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  • Children's Past Lives explores the phenomenon of reincarnation. But far from the usual stereotype of batty older men and women who believe their souls once belonged to famous figures, the people studied here are children.
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Komentar • 1 851

  • Robert D
    Robert D 12 jam yang lalu

    Coercing a few kids into a story is way different then hundreds of children coming up with names, places, place and type of death and a slew of other things. Some people are jaded because they WANT to disprove it.
    Atheists and agnostics reject this because they don't believe in anything
    The conventional religions reject it because they fear they will loose control of people's lives and souls.

  • MELISSA 84008
    MELISSA 84008 2 hari yang lalu

    'As it is appointed unto men,once to die then the Judgment'(Hebrews 9:27)

  • Lex D
    Lex D 3 hari yang lalu

    I've always loved Victorian lifestyle for some reason, the architechture, the furniture, everything. So after having an interest in past lives I called a Psychic. He straight up told me that I was a duchess in my most memorable past life. I didn't pay it any mind, I figured, like most ppl he probably tells everyone that. So I called another well known psychic I heard from the radio after she predicted that JD and Janet Jackson would break up, but Janet would marry a billionaire. She also predicted a few other celebs future. She didn't say the word duchess, but she said that she felt like I was royal or I belonged to a royal family and that I was forced to always smile and always wave. She said that she felt I belonged to a family of significance and that I had a strong English accent. So I had 2 psychics, who at 2 different times in my life told me that I was a duchess. I was flabbergasted lol. But maybe it is so.

  • Boathousejoe D
    Boathousejoe D 3 hari yang lalu

    spooky music,the church sign at the start,the religious store at the meet,she can't remember what age he claims to have died....I call bullshite.

  • awumdah
    awumdah 7 hari yang lalu

    The one guys explanation to debunk reincarnation was perfectly typical.
    The child was ask to imagine or to create a story. The fact that the little girl remembered a story that evidence proved to be a real story only assumes the child lived that truth in a pass life.
    Children don't know the meaning of make believe, they will normally create a make believe from a memory when asked to tell a story.
    Where else would anyone that age find the make believe details except from pass memories.
    Reincarnation is to some unbelievable meaning they are unable to believe. But the eyes and ears are useless when the mind is already closed.
    When someone can't believe a proven fact it a clear sign they have closed their mind to avoid adding a new possibility that might unravel other foundations upon which they have build their perception of the meaning and purpose of being.

  • Steve Mac
    Steve Mac 8 hari yang lalu

    @ time line 25:50 and beyond,... the psychologist who developed the idea to (trick) or attempt to mimic children providing INFORMATION in regard to a past life,... and then then CREDULOUS ADULTS & researchers,... would take this (false) information and FIND EVIDENCE to suit the details,... missed his great opportunity - because - in his OWN FOOLISHNESS,... to disprove reincarnation, at whatever cost, HE did not ask the child how it came to determine the details of an already dead/murdered child !!! HE STUPIDLY let the opportunity go by, because that very child who was murdered, could have been providing the details of her death to PROVE COMMUNICATION between the living and those who have died exists.
    SHODDY work on his part whoever he is... !!! ( I didn't see any names in the credits - please provide if known )

  • Hugo D. Ledesma Jr.
    Hugo D. Ledesma Jr. 9 hari yang lalu

    My Only Fear Of Death Is Reincarnation...

  • Meg Hamer
    Meg Hamer 9 hari yang lalu

    It’s all bullshit

    • Cloud 1000
      Cloud 1000 2 hari yang lalu

      You would know bullshit. You see it everyday you look in a mirror! Lol

  • Cloud 1000
    Cloud 1000 16 hari yang lalu +1

    The magician is all about tricks and illusions. Has nothing to do with the circle of karma and reincarnation of life. Don't let this magician fool you reincarnation is real the evolution of soul development is a part of it all. But it's way to complex do you want to know more. Check out Alba Weinman channel past life regression. She could help you understand it..

