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    In this video, you will find a collection of best crafts ever! You will learn how to create incredible items for your home in no time!
    Here is a selection of top crafts for your home:
    - You can make a hand-shaped soap that looks very cool. Supplies you need soap base, coloring, disposable glove, and suction cup. Melt soap and add any coloring you like and stir. Take a vase and place a glove into it upside down. It should hang inside. Pour soap base inside, attach a suction cup as it’s shown in the video and wait until it cools down. Remove the glove
    - Do you need a magazine holder? We prepared an idea of shaped wooden magazine holder that will be a great addition to your living room. Be crafty and follow these instructions: using a pencil drawing in the middle of each plank the area that should be cut out. They should be the same for two planks. You will need a saw to cut the pieces out. Attach planks like a 3d puzzle
    - Turn a wooden cutting board into a stylish dish rack. You will need a cutting board, pencils, a drill. Take forty pencils and cut them in equal halves. Take a cutting board and drill holes and the distance should be between 3cm or 6 cm. Insert pencils in the board. Cover the rack with any color you like
    - Check out a collection of crafts that could be made with the use of the rope. You will learn how to make a cute bag using a rope, toilet paper holder and even a puff
    - Making soap is a very entertaining process and also you can make cute and handy gifts for your friends. Check out our easy tutorials!
    - One more collection of cool crafts is about ceramic tile. You will learn how to decorate ceramic tile, how to reuse ceramic tile at home

    00:09 Hand-shaped soap
    01:04 Cool crafts made from cutting board
    06:02 Rope crafts
    09:05 Fancy rope bag
    12:41 Mosaic ideas
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    *chopping boards were harmed in the making of this video*

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    Watermelon Soap is a bad idea because someone will eat it due to the real looking Watermelon
    Its dangerous just don't do it

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    When making the mermaid shirt why did they have to use different color glue

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