JINU - '또또또 (Feat.MINO)' M/V

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  • JINU - '또또또 (Feat.MINO)' M/V
    지금 시간은 새벽 3시
    넌 내게 답장 하나 없지
    우리가 별 관계는 아니지만
    그냥 네 생각이 나서
    넌 늘 폰을 달고 있잖아 항상
    내게 답장 하나 없잖아 항상
    눈을 감고 잠시 상상해
    네가 날 잃고 나면 넌 얼마나
    그딴 건 다 집어치워
    난 네게 전화를 걸어 또 또 또
    난 네게 문자를 보내 똑 똑 똑
    오늘도 널 기다려 Oh oh oh
    긴 밤을 홀로 보내 No no no
    Call anytime (Every night, Every day)
    Call anytime (전화 좀, 전화해)
    Call anytime (Every night, Every day)
    Call anytime (전화 좀, 전화해)
    I ain't got no energy
    뭔가 쿨해 보이는 이모지를
    20초 안에 찾아 보내야 해
    또 답장이 언제 올지 모르니
    ㅎㅎ은 너무 꼰대 같은 느낌이고
    ㅋ은 가벼워 보여 결국 ㅎㅎ
    으로 급히 보냈는데 오타 (Oh no)
    뭐 해? 바쁘구나
    네가 싫어하는 건 'ㅋ'
    그다음은 'ㅇ'
    그다음은 'ㄴ'
    그다음은 ';;'
    너의 장단에 맞출 때
    가끔은 힘들지만
    눈을 감고 잠시 상상해
    네가 날 잃고 나면 넌 얼마나
    그딴 건 다 집어치워
    난 네게 전화를 걸어 또 또 또
    난 네게 문자를 보내 똑 똑 똑
    오늘도 널 기다려 Oh oh oh
    긴 밤을 홀로 보내 No no no (Just call me now)
    Call anytime (Every night, Every day)
    Call anytime (전화 좀, 전화해)
    Call anytime (Every night, Every day)
    Call anytime (전화 좀, 전화해)
    사고 쳤네 또또또 오
    옆으로 쓰러져 어버버버
    질척남이 돼 버렸어
    수습하려 또 잔뜩 보내는 톡
    눈을 감고 잠시 상상해
    네가 날 잃고 나면 넌 얼마나
    그딴 건 다 집어치워
    난 네게 전화를 걸어 또 또 또 (Again and again and again and again)
    난 네게 문자를 보내 똑 똑 똑 (Knock, knock, knock)
    오늘도 널 기다려 Oh oh oh (Oh, no)
    긴 밤을 홀로 보내 No no no (Just call me now)
    Call anytime (Every night, Every day)
    Call anytime (전화 좀, 전화해)
    Call anytime (Every night, Every day)
    Call anytime (전화 좀, 전화해)
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    Vietnam đâu rồi điểm danh đi

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    *Road to 10M! Y'all haters should get your ass and be ready for Jinu's charisma*

  • MUSIC is ma SOUL
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    i like you
    i mean the song
    its soft
    and lovable
    but it sad too
    but still soft
    but the person there
    he killed me
    before i tell the world
    i love him
    thank you for reading
    are you readers?
    or listener?
    do you realise
    you are reading by heart
    isnt it listening to brain??
    hehe bye

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    So, I just found out about this guy and, im dying from his visuals

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    Idk why but whenever I watch this mv it instantly brightens my day!

  • Yukee Chen
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    I’m so disappointed with myself. I think I’m deeply in love with you. Every time i hear your voice in WINNER songs, My heart tremble crazily and I just wanna cry. And actually it’s hurt. Tell me what I should do???

    • Geraldine HB
      Geraldine HB 14 jam yang lalu +1

      Jinu loves Inner Circle and he is grateful. Be happy listen to his song Call Anytime. Thank you so much to love Jinu.

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    im quite optimistic we can reach 10M views before Jinwoo's bday :>

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    10 M!!!!! Here We Go!

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    Miss you

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    Buy Jinu's album you will never regret! The best investment of your life! What are you waiting for?

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    9,195,543 🔽😫

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    근데여 지누 목소리 돋보이는건 기타나 피아노만 깔린 담백한 발라드인데ㅠㅠ또삼이로 새로운 모습 봤으니 다음엔 김진우다운 발라드도 꼭 내주세염

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    싸랑해 김진우

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    مرر شهررر

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    Oh no i forgot to update the views gained today 😂😂 maybe i'll continue tomorrow and count views in 48 hours instead..so keep str3aming guys 💪

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    siêu cấp đẹp trai JINWOO

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    watching this mv again to survive from the stressful world i live in

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    스파클링같아 ..무슨 남자가 이렇게 생겼어..

  • HyunasLollipop
    HyunasLollipop Hari Yang lalu +5

    Jinu and Mino's voice really compliment the sound so well, I think it was a great choice to have mino in this song to mix it up a little. It's nice to hear Jinu's beautiful voice. I'm glad his solo debut has given him a chance to shine more.

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    10M 👀👀👀👀 fighting

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    Aa Jinu

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    Nhìn như tiêu chiến vậy ,khá giống

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    Colorful and cute boy

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    Whoaa this concept reminds me of LockingJack's 'Du Du Du'!! They're both such cute songs

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    10M aquí vamos!

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    9.1 million vi3ws!!!
    Mooooooooore, Inseos!

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    JINU is Natsu real life look alike hah

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    9,079,434 ⭐️

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    Jinwoo i love you!

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    9 :D

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    Is so cuuuuteeeee😍😆💜💜💜🇧🇷🇰🇷

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    Bruh I just listened to this song today and I love it especially cuz recently my crush hasn't been texting me back so I'm getting pretty desperate so I'm glad to have bumped into this song. GO JINU!!!

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    There's no day without your voice

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    This is SO cute oh my god

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    This is my jam💚💚💚

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    김진우 멋있다

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    Sept 14, 6PM KST : 9,000,396
    Vlews gains today : 162,957
    Congrats, we just reached 9M in exactly one month..1M more to reach 10M before JINU's birthday on Sept 26 💙 fighting !

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      Woah its so close to my birthday (Sept. 25)

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      Thank you for your diligence

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    Go for 9M heyyyyyyyyyyyy

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    almost at 9 million!

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    Innercircle are you stre@ming this masterpiece?

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    Wow his voice is soo beautiful this song is soo good and Call anytime is my fvrt part😍I love jinwoo my bias❤

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    We're reaching 9M.a reason to celebrate

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    Happy one month 😘💙

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    This day is a month old but the song is consistent bop!

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    S t r e a m h a r d e r inseos

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    he :its 3 am
    me: gO sLeEp , aYuWoKi iS cOmInG

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    Jinu's first time out of the box with a rather catchy tune is a wonderful move considering his shyness. Kudos look forward to more!

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    Call anytime se escucha tan cálida junto a la voz de Jinu, es una mezcla perfecta. Todo es hermoso en este video y en la canción. Jinu lo hizo muy bien.

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    매일 매일봐도 안질려요....ㅠㅠ 솔로 또 내주세요 또또또

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    I love this son of my mine

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    this song is so addictive

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