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Minecraft, But It's 1 Earth Block...

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 17 Jan 2022
  • Which Countries Will I Find Whilst Mining The Earth...? (Minecraft, But It's 1 Earth Block...)
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Komentar • 6 116

  • ShadowApples

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  • Cascadian Void Mapping

    as a canadian, that flag for canada is extremely accurate. i currently live in a red house and outside there is red grass and red concrete and the red sun and sky.

  • Nikothegamer10

    "3 iron that's the first bit of iron we've seen." He said that after he passed 4 ingots-

  • Photonbee 🇺🇦

    As a geographer person, id like to see one with more countries!

  • Untitled
    Untitled  +16

    A new definition of being on top of the world.

  • Coolhiggs14

    When he said "I'm going to hide in Brazil for the time being" I felt that

  • soiung toiue

    as a canadian i can tell you the country in the video is accurate evan the creepers you see them everyday and they will give you maple syrup

  • Jorge Discua

    Alternate title: Shadow Apple somehow gros bigger than the world and is now stuck on space

  • Whifer
    Whifer  +65

    I love how all the continents have been smushed onto one face of the block

  • Saif Albazirgan

    I love the fact that there was clouds on the “earth block” and there was clouds above him

  • haehum
    haehum  +3

    As a Canadian I can confirm it looks like this…..

  • Nope
    Nope  +66

    I love how he ignores the four iron in the third chest

  • N the animator :3

    Please do more one block it is SOOOOO entertaining :D

  • GodzillaGaming

    Alternative title: Minecraft, but I prove Earth isn’t flat OR round

  • The Bread Gang, not too crummy

    As an Aussie, I reckon you should call him Skippy. And stop bashing them at the bush!

  • Quyen Tran

    Such a creative video idea, keep up making these vids!

  • gavin curley

    As a Canadian I can confirm every animal we hunt gives us maple syrup and the country is a Canadian flag

  • nolan martin

    as a canadian i can tell you the country in the video is accurate even the maple syrup animals

  • Tupou Vaitohi

    The fact that he missed some pieces of Iron In on of the chests is quite funny

  • Simzz
    Simzz  +404

    I love how this man started the Australian wildfire by putting a torch on earth Edit: Yoo thanks for the liked also I've Won