Why The US Has No High-Speed Rail

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 7 Mei 2019
  • China has the world’s fastest and largest high-speed rail network - more than 19,000 miles, the vast majority of which was built in the past decade.
    Japan’s bullet trains can reach nearly 200 miles per hour and date to the 1960s. They have moved more than 9 billion people without a single passenger causality. casualty
    France began service of the high-speed TGV train in 1981 and the rest of Europe quickly followed.
    But the U.S. has no true high-speed trains, aside from sections of Amtrak’s Acela line in the Northeast Corridor. The Acela can reach 150 mph for only 34 miles of its 457-mile span. Its average speed between New York and Boston is about 65 mph.
    California’s high-speed rail system is under construction, but whether it will ever get completed as intended is uncertain.
    Watch the video to see why the U.S. continues to fail with high-speed trains, and some companies that are trying to fix that.
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    Why The US Has No High-Speed Rail

Komentar • 29 989

    MICHAEL PANSA 15 menit yang lalu

    Maybe your Donald should do it, instead of the wall to Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steven Henson
    Steven Henson Jam Yang lalu

    Oh they have High-Speed railunderground in the deep underground military bases are high speed rail and every bass way deep underground

  • M L
    M L 4 jam yang lalu

    USA's top priority of spending is military. They want to hold on to dominance at the cost of middle class and making working class men & women fight their Imperial war. Should be spent on health care & education.

  • Bruno56
    Bruno56 4 jam yang lalu

    Money, go figure. And airlines don't want competition.

  • Wot48
    Wot48 4 jam yang lalu

    Union labor cost is way too high to build any mega project in the US.

  • Stefané
    Stefané 7 jam yang lalu

    Corporate and political greed has truly hindered the growth and potential benefits the United States could experience using high speed rail. For ex: Imagine working in Chicago, while able to live in an area of Tennessee. The stark contrast between salary and cost of living would allow people to really experience the so called “American Dream”.
    These so called experts only speak of challenges, but I just hear job opportunities for American citizens.
    We won’t fix our infrastructure, we won’t add high rail systems, but cost of living and taxes keep rising. The US is becoming a dinosaur.

  • Motion MediaVFX
    Motion MediaVFX 8 jam yang lalu

    Deal the green before you build it!!!🤔🤔

  • Kevin Norris
    Kevin Norris 8 jam yang lalu

    You know, the problems faced by the Acela Express, using legacy tracks with smaller radius curves, was a problem also faced in the UK. Their solution was to try to make tilting body trains, which leaned in to a curve, to allow a higher speed without passenger discomfort. Unfortunately, the first attempt, APT, failed due to teething issues and bad press. (There were a few motion sickness problems, which were exaggerated by the press getting completely hammered on an early publicity run.) The technology was eventually developed by Italian manufacturers, and in recent years has been re-introduced to the UK by one of Richard Branson’s train projects. I think a similar tilting train would be a viable option to introduce high speed rail to US legacy track with a minimum of infrastructure work. Electrification and some upgrades to signaling could be all that is needed. With the Acela line, it’d be a matter of merely getting new rolling stock since the route exists already.
    As for selling it to the American public, I think that there are some improvements to the approach taken. The “You won’t need a car if we have trains!” approach just won’t work with the car-centric culture present in the US. Sure, young folks are less enthusiastic about them, but even still there are quite a few who do, and older generations have much of the money and influence still. So you need to appeal to older generations as well. The way to do this is to challenge air travel, rather than road travel. Like the examples cited in Europe, high speed rail got a lot of its market from short haul air travel. While we are a car culture, and I myself am definitely fully on board with said culture, most people in the US seem to dislike flying. It is cramped, costly, has a horrible customer service reputation these days, is fraught with delays, has a lengthy security check process that is both unpleasant and time consuming, some poor environmental factors, and (in my opinion) generally unpleasant. Target that market, and you can get a lot more people on board. I suspect that California’s rail project could’ve gotten a lot more support if they built a Los Angeles to Las Vegas route as a proof of concept. It’s a popular route, currently dominated by the short haul airline industry. It would be less ambitious, so it could be ready sooner, demonstrating the success of the project.
    I have more faith in the private sector getting it done first. When the US was a leader in passenger rail transport, it was when private companies ran passenger transport. The US government has two major issues where it comes to developing new rail lines. Firstly, and discussed in the video, it gets political. As soon as building rail becomes seen as important to one party, the other side attacks. This would be true even if it was Republicans instead of Democrats championing these projects. The other side attacks the projects to discredit their opposition, and get elected. At best there’s often no long term will to get it done, at worse, it’s actively sabotaged as soon as someone from another party is elected. That’s the most important flaw with government run HSR projects. The other one, is that the government agencies doing this, are novices. Aside from the Acela project, there’s no experience doing this sort of thing. It’s being figured out as we go along, which, while not insurmountable, adds delays and ammunition for the opposition. The California project for example, in addition to cost overruns and delays, has its first segment in the Central Valley. Now, the connections made will have some traffic, but having the train service a major population center at the start, either San Francisco or Los Angeles, would make more sense for getting a return on investment and showing progress for the populace. Linking San Francisco to Sacramento for example could connect two of the most important cities in the state, providing a “this works, we will pull the rest off successfully if you find us.” moment.

