legend truly.

    • The Nobody
      The Nobody 12 hari yang lalu +6

      @Дарья Крохмаль we might not know their names but all their efforts show well in his work and i really appreciate that

    • Дарья Крохмаль
      Дарья Крохмаль 12 hari yang lalu +6

      He has a brilliant staff who's work is underrated. Just want to support that people🤭

  • Mari
    Mari Hari Yang lalu +3

    Dando mi vueltita todos los dias , para escuchar temenda cancion y apoyar a lay ..veil es una cancion pegadisima lay se lucio como.siempre :)

  • guillesca briceño
    guillesca briceño Hari Yang lalu +3

    Dios, no me canso de escucharla, tan magnífica que es

  • Cemile Quliyeva
    Cemile Quliyeva Hari Yang lalu +2

    Лей такой зажигательный,слушая это просто встаёшь и танцуешь...хмммммм.дэнс.денс.

  • Jongdae Kim
    Jongdae Kim Hari Yang lalu +4

    Los mv's de Lay siempre sorprenden nunca decepcionan.

  • Endless timbre~
    Endless timbre~ 7 hari yang lalu +26

    This music is like a combination of traditional and pop. At the same time, it has a colorful, energetic and elegant air like popping candy.

  • Larissa Fernanda
    Larissa Fernanda Hari Yang lalu +2

    A bop ugh, this is so good he's always outdoing himself every song, he's the ART ITSELF

  • Kaniz Fatema
    Kaniz Fatema 3 hari yang lalu +5

    I can hear this straight 24/7..This song is really addictive

  • Jhossy Rimachi
    Jhossy Rimachi Hari Yang lalu +3

    Canción perfecta

  • arlet zhang
    arlet zhang Hari Yang lalu +2

    amo como representa su país de maneras tan ingeniosas!! realmente hace todo bien

  • Lynne Prado
    Lynne Prado 7 hari yang lalu +111

    I love every Yixing's music videos and songs. They're so perfect

  • Xing_XoXo
    Xing_XoXo Hari Yang lalu +3

    This song has been played multiple times ever since it was released. Another masterpiece from LAY ZHANG.

  • Em Sama
    Em Sama Hari Yang lalu +4

    The song is just so fluid just like his dance. I can flow with it . Yixing never fails to balance ✨️

  • Arlette Perez
    Arlette Perez 16 jam yang lalu +1

    Es tan bueno ver muchos comentarios en español. LAY es asombroso, su trabajo es de alta calidad.

  • Hola548lili
    Hola548lili Hari Yang lalu +3

    Ame la Canción es una obra maestra. Lay es muy talentoso

  • Juani Melgarejo
    Juani Melgarejo 7 hari yang lalu +115

    VAMOS EXO-L!!!!
    Ya vieron Brand New?
    UFFF con placer visual y auditivo ando reproduciendo estas dos joyas
    Pongamos a EXO en top, se lo merecen, cada granito de arena (en views) cuenta, no nos echemos para atrás.
    Y por sobre todo, disfruten. Yo estoy muy feliz de tener dos comebacks de mis EXO a la vez TuT

  • rdpverse
    rdpverse 7 jam yang lalu +3

    this music video’s cinematography is insane! we really can expect a lot when it comes to yixing, as he always delivers! 👏🏻👏🏻

  • KiT Fox
    KiT Fox 2 hari yang lalu +5

    Lay carrying on another master piece.
    We love you our china-sheep
    ExoL is with you forever!

  • LOVELY Dramas
    LOVELY Dramas 2 hari yang lalu +2

    Todo lo que Lay hace es arte. Amo como bailas y te amo! XD

  • REDAN رين رين
    REDAN رين رين 5 jam yang lalu +3

    Everything in this MV make me say yah this is Yixing style
    His dance and his voice is perfect 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Robin D Ace
    Robin D Ace 7 hari yang lalu +45

    Nothing could be better than back-to-back my babies' releases! Here, after Xiumin's Brand New. These two are probably the two catchiest songs in the past few months! I am so happy for you two

    • ROSA Campos
      ROSA Campos 7 hari yang lalu +4

      I came here to writethe same! Both are so catchy, the beat invite to dance.

  • LesMusicFan
    LesMusicFan Hari Yang lalu +3

    This mv should have more views. Song stays in my head whenever I hear it. It's amazing imo

  • Angelou Panganuron
    Angelou Panganuron Hari Yang lalu +2

    I'm always proud of my boys. You nailed it, Lay as always.

  • Sphrinzy Pring Documento
    Sphrinzy Pring Documento 2 jam yang lalu +2

    I keep playing this...can't help it. It's so catchy it's living in my head rent-free

  • D
    D 2 hari yang lalu +5

    Love you Lay! this is another masterpiece

  • Maniha
    Maniha 11 hari yang lalu +37

    Honestly this song is addictive,
    The lyrics, the dance, the visual and the melody. Lay Zhang is on Fire!!!!!!!

