Waist Away: Lose Weight Joyfully

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  • Mary Clifton Wendt,M.D. explains why healthy vegan diets work to reduce disease through the use of healthy fats and proteins at the cellular level. Learn how to lose weight effortlessly by changing your diet joyfully through tips perfected in Dr.Mary's busy clinical practice in Michigan.

    Mary Clifton,M.D. author and founder of Dr. Mary's Waisters, is a clinical associate professor with Michigan State University's medical school and a private solo internal medicine specialist with 17 years of experience. Like many people, a routine physical turned into a wake-up call six years ago. Diagnosed with pre-diabetes and elevated cholesterol, Dr. Mary researched her extensive pharmaceutical options, and opted to modify her diet instead. Her blood sugar is back to high school levels and her cholesterol dropped by 70 points.

    Now, Dr. Mary shares her lifestyle and diet tips in a book co-authored by her daughter, Chelsea Klemens, an OB/GYN physician in Manhattan. Waist Away: How to Joyfully Lose Weight and Supercharge Your Life is available on Kindle and Amazon. For more information, check out her website at DrMaryMD.com.

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  • inaaya bint musab
    inaaya bint musab 2 bulan yang lalu +1

    Lots of life saving information

  • busyrand
    busyrand 8 bulan yang lalu +1

    Beautifully content rich talk. Well done!

  • Clara Nimmer
    Clara Nimmer Tahun Yang lalu +1

    Thank you for this wonderfull summary of information.

  • chiyerano
    chiyerano Tahun Yang lalu +1

    Good presentation only where she says to eat grains and beans I would eat greens and beans.

  • vistagraphsnet
    vistagraphsnet Tahun Yang lalu +2

    Thd easiest way to stay vegan is with a support group. I live alone off grid but use as my "support group"another video on youtube by any of the dozen MDs who promote a plant based diet.

  • Eva G
    Eva G 2 tahun yang lalu

    I like humour and relatability but I couldn't help rolling my eyes at the TMI stuff, I really didn't want to hear about her toilet habits lol

    • inaaya bint musab
      inaaya bint musab 2 bulan yang lalu

      Eva G extreme constipation can turn into septicemia ( blood poisoning ) which is usually fatal.

  • Joel Silva
    Joel Silva 2 tahun yang lalu

    I don't understand that ROC at 16:25 .

  • Joel Silva
    Joel Silva 2 tahun yang lalu

    Here can I learn all this?

  • marina triener
    marina triener 2 tahun yang lalu +1

    she's so cute :) I liked her talk a lot!!

  • Vegan Adventures with Gene & Jenn

    She's hilarious - it's disgusting watching men eat ice cream - lol yes!

  • Henzary
    Henzary 2 tahun yang lalu +1

    Not sure what it is but I find Mary absolutely beautiful. Maybe cause its her vegan vibe

    • inaaya bint musab
      inaaya bint musab 2 bulan yang lalu

      Henzary it’s a clean face due to lack of makeup and a voice that is not damaged by cigarettes nor alcohol

  • GardenVariety Life
    GardenVariety Life 2 tahun yang lalu +2

    Best video ever on nutrition, vegan diet and weight loss!

  • Almir Zimic
    Almir Zimic 3 tahun yang lalu

    Hey hey, The best way to lower my blood sugar that I have ever found is using Tims diabetes fix (i found it on google). Without a doubt the most incredible system that I have ever tried. Get off the injections in weeks.

  • ElleV Pavan
    ElleV Pavan 4 tahun yang lalu +3

    Isn't difficult to be healthy vegan depends what info you come across here's a few good places to go idclips.com/video/UROxRLbVils/video.html
    and Cowspiracy:The Sustainability Secret

  • S Blakely
    S Blakely 4 tahun yang lalu +5

    I am so grateful to VSH.org for posting all of their presentations. This is one of my favorites. Dr Clifton is so refreshing, unpretentious, nonjudgmental and bubbly. She also delivers a strong message in favor of going vegan. Thank you VSH and Dr Clifton.

  • OldVegan
    OldVegan 4 tahun yang lalu +6

    Excellent presentation.

    • White Kita
      White Kita 3 tahun yang lalu +1

      +OldVegan SO TRUE!

  • PBD11203
    PBD11203 5 tahun yang lalu +1

    If she must recommend an oil, at least make it canola. Flax oil is rancid at purchase and completely ruined under heat and doesn't taste good. Olive oil has a worse omega6:3 ratio compared to canola and olive oil is 14% saturated fat - about double that of canola.

    • pleiades drew
      pleiades drew 9 bulan yang lalu

      All oils are rancid including olive oil. Cook your food without any oils and you will be so happy.

