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Dakota Johnson's Mom Has to Chill w/ the Photos

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 19 Jan 2022
  • James welcomes Josh Gad and Dakota Johnson who is constantly discovering embarrassing photos of herself posted by her parents to Instagram. Then Josh shares he recently made his daughters wait in lines to have a "normal" Disneyland experience and Dakota recalls the time her mother embarrassed her in front of her childhood crush Jonathan Taylor-Thomas. Finally Josh shares an "uncanny" Adele impression and Dakota explains how she ended up tattooing her "The Lost Daughter" costar Olivia Coleman.
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Komentar • 585

  • Raul A. Pinto

    I absolutely love Dakota's awkward jokes. Everybody on her family have that wicked sense of humor: Melanie, Don and her grandmother Tippi Heddren.

  • Masechaba

    I love her calm aura. She's also incredibly beautiful, and Josh Gad is always so funny. Love them

  • Paheli Ghosal

    I love how naturally and elegantly humorous dakota is. I can hear her speak all day and never get tired of it.

  • Laura Huß
    Laura Huß  +756

    Can I just say that Dakota Johnson is the most interesting woman to look at and to listen to? She's got this special aura, this unique beauty and is somehow mysterious and weird but at the same time really calm and sympathetic! To me, she's the absolute woman crush. Love her!

  • L A
    L A  +924

    in every interview, dakota’s just so authentically herself it’s so refreshing to watch. she also looks so amazing! 😍 and josh’s adele impersonation was 😂

  • Lena Dlk
    Lena Dlk  +667

    I knew that I wouldn’t be disappointed by watching this because Dakota Johnson always manages to make every interview worth to watch..

  • Cooperum
    Cooperum  +796

    Dakota Johnson's style game is on fleek. She knocks it out of the ball park every time!

  • Johan Estevez

    I absolutely love her, she’s so classy,

  • J C
    J C  +207

    Dakota is one of those rare offspring that inherits only the best qualities from both of their parents.

  • I am X5-176

    Dakota Johnson is just flat out beautiful and she has an amazing voice

  • Adam Pheasey

    My favourite part of this whole interview is Dakota trying to make make Josh legitimately laugh, and then she finally does it at the end to vindicate herself. It's subtle but really funny. Dakota is really something special and untouched by Hollywood to some degree.

  • Нelen of Troy
    Нelen of Troy 21 hari yang lalu +10

    When Dakota mimics her mum's voice, I lost it 🤣 she does perfectly. Melanie has a sweet childish voice and I love it

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks  +610

    She's so funny

  • LunaCapri- Piazza

    Dakota is genuinely humbled.

  • Rosemary Flury

    There is nothing negative that can be said about her. She's seems kinda perfect.

  • bluegreen
    bluegreen  +39

    I’ve always adored Dakota so much. It’s her calm self and her awkward and incredible sense of humor.

  • Lu Anne Eichhorn

    She is so real. No filter and just lovable

  • TΛRΛ
    TΛRΛ  +81

    can't get enough of Dakota's voice, so extremely soothing. aah.

  • Maham Ansari

    Love Dakota Johnson and Josh Gad. Such a nice, fun and easy going lot! Also James Corden offering his jacket was so cute ❤️

  • Patricia Talplacido

    I laughed at "MESSterpiece" HAHAHAHA and she was proud of her joke 🤣🤣🤣gosh i really love this woman 😭