We gave Will Smith a Flame Thrower - The Slow Mo Guys

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  • Gav and new Slow Mo Guy Will run a gauntlet of destruction. Melons, mannequins and a car are about to get it.
    On this channel we don't usually film an entire video in less than 40 minutes in the car park of the IDclips Space with about 50 people watching, but this one was a bit special.
    Massive thanks to the LEGEND that is Will Smith for popping on Dan's labcoat and becoming a Slow Mo Guy for a day. Make sure you go and see Gemini Man!
    All of this was performed under the supervision of professionals.
    Filmed at 1000fps with a Phantom Flex 4K
    We gave Will Smith a Flame Thrower - The Slow Mo Guys
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  • Taher Smeti
    Taher Smeti 7 jam yang lalu

    The girl in the back is the best. With the moon walk

  • Herbro
    Herbro 7 jam yang lalu

    The Slow Mo Guys : We gave Will Smith a Flame Thrower
    Me : Oh jesus christ what have you done

  • Harper Maull
    Harper Maull 7 jam yang lalu


  • Ibai Goyena Navarro
    Ibai Goyena Navarro 7 jam yang lalu +1

    Aaahaha, that is hot.
    That is hot.

  • AColdPiece
    AColdPiece 7 jam yang lalu

    Will repeats Gav's words and says things that support what Gav is saying and Gav's mood. This is something Will has culminated over the years. It shows a person or people that you're present, interested, and excited. It's all to benefit everyone else and not himself. It's part of having charisma and likeability. So if you've seen the video where Will slaps the guy for trying to kiss him on the mouth--you'll see that Will respects himself, but also shows us when to break.

  • Cao Urso-polar
    Cao Urso-polar 7 jam yang lalu

    6:03 why did they just ignore the fact that the mannequin was completely untouched by the fire because of the wind? This episode was so awkward

  • Timothy Gomez
    Timothy Gomez 7 jam yang lalu +1

    Note to self : don't take will Smith's parking spot!😂

  • MsWubwub
    MsWubwub 7 jam yang lalu

    I never thought I'd see the day when Gavin was working with Will Smith. 10/10 on both of them.

  • Zach Brown
    Zach Brown 8 jam yang lalu

    9:21, i'm sorry what was that line, Will? 🤣

  • Joel Stock
    Joel Stock 8 jam yang lalu +1

    Will is great :)

  • Arcticgale Gamer
    Arcticgale Gamer 8 jam yang lalu

    "ah ha. Yeah that's hot. That's hot."

  • mase smit
    mase smit 8 jam yang lalu

    If Gavin has a connection with Will Smith, this means if Achievement Hunter wanted a special guest... we could get Will playing games with the guys.

  • Louis Rorison
    Louis Rorison 8 jam yang lalu

    I definitely prefer old videos of yours, that being said this was fun to watch

  • E Money#14
    E Money#14 8 jam yang lalu

    That’s hot

  • kingthe13
    kingthe13 9 jam yang lalu

    and they said being a youtuber would get you nowhere

  • AlFred Grittibus
    AlFred Grittibus 9 jam yang lalu

    Who is this gigga

  • SydneyPhotography2019
    SydneyPhotography2019 9 jam yang lalu

    Woohoooo!!! Will Smith

  • Moalmalky8
    Moalmalky8 9 jam yang lalu +1

    Who loves fresh prince

  • timtigerz
    timtigerz 9 jam yang lalu

    Will looks darn good for 51

  • Marius Joly
    Marius Joly 9 jam yang lalu

    Thats hot

  • Juicy
    Juicy 9 jam yang lalu

    He walked up to a table of flamethrowers and maces but the first thing he looks at are the potatoes

  • Anubrata Chakraborty
    Anubrata Chakraborty 9 jam yang lalu


  • Ahmed D
    Ahmed D 9 jam yang lalu

    Where’s Dan

  • T K
    T K 9 jam yang lalu

    This is a subaru advert

  • Data Roman
    Data Roman 9 jam yang lalu

    Will Smith... Scientology guy... bleeee

  • John Loy
    John Loy 10 jam yang lalu

    The very existence of flamethrowers proves that
    some time,
    someone said to themselves,
    "You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I'm just not close enough to get the job done."

