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    Today, Carter Sharer and Lizzy Sharer team up with their friends from the Carl and Jinger family to do an epic science experiment with dry ice. Carter and Liz went and bought over 100 pounds of super cold dry ice so they could dump it in the pool as an experiment to see what would happen if dry ice got wet. Carl and Jinger helped put the dry ice in the pool and it started to make the water bubble and boil! The water got so bubbly that it became hard for Carter to swim! This dry ice was a challenge to handle, but the experiment was super exciting! Comment below #DryIce #Experiment and what you would do with 100 pounds of dry ice!!
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    That was such an amazingly fun time!! So crazy!

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    Liz thinks your the hacker carter

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    Baker one one el paso

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    # Jinger is cool

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    I like you to I feel like Litzy

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    Litzy loves you carter

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    The thumbnail is Really cool

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    Lizzy is having a crush on u

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    You ought to get rid of that Liz. She is only going to get more disgusting with age. She is going to be a bitter old hag before 35.

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      Misti King
      Did you not see the video? All the signs are there plain as day. Perhaps when you are older and have some experience you will see the signs.

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      well that's a crappy thing to say about someone you don't even know. There's nothing wrong with her. And it doesn't really matter if you don't like her because all that matters is if he likes her. your opinion is just that an opinion. so take your mean mouth somewhere else it not wanted here

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    What state do you live in because I live in Georgia

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    Love you your the best

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    Carter did you know Lizzie likes you and love you

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    LifZZ Carter

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    ur so lame ur not epic

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    35 deggeres

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    This popped up on my timeline and it’s so weird. I feel like I’m watching a kids tv show.
    “Woaaaaah” “wowwww carter” “that’s so hot carter” “woaaaa so heavyyyyyy” “I’m gonna try swimmin on the bubbles woooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh”

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    Will u do 24 hours inside ur bedroom locked ? # cartet

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    You've never seen bubbles before?

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    Thanks for the video's there the best i love y'all

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    the dry ice in that video is surprisingly hot for dry ice. the average temperature of dry ice is -109.3 degrees Fahrenheit.

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    She said it keeps going higher and higher when it was going down in negatives 😂😂

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    I love turtles

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    Now stick your head underwater and inhale

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    I am your biggest fan

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    papajake is captured and he needs your help

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    I like swag

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    That would be cold

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    Collin keys is that you 😂 but you kinda sound like him

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    30 0r 40 0r 50

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    It dosent melt it sublimates

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    R u sure degree? I think it's faranite

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    Need more ads.

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    carter you guys should try to skip dry ice in a lake try to skip it of of the jet ski into the lake where it is deep

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    You are in danger

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    30 degrees.

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    Swimming over the bubbles in the water will actually make you sink, because you are less buoyant in the carbon dioxide, CO2 than you are in the water (dihydrogen monoxide, lol) H20. CO2 can also suffocate you if there is not enough of a breeze or open area. People have died of asphyxiation because they did this.

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    Maybe 1 or 2 degrees cooler.

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    carter and lizzy and stephen papa jake is capturd

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    Is Liz your sister

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    People/hackers are after you Chad wild clay and papa jake one of them was at your 4th of July party

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    Wow amazing

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    Sunny day and tons of water, so it can't lower the temperature easly. But those blocks are huge and lots of CO2 coming out. If you get closer to bubbles, you may feel very dizzy because of O2 decrease in the air. Wet gloves are always dangerous to hold something too hot or cold.

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    Hi your videos are the best

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    Is this channel ment for kids....becuase it feels like this is acted out .

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    Woah × 44

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    Somebody was at the 4th of July party Carter I think it was the hacker that's what papa Jake knows and The hackers have captured papa Jake

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    When she said “woah it’s going higher”
    i-i-it’s going lower 😐😑😐

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    I thank the water temperature will be 20°

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    The IR thermometer will read the temp of the bottom of the pool, not the water itself. So the water probably really was cooled.

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    If there's chlorine in that water that might have changed something

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    Carl has the same shirt as my dad in the beginning

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    1. Dry ice doesn’t melt, it sublimates 2. Freezing something does not cook it 3. That amount of dry ice won’t do much to the temperature because of the differential (as its easier to heat something up than cooling it down)

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