  • Thelongmanable
    Thelongmanable 12 jam yang lalu


  • Socrates Inglessis
    Socrates Inglessis Hari Yang lalu

    Why is rail so expensive in the US? Same reason the health care system is the most expensive in the world even though the quality is no where near the best. Because capitalism will always charge as much as possible for any product or service.
    The more critical the thing is, the more they can charge and then delay to overcharge even more.
    I'm an American living in Holland and use public transport for all longer trips, and my bike for all local stuff. Love it here!

  • Rosie Fabian
    Rosie Fabian Hari Yang lalu +1

    We can't even keep the train stations clean in NYC let alone invest in actually building better rails and train🤦🏻‍♀️ the truth is it's all about the money not about the people!

  • javie793
    javie793 Hari Yang lalu +2

    No profit, no good. That’s America!

    • Jorge Diaz
      Jorge Diaz 9 jam yang lalu

      That socks, US has plenty room and there are ways and places that they can build this, cars are the biggest issue they don't want to build speed train, all European and Asia countries have this system and air is more clean and better for the country economy

  • Connor
    Connor Hari Yang lalu +1

    One of the wealthiest countries
    Built the first transcontinental railroad
    Built the first interstate system
    And here we are hoping for a just a little segment from LA to Vegas or SF

    • Kevin Norris
      Kevin Norris 8 jam yang lalu

      The major rail achievements of the past were mainly through private entities. They had government subsidiaries in many cases, but it was mainly by private companies looking to make a profitable venture. Projects like the one in Texas or the already running service in Florida are proof that this is still possible. I would not be surprised if private industry gets high speed done before the government projects are actually up and running.

  • Bob Hunt
    Bob Hunt Hari Yang lalu

    @ 2:20 I had to laugh at the pronouncement that we "went from a rail served country to an auto dependent nation." Does the speaker mean we weren't DEPENDENT on rail transportation before the interstate system was built? He's an advocate for high speed rail so I understand his choice of words but it is rather disingenuous.
    If we can build a high speed rail system at a reasonable cost then great, I'll use it but so far California has spent $6 billion on one service line that was supposed to connect Northern California to the Central Valley and Southern California. When California started in 2008 the roughly 800 mile long project was estimated to cost $39 billion. It's now projected to cost between $70 and $100 billion. The total length of the interstate highway system is 46,876 miles so how much would it cost to replace those highway miles with high speed rail and what about all those communities that are not directly served by an interstate highway? Until those issues are resolved significant high speed rail in the US is a pipe dream.

  • Owish Football
    Owish Football 2 hari yang lalu +2

    this all I hear from this video excuse and was waa 😭😭😭
    and if Africa can do it the us can but. they only like American things like cars and trains are better than cars

  • a b
    a b 2 hari yang lalu +2

    Unfortunately, the real issue was only briefly touched upon by the interviewed people. The real reason the US has no high-speed rail is because politicians won't let it happen; if politicians did permit it, they would stop receiving money from lobbyists, or worse yet, mysteriously commit suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head twice.