  • FluffyMatzahBalls
    FluffyMatzahBalls 5 tahun yang lalu +3

    Fabulous presentation, Dr. Clifton

  • Bims Shrestha
    Bims Shrestha 5 tahun yang lalu

    To people who want to get skinnier eventually, Copy And Paste Into Google Mimmu Fat Blast so you can get started

  • Liz Torres
    Liz Torres 5 tahun yang lalu +1

    Very good information, thank you

  • keehotee
    keehotee 5 tahun yang lalu

    So the 45 lbs I lost in 2 months on the 80/10/10 diet is all in my imagination?

  • Jennifer Wambaa
    Jennifer Wambaa 5 tahun yang lalu +1

    It's been a month now, and my bowels empty well first thing every morning, it's a great feeling! Now waiting to see the weight loss over the next couple months :-) Thanks for sharing your story and expertise Dr. Mary

  • Simply Vayne
    Simply Vayne 5 tahun yang lalu

    Hello, have you seen Lean Body Maximizer? (just google it) You will discover the crimes we commit against ourselves. With "Lean Body Maximizer", you will discover how to burn off fat quickly.

  • colonyofcells iamamachine2
    colonyofcells iamamachine2 5 tahun yang lalu +1

    I've seen a 2002 world health organization document that says protein requirement for adults is 0.83 gram x weight in kg. I computed my protein requirement using this formula and it is 0.83 g x 53 kg = 44 grams.

  • Laxmi8427
    Laxmi8427 5 tahun yang lalu

    My family laughed when I told them I was going to get rid of fat with Ultra Slimming Formula, but then I showed them the results. Go google Ultra Slimming Formula to see their reaction.

  • Andriy Gutskov
    Andriy Gutskov 5 tahun yang lalu

    Well.. .I did -45 lbs last 30 days.Go to hawght.so\#foqZnS9

  • max1956
    max1956 5 tahun yang lalu

    If you have been trying to burn up fat quickly, you should search google for Lean Body Blaster. They can guide you and help you get the body you deserve.

  • Suraj Timsina
    Suraj Timsina 5 tahun yang lalu

    It would be a shame if you did not bulk up when these other normal people are able to get rid of fat easily using Blazing Fat Loss (search for it on google).

  • og8997889
    og8997889 5 tahun yang lalu

    Not going to spam because I don't need to but listen to this. Fatlossfacctor.info is one of the leading sources and fastest ways to lose weight. The program has over 100k Facebook likes and even more customers. Stop buying into all the hype of diet pills, body cleanses, and 2 minute workouts that promise you everything and then give you nothing. Weight loss takes commitment and if it was easy I don’t think 35% of America would be overweight. The program speaks for itself I don’t have to.

  • colonyofcells iamamachine2
    colonyofcells iamamachine2 5 tahun yang lalu +1

    Also managed to get my fasting blood sugar down to 85 in July 2013 but had to count calories and I tried less calories than my calorie requirement of 1,700 calories for 117 lb weight. Starch I am eating are pumpkin, sprouted quinoa, sprouted legumes and kale. Eating more fruits again like red grapes and berries to be closer to my 1,700 calorie requirement. For more starch, also added beets, carrots and chestnut.

  • MyRosie2007
    MyRosie2007 5 tahun yang lalu +1

    I went from vegetarian to vegan-cholesterol (sorry about the spelling) from 195 to 146 in 3 months. Glucose from 110 to 84 in 3 months. (I was eating a not so healthy vegetarian diet-lots of chocolate)

  • rivers
    rivers 5 tahun yang lalu

    RE: her story on beets... Here's a quick tidbit about beets turning your turds red. If you try eating a bunch of raisins or something else full of iron, and you'll probably notice less of this; beets are super delicious indicators of iron deficiency.

  • vshvideo
    vshvideo  5 tahun yang lalu +1

    Talking about a vegan diet or carbs in general is misleading. A vegan diet can be unhealthy (chips and soft drinks) or healthy (whole minimally processed whole foods including Fruits, Vegetables, Greens, Beans, Onion Family, Mushrooms, Berries, Nuts, and Seeds.

  • OldVegan
    OldVegan 5 tahun yang lalu +1

    Excellent information. The low fat, whole food vegan diet certainly works for me.

  • colonyofcells iamamachine2
    colonyofcells iamamachine2 5 tahun yang lalu

    World Health Organization recommendation for calcium is 1,000 mg/day for people aged less than 65, 1,300 mg/day for people aged 65 or greater. There are studies suggesting at least 1,000 mg/day of calcium leads to a longer life. For protein, it seems to be .45 x ideal weight in kg for sedentary people and 0.8 x ideal weight in kg for active people.

  • colonyofcells iamamachine2
    colonyofcells iamamachine2 5 tahun yang lalu

    The speaker had prediabetes so that might explain why she is promoting a low fat vegan diet. Many vegan doctors who promote unprocessed vegan diet and low fat as treatment for diabetes do restrict fatty vegan food like nuts, seeds, avocado, olive, coconut, etc. Among vegan doctors, there is a popular theory circulating that high fat is the main cause of diabetes so most use a low fat unprocessed vegan diet. In lab animals, I heard diabetes can be induced by high fat or high carb or high protein.

