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How Small Investors Can Hit It Big - Robert Kiyosaki, Marin Katusa

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 28 Peb 2022
  • The War on climate officially began on November 1, 2021, at the COP26. The COP26 is the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland. The media and all the global leaders brought all their arsenals to launch the war on carbon emissions-it's a global race to net-zero. Today’s guest says this push to net-zero carbon emissions offers new opportunities to make the world richer while saving the planet.
    Marin Katusa, publisher of the "Katusa Report" says, “It's the biggest sector growth on the planet. It doesn’t matter where you live, there are over 60 ways to sequester to receive a carbon credit.”
    Host Robert Kiyosaki and guest Marin Katusa discuss how the average investor can make money doing good.
    Get a full year of Marin Katusa’s PREMIUM research… for the lowest price you’ll ever see, just visit: www.katusaresearch.com/richdad
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  • Ernest Blackmore

    Marin is brilliant. I wish I was fully aware that I needed to be an “Accredited Investor” (net worth $1 Million or more Not counting my residence) to be allowed to participate in private placements. I wasted $2,000 on a 1 yr subscription. Good info & opportunities BUT I was not allowed to invest. Please understand the rules of the game before buying a high priced newsletter.

  • Eric Clark

    Just got done reading everything I could get my hands on from rich dad. And bought the CASHFLOW GAME played for the first time yesterday as soon as it hit the porch this has been such a great Eye opening month. For me thank you so much I now see how much I didn't know and how much I still have to learn! You and Rich dad have reinvigorated me and my soul!!! Thank you so much!!

  • Mark G
    Mark G  +73

    The title to this podcast is "How Small Investors Can Hit It Big". But in the end you only had advice for Accredited investors. I am not an accredited, investor. After listening to the episode I can see how accredited investors can make it big. But I am scratching my head wondering how a small investor can make it big? Are you saying that accredited investors are small investors? Hmm does that make me a micro investor?

  • Nancy Bergman

    Hi, your title mentions how the small investor can hit big but you only addressed the way accredited big investors are making it. Can you share how small investors can get in ?

  • Archer Paintball

    I missed the part where small investors can invest.

  • chad pettitt

    Thank you for this show. My father in law is an accredited investor. Maybe I need to slide him some sheckles to invest in carbon credits for me! Lol!

  • Craig Kamman

    You lost me at 'everyone agrees carbon is a problem'. I am afraid the only carbon the UN is interested in eliminating is people and cow farts.

  • Adam Red Wolf

    Awesome interview! Your podcast gets me so pumped for the future!

  • Bob The Builder

    your shows are amazing! Keep it up stud!

  • Douglas de Rainville

    Two living beings on the land, standing tall and being responsible through self knowing, fighting for freedom through learning plus teachings of the truth’s.sharing and giving your most precious “ Time, “ If I may, one hears and sees vibrations of Love creating a foundation for “ Making Childhood Great Again.” Bravo to you’s both, plus all who do so.!!! Enjoy

  • Bellywitchable

    So interesting. My grandfather was a real wheeler-dealer. He bought a 6000acre ranch in Eswatini and he said he found gold when he was fencing it. Never acted on it because of mineral rights. But I always wondered...

  • jenny Li

    "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the next best time is now"

  • Bruce Twitchell

    Great ideas you guys rock!!

  • luis
    luis  +18

    I liked the video, but I think the title of it is wrong, it shouldn’t be called “the small investors can hit big” it SHOULD be CALLED “the BIG investors hitting big” but the information was very good anyway 👍

  • John Micheal

    The economy hardship, recession, unemployment and the loss of job caused by govt and covid pandemic is enough to push people into financial ventures. I'm taking a trip into investing because I lost so much during this pandemic.multi creation of wealth is the best strategy to ensure financial sustainability..

  • carlos davila

    Capitalist save the world i like how RichDad says it "where entrepreneurs wanna solve the world's problems by elevating the financial well-being of humanity without killing the environment". That kills the false notion of this politicians n religious leaders who put down entrepreneurs

  • Fatima Farasha

    I'm definitely interested and would like to find a means to invest as a non accredited investor

  • B M
    B M  +20

    Interesting how ONLY accredited investors can partake!

  • Daneil Williams

    This is good!

  • tommy luck

    Thank You, Robert!