  • Yggdrasill4
    Yggdrasill4 18 hari yang lalu

    Seems like remembering your past life kind of spoils the current one they live in, always obsessing about their past experiences and integrating it into their new life instead of having a different unique experience all together.

  • cookie unicorns
    cookie unicorns 19 hari yang lalu

    It seems like people who commit suicide get another chance to live again
    It looks like the saying'you only live once ' is a lie for some people

  • DesertRose122
    DesertRose122 20 hari yang lalu

    I am offended by the description in this..I suppose at 30 I'd be considered "older" but I am not "batty" I have had past life memories all my life. Be careful here, us oldies over 30 aren't always insane lunatics.

  • Sara Vaedi Nasek
    Sara Vaedi Nasek 21 hari yang lalu

    I guess these are absorbing people..gathering information from frequencies and waves from floating sources..i could feel those memories sometimes ...can any one help me with that? I live in iran and most people are conservative about most things of their lives and

  • Susan Craft
    Susan Craft 21 hari yang lalu

    That little girl who said she had red hair, ran away etc. was strange. The “doc” said it was a story she made up. But was it? Too many details fit. But was it REALLY just made up? That’s a very very strange story for a 3yr old. Kids really have no understanding of kidnapping and death at that age. I think it’s a memory..... same name, clothes and description of the murderer! Too much

  • Caroline King
    Caroline King 21 hari yang lalu

    My daughter is terrified of water. She always always has been. She use to say (when she was about 2-3years old) she was on ship and the ship sank and she was sleeping and woke up to her “other mommy and daddy” yelling for her and her bothers to wake up. She said she was 8. She said when she stepped out of the bed the water was over her feet and it was cold, really cold. And she could hear other people screaming and crying. Then the water just “rushed in” That’s all she remembered. Eventually she stopped talking about it but, is still afraid of water and boats. And she loves old music from the late 1800’s time period and seemed to know all the words. Tunes she would sing to herself. She had a class trip that was a boat tour and she refused to go. Didn’t want anything to do with it. I never really knew what to make of it. But, I don’t think she was making it up. She use to use Swedish words for certain things but, was never taught Swedish. Weird. I think as kids grow they almost forget it.. I don’t think it was a made up story. Even when she was a baby she would cry through her bath time.

  • TenzoG
    TenzoG 21 hari yang lalu

    What if reincarnation is a way so when you die and you can't enter heaven, its a way of God giving you a 2nd chance to be good in this life?

  • Mrs. R_28
    Mrs. R_28 22 hari yang lalu

    What if when we dream about people that "we don't know", it's actually the people we've seen in our past lives? 🤔🤔 Just saying....

  • phoenixkat3
    phoenixkat3 25 hari yang lalu

    we are doing this in EPD in school.

  • Lara Gardner
    Lara Gardner 26 hari yang lalu +1

    The guy at 27 minutes who proves reincarnation doesn't exist relies on faulty logic. He told a child to "make up" a story. She then relayed the story of a child who died and matched many of the details of that child's death to a story of a real child who died. He then presumes that because the child was told to make up a story that it was in fact made up. It's as possible the child was remembering a past life. It's also possible she heard a news story. Just because she said it in response to his direction that she make something up doesn't mean that she did and it isn't proof of anything except her telling the story. He has as much evidence either way.

  • lisa ferguson
    lisa ferguson 26 hari yang lalu

    Don't know how to explain what I am about to say, but as a child I can recall that I was not in America, but I was a young girl and I had a blanket, for some reason the blanket was between two parked cars on a busy street I managed to get away from my mom and went to get my blanket , The blanket was more in the street, so I went to reach for it I saw a car coming straight for me I know I died.. I asked my mom if anything like that happened, but she said no.

  • ivedoneitall
    ivedoneitall 29 hari yang lalu

    I read they removed the section on reincarnation from the bible when they combined all the books. They didn't want to scare people away from their church, more tithing.

