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A historic evening for Albert Pujols! He crushes home runs No. 699 AND 700 for his career!

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 22 Sep 2022
  • Albert Pujols makes history.
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Komentar • 3 220

  • Robert Shockey

    Mad props to the fans at Dodgers stadium for recognizing such a huge piece of baseball history.

  • Andruucspr
    Andruucspr  +556

    As a Dodger fan, I couldn’t be happier for Albert. He’s a stand up dude and has done so much for the sport. Such an honor to witness history.

  • Jim Truscott

    Pujols getting his 700th is one of the finest things I’ve seen in 70 years of following baseball. So great a player and gentleman.

  • TC
    TC  +186

    Huge respect to the Dodgers fans as they not only pitched to this man but showed so much respect.

  • BYET Worldwide

    Sick. You couldn’t even tell he did this at an away stadium. Complete respect.

  • Andrew Acuna

    Dude played a hot minute for the dodgers and the fans cheered for him like he had been there his entire career and I absolutely love it

  • Nathan Giggey

    When you're on the road and you get an ovation like that, you are a legend and a respected man. Albert Pujols has had a first ballot HOF career. I'm happy for this dude! We'll done, sir!!!!

  • Kayaala looking for a vulgar guy!💦🔞

    As a cubs fan, this man DOMINATED us. But I can't help shedding a tear watching this man hit 700 (he probably hit 300 of them against the cubs). I have nothing but respect for this man, a true legend.

  • patrick na$h

    i was born in '99, raised mostly in St. Louis. i was fortunate enough to witness his prime firsthand during my most formative years. guys like Yadi, Waino, Matt Holliday, and especially Albert were responsible for me falling in love with the game to begin with.

  • Kevin Boluyt

    Such an amazing person on and off the field.. Will definitely miss him in baseball!

  • Brandonn Robinson

    A man of true professionalism. No scandals, no steroids stories, just natural talent, and power. Him and junior have been consistently my 2 favorite players ever. I love this guy and what he represented. One of the most prestigious feats in the history of sports. Congrats big AL. You're spot on Canton is waiting my Man. Also. Respect dodger fans for the love. But how can you hate this guy lol

  • James Seelye

    As a Braves fan, that was absolutely beautiful. The swing, the skill and right attitude. Albert is all class! Congratulations #5! 🙌

  • MrBrodo789

    I was born in 1993, been a Cardinals fan my entire life. I barely know baseball without Albert. What a joy it has been to watch him.


    Excelente deportista, todos los latinos debemos estar orgulloso de el, nunca se ha visto involucrado en ningún tipo de acto que puedan perjudicar su maravillosa carrera en la mlb. Ya tiene su cupo asegurado en el salón de la fama de las grandes ligas.

  • William Lackey

    I can’t imagine how many text/calls he received that night. He has brought so many wonderful memories and played the game with respect. He is an ambassador for the game. Congratulations!!

  • Ricartusana

    Mexicano y fan de los Dodgers desde hace 41 años… Feliz por este gran logro de Don Alberto 🤩👏🏻

  • Bishopman 2

    I've been a Cardinals fan my whole 53 years. Albert's always been one of my favorite players. I never wanted him to leave St. Louis, but I'm really happy that he came back for his final season and for hitting number 700 with the Cards. He's always been a class act and I can't wait to watch him go into the Hall. Also thank you to the Dodgers fans and players for the standing O.

  • William Jones

    Congratulations to Albert. And much credit to the L.A. fans for showing a supreme amount of class and appreciation for a historic moment. ⚾️

  • ccreasman
    ccreasman  +321

    I love how happy Albert was on 700. He was his normal stoic self on 699, but he allowed himself to really celebrate the milestone!

  • E-5 Ruben
    E-5 Ruben  +17

    I'm so happy for Albert joining such an elite club of baseball history. He has been such a classy person on and off the field. Muchas gracias Albert y disfruta el momento en la historia hermano dominicano.