Home for the Holidays | Anwar Jibawi & Stephen Curry


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  • Anwar Jibawi
    Anwar Jibawi  3 bulan yang lalu +2350

    Thanks for watching!

  • Puppetboy Miguel
    Puppetboy Miguel 16 jam yang lalu

    Hello Anwar. "I wanna say your welcome"

  • No comment No comment
    No comment No comment 5 hari yang lalu

    if you really want us help the planet with that thing,you shouldvve given us that thing for free but not cost 500 dollars

  • Erica HALGE
    Erica HALGE 8 hari yang lalu

    Stephen Curry in My favourite Basketball player in N.B.A, loved it

  • Mason Watkins
    Mason Watkins 9 hari yang lalu

    The ending had me dying of laughter

  • ForKsi
    ForKsi 14 hari yang lalu

    grampa is killing it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Beto Castro
    Beto Castro 15 hari yang lalu

    Awesome video anwar

  • Ayad Anam
    Ayad Anam 15 hari yang lalu +1

    Like for anwar every day!!! And make videos every day!

  • Bushra Alsaffi
    Bushra Alsaffi 17 hari yang lalu +2

    The parents were hilarious

  • Saiyha Ngin
    Saiyha Ngin 18 hari yang lalu

    I know how to beatbox really good

  • I em de meming boii
    I em de meming boii 19 hari yang lalu


  • Luke
    Luke 22 hari yang lalu

    Oh i thought Anwar was Rudy for a second

  • Kaylin Labuschagne
    Kaylin Labuschagne 22 hari yang lalu

    I love the grandpa😂❤️LMAO

  • Sterlo 75
    Sterlo 75 25 hari yang lalu

    My family in a heart beat!😂😅🤣

    ELI GLOBAL 25 hari yang lalu +1

    This was a ad on tv

  • Mohamed Ell
    Mohamed Ell 25 hari yang lalu

    Like for Anwar's Father👍🏻

  • Zareen Subha - Fletchers Meadow SS (2492)

    Anwar makes a amazing mom, dad, and grandpa 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👏🏻👏🏻😂😂

  • \\__\\LukeIsChilling\\__\\
    \\__\\LukeIsChilling\\__\\ 27 hari yang lalu +1

    Wow, this video was amazing!! 🔥♥🌟👍👌👊✌🙏

  • gaming with lucas delta
    gaming with lucas delta 28 hari yang lalu


  • NIBS
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  • NIBS
    NIBS Bulan Yang lalu

    2:19 There is the dab the floss and the cringe

  • Marvel James
    Marvel James Bulan Yang lalu

    was this branded?

  • Kitty Wolf Queen
    Kitty Wolf Queen Bulan Yang lalu

    he made this the day after meh birthday! XD

  • M7AXII -_-
    M7AXII -_- Bulan Yang lalu

    2:48 til the end I was dying of laughter

  • McKenzie Christman
    McKenzie Christman Bulan Yang lalu

    shehpen!! how do you get so lucky to know him?

  • BlueFireJack
    BlueFireJack Bulan Yang lalu

    No I’m good I don’t want to look like glozell when I drink out of my britta

  • Ari Rinaldi Nugraha
    Ari Rinaldi Nugraha Bulan Yang lalu

    wooot is steph curry

  • Alex Le breton
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  • Cherrie Yvonne Pearl
    Cherrie Yvonne Pearl Bulan Yang lalu

    I can sau that anwar is not that bad a woman look😂

  • Zezo
    Zezo Bulan Yang lalu

    Wow im shocked 😂😂😂👌🏼

  • Clopez YT
    Clopez YT Bulan Yang lalu

    Imagine if that was actually his family and not a anwar doing all the parts

  • Roblox Guy
    Roblox Guy Bulan Yang lalu

    Happy Holidays#_#!!!!!!!!~

  • loli desu ne
    loli desu ne Bulan Yang lalu

    one more reason why i hate life. i wanted to kill myself when i first saw the ad.

  • Super Girl
    Super Girl Bulan Yang lalu

    I love warriors

  • victoria dacanay
    victoria dacanay Bulan Yang lalu

    Okay this was like crazy funny! Anwar & Steph look like true bros for real 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽👍🏽

  • Saiyha Ngin
    Saiyha Ngin Bulan Yang lalu

    I'm a legend at beatboxing

  • DolanTwins Lover
    DolanTwins Lover Bulan Yang lalu

    This is soo funny

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  • Ayoub Mokrani
    Ayoub Mokrani Bulan Yang lalu

    Lol the ending 😂

  • Terryaki Squid
    Terryaki Squid Bulan Yang lalu

    Call the police on grandpa

  • Majestic Pizza 29
    Majestic Pizza 29 Bulan Yang lalu +2

    Who got here from Rudy’s Video?

  • Jayla Star
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  • Luigi Pensa
    Luigi Pensa Bulan Yang lalu

    WTH is the intro a classical 1980s them I mean it’s good I just laugh 😂 like for Stephen curry

  • Formz_Devin
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    Curry 2:08

    BEPIS Bulan Yang lalu


  • Harris Saifi
    Harris Saifi Bulan Yang lalu +3

    This was the unfunniest video that the unfunniest guy have ever made with the unfunniest basketballer who has the unfunniest mom ever

  • Muna Ambashe
    Muna Ambashe Bulan Yang lalu

    Wasn’t this a commercial

  • Gavin Nilsson
    Gavin Nilsson Bulan Yang lalu

    1:34 He got BARZZZZZZZZ

    CARLOS JUAREZ Bulan Yang lalu

    Wow As you First video

  • ImFurnace i Quit
    ImFurnace i Quit Bulan Yang lalu

    no effort on the video.

