Rod Wave - Thug Motivation (Official Music Video)

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 13 Jan 2020
  • Rod Wave - Thug Motivation (Official Music Video)
    First new release of 2020.
    #RodWave #ThugMotivation
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  • Screwed Up Click
    Screwed Up Click 10 jam yang lalu +1

    This a quarter brick...this a 9 piece...this right here is all a nigga need to get on his feet yeeaahhh💯🔥

  • Ottis Mendez
    Ottis Mendez 10 jam yang lalu

    This brother so talented

  • Nana Yaw
    Nana Yaw 10 jam yang lalu

    Leave grey if he's 🚮
    Make it blue if he's talented 💯🤝

  • 10k Tha booley
    10k Tha booley 10 jam yang lalu


  • yo booty stank
    yo booty stank 10 jam yang lalu +1

    This shiiiit slap harder than my dads belt

  • Ken Ransome
    Ken Ransome 11 jam yang lalu

    “Stand back n let it lock jit “ Don’t given da game Rod

  • Dee Atlanta
    Dee Atlanta 11 jam yang lalu

    Ima black nigga with 400+ acre lets get it with out talking over social media King

  • jarell seuell
    jarell seuell 11 jam yang lalu

    Rode wave put the game in a figure 4 piece 😂

  • Gangsta Vic
    Gangsta Vic 11 jam yang lalu

  • Kennedy Williams
    Kennedy Williams 11 jam yang lalu

    I’m just smiling watching this. So happy to see his elevation ☺️🙏🏾

    VJ VANDAL 12 jam yang lalu

  • prince j
    prince j 12 jam yang lalu +1

    *Baby Youngin*

  • Amir Akins
    Amir Akins 12 jam yang lalu +1

    when is this gonna be on apple music

  • Lakiyah Green
    Lakiyah Green 13 jam yang lalu

    And they say all his songs sad 😝😝Well look at what we have here

    • vliduu zeeb
      vliduu zeeb 11 jam yang lalu

      This that shit but this my shit

  • Ry Nachreiner
    Ry Nachreiner 13 jam yang lalu

    funniest video of 2020

  • tlt1984
    tlt1984 13 jam yang lalu

    Lil fat emo nigga lol

    • tlt1984
      tlt1984 11 jam yang lalu

      @vliduu zeeb lol

  • Odd-1 Talks Truth
    Odd-1 Talks Truth 15 jam yang lalu

  • Dakarai Hillman
    Dakarai Hillman 15 jam yang lalu

    fam you have to put this beat back on the tube stop hoggin 😂😂

  • CLUTCHxMVPx 305
    CLUTCHxMVPx 305 15 jam yang lalu

    Rob bro yo music Crazyyyyyy Clutch!!!!!! I’m going DUMB this year on me bruh

  • all about ducks
    all about ducks 15 jam yang lalu

    Damn no hate but ive been seing him everywhere but he is just a mumbler

  • spaceytrill
    spaceytrill 15 jam yang lalu

    Unreleased rod wave song

  • Moco Jr TV
    Moco Jr TV 16 jam yang lalu

    U up thier there now aint no coming back 💯💯

  • Kâý Łâ
    Kâý Łâ 16 jam yang lalu

    Y'all better stop sleeping on Rod Wave

  • roderick anderson
    roderick anderson 17 jam yang lalu

    Rod Wave get your own cologne designed by you and get it sold to the masses this can be a great stream of income for you

  • Erinnn Kimoraa
    Erinnn Kimoraa 18 jam yang lalu +1

    Iloveyouuusoomuchh🧡! Sooo freakin’ talented yoooo . 🥺

  • Just Kyiah
    Just Kyiah 18 jam yang lalu

    yess rod wave...this fire.

  • Jonathan Bush
    Jonathan Bush 19 jam yang lalu

    Before he started rapping I wasn't sure if he was crying or just whining about something and I literally couldn't even understand a single word he said are other people able to understand what he is saying?

  • CHIRAQ VEVO Visual
    CHIRAQ VEVO Visual 19 jam yang lalu


  • Big Homie Loco slime gang
    Big Homie Loco slime gang 20 jam yang lalu

    This that shit but this my shit

    D&T NATION 20 jam yang lalu

  • Kaipo Libokmeto
    Kaipo Libokmeto 21 jam yang lalu

  • RayCapalot
    RayCapalot 21 jam yang lalu

    Str8 Demon

  • Jesse-James Bostander
    Jesse-James Bostander 21 jam yang lalu

    Bruh I beg you please stay off that lean
    And them pills 💊

  • Soulcrifice
    Soulcrifice 21 jam yang lalu

    I've heard nails on a chalk board sound better.

    • drttyu liqm
      drttyu liqm 20 jam yang lalu

      I thought he was rapping in the begining

  • Honorable
    Honorable 22 jam yang lalu


    • drttyu liqm
      drttyu liqm 20 jam yang lalu thank me later😤🔥

  • Cedra
    Cedra 22 jam yang lalu

    When I make it. This one song I’m ima play

  • Glory God
    Glory God 23 jam yang lalu

    He Raw asl 🔥😂 Neva disappoint

  • Ether 4Real
    Ether 4Real 23 jam yang lalu

    Check out this heat 🔥🔥🔥

  • Nicky Nox
    Nicky Nox Hari Yang lalu

    My youngbull we need you sp 215 fuck wit you


    He did it

  • AprilTheEditor
    AprilTheEditor Hari Yang lalu 💕

  • drttyu liqm
    drttyu liqm Hari Yang lalu

    "My girl pregnant with twins" Thats a blessing

    • AprilTheEditor
      AprilTheEditor Hari Yang lalu

      drttyu liqm 💕

  • Devin Anderson
    Devin Anderson Hari Yang lalu

    Add this to Apple Music 💯💪🏾

    • AprilTheEditor
      AprilTheEditor Hari Yang lalu

      Devin Anderson 💕

  • TmaxxMobb TV
    TmaxxMobb TV Hari Yang lalu

    • AprilTheEditor
      AprilTheEditor Hari Yang lalu

      TmaxxMobb TV 💕

  • BCG Mari
    BCG Mari Hari Yang lalu go Fw it💪🏾🔥💉

  • Parish Young
    Parish Young Hari Yang lalu

    You deserve it Rod Wave...
    Thug Motivation

  • Parish Young
    Parish Young Hari Yang lalu

    I love you Rod Wave.. Showing your girl pregnant brought chills to my body. Congratulations I wish you both nothing but the best😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • SiMpLy K3yy
    SiMpLy K3yy Hari Yang lalu

  • Hybrid 01
    Hybrid 01 Hari Yang lalu thank me later😤🔥

  • John Tuber
    John Tuber Hari Yang lalu

    I thought he was rapping in the begining

  • Yvng Alpha
    Yvng Alpha Hari Yang lalu

    Go listen to my music and bless me with feedback 💯🙌

  • Curt Tripping
    Curt Tripping Hari Yang lalu


  • Kiara Henderson
    Kiara Henderson Hari Yang lalu

    His voice so amazing 💘💘

  • yxng genahpromotions
    yxng genahpromotions Hari Yang lalu

  • Ya Boyy Gmoneyy
    Ya Boyy Gmoneyy Hari Yang lalu

    He made it 💯💙

  • James Reynolds
    James Reynolds Hari Yang lalu +1

    Hey you are the best rapper ever

  • I Sell Weed
    I Sell Weed Hari Yang lalu

    Damn it feel like this song 45 seconds 😭

  • noah 76
    noah 76 Hari Yang lalu

    new album free mp3 download -->


    0:37 ??
    ? ? ? ? ?