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  • ​Awesome makeup DIYs
    In this video, we show you how to get the most out of your old makeup, and how to create your own makeup products using what you already have.
    - You can create your own lipgloss palette to get the most out of your old lip-glosses and keep them organized.
    - You can use all your shimmery powders to create a gradient highlighter by pressing them down with some rubbing alcohol, a paper towel, and a coin.
    - Bring your dry mascara back to life by adding a few drops of lens solutions.
    - You can create your own glitter eyeshadow by adding some craft glitter, alcohol and glycerol.
    0:07 - Empty makeup lifehacks
    1:01 - DIY rainbow highlighter
    2:53 - DIY makeup brush holder
    4:45 - Quick makeup hacks
    6:47 - How to apply eyeliner for beginners
    7:49 - DIY lipstick palette
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    *Who watched every beauty hacks but never ever tried?* 😜

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    Kak aku Hayfa minta alat alat nya dong kak

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    The ideas are repite in other videos 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

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    Sorry but I kind of do not like your videos five minutes crafts because you have set for two hours and that is not even close to five minutes and other ones or not five minutes crafts

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    How did the empty tube of lip gloss have none in it and then when she squeezed into the container it had a lot

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    Que sólo pensé que era para niños odio su canal lo siento pero bueno mío propia prima no le gusta nada te odio

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    At 7:21 she has NO purple under her eyes.
    Like if I am right

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    Makeup artist: What do you want your eyeshadow to look like?
    Me: You know what bread look like when you make a grilled cheese sandwich?
    Makeup artist: Say no more.

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    The one when she had purple under her eye it was fake because when she grabbed the teabag her eyes were Normal

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