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True Sight : The International 2021 Finals Trailer

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 12 Agu 2022
  • From Regional Qualifier hopefuls to champions at The International in Bucharest - the world got to witness Team Spirit's ascendance play out on Dota's biggest stage. Go behind the scenes for the final battles of that epic coronation in an all-new TrueSight premiering September 24.

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  • flutt3rshyChannel

    пацаны красавцы! выиграли инт, чтобы мы могли смотреть true sight в оригинале

  • kume
    kume  +2

    "Пикай Магнуса уже" - фраза, которая доводит до мурашек

  • laivon
    laivon  +1

    Когда мага сказал пикай магнуса, у меня просто мурашки по всему телу прошлись, как же я жду этот тру сайт

  • Indra
    Indra  +815

    "Team expected to be in finals against the team that nobody expected in the finals", this gave me chillss.

  • orlando Molina

    My favorite moment was when Miposhka said "It's Spiriting time" and picked Ember for Toronto Tokyo.

  • Родион Филиппов

    Miposhka's words can be engraved in granite:"They are the same humans no different from us." When your opponent is the strongest in the world.

  • meguo rio

    True sight is something that sets apart DotA from every other game.

  • Georgio Peviani

    Просто эпик! Во время матча псж с тс на мажоре они выкатывают трейлер их же финала! Они всё знали!

  • Грустный Леонид Аркадьевич

    When Collapse asked for Magnus and said «It’s skewerin’ time», it was truly one of the moments of dota history

  • 0lek51y
    0lek51y  +290

    My favorite moment was when Yatoro said "It's Ныыыа time" and picked Wraith King for Papich.

  • Денис Валерьевич
    Денис Валерьевич 21 hari yang lalu +34

    Мой любимый момент инта когда колапс зашел в кабинку к lgd и начал по очереди выносить игроков со словами я магнус

  • Enigma
    Enigma  +94

    I love the part when xiao8 said "If we really cant win, if we fall short.. We'll go back and become stronger!"

  • lu
    lu  +957

    Everytime truesight comes up we all feel like playing and giving it a one more go

  • Dayne D'Souza

    I missed watching the finals, but hearing ODpixel cast 1 second of a skewer gave me goosebumps. Can't wait!!!!

  • Game Progect

    Надеюсь эту битву мы увидим еще раз на TI

  • h0up
    h0up  +35

    Этого мы ждали!

  • tori
    tori  +108

    One of the True Sights of all time. Especially when Collapse said "It's Skewerin' Time" in All Chat.

  • How To Electronic Music
    How To Electronic Music Hari Yang lalu +8

    "Skewer from Collapse back into the claws of spirit". instant chills!

  • Caesar Wongkar

    Collapse magnuss is just beautiful

  • Shinanigan TV

    watching this after TS won PGL ARLINGTON MAJOR. They just proved everyone that winning T1 10 wasn't a fluke or theyre just lucky magnus pick carried them to the end. Their chemistry is undeniably strong beating LGD twice at Finals. thats an insane legacy for real!