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💗Step Back Challenge With HYOYEON💗

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 10 Jan 2022

Komentar • 597

  • Nasrun Sj

    Stanning GOT also means having no permanent bias

  • Zen
    Zen  +1

    Hyoyeon's dance never fails to amaze me. Definitely the "Dancing machine" of her generation 💗

  • MoonsMaHometown

    Underrated Queen - Hyo was serving face in the stage video, absolutely unmatched stage presence and charm. And still THE dancing queen to this day 😩💖

  • Navina Rengasamy

    underrated queen. I don't know why people r sleeping on her talents. Such a talented idol.

  • windmist
    windmist  +291

    I don't know much about SNSD (yet) but I was sooo impressed with Hyoyeon's dancing and stage presence, she's on fire!

  • Sara T.
    Sara T.  +359

    its crazy how she fits right in with even winter and karina aka 4th gen

  • ㄱㅇ
    ㄱㅇ  +287

    명불허전 댄싱퀸 김효연 사랑해!

  • ƓRƐMXRƳ 🇰🇷

    fun fact: this video literally melted everyone's hearts with happiness.✨


    Our dancing queen 😭

  • Lyf for music

    HYO looks so cute here in that beanie and lighter pink hair, but in the stage video she totally had a mature badass vibe with that Hot Pink hair :)

  • yujeong 8
    yujeong 8  +61

    역시 댄싱퀸 김효연💗

  • Certified G.H.P 123

    I really want a Dance practise so I can see her eating the choreo UP

  • Rvanda
    Rvanda  +118

    Sm..we don't need their challenge videos, we need them to release (at least) one more music + official MV and promoting properly together, please🙏

  • 스마일
    스마일  +119

    효랭누나는 고난이도의 안무도 아무렇지 않게 쉽게 춤...

  • 우짤
    우짤  +135

    그 어려운 춤을 이렇게 쉽고 가볍게 추는 kpop 레전설 ....


    She is looking like 2011 or 2013 era.

  • Domings
    Domings  +9

    my ultimate bias! always know how to slay!

  • Peter Mok
    Peter Mok  +10

    Our Dancing Queen HYO is back!!!!!


    It’s not a mistake ✨ IT’S A MASTERPIECE

  • nel
    nel  +21

    I really love hyo dance style!! She did it so good :D and also she look so pretty!!