  • Nitin Kumar
    Nitin Kumar Bulan Yang lalu

    It's showing how Hindu Religion is so scientific and based on fact. Our Vedas already said in holy books thousands of years before.

  • Asa Olsen
    Asa Olsen Bulan Yang lalu

    There is far more evidence for reincarnation than against
    Because Christianity does not recognize reincarnation, it make sense that it is only when a person passes violently that the memory of past is at the surface of the mind when they reincarnate. As the Mother said "this is a right wing Christian town" in other words people would persecute her son if she told others of his memories
    In Buddhism reincarnation is a cornerstone of their understanding, so there is acceptance by themselves & others around them . Therefore this part of the mind does not have to be suppressed. And is welcomed by others in the community
    The past controls the now more than most people ever realize. And yet the past most often doesn't fit into the future. I think the key is to just enjoy each day and give the most to the stream of Life that we can

  • Ketcchup
    Ketcchup Bulan Yang lalu

    You will only stop being sceptic with many things once you realise the mind-body problem. It has no solution nor it had any in the past, and it will not have one in the future.
    Sometimes I can’t sleep asking myself what really am I, how a piece of meat which is my body is able to create a consciousness where everything revolves around me. It makes absolutely no sense in an inert, physical world but it makes a lot of sense in a non-physical one.
    How is a bunch of cells (matter) communicating through chemicals and electricity capable of making something as magnificent as the mind?
    I think I already know, my mind knows, but my body and this life is not allowing me to remember it.

    • Ketcchup
      Ketcchup Bulan Yang lalu

      It is impossible to know what happens next if we don’t know what we really are.

  • sasquatch***1 234
    sasquatch***1 234 Bulan Yang lalu

    JESUS got born again??? Lol stupid.

  • sasquatch***1 234
    sasquatch***1 234 Bulan Yang lalu

    Investigator? Idiot.

  • sasquatch***1 234
    sasquatch***1 234 Bulan Yang lalu

    So you don't believe in seatbelts?

  • Joy Gallard
    Joy Gallard Bulan Yang lalu

    I as a child did not recognise myself in a mirror and would be so puzzled and say that is not me

  • Tayja willems
    Tayja willems Bulan Yang lalu

    i feel like all the evidence he has that "discounts" rebirth, just proves it... in the west we arent normally prompted to talk about past lives as kids, but once you asked, that little girl could tell you everything.seems like its more common than we think

  • GaslitWorld f. Melissa B
    GaslitWorld f. Melissa B Bulan Yang lalu

    Why does it cut off after a point to be forever forgotten? How is it not considered a ghost possession, albeit temporary? Either you are the person (soul) reborn or a ghost has taken brief possession of you., but why? What's the point of a temporary possession that doesn't accomplish something (solve a mystery or something). Whereas, full on reincarnation seems to be to keep on living - for as long as possible. The latter intrigued me ad I WA t to witness the future.

  • Ani Bell
    Ani Bell Bulan Yang lalu

    When I was 4 or 5 years old, I fell asleep on the floor of my living room in front of the tv, & when my Mom woke me up, saying, 'Come on, Ann. Time to get to bed.' I looked right at her & said with certainty, 'I'm not Ann.' She said at the time she thought it was weird, but I've never forgotten saying that to my Mom. I think she was too tired to ask me what the heck I was talking about or who I thought I was! LOL. But now, it makes more sense b/c as an adult, I've remembered several past lives. Mostly the memories hit me out of nowhere, & it's very disconcerting, but I find the lives I've led in previous incarnations explain quite a lot about my tendencies in this lifetime. Reincarnation is real. I can recall other lives the same way I can recall my own childhood in this life. I don't talk about it a lot b/c our culture isn't like Eastern cultures, where reincarnation is considered to be quite a matter of fact. Not only have I recalled several past lives, I've remembered friends/family in THIS life that were a part of my PAST lives. I had a fling with a man in this life, & while we were dating, I recalled he'd been my half-brother in another life. It sounds nuts, but I recalled the whole story of our past life together, & I actually TOLD my boyfriend this info, even though I thought he'd flip out about it. You know what? He said he felt like it was true, he understood there was something 'unresolved' b/w us from that past life, & our relationship in this life accomplished that. I've had similar experiences with other important people in my present life that I recalled from previous lifetimes, & every person I've told about our past lifetime together, even though they perhaps hadn't even believed in reincarnation prior, said they felt the info was true. Life is WAY more than just this one! So there is no reason to fear 'death' b/c yes, we DO get to come back!!! :)