  • AM L
    AM L 2 hari yang lalu

    Please stop saying Socialist Europe.
    Europe is based on capitalist markets and democratic elections. However, distribution of the wealth created has a social charter which varies from state to state.
    Pleases learn what Socialism is.
    It is NOT Social Capitalist Democracy!
    As for comparing the US to China - that was an interesting starting point!
    I wonder how many casualties there were in BUILDING the infrastructure in China? Not USING it!
    Do Americans want to earn Chinese wages and work in Chinese conditions?
    Europe has trains going through the Alps. Why can't the U.S. do it?
    Please use realistic comparisons….

  • Éamonn Síoċáin
    Éamonn Síoċáin 2 hari yang lalu +1

    The US has no high speed rail because the US has no high level legislators.

  • marcius marciukas
    marcius marciukas 2 hari yang lalu

    10:58 did he say socialist european countries?

    • End Political Corruption
      End Political Corruption 2 hari yang lalu

      He was saying that politicians think that. Our Republican party is comprised of the most regressive knuckle-draggers in the country and those that cater to the wealthy and big business. Unfortunately they're very good at propaganda, and convince a large portion of our citizens to vote against their own interests.

  • Brandon simone
    Brandon simone 2 hari yang lalu

    Such rampant corruption.

  • Max Lusasa
    Max Lusasa 2 hari yang lalu +1

    Stop being modest and ask China to help you

  • Manlianus Maximilianus
    Manlianus Maximilianus 3 hari yang lalu

    Because in the United States there are millions of lobbies and corporations that divide the country like feudalism: no one want to give up his little kingdom.

  • I'm Listening
    I'm Listening 3 hari yang lalu

    They probably waiting for hyperloop haha

  • Philipp Maqs
    Philipp Maqs 3 hari yang lalu

    just read. this is a garbage of a video and no need to finish this.

  • davidm
    davidm 3 hari yang lalu

    I've been 5 weeks here in the US, studying english, I love the country but it's amazing how Americans lie to themselves, full of fake news or half truths like this video, the real truth it's easy: americans doesn't want to pay taxes, if you want something, buy it by yourself, thus in every public service I've being here is years behind europe, not Germany or Sweden (you feel confortable with that, my friends) I'm talking about years behind Spain. That is less confortable.

  • Ethan Corsbie
    Ethan Corsbie 4 hari yang lalu

    As a proponent of railroad travel as I have traveled by train in the United States(my grandfathers and father worked for railroad) and also Europe....its sad that the United States decided not to mature its railway passenger service. I would love to see better service. But unfortunately I dont see it happening.

  • ipray Ashong
    ipray Ashong 4 hari yang lalu

    China is gone far

  • Big Chungus Josh
    Big Chungus Josh 4 hari yang lalu

    What about countries like Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Brazil??? Do THEY have high speed trains???

  • Manos L
    Manos L 4 hari yang lalu

    Politics, stupid laws,private gain and not enough confidence is what keeping not just this but everything behind.(Not just is the USA but around the world)

  • Jungle Jim
    Jungle Jim 4 hari yang lalu +4

    Because the US has no precision when it comes to building mechanical things. Close enough is good enough by US standards.

  • Elfin Hat96
    Elfin Hat96 4 hari yang lalu +1

    Stop calling Czech Republic as "Czechia" it's not working that way. You're insulting one of the bravest countries in Europe(they faced Catholic crusaders in the Middle Ages alone after all)

  • Bill Clifton
    Bill Clifton 4 hari yang lalu +1

    Unions stop it all....... Come on you know it's true

  • Michael H
    Michael H 4 hari yang lalu

    The answer to the question in the title is the same one as to why the US has a terrible healthcare system, terrible environmental policies, more mass shootings, and is fighting unpopular costly wars in other nations: Corruption.

    • Andy Newman
      Andy Newman 2 hari yang lalu

      Michael H and yet, millions worldwide are eager to immigrate to the USA.

  • Rodger Wiese
    Rodger Wiese 4 hari yang lalu

    The United States has a hard enough time keeping low-speed trains on the track much less a high-speed one.!!!...

  • Judi McAulife
    Judi McAulife 4 hari yang lalu

    America has too many trains derailing and train accidents, therefore, higher speed simply means more death and destruction.

  • Stafon Von Camron
    Stafon Von Camron 4 hari yang lalu +3

    Those greedy car companies killed off the red car (trolleys).

  • im2sxc4yall
    im2sxc4yall 4 hari yang lalu

    we've become a car nation.
    a nation of independent people who want to drive themselves to their destinations.

