E30 Pizza!Pizza!Pizza!How To Make Pizza at Office Desk? | Ms Yeah

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  • You have been asking me to make a pizza since the first video. I know I can't wait any longer, so guys here is my pizza. I know you will like it~~
    Hello. I am Ms Yeah. I cook in office in an unconventional way. Okay, you can say it is a "weird" way. I like doing this because it is fun.
    Life is not always fun, but we can try to create more by ourselves.
    Let's searching fun in life together!
    Facebook: Ms Yeah
    Instagram: Ms Yeah
    Twitter: Ms Yeah
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    Ms Yeah, a walking recipe from Mars.

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    2019 ????

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    Đi làm như đi chơi

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    Lugi na company nya ahahahah😂😂😂 wala na xang ginawa sa isang araw gumawa ng pizza nya

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    Kaka orang korea nya

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    Like yg suka makan durian

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    الكاعد كدامج ابو النضارات يشبه هابياو ممثل كوري

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    david cedric santillan 3 hari yang lalu

    Is it a real office or just a setup?? I just notice that she just watches movies or videos on her pc and not do any work and always has the supplies just in hand, also she uses most of the materials in her office. (just curious)

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    أنا عربي 💔💓💓💖هل من عرب؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

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    C’est trop bien

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    Orang yang sabar 😂

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    what did the guy do to you

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    you watch game of thrones!!! final season is coming!!! #ForTheThrone

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    Like 😮😏

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    بحب البيتزا الي عربي لايك👍👍👍👍👍

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    oh near the ending I did the marshmallow thing with dry spaghetti in 5 grade

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    you can't call this "pizza", I'm sorry

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    Ur very beautiful

  • Pushpa Niranjani
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    U r very amazing

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    Ms yeah lầy lội qá ám cái a kia suốt lun

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    Oigan y esa chica no trabaja siempre la veo comiendo

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    Really U are so cut * -*

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    Русские есть?

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    Where does she even work 😩😂😂😂

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    ai là người Việt Nam điểm danh

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    I did the marshmellow peramid once

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    تشرب خمر الله لا بنطيج العافية مهما كانت ذكية بس ما تصير بشر

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    I love you😍😍

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    I find her so interesting the way she cook but it may not be so healthy to cook that way ..

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    What did she just drink? Alcohol??!

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    Hahaha ebang clase! Nilagyan nya ng dorian XD

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    1:31 casually eat durian in the middle of the office..

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    That fruits pizza?!
    Like desert

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    Can u cook filipino food? If u can't its ok for me :)

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      Wish she could make sinigang on office vid tho

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    I love you

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    3:20 that looks like Koro Sensei from Assassination Classroom 😂

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    while watching game of thrones 😍😭

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    Really enjoy ur cooking...love from bangladesh 😘😘

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    Ms yeah hates losing hahaha

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    That fatass is always eating her food

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    God is so good
    Thank you❣

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    you are so so creative Ms Yeah

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    It's not an office. This is an internet cafe where u can do the hell u wanna do 😂😂😂

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    Soy la única latina que ve este tipo de vídeos

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    Durian pizza😕

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    Mybe when having like this in Philippines she cooks n the office maybe your fired lol hehehe he's job easy watching n cooking in the office so funny😁😁😂😂

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    Oh my God I'm die!!! I'm Italian and this is not pizza!!! I'm disgusting 🍕😂😭🤢

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    I thing I learnt from Ms Yeah is that..
    *When someone eats up your pizzaa.... So what? Make your own!*

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    Girl you know you gonna fat you allway's eat on you're office that beutiful face and body gonna fat >°

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      But it's ok you allway's give me hint's to how to cook without kitchen tool nice one ^°^

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    I can only imagine the energy-efficient of lights to cook pizza🍕🤣😏🎄looks like a marshmello Xmas tree-lined well done.

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    love durian

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