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    오늘만 특별 편성! 고잉 세븐틴 코멘터리📝
    멤버들의 기억에 남은 레전드 고잉 세븐틴부터
    캐럿, 큐빅들의 Q&A까지~
    올해도 고잉 세븐틴 쭉 🕺
    Today’s special broadcast! GOING COMMENTARY📝
    From the most legendary GOING SEVENTEEN episodes best loved by the members to Q&A with CARAT and CUBIC~
    Let’s get another year going with GOING SEVENTEEN🕺

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  • Mai
    Mai  +3

    can we all agree that GOING SEVENTEEN is literally the best thing that ever happened?

  • 차린건 없지만

    영원해주세요 세븐틴,,,, 💝

  • orange
    orange  +2


  • kaipo_0603


  • iamemmanparx

    I wish they reacted to Hoshi's iconic "BOOSTER!! BOOSTER!!" and no one gave him the booster during the Four Wheeled Rider episode😂

  • Tenshi -san

    Don't worry about the content not being funny enough carats feel relieved and happy just by seeing your faces every week

  • snehahaha~
    snehahaha~  +804

    The whole world is aside & Jeonghan saying "Baksu" whenever Jun speaks is aside <3

  • 채윤
    채윤  +1

    고잉셉 제발 그리스 로마 신화 컨셉으로 컨텐츠 하나만 만들어주세요...ㅠㅠ 일단 윤정한 무조건 아르테미스... 홍지수 무조건 아프로디테...

  • Jiesel Domingo

    Honestly I found Seventeen during the worst time of my life. Watching GoSe and listening to Seventeen's songs made me forget my problems and worries and REALLY made me feel a lot better. If I ever feel sad sometimes, I just watch their episodes and I feel better instantly. They really are legit my medicine. So thank you to all the staffs and everyone behind GoSe and ofcourse to Seventeen💖 you literally healed me💯

  • Elle Ciel
    Elle Ciel  +273

    As a French carat, seeing Mingyu pronounce 'L'Occitane en Provence' added 10 years to my life span

  • sandrandin
    sandrandin  +527

    My mom commented that they always enjoy themselves and she is not even watching GoSe. Thank you Seventeen and GoSe team for an amazing content!

  • Lani VuongVo

    jun: exists

  • angel angel

    Jeonghan still says BAKSU after Jun talks even though he isn’t physically there is so endearing 😩😭💕

  • Dek Mini
    Dek Mini  +181

    We highly appreciate how the chemistry between svt and staff makes the contents did well. However, we can't deny the fans' role here. Carat (+Cubic) can accept the jokes really well. They trust svt + staff with their contents. Thus, it makes svt+staff express themselves freely without worrying fans' reaction.

  • 세희
    세희  +195

    제발 놀이공원 한 번만 가주세요

  • Brian Jhake Linatoc

    I just got into SVT last year around late November so it was the time when The 8 and Jun left to be honest I always forget that they're part of the team because I became a fan when they're not there then I decided to watch all of the GoSe episodes from the start (2019) then I rewatched GoSe 2021 and I felt that someting was missing and it was those two, after that I'm always looking forward for them to comeback. Hahahahahahahahhaha the paid promotion is really funny the ideas were obviously from the Ad Genius episode then Hoshi singing in the background really hit me hahahhaha my parents even asked me if I was going crazy because I would laugh randomly everytime I think about it.

  • M J
    M J  +118


  • Clara J
    Clara J  +739

    As expected, going makes carats the happiest, but don't forget to stay healthy and safe while having fun!

  • Simran Shrestha
    Simran Shrestha 21 jam yang lalu +4

    I have to remind myself everytime that "They are not comedians''..