    • Blake Bolin
      Blake Bolin 3 hari yang lalu +1

      im2sxc4yall But there are people who can’t or don’t want to drive. Plus those other countries have cars in addition to rail infrastructure.

  • Alex Núñez
    Alex Núñez 5 hari yang lalu +1

    San Francisco to Cabo... please!!!

  • Kadin Brydges
    Kadin Brydges 5 hari yang lalu

    wouldn't it be more simple to remove the track from the tracks and but new rails and a new train so it waists less money instead of building a new track

  • Mort Goldberg
    Mort Goldberg 5 hari yang lalu

    Japan is tiny and China has slave labor and no safety concernes.

  • Millan
    Millan 5 hari yang lalu +1

    People taking the train in teh U.S would release some of the pressure a lot of the major interstate roads are facing at the moment and it probably would lead to less traffic jams and cleaner air over the U.S over time

  • Griffin Gaming
    Griffin Gaming 5 hari yang lalu

    by the time they sort all this out, these types of trains will probably be obsolete in 2 years after finishing the project

  • Alter Ego
    Alter Ego 5 hari yang lalu +1

    How about the US taxpayer doesn't want to have a 70% income tax.

  • smed rock
    smed rock 5 hari yang lalu

    America is a shithole that's getting trains run thru it

  • Peter V
    Peter V 5 hari yang lalu

    The problem here in Europe is that a rail ticket costs about 5 - 10 times more than a trip by airplane.

  • Stanley Dong
    Stanley Dong 6 hari yang lalu

    Ask Boeing, GM, Ford...What do they think about this high-speed rail system? Will they like it? Then, check these companies' influences in DC. The conclusion is clear.

  • Griffin Tubridy
    Griffin Tubridy 6 hari yang lalu

    The private sector is always the answer, never rely on the government for large works projects

  • Daniel P
    Daniel P 6 hari yang lalu

    We at least need one going from NYC to DC.

  • makeitsupersized
    makeitsupersized 6 hari yang lalu

    Because people would rather have a stupid ass wall and no health care than a train.

  • Bondy
    Bondy 6 hari yang lalu

    Sadly, it's a major embarrassment requiring immediate remedy.

  • Laurent Cambon
    Laurent Cambon 6 hari yang lalu

    I thought America was #1 in everything...

    • Motrio MTR
      Motrio MTR 6 hari yang lalu

      haha Look at your crime rates they are so much higher than in my homecountry (Germany)

  • Marianavallejoo
    Marianavallejoo 6 hari yang lalu +2

    Yes please Texas needs a high speed rail system

  • Maggie Jetson
    Maggie Jetson 7 hari yang lalu

    It is not really the oil / aviation / car industries alone. People around the world wants point to point transportation and rail is not the way unless you have high density population centers close to each other. US is too big and density is too low for that. They should focus more on congestion mitigation (commuter) with rail instead, or decentralized buses (company shuttles, ride sharing).

  • D F
    D F 7 hari yang lalu +2

    To sum up the question posed in the title "Why The US Has No High-Speed Rail"...
    Private land and government regulations make it cost too much... 8:15 sums up the whole video.

  • Kent Lee
    Kent Lee 7 hari yang lalu +1

    0:33 it said India, but the picture of train is Japanese one lol

  • D Stuart
    D Stuart 8 hari yang lalu

    One solution--reduce the birth rate. That's free. Don't listen to the baloney that the birth rate has to forever skyrocket--it's nonsense. 60% of people don't even like being parents studies show.

  • Bill Wang
    Bill Wang 8 hari yang lalu

    America thinks their the most technologically advanced, yet we don’t even have a high speed train

    • Bill Wang
      Bill Wang 5 hari yang lalu

      Evan Pangaribuan cause we’re stupid

    • Evan Pangaribuan
      Evan Pangaribuan 5 hari yang lalu

      So why u guys still measure in imperial or stadions?

  • David K
    David K 8 hari yang lalu

    Lamestream media trying to sell the idea that America needs high speed rail, which it does. Trump stopped Federal funding the project in California because money was being used instead for upgrading the already existing labyrinth of secret under ground tunnels for human traficking, gun traficking and drug traficking

    • David K
      David K 8 hari yang lalu

      Damn...u so knowledgeable!

  • loverofmysoul
    loverofmysoul 8 hari yang lalu +12

    I was amazed how China, Japan and other EU countries have done it. Plus there are no delays.