  • Cole Wood
    Cole Wood 10 jam yang lalu

    Will smith acts like my black uncle.

    JAXZOR 10 jam yang lalu

    This video feels very awkward and forced.

  • mcc ccm
    mcc ccm 10 jam yang lalu +1

    Will smith if you see this❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ben
    Ben 10 jam yang lalu

    They choreographed to stay out of the end-cards. Nice

  • EccentricJim
    EccentricJim 10 jam yang lalu

    I like Dan's replacement.

  • Remington Rex
    Remington Rex 10 jam yang lalu

    Just started watching the video, I hope when Will Smith is using the flamethrower, he says "Ahhh that's hot."

  • Apple Kid
    Apple Kid 10 jam yang lalu

    I want to eat the watermelon

  • AV_Nightray
    AV_Nightray 10 jam yang lalu

    i'm so proud of you

  • Chris Ocampo
    Chris Ocampo 10 jam yang lalu

    Hehehe, yah that's hot

  • Tyler Hecht
    Tyler Hecht 10 jam yang lalu

    How many weapons were from Achievement Hunters office. Be honest Gav...

  • 2xic Aqua
    2xic Aqua 10 jam yang lalu

    Ah thats hot

  • hiddenspeak
    hiddenspeak 10 jam yang lalu

    3:53 how about make a yasuke movie will ....that would be nice !! salutes from rio de janeiro

  • Gaming Lite47
    Gaming Lite47 10 jam yang lalu +1

    The flame can't even reach the young will smith

  • Raivis I
    Raivis I 10 jam yang lalu

    There's someone creeping around at 6:14

  • Jasmin JENSEN
    Jasmin JENSEN 10 jam yang lalu +1

    it’s like putting Jake Gyllenhaal and will smith together without any supervision

  • mylobage
    mylobage 10 jam yang lalu

    Will Smith has an addictive personality for people around him. It’s contagious.

  • gerv55
    gerv55 11 jam yang lalu

    A "Flame Thrower" with a range of about 4 feet.

  • Brian Jarema
    Brian Jarema 11 jam yang lalu

    i love will smith, hes so cool

  • mister chubaca man chuey
    mister chubaca man chuey 11 jam yang lalu

    Ofcourse the black guy slices the watermelon

  • RuisukagePR
    RuisukagePR 11 jam yang lalu

    This needs to be #1 trending

  • Alpha Squad
    Alpha Squad 11 jam yang lalu

    Will Smith if you ever read this, and you honestly want to get a flamethrower, PLEASE post a video of buying one and get an Elon Musk one!!🔥

  • Simmons Hatfield
    Simmons Hatfield 11 jam yang lalu

    Were is Dan?

  • Trying 2B Hopeful
    Trying 2B Hopeful 11 jam yang lalu

    More celebrities!! Conversation was hilarious!!!

  • Dan Teall
    Dan Teall 12 jam yang lalu

    Is this Dan in blackface?

  • Evolved 272
    Evolved 272 12 jam yang lalu

    Weakest flamethrower I've seen... Next time just use a lighter with a flammable spray can...

  • slorpslorp 666
    slorpslorp 666 12 jam yang lalu

    Ahhh that’s hot!

  • Rafael IGM Praciano
    Rafael IGM Praciano 12 jam yang lalu

    Your g l o o t s

  • TheCeilingFanCollectorHD
    TheCeilingFanCollectorHD 12 jam yang lalu


  • Dave Ruffle
    Dave Ruffle 12 jam yang lalu

    So awesome! Will Smith is so amazing!!!
    "Welcome to Earth!"

  • Grae
    Grae 12 jam yang lalu

    Infinite glutes will be a catchphrase adopted by many fans for moments of bravery or when you doing something scary like sky diving

  • Crabby Fez
    Crabby Fez 12 jam yang lalu

    the flesh prince sounds like an eldritch deity

  • Epicness V
    Epicness V 12 jam yang lalu

    Ahh that’s hot.

  • LetMeSee
    LetMeSee 12 jam yang lalu

    3:42 "thats's hot"

  • csaba erdős
    csaba erdős 12 jam yang lalu

    im the 10000 th comment!