  • colonyofcells iamamachine2
    colonyofcells iamamachine2 5 tahun yang lalu

    Some vegan speakers do promote sesame seed powder for micronutrients like calcium. I prefer sprouted versions so I prefer sprouted sesame seed powder. I also prefer sprouted legumes, nuts and seeds. I am from the Philippines and I still eat durian sometimes which is one of the few fruits with fat and lots of calories but it does have fiber and antioxidants. Some low fatters also restrict soy which does have more fat than other legumes. I prefer tempeh and natto.

  • colonyofcells iamamachine2
    colonyofcells iamamachine2 5 tahun yang lalu

    The reversing heart disease vegan doctors are the ones restricting nuts, seeds, olives, avocado, coconut, cacao, etc. Dr Dean Ornish has the unprocessed low fat plant based diet that does include 4 g of fish oil or equivalent for omega 3. Dr Michael Greger has told vegans to avoid eating too much avocado bec. of some studies on effect of avocado on cells. I avoid olives bec can't find no salt or low salt olives. I avoid olive oil bec it is a processed food and is against my unprocessed religion.

  • colonyofcells iamamachine2
    colonyofcells iamamachine2 5 tahun yang lalu

    There are studies suggesting higher fat vegan diets can also be healthy. Many of the vegan speakers do promote consumption of nuts and seeds which do have micronutrients and chia/flax seed powder are the usual vegan omega 3 sources aside from wild plants like purslane. Vegan Dr David Jenkins has done a study on higher fat vegan diet aside from a vegan diet to lower cholesterol that included nuts. Some vegan doctors are using an unprocessed higher fat vegan diet to manage diabetes.

  • Ghosts
    Ghosts 5 tahun yang lalu

    I eschewed the ultra low fat vegan diet espoused by many in favor of of a higher fat diet rich in olive oil, tahini, nuts, avocado and olives and never looked back. I'm leaner, more energetic, happier and my lipids don't lie. Plant fats are where it's at

  • nyxs60
    nyxs60 5 tahun yang lalu +1

    Absolutely love this video! Now bought the book :) looking forward to getting waisted :D

  • colonyofcells iamamachine2
    colonyofcells iamamachine2 5 tahun yang lalu

    Surprised that the World Health Organization calcium requirement is only 400 mg per day altho this was preached by Nathan Pritikin before also. In america, protein requirement seems to be 0.8 x ideal weight kg. WHO protein requirement seems to be 0.45 x ideal weight kg. I am probably close to my ideal weight and my protein requirement seems to be only 24 grams per day. I have been trying around 40 grams of protein per day bec. I heard poor countries are doing about 20-30 grams protein per day.

  • colonyofcells iamamachine2
    colonyofcells iamamachine2 5 tahun yang lalu

    I am surprised how bad the animal products are for blood sugar control when the speaker first accidentally became vegan for a day and saw blood sugar go down. I learned a lot about the importance of omega 3. Eating unprocessed vegan food has also caused frequent and high volume bowel movement for me usually 3x a day. My activity is more intentional bec I always walk after each meal to help bring down blood sugar, and I will pace if I am waiting for something and intentionally take stairs.

  • colonyofcells iamamachine2
    colonyofcells iamamachine2 5 tahun yang lalu

    My experience also agrees with speaker's recommendation for a daily long period with no food. I gave this advice in the diabetes org forum and got lots of warnings from other experienced advisers and the moderator. There are studies suggesting eating dinner earlier and eating breakfast later has benefits for blood sugar control. Eating fruits for breakfast seems like a good idea for a lighter breakfast. Some diabetes interventions have exercise before breakfast to bring down fasting blood sugar.

  • colonyofcells iamamachine2
    colonyofcells iamamachine2 5 tahun yang lalu

    For vegan preaching, I prefer speakers talk about vitamin b12 requirement near the beginning rather than at the end of the talk where it might be more easily missed, but at least this talk did mention the b12 requirement which other vegan preachers might not even mention. The talk has inspired me to continue with a vegan diet to help bring down blood sugar. Speaker is also not dogmatic about small amounts of animal products which from my experience with eating salmon can also improve health.

  • balderdashery G
    balderdashery G 5 tahun yang lalu

    Great talk by a lovely woman! Go vegan!

  • judy davis
    judy davis 5 tahun yang lalu


  • SacredWombman
    SacredWombman 5 tahun yang lalu

    Absolutely Divine! Entertaining, informative and educational.....just great! Love it!

  • Brin Neville
    Brin Neville 5 tahun yang lalu +1

    Also great info in Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death by Dr Greger and The Starch Solution - John McDougall MD