  • FattieWattievu
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  • Wavy99
    Wavy99 Bulan Yang lalu

    What a hailrous and superb! Video 😂😎

  • zul amy
    zul amy 2 bulan yang lalu

    Anwar's mommy looks hot..

  • Demon Killa
    Demon Killa 2 bulan yang lalu

    I. Don’t. Like. Your. Dad. In. It

  • حكمت حكمت
    حكمت حكمت 2 bulan yang lalu

    سيد انور صحيح انتي عربي

  • Gaming 81
    Gaming 81 2 bulan yang lalu

    the whole leg.....wait what?

  • I Don’t Have A Life
    I Don’t Have A Life 2 bulan yang lalu

    Lol 2,666,669 views

  • Nawelu Doucene
    Nawelu Doucene 2 bulan yang lalu

    haters gonna hate

  • Loli ウサギ ও
    Loli ウサギ ও 2 bulan yang lalu +2

    You look a lot like her because that’s you 🤪

  • rose Villanueva
    rose Villanueva 2 bulan yang lalu

    Om.... god is that, curry omg ur so awesome

  • Ryan Block
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  • Brian Duffy
    Brian Duffy 2 bulan yang lalu

    Stephen curry is the worst person to ever exist

  • Mas Tim
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  • Eyes
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  • sarah abusubaa
    sarah abusubaa 2 bulan yang lalu +1

    Anwar this is killing me

  • RRRifile Fox
    RRRifile Fox 2 bulan yang lalu

    Anwar is A MUSLIMMMMMMM.

  • Alan Joseph
    Alan Joseph 2 bulan yang lalu

    I wish for this kinda family....

  • Guadalupe Valencia
    Guadalupe Valencia 2 bulan yang lalu

    This is an add loll

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  • ¡ Snorkel
    ¡ Snorkel 2 bulan yang lalu

    That dab though

  • Alone Profits
    Alone Profits 2 bulan yang lalu +4

    Anwar, to keep it real 100 you gotta add bloopers in the end of the videos.

  • Michael Korkidas
    Michael Korkidas 2 bulan yang lalu

    V. V. Bn b Bonn cbB. vCard vvc

  • Evelia Soriano
    Evelia Soriano 2 bulan yang lalu

    Very fun to play with friends and family to your brother rand was the way I like it I was really excited 😊 is u

  • Jalahnia McNeill
    Jalahnia McNeill 2 bulan yang lalu

    This must’ve been so awkward to film😂

  • Auristela Lionheart
    Auristela Lionheart 2 bulan yang lalu

    Do you know BTS? Because I heard of you're amazing dad rap at the end haters gonna hate😊 and RM says that in Mic-drop srry if you think I'm wierd but I am wierd 😂 love you so so much! Keep going 😘 much love of me

  • Alexandra Dillon
    Alexandra Dillon 2 bulan yang lalu

    🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🖕🏻🖕🏻Just kidding

  • Alexandra Dillon
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  • ησяα
    ησяα 2 bulan yang lalu

    why the heck did i get an ad by someone who is practically lele pons

  • Galay Gacha
    Galay Gacha 2 bulan yang lalu

    That's one talented Dad
    👨 🤣😅😐🤣

    XxVRUSHAB15xX 2 bulan yang lalu

    Steph curry wow

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  • The FLASH!!!!
    The FLASH!!!! 2 bulan yang lalu

    O M G HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!:) :D 😆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻‼️

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    mary fuson 2 bulan yang lalu

    Yo the dad is funny

  • Nida Chaudhary
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  • LEyLa NeLsON
    LEyLa NeLsON 2 bulan yang lalu

    Right get the popcorn it’s time for an answer jibawi marathon 👌🔥🍿

  • Unimited Range2k
    Unimited Range2k 2 bulan yang lalu

    Cringey as hell damn.

  • Steph joy
    Steph joy 2 bulan yang lalu

    Man the dad was flossing n dabbin wow😂

  • Peter Mwangi
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  • ام يوسف
    ام يوسف 2 bulan yang lalu

    شكرآ كتير عترجمة الفيديوهات انا بحبك كتير فيديوهاتك بتجنن 😂😍😍😍😘😘

  • Coyote 96
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  • F M
    F M 2 bulan yang lalu

    2.18 *dad* whoa I am shook 😂😂

  • F M
    F M 2 bulan yang lalu

    2.18 *dad* whoa I am shook 😂😂

  • razΞ
    razΞ 2 bulan yang lalu

    I predict bandwagons will be commenting on this video

  • Da Chop Up
    Da Chop Up 2 bulan yang lalu

    You could see the whole leg the whooooooole leg wink wink 🤣

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    0_ 0 2 bulan yang lalu

    White eyes in background 0:10 to 0:18

  • Cr7 Cr7
    Cr7 Cr7 2 bulan yang lalu

    I got this as an ad

  • Sunstone and the sun team
    Sunstone and the sun team 2 bulan yang lalu

    your in a commercials

  • zamy's adventure
    zamy's adventure 2 bulan yang lalu

    your family is so crazy OMG

    SHAKIR CUMBERBATCH 2 bulan yang lalu