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Hurricane Ian- Ft. Myers Beach Florida- Tsunami like power of storm surge from drone - 4k

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    Drone video shows huge swaths of Ft Myers beach wiped completely clean after after a massive storm surge from Hurricane Ian wiped hundreds of homes clean of foundations and stilts. This shows from Carolina Avenue West to the tip of the island. Please subscribe and we will be posting video from the rest of the island tomorrow.

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  • @MatterSpace

    Going to visit the ocean is awesome. Having the ocean come visit you, not so much.

  • @amuseher7001

    The Gulf is relatively shallow for miles and miles. Different than the Atlantic Ocean. The storm surge really behaved like a Tsunami. The physics of both are similar. All the water inland was sucked out and returned from the shallows like a tsunami with the storm surge. Incredible.

  • @jeanetteshawredden5643

    👍 crystal clear quality drone pics by a storm chaser. I know there are different brands & prices for drones - yours is top of the line. Thank you! ❤️. Such devastation - just surreal!

  • @iSeeHOMES

    For those who have never been to Fort Myers Beach, it is a VERY narrow island of rental units - both single family homes, duplexes and condos. There is one main road called Estero Blvd - which the town has been working on for FIVE years- putting in drainage, landscaping and cobblestone. Look at it now....

  • @positivevibrations2501

    It is so sad, I am here crying. Just few days ago people were living their normal life, but in a twinkling of on eye all have changed. My heart goes out to the families who lost love ones and my prayers goes out to the recovery process. 🙏

  • @Shaz73
    @Shaz73  +98

    Watching this in real time and the force of Ian just makes my heart to go out to all, it must have been terrifying and just where do you start with the clean up 🤷‍♀️

  • @rootsmanuva82

    Hurricanes are categorized primarily by wind speed. Based on that Ian was a category 4. But if damage is taken into account, Ian could be a category 5. Category 4 damage is described as 'Extensive' and category 5 is 'Catastrophic'. This criteria should be considered in the final analysis.

  • @beautifulflorida

    This hurricane was the most powerful in many years. Stay safe, everyone!

  • @catsunn6447

    Feel heartbroken for all the animals that were also killed by this storm...

  • @rhondaunger1228

    I lived in Florida for 20 years and after seeing the hurricanes increase in intensity, it is my opinion that the coastal areas should remain natural and houses and residential areas as well should be built outside of them because of this storm surge that repeatedly will hit these areas. It is beautiful to live there and see the water but when the storms come up there is nowhere for the water to go

  • @melprophet1936

    I was hit by superstorm Sandy in NY 10 years ago. Parts of my town looked like this when we woke up the morning after the overnight storm. Our family home which had never flooded in any of its 50 years took on 6 feet of water and everything in the 1st floor was destroyed. And we were the lucky ones, because we had a home to keep that was still standing. It's going to take years for these people to rebuild their lives no matter where they rebuild. My heart goes out to them all.

  • @justlooking2007

    My compliments to the drone pilot.

  • @elizabethpeters9875

    This is the best drone footage I've seen - thank you so much for doing this x

  • @atkravitz

    I don’t live in Fort Myers Beach and I am totally overwhelmed with how you even begin to clean this up.

  • @gorongo4202

    We In the West feel your pain in Florida. Weather and nature driven events, wildfires, earthquakes, floods, and storm surges alike hit hard in the beautiful places we choose to live. Stay together, stay strong…we’re Americans and we’re in this to help y’all rebuild.

  • @suzie7090

    Thank you for the close up views of the damage, as heartbreaking as it is to see. I am a full-time resident of FMB, & I live on the south end of the island. There’s not much video coverage at this end. Could you possibly shoot some video of the Wyndham, Santini Plaza, the drawbridge, & Lovers Key? Thank you!

  • @nydiagarag1865

    My prayers for all victims and family members. Very sad🙏🙏🙏🙏🇵🇷

  • @jeanne5422

    Such depressing but spectacular footage! What a tragedy!

  • @Next96300

    There is a natural beauty to hurricane damage. Especially when compared to tornado damage. And palm trees sure are impressive in their ability to withstand damage.

  • @cheryl5994