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A Few Good Men Best Scene Part 1

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 21 Mei 2010
  • Part 1

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  • @Guigley
    @Guigley 10 tahun yang lalu +964

    Such a fantastic scene. Never gets old. Nothing like two great actors going head to head in a courtroom.

  • @skynetprime82
    @skynetprime82 2 tahun yang lalu +1

    "and the witness will address this court as judge or your honor, I'm quite certain I've earned it" the smoothest clapback ever

  • @DBarns7
    @DBarns7  +246

    I love how Kaffee laid out his subtle trap for Jessup. Especially how he posed the question of why Santiago never called anyone, or packed anything when he was supposedly going to go home for good. He even piqued the judge's curiosity on the issue. That was where Jessup's story began to unravel and his arrogance did the rest from there. Basically, he played right into Kaffee's hands. Brilliant.

  • @yhenry77
    @yhenry77 10 tahun yang lalu +239

    I have watch Tom Cruise in many movies and one of his BEST scene EVER is without words (6.59 - 7:30). That is not easy to pull off and admire his ability to shift gears of emotions. You can see it in his face, like the whole world has come to a crashing end.

  • @stephonharbin8008
    @stephonharbin8008 2 tahun yang lalu +522

    One of my favorite movies and definitely an epic scene start to finish. "You can't handle the truth!"

  • @lwivv9052
    @lwivv9052  +149

    So many great lines in this scene. I think one of my favorite, which doesn't get the most attention, is "I'm simply implying that, at present, Colonel Markinson is no longer alive." That gets me every time, such perfect snark.

  • @XyleGamer
    @XyleGamer 10 tahun yang lalu +1

    You know it's a classic movie when Kevin Bacon is the 3rd string actor!

  • @Del-Canada
    @Del-Canada Tahun Yang lalu +162

    This scene was epic in the theatre. The theatre I saw it in had a special surprise for the audience when this premiered. Right as Jessup begins to make his entrance an usher started walking down one of the aisles dressed in a similar uniform keeping pace with the general. Was a nice touch.

  • @sirraymondluxuryyacht8131

    I just love the brilliant observations and how he lays them out. 'Leaving for the rest of his life and he called nobody and packed nothing,' then provoking Jessup's ego into admitting he ordered them to do it - genius

  • @jazzyfour

    One of my favorite movies of all time. Watches it every time I'm bored and always cheers me up. Never fails

  • @jomocheatham
    @jomocheatham Tahun Yang lalu +100

    This is such a great scene, performed by great actors. However, the writing by Sorkin is what blows me away most. The nuance, intricacies and creativity of juxtaposing the colonel's brief departure with Santiago was brilliant.

  • @abehambino

    His stalling tactic in the beginning is priceless and Jack fell for it hook line and sinker and extended the argument. Kaffee no doubt would’ve milked even further if the witnesses hadn’t arrived right then.

  • @w.h.1208
    @w.h.1208 Tahun Yang lalu +276

    I loved how Lt. Kaffee used psychology to push every one of Col. Jesup’s buttons just to motivate him to confess the Code Red! 👌

  • @joshlight6892

    The Captain's objections gave Colonel Jessup time to formulate a strong response to Kaffee's questions, which were actually good points. Jessup's response was actually very brilliant here, it basically reminded the court that while Santiago not packing anything or calling anyone was somewhat odd, it didn't really prove anything and he gave a feasible explanation for it. It was enough to have Kaffee reeling for a few moments. The fact that he was genuinely reeling for a short time just makes it all the more impressive he recovered to nail the Colonel a few minutes later. This was the football equivalent of having a 4th and 18 and then throwing a hailmary TD a few minutes later. Making the disrespectful comment to the judge didn't help Jessup's cause either, made the judge far more receptive to Kaffee's line of questioning.

  • @bensisko4651
    @bensisko4651 Tahun Yang lalu +103

    I just realized how Kaffee set Jessep up from beginning to end, subtlety attacking Jessep's one huge weakness,..his massive ego. Jesse could've just played it cool and not allowed himself to be goaded, but mighty Jessep had to flex those muscles One. Last. Time lol. (and I love how Weinberg shakes his head like, "don't do it Bro")

  • @leighdick7493

    One of the best movies ever made. This never gets old.

  • @ElDuderino999

    The character arc that Lt. Kaffee is going through in this court drama is nothing short of perfection.

  • @ryanandujar9225

    Underrated Top Tier Actor. Tom truly Masters each role/character in every movie which ranges in a multitude of cinematic genres. From his demeanor & poise to stay in character to performing his own life risking stunts, he truly wants to give the viewers/audience his ALL and he always delivers for the true essence of what film making is which is the expression of art through acting and storytelling so the viewers/audiences can be entertained for a short moment of time. I truly have him ahead of Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Matt Damon, Keanu Reeves, Edward Norton, and even Jared Leto. (Who are all great actors and have their own accolades) but Tom Cruise just captivates his roles in a more dexterous and compelling way. I only wish he would’ve starred in more movies with Hollywood’s Top tiers of directors such as Martin Scorsese, Quentin Terintino, James Cameron, Alejandro González Iñárritu, and Christopher Nolan. But regardless, his movie catalog list is still great.

  • @shawncosmos5431
    @shawncosmos5431 Tahun Yang lalu +334

    Cruise catches a lot of grief for certain things but he’s a damn good actor....

  • @donaldholderdoc2910

    Still incredible to believe that Jack Nicholson did his entire courtroom scene in one take and that 90% of it was Ad-lib off the cuff dialogue in response to Tom Cruise and Kevin Bacons banter. This film made Cruise a superstar and cemented another mans reputation as one of the best ever.