  • yumii_art26
    yumii_art26 14 jam yang lalu +3

    the music and mv is so good & well thought as always, this deserves more views 😍🌸

  • snsd wg3
    snsd wg3 2 hari yang lalu +2

    He is so unique so special so talented. I love him.

  • Apple Joy Corbi
    Apple Joy Corbi 2 hari yang lalu +2

    I really love every beat! Thank you for this masterpiece, Lay!

  • Weiting Lin
    Weiting Lin 10 jam yang lalu +6

    Why does it take so long to reach 4M......I don't understand...with this high quality video, swaggy dance move and the beat!!!! WHY!!!!

    • HL Seow
      HL Seow 9 jam yang lalu +3

      I really not understand also, this is the best MV and best song of the year

  • dilarang parkir
    dilarang parkir 7 hari yang lalu +160

    Guys, this MV on Yixing's weibo has reached 58.3 million. Let's keep streaming in youtube for international fans! 😍

  • E L L E
    E L L E Hari Yang lalu +2

    Everytime yixing produces something you know it's always expensive, this is fire

  • Isabel  Silva
    Isabel Silva 2 hari yang lalu +3

    Amo esta canción :3

  • Isabel  Silva
    Isabel Silva 2 hari yang lalu +3

    Esta canción no sale de mi cabeza, todo el día la tarareo

  • bmzry
    bmzry 2 hari yang lalu +4

    Los videos de Lay son demasiado hipnotizantes 👁

  • Ailar Bavafa
    Ailar Bavafa 12 hari yang lalu +2139

    Wonderful song and dance

    • Incognito Black🖤
      Incognito Black🖤 6 hari yang lalu

      Wonder who he could have stolen those moves from lmmfao everyone loves our culture we keep the 🌎 moving we are Gods elect chosen people 🖤.....

    • Fateme izadi
      Fateme izadi 10 hari yang lalu +2

      That's right

    • su zhang
      su zhang 10 hari yang lalu +3

      Let's streaming

    • su zhang
      su zhang 10 hari yang lalu +4

      Let's streaming!!!

    • Blink🖤💗
      Blink🖤💗 11 hari yang lalu +2


  • Joie Anido
    Joie Anido Hari Yang lalu +2

    love it Lay! keep making great music & MVs..hope to see you on exo comeback soon!

  • StrangerThingsxEXO
    StrangerThingsxEXO 6 jam yang lalu +2

    Lay’s music makes me want to discover more about chinese music. He’s really taking China to the world.

  • REDAN رين رين
    REDAN رين رين 5 jam yang lalu +1

    Everything in this MV make me say yah this is Yixing style
    His dance and his voice is perfect 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Djan Maury YouTube Channel
    Djan Maury YouTube Channel 11 jam yang lalu +2

    🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝 From Brazil
    Excellent performance !! Performance demasiado sorprendente !! C'est magnifique production !! Excelente performance, demais !!

  • Junmyeon's Forehead
    Junmyeon's Forehead 6 hari yang lalu +73

    Listen to me Yixing's artistry is completely another level, cause how does he blend traditional music and modern music so well??? HE'S INSANE

  • Clara Aviz
    Clara Aviz 2 hari yang lalu +1

    Nao tive muito tempo hj pra apreciar o rei Zhang Yixing,mas sigo amando mais e mais essa obra prima

  • Laura
    Laura 3 hari yang lalu +2

    Simplemente magnífico

  • Just a Human
    Just a Human 2 hari yang lalu +1

    This song gets better the more you listen to it! So addicting.
    Especially the "ouh ouh ouh" part.
    The chinese version is crazy addicting! I prefer it actually.
    (You can find it on Spotify)

  • HevxHev
    HevxHev Hari Yang lalu +2

    Late but I love you Lay. Can someone explain why I'm always transported into another world viewing his creations??

  • EXO-L
    EXO-L 11 hari yang lalu +79

    Exo-l so proud of you, Lay
    You are perfect

    KASMA WATI Hari Yang lalu +2

    Yixing's vocals are unquestionable

  • Katya Zm
    Katya Zm 2 hari yang lalu +1

    LAY, you are the most hardworking and restless (in terms of creativity) man. May you have enough strength for everything and for everyone !!! Just know that you are awesome

  • 판타지 바라를
    판타지 바라를 8 jam yang lalu +2

    Lay ... what is thisssss??? 이건 최고야 !!! 너무 좋아서 학교에서도 듣고싶어 ^^

  • mra.
    mra. 2 hari yang lalu +2

    Lay's dance always perfect

  • Leana Marie
    Leana Marie 12 hari yang lalu +424

    This MV deserve a million of views. And Lay deserve our love and support. Let's go EXO-L's, we can do it. We are one!

