MY CRUSH GOES THROUGH MY PHONE! (nothings off limits) | MyLifeAsEva and Brent Rivera

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  • Today Brent gets to go through my ENTIRE PHONE. nothings off limits.
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    Hey! I'm Eva. I love sharing awesome DIY’s for school, room and home decor. You can also find morning, night, and school routines here. I love creating comedy sketches and skits to make you all laugh! Thank you for making this amazing journey on Mylifeaseva possible! xoxo, Eva
    MY CRUSH GOES THROUGH MY PHONE! (nothing off limits) | MyLifeAsEva and Brent Rivera
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Komentar • 4 997

  • Tan Chew Nan
    Tan Chew Nan 43 detik yang lalu

    If you saw the person in the background give it a like

  • Samaira Kazmi
    Samaira Kazmi Jam Yang lalu

    LOok at Brent’s phone again

  • Patricia Katwesigye
    Patricia Katwesigye Jam Yang lalu

    Does this mean Brent and Eva are back together? Coz Eva hugged him and said he is her only .so cute 😍😍

  • Eric Maclean
    Eric Maclean Jam Yang lalu

    Who else saw mason.Like if you did

  • Jennielyn Bagatsolon
    Jennielyn Bagatsolon Jam Yang lalu +1

    I hope eva is ready to sleep

  • xkitz lynx
    xkitz lynx 5 jam yang lalu

    7:25 who saw the dirty pic

  • Nelson Fernando
    Nelson Fernando 5 jam yang lalu

    What was that when brent screamed

  • Lucy Odiase
    Lucy Odiase 5 jam yang lalu

    So Eva have Yungblud in her DM’s😍👀👀

  • Anushri Edward
    Anushri Edward 6 jam yang lalu

    Is that our genius Min Yoongi’s meme in Eva’s phone at 6:55 ?

  • rosario eser jose
    rosario eser jose 7 jam yang lalu

    I see the guy in the back

  • Tom Ato
    Tom Ato 9 jam yang lalu

    2:55 the background

  • Ronda & Jamie Roberts
    Ronda & Jamie Roberts 9 jam yang lalu

    I like your hair and my name is Ava

  • jevaughn braham
    jevaughn braham 10 jam yang lalu

    Are you dating

  • Unicorn Fan YT
    Unicorn Fan YT 10 jam yang lalu

    The poem though we practice that 😂" I cannot go to school today said Little Peggy Ann McKay"

  • L Briggs
    L Briggs 11 jam yang lalu

    can you guys do a relationship update

  • Devil Fire
    Devil Fire 11 jam yang lalu

    Omg your left handed? I am tooooooooooo! So is my best friend

  • Briana Carver
    Briana Carver 11 jam yang lalu

    Who sees Ben say a curse word

  • Ryan Zad
    Ryan Zad 12 jam yang lalu

    who's this guy? who's this girl? wtf dude you're not dating her? lol

  • Gacha Geline
    Gacha Geline 12 jam yang lalu

    Ummm 7:25

  • Rubi Delgado
    Rubi Delgado 13 jam yang lalu


  • Sailor W
    Sailor W 13 jam yang lalu

    U guys are awesome

  • Keith QuintanillA
    Keith QuintanillA 13 jam yang lalu

    The person who is in the back

  • Josy Rojas
    Josy Rojas 14 jam yang lalu

    Eva looks like a girl that sent nudes in my school

  • Laura Noel
    Laura Noel 14 jam yang lalu

    4:04 what....thats soooooo cute!!!!!!!!

  • The Only Zahneé G
    The Only Zahneé G 15 jam yang lalu


  • Amaia Atilano
    Amaia Atilano 15 jam yang lalu

    U guys r so confusing

  • bree lele
    bree lele 15 jam yang lalu

    I think brent and Eva look cute together

  • Mya Deren
    Mya Deren 16 jam yang lalu

    I’m ship BREVA so much and I feel like they really like each other. So they should KISSSS

  • Isabelle P
    Isabelle P 16 jam yang lalu

    Wow Yungblud sliding in Eva’s dms, damn girl

  • Faith Marriott
    Faith Marriott 16 jam yang lalu


  • Leanne Hodgson
    Leanne Hodgson 16 jam yang lalu

    I dare you to go through Brents screenshots

  • Carli Rose
    Carli Rose 17 jam yang lalu +1

    2:53 re guy in the background😂 and why the alarms first 😅👻🕵

  • Sabah badr
    Sabah badr 17 jam yang lalu

    Look through Brent's phone I ship Brent and Eva

  • Cardyn Dockery
    Cardyn Dockery 18 jam yang lalu

    Did no one see Ben say the f word

  • Harry Hand
    Harry Hand 19 jam yang lalu

    You are his crush?

  • Maëva Voisin
    Maëva Voisin 19 jam yang lalu

    -Brent: It's a cute outfit
    -Eva: I'm gonna buy that

  • Caoimhe Ní Chiardha ThatPersonInTheCorner

    I just started watching you again (brent 2) after about a year and FREAKED out when I heard Chasing Fire at the start 🤣

  • Aishath Rooma
    Aishath Rooma 21 jam yang lalu

    I think Eva should go through Brent's phone

  • Caveman 5258
    Caveman 5258 22 jam yang lalu

    I SAW #BTSSuga

    EDWARDS FUN GAMING! 23 jam yang lalu


  • Allyson Wasylow
    Allyson Wasylow Hari Yang lalu

    When he said juicy I spilled my orange juice

  • PandaCub Studio
    PandaCub Studio Hari Yang lalu +3