    • Ethan Corsbie
      Ethan Corsbie 4 hari yang lalu

      Like the video stated, these counties don't have the regulations we have....you want to build something in america...takes an act of god to do it, it's insane. We have the technology to do so but its not important here in America with the government . I believe America matured to quickly and now, its extremely difficult to now create new rail service.

  • Edward Jam
    Edward Jam 8 hari yang lalu

    Cause Trump wants trains to run on only coal.

  • Kevin Orrell
    Kevin Orrell 8 hari yang lalu

    In a capital world; business consumes all ideals, and marketing consumes all business ideals

  • একটি লুকানো লোক এল

    Many Hong Kong people don't like Chinese culture. They think that Chinese culture is low-grade.

  • Sukh Dhillon
    Sukh Dhillon 8 hari yang lalu

    I hope it happens

  • SWSimpson
    SWSimpson 9 hari yang lalu

    Because the US is too worried about white people disappearing with the influx of brown people, they are planning to limit (or stop) immigration and refugee programs and becoming isolationists if Trump (god forbid) gets another 4 years. Other countries are booming, the building going on in China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt... they are building far out into the deserts with enormous projects that include freeways, shopping, water canals, parks... meanwhile, Trump cut funding to help America remain an innovator and with the stupidity of climate change deniers brainwashed by the fossil fuel companies, and pushed by right-wingers via their propaganda machines such as Fox "news"; and young people today are not buying houses and they are not having children which means America's population is aging and will have no one to fill in once someone retires or becomes disabled. So, the conservative/Trump/fascist course the US is on is destined to collapse the country and we will remain behind much of the world and depending on them to invent new things.... China is doing it, we are not. Thanks, asshole Trump, fossil fuel douches, corrupt Republican politician (mostly), evangelical cults (fake christians).

  • Connetification
    Connetification 9 hari yang lalu

    How the US can come up with so many excuses? Poured billions of dollars into weaponry to "protect" their country, yet can't build a fking railway. If you don't mess around with other countries and invest in some infrastructure, you won't need so much "protection".

  • Keith Rodgers
    Keith Rodgers 9 hari yang lalu

    The simple fact is this the oil & gas lobby group own the washington politicians, they have the power to stop or prevent another approach to transport solutions. USA is a big country and it would benefit from an integrated mass transit high speed rail system. But that would mean less gasoline sold and its NOT in the interests of the oil & gas industry.
    Europe has loads of HSR, China has just installed HSR, so why not USA, backward thinking as usual. Cuts CO2 emissions, congestion, and its easier than you driving for 10-15 hours so less accidents, really its a no brainer.

  • Jixal
    Jixal 9 hari yang lalu

    Oil companies have wrecked the world on so many levels. So much greed by repressing progress for everybody but themselves, they gained massive short term profits and now the rest of us pay the price :/.

  • Bright Light
    Bright Light 9 hari yang lalu +3

    Same thing with 5G Because they ain’t Asian and fast. Duh🙄

  • partywrestler
    partywrestler 9 hari yang lalu

    good idea, so the drugs can move quicker from state to state, cure something don't care about no dam high speed rail. My internet still slow and my phone keep dropping calls fix that first

  • Charlene Liu
    Charlene Liu 9 hari yang lalu

    Well, with China’s population, it’s kind of HAVE TO build high speed railway to transport people back home during Chinese New Year...

  • T Ng
    T Ng 9 hari yang lalu

    lobbies = corruptions...period. Call it what it is.

  • Cisco B Castro
    Cisco B Castro 9 hari yang lalu

    They want more tax money from us beacus what people pay now it's not enough!! 😅😅

  • David Hill
    David Hill 9 hari yang lalu

    The Chinese having a one party state helps you don't have to worry about pesky democracy/lobbyists ,getting in the way ,you just do stuff .

    • zmajooov
      zmajooov 8 hari yang lalu

      To be fair, autocratic regimes get things done much faster since there is only one interest to consider, everything has it's pros and cons.

  • bob travis
    bob travis 9 hari yang lalu

    Elon 4:20

  • Music Lover
    Music Lover 9 hari yang lalu

    Oil companies have been a destructive force in this country for over a hundred years. The success of high speed rail in Europe and China tells us Socialism works.