    • emailbuat tugassay
      emailbuat tugassay 11 hari yang lalu +14

      "Mask off mask off" always on my mind 😂 the lyrics so catchy

    • 🦋 Sparkling•World
      🦋 Sparkling•World 12 hari yang lalu +15

      EXO-L & XBACK let's keep surport our multitalented dancing king Lay Zhang 🌟💜
      #张艺兴 🐲 🐉
      WE ARE ONE 🤍

    • W G
      W G 12 hari yang lalu +8

      Yes Yes Yes

    • EXO MY LIFE ♪
      EXO MY LIFE ♪ 12 hari yang lalu


    • Happy Tan16 -
      Happy Tan16 - 12 hari yang lalu +10

      Yes indeed. So catchy

  • Base To Ace
    Base To Ace 2 hari yang lalu +2

    The more I listen to it the more I like it

  • Aeriel
    Aeriel Hari Yang lalu +2

    Always on fire Zhang Yixing!!!

  • Siti Salbiah
    Siti Salbiah 5 jam yang lalu +2

    Honestly "VEIL" music video from Lay it's the best music video with the best music , best song ,best dance and the best choreography.

  • BLian 614
    BLian 614 8 jam yang lalu +3

    Keep going EXOL!!! We can do it!!!!

    KIM MARIA TUAN 07 12 hari yang lalu +3003


    FACUNLA, LYKA CAMILLE, F. Hari Yang lalu +3

    Lay is very talented. I'm inlove

  • Moonzi
    Moonzi 18 jam yang lalu +2

    Почти все его клипы и песни мне нравится😍как же он крут 🔥 офигенный

  • Cutie Pets
    Cutie Pets 17 jam yang lalu +1

    Lay is an artist, a master of his own craft . He is the producer of the MV and oversee the whole production. He made this song ! So talented

  • mavila
    mavila 2 hari yang lalu +2

    definitely my favorite song at the moment

  • Chan Chan
    Chan Chan 12 hari yang lalu +178

    I've been into kpop for 10 years and exol for 6 years but i've never seen dancers like EXO main dancers ...
    Lay always amazes me with his dance moves ; it's always perfect ,sharp and smoth at the same time.
    He is the KING OF CHINA indeed ♡

  • Miss Bradicah
    Miss Bradicah Hari Yang lalu +1

    Make no mistake about it.
    Lay knows a thing or two about creating music and songs I wanna listen to more than once. That's for sure!

  • Cristina Matla
    Cristina Matla Hari Yang lalu +1

    I love so much his music, this video is visual art!!

  • Siti Salbiah
    Siti Salbiah 5 jam yang lalu +4

    Honestly music video "VEIL" not only get million of view but deserve to get billion of the view's because this song it's really great.

  • V Jung
    V Jung 2 hari yang lalu +2

    Cool Perfect Respect Best singer LAY!!!!

  • tutayloey16 reel
    tutayloey16 reel 11 hari yang lalu +53

    Lay emang gak pernah mengecewakan sih, sekeren ini dia bikin lagu , bener2 bikin candu banget,

  • andrea andrade
    andrea andrade 3 hari yang lalu +3

    El sonido es tan encantador

  • 도야 !원어스 same scent!
    도야 !원어스 same scent! 8 jam yang lalu +3

    the way he dances omg ✨

  • ROSE
    ROSE 2 hari yang lalu +1

    I really liked it, it's amazing, I can't wait to see you perform it in Grandline 2

  • Juli Rodriguez
    Juli Rodriguez Hari Yang lalu +1

    ¡Que trabajo!

  • Htetwuit yi
    Htetwuit yi 12 hari yang lalu +310

    I'm so proud of being an EXO-L!
    I'm so proud for Zhang Yixing!!!!

  • V Jung
    V Jung 2 hari yang lalu +1

    I LIKE THIS SONG also DANCE Perfect!!!!!

  • joiesy pring
    joiesy pring 4 jam yang lalu +1

    Yixing's MV is always super b! ♥️✨

  • Asou Gh. Ed
    Asou Gh. Ed Hari Yang lalu +3

    Its such an amaizing video I can't stop watching it😭😭😭I love ur voice man I loveeeeee uuuuuu❤️❤️❤️

  • Israt Jahan Cdrama addicted
    Israt Jahan Cdrama addicted 6 hari yang lalu +35

    I love how much effort Yixing put into his music videos.

  • Lau☆
    Lau☆ Hari Yang lalu +1

    Ahora se lo que es perfección

  • kmusicz
    kmusicz 2 hari yang lalu +2

    can we talk about the elements and the instruments used for this song. When the beat came, it came as a surprise

    • W G
      W G 2 hari yang lalu


  • afya B
    afya B Hari Yang lalu +2

    wow the song is super cool i love it!!!!

  • fjo do
    fjo do 2 hari yang lalu +3

    I can't stop listening to this song ㅎㅎ