  • Locktwiste72
    Locktwiste72 Bulan Yang lalu

    Is this a serious topic or not? Because the creepy music doesn't help at all.

  • Fanatica Mtusi
    Fanatica Mtusi Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Death is not the end of our life but a continuous one in another dimension/realm. Tibetan Buddhism has a long history of invoking spiritual beings who take trance in mediums and oracles. These beings are living in different dimensions/realms and this video evidently proves that there are other places we can take rebirth in. These spiritual beings are able to predict the future, give prophecies, speak and give us advice through these mediums. Even the 14th Dalai Lama consults these spiritual beings for advice. Other Tibetan high lamas do the same too. Do watch here bit[|dot|]ly/700meetbuddha

  • Jennifer Sandifer
    Jennifer Sandifer Bulan Yang lalu

    beyond amazing. how else do you explain these things?? there are no other explanations, it is divine. we are more than a shell of a body. there is no way these small children could possibly know all these details. they arent simply guessing.and for the doubters like the man in video. these kids are giving much more than just vague details. they are telling the full names, ages, physical descriptions, birthmarks, parents/siblings names, addresses, detail about death, personal things that happened during their life. this isn't just a coincidence. I dont knw what it is. but I can say something!

  • Sharon Vernagallo
    Sharon Vernagallo Bulan Yang lalu

    Jesus was only born once.

  • Amber Agee
    Amber Agee 2 bulan yang lalu

    Recently I've become so fascinated by reincarnation. I love this!

  • Uday R
    Uday R 2 bulan yang lalu +1

    23:09 Don't know if he's reciting Dr. Seuss or rapping lol

  • Scorp308
    Scorp308 2 bulan yang lalu

    My previous life was being a piece of lint in the belly button of Harvey Weinstein.

  • Cherry River Rio
    Cherry River Rio 2 bulan yang lalu

    This is my first life btw

  • Beth Barron
    Beth Barron 2 bulan yang lalu

    the voices if so fricken creepy its not funny!!!!

  • John Costello
    John Costello 2 bulan yang lalu +1

    I can vaguely recall being up in a high place. ....a warehouse full of books ...and carrying a rifle ...and a limousine on the street below. Hmmm

  • Robert Holloway
    Robert Holloway 2 bulan yang lalu

    the skeptic is a trickster, to them, they don't believe in reality. They believe that everything is an illusion.

  • Lisa Heiney
    Lisa Heiney 2 bulan yang lalu

    Why is this child out of his car seat wth is going on? Wth?

  • Kingsley Bryan
    Kingsley Bryan 2 bulan yang lalu

    Personation of the Dead
    It is not difficult for the evil angels to represent both saints and sinners who have died, and make these representations visible to human eyes. These manifestations will be more frequent, and developments of a more startling character will appear as we near the close of time.-Evangelism, 604 (1875).

    It is Satan's most successful and fascinating delusion-one calculated to take hold of the sympathies of those who have laid their loved ones in the grave. Evil angels come in the form of those loved ones and relate incidents connected with their lives, and perform acts which they performed while living. In this way they lead persons to believe that their dead friends are angels, hovering over them and communicating with them. These evil angels, who assume to be the deceased friends, are regarded with a certain idolatry, and with many their word has greater weight than the Word of God.-The Signs of the Times, August 26, 1889.

