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  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 12 Agu 2022
  • Watch highlights from our 2-2 draw with Southampton at St Mary’s Stadium in the Premier League. Presented by Astonish.

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Komentar • 209

  • Matthew Miller

    I like these new disappointing results that get us a point away from home. A step up from the old disappointing results.

  • Archetype Fan

    Despite the loss of 2 potential points, this still gives us 1 more point than we got from Southampton last season. Ultimately I can't be too mad at a point from an away game, I just hope Bamford's injury doesn't put him out for long again MOT ALAW

  • Freshly Picked Football Videos

    Lads can we just appreciate this moment. Manchester United are last place, Leeds are 5th 😂😂😂

  • Slabe Shorts

    A tiny bit dissapointed with the result. But still happy that we got that point! MOT

  • chaardoMusic

    The game was very balanced in both attack and defence.

  • IAN. Blackwood,Gwent. Wales / GB

    Congratulations on the goals and the point...a bit disappointed that we didn't get all 3 points, but it's a major step forward from our last visit to Southampton! 😎⚽️

  • tiberio135

    Last season 38 games, Rodrigo 6 goals. So far , 2 games....Rodrigo 3 goals. A sign of good things to come. VAMOS LEEDS, CARAJO. Fuerza Rodrigo, you can do it !!!!

  • Michael Senior

    They brought on fresh legs a lot earlier which gave them immediate impetus and changed the game ....sadly we did not until it was to late ..ruined my dinner until I watched man utd have their pants pulled down again.....poor old Gary Neville I thought he was going to burst in to tears....😭

  • MC
    MC  +3

    Honestly I'm always happy with any point we earn. I think there's alot learnt with this match and I hope jesse sees that today. We move on to the next match but a very positive start to the season. I do think another striker in the transfer window could be useful..

  • Paul Broady

    Nice to see folks disappointed with a draw. We were over the moon with a draw last season. The only thing we did wrong today was to make the subs far to late, we gave saints some momentum which gave them the confidence to attack our shattered team. Jack was totally exhausted and should've been off 10 minutes earlier.

  • Pushpender Gusain

    Rodrigo is in great form. If he maintains the same class ahead, he is definitely a contender for the highest goal scorer award in EPL.

  • Andrew Knapton

    Rodrigo looks like a new man, long may it continue. We'll always be caught at the back because of how we play, 2 games 4 points it's going good (although we've yet to play the top teams like Brighton and Brentford).......

  • Yoel Arokeum

    Stunning Rodrigo ⚪👑🔥

  • Michael Heise

    Great position in the table lads keep up the hard work

  • i love me :3

    Can we all appreciate what this club does for us if they don’t like manager (which they do) they will still play for the fans >>> 💘

  • Purple Dragons

    Disappointing to lose 2 points like that when it could have been avoided easily. I hope Bamford's injury sends the right message to Orta

  • The G.O.A.T Roldan

    Fair play to Southampton but that first goal was one of the luckiest goals I've seen

  • Yawng Boss

    That Aribo goal !! 🔥⚽😅

  • Richard Chow

    Was feeling quite down until the Bees/MU game. Suddenly, it wasn't all that bad after all watching the 4 first half goals. A good thing the Bees were not in that frame of mind when we last met.

  • Stefan Joseph

    I’m highly disappointed that Bamford was known to being carrying an injury Geldhart was injured and we didn’t have a direct substitute. Also we didn’t use one of our 5 subs until the 80th minute in high heat. Even I saw they were going to draw unless we made changes the coach has to be aggressive defending leads as well not just aggressive attacking. Tactically Leeds would get a 1 out of 10 from me points are not to be thrown away they come back to haunt you. If I see that tactic again I’m going to start questioning the coach, has to have faith in the subs they are good enough .