    He [Satan] has power to bring before men the appearance of their departed friends. The counterfeit is perfect; the familiar look, the words, the tone, are reproduced with marvelous distinctness.... Many will be confronted by the spirits of devils personating beloved relatives or friends and declaring the most dangerous heresies. These visitants will appeal to our tenderest sympathies and will work miracles to sustain their pretensions.-The Great Controversy, 552, 560 (1911).

    • lyvewyrek
      lyvewyrek Bulan Yang lalu

      I'm responding with the assumption that we would all agree that an entity capable of successfully fooling reasonable, intelligent people on a regular basis as Satan is reported to do, isn't too stupid to realize how much more of an advantage he'd gain by using adults to spread a complex deception rather than very young children whose ability to discern fact from fiction is suspect even before they begin to speak!

    • lyvewyrek
      lyvewyrek Bulan Yang lalu

      Kingsley Bryant, I could get behind the thought that you may be offering a plausible alternate explanation of how these seemingly impossible things could happen except for one concept that isn't covered: while this idea of spirits sharing information about the dead gives a possible alternate source for the actual knowledge that these kids somehow have of things they've never experienced or been exposed to, it does nothing to explain how a child so young could grasp concepts whose understanding is well beyond their physical age and maturity level with authority enough to not only accurately express those ideas to someone else using an obvious comprehension of their subject (as opposed to merely parroting what they had heard), but in some cases, go on to demonstrate certain skills with a degree of proficiency that could only be obtained thru many years of dedicated practice, such as fluency in a language they've never been taught or heard, or adequate proficiency in a business or occupational skill they've never been exposed to that would allow them to produce a living performing it (if they were old enough to be legitimately hired, of course). There are many instances here which were reliably demonstrated as valid that cannot be explained by merely being fed the pertinent information. How can a 2 year old have any concept at all of what it would FEEL like to burn to death in fire??? What information can be told a four year old that provides an accurate, real sense of experiencing rape or childbirth or motherhood??? What can anyone say to bestow an obsessive feeling of lifelong guilt on a preschool child that stems from her honest conviction that she has - however unwillingly - abandoned her beloved children and betrayed them by dying before fulfilling her sacred obligation to care for and nurture them until they become capable of their own maintenance and care??? You cannot even convey any of those concepts to a mature adult - the only way to journey those paths and reach enlightenment is by personal experience, which NO child that young could possibly have unless they'd lived the actual event by some other means. Communicating those types of concepts - or even demonstrating them live and firsthand - will never allow a teacher to pass along the resulting wisdom and experience. They can only be achieved thru personal attendence. So your proposal falls short of a plausible explanation. I also am at a loss to make sense of the idea of targeting very young children for the purpose of passing along such complex concepts, knowing that they're not mature enough to comprehend it all on their own, when it seems, according to the sources you quoted, the adult friends and family of the deceased would be far more eager to voluntarily participate in the deception, and are already far more qualified thru their own adult experiences and maturity level to comprehend things with the necessary accuracy to replicate the desired illusion throughout the community. That would therefore significantly raise the odds of successfully spreading the belief that the deceased has returned to rejoin his loved ones. Also, adults would be more believable than small children when trying to persuade other adults that it's true, as well, especially if they have any established history of being honest.

  • elizabeth stacks
    elizabeth stacks 2 bulan yang lalu +1

    my son has said we have to be careful of the rain because it will keep raining and we will have to go to the attic and get stuck there. we don't have an attic

  • Smoker George
    Smoker George 2 bulan yang lalu +1

    If they have experienced reincarnation why is there not a program which give them and the parents a lie detector test as proof they are telling the truth I'm surprised TV shows have not done this already especially the ww2 pilot James Linegar story and it would be interesting to see the results I think this would make great TV

  • paul harmer
    paul harmer 2 bulan yang lalu

    Iits funny how important a child psychologist thinks he is, reincarnation is real , psychologist have a mental disorder

  • Hannah's
    Hannah's 3 bulan yang lalu

    So evreyone in the world lived before so I lived before?????

  • Crysz Boy
    Crysz Boy 3 bulan yang lalu

    The music sounds like it’s from a Steven King movie 🎥

  • Crysz Boy
    Crysz Boy 3 bulan yang lalu

    The music seems like it’s from a Steven King movie 🎥

  • Sara Helene Lucia
    Sara Helene Lucia 3 bulan yang lalu +2

    I was just thinking how can reincarnation be possible if the world's population is growing? surely if everyone reincarnated into a new human when they died the population would stay the same? Then it occurred to me that the animal population is decreasing, because humans keep killing them, so maybe the human population is increasing because all the animals reincarnate into new humans and that's how the population grows. Some humans remember their past lives because they were humans but some don't remember because they were animals :P Probably a silly thought but it was just in my head lol!

  • Shadow S
    Shadow S 3 bulan yang lalu


  • James Metalarc
    James Metalarc 3 bulan yang lalu

    I remember in my childhood being so happy to be clear of debt. owing money is what killed me in my past life, I was killed by my debtors. at one point I was genuinely worried that my debtors would find me and reattach my old debts to me and perhaps torture me again. I went through a lot of torture before I died in my pst life .I remember the love I had for my little Brother from my other childhood because this was such a strong thing.He had softer hair and lighter skin than myself , He was the closest thing that reminded me of my Mother that I had lost in that life. In this life I got to be with her again but in this life I learned more about her and why she left me in the last. all I wanted was to be with her again and I got more than what I asked for this time around lesson learned. I can also remember a fascination with Bob Dylan and that faded eventually while still a child like I knew it would. but I was so Glad to see that he was still kicking around and I did like some of his 80's things. I never really thought of it all as deeply as I do now. this whole reincarnation thing , thee is a lot more to it than you all care to really know about. many of you are just now discovering or remembering it but it is really only one event out of many that happens with who you truly are, a consciousness. and there is a reason why you have the gift of forgetting that it exists.

  • Ludmilla Bikechain
    Ludmilla Bikechain 3 bulan yang lalu

    Ive a blood sponge on my stomach over the navel and when I was a child I once dreamed I got killed with a knife or so by a huge rabbit while I was in a buggy as a little child as well. The sponge got treatment when I was age 4... but there is still a scar.

  • Tommie Reid
    Tommie Reid 3 bulan yang lalu +1

    14:39 Children in the East recall specific details because the parents are more aware of what the child is experiencing. In the West, parents are likely to assume the child is making up stories or fantasies. I don't think Western religious beliefs acknowledge the concept of reincarnation as much as Eastern religions.

  • David Mark
    David Mark 3 bulan yang lalu

    I know this to be true..................

  • ticTwitch Kid
    ticTwitch Kid 3 bulan yang lalu +1

    I remember little parts of my past life. I remember people trying to grab me back from a bridge, i got pushed off it. The bridge was red and big. I remember glancing down at the water with the fierce currents, knowing it was the end. I remember seeing bubbles and a white light, and thats all. Its creepy to think about because now, when i think of it, i visualise it as if it was a film i had just finished.

  • Jessica nehls
    Jessica nehls 4 bulan yang lalu

    Anything I have ever watched about reincarnation, it seems like everyone had an untimely death murder, accident and now I've heard suicide. Maybe if it wasn't meant to be your time, yet something happen causing an early demise, you get reincarnated.... Just my thoughts :)

  • Jess James
    Jess James 4 bulan yang lalu

    My cats a reincarnated toddler . I’m so sure because he sits upright on my lap, used to suckle and is so floppy, not like a normal cat. It doesn’t scare me though it’s sort of comforting as I feel a spiritual bond between us

  • Angie Krajewski
    Angie Krajewski 4 bulan yang lalu

    Driving with the kid in front??!

  • Igaluit
    Igaluit 4 bulan yang lalu

    Filing cabinets and a Selectric typewriter. Not a recent documentary. The "scientists" are only interested in debunking, throwing out all objectivity and logic through the window in the process.

  • Karin Desmonds
    Karin Desmonds 4 bulan yang lalu

    Psychologists always start from the PoV of scepticism and then try to confirm those suspicions by finding corresponding evidence supporting their preconceived ideas, which does not demonstrate an objective view, also making it all dull and boring. Go analyse yourselves first and find out what prejudiced kooks you are, then look at the real world. Fact is, those kids who have experienced and expressed past live memories, were not PROMPTED and encouraged to randomly IMAGINE fictitious people. The kids in the psycho experiment were LED by the psycho analyst and parent, clearly showing a deliberate attempt to MISLEAD the evidence into their desired direction to reach a predictable conclusion. You morons are just boring.

  • jim
    jim 4 bulan yang lalu +2

    Maybe the kids tapped into dead kids and identified people who were real?? Scientists are dead in their souls

  • Diane Morgan
    Diane Morgan 4 bulan yang lalu +1

    Overboard on the ads. Greedy, are you?

  • Monique McKenzie
    Monique McKenzie 4 bulan yang lalu

    i think that when we die we just reborn may not remember ower pass life like some kids but thats what i t

  • Levi Beebe
    Levi Beebe 4 bulan yang lalu +1

    That skeptic at about 28m would crap if he found out the Bible actually had a lot about rebirth or reincarnation that was taken out over certain people's personal ideas.

  • Jairo Vargas
    Jairo Vargas 4 bulan yang lalu

    Saludos y les animo a continuar con estás difusiones, nuestro plano require de esta información y reucacion hacia el despertar de la conciencia. Yo tengo un libro escrito, en el cual narro mi experiencia, de mis vidas pasadas. Soy un testigo de un hecho que cambio la historia en Dos. Si les interesa mi historia tengo este libro a disposición. Y volveré cuando aparezca el nombre con el cántaro en el hombro y todo ojo lo verá, como ladrón en la oscuridad, mi correo

  • Stacy Cardinale
    Stacy Cardinale 4 bulan yang lalu

    Why isn't he in a seatbelt!!!!?????

  • mama T
    mama T 4 bulan yang lalu

    was he in a car seat? Ugh Mother concerns never go away!

  • Apoe Dinel
    Apoe Dinel 4 bulan yang lalu +1

    My daughter talked of being with a different mother she said (before u were my mom i had a different one) also creepy part was she was talking with a New York accent we lived in California at the time. And she never ever been to New York or any of my family we were all West Coast people. She described the death of a sibling and how he never got to grow up and she was also very young when she said she had died.. she described a very Bleak sad existence in a slum in New York sometime around the Victorian era it was incredible because she could really accurately described the building she lived in the clothes she was wearing and all of the things that were in her different world it was so crazy weird she was only 4 years old at the time..

  • paul w
    paul w 4 bulan yang lalu

    most of these kids with persistent past life memory would be promptly medicated. just as adults who mentioned such things would be put on psychotropics.

  • Airon Iversen
    Airon Iversen 4 bulan yang lalu +1

    Info he's giving at 29:30 is VERY INTERESTING!!! 😮

  • Jakob Evans
    Jakob Evans 4 bulan yang lalu

    The little girl is lying. She keeps looking all around when she's telling her story. Signs of a bad liar

  • Jakob Evans
    Jakob Evans 4 bulan yang lalu

    I wish they didn't study the buhddist cases as much and studied kids from other countries because there is an obvious bias with there religion. I'm not saying that the claims aren't true but the kids are fed this certain religion that can have a greater affect on their imagination.

  • Stephanie Miller
    Stephanie Miller 4 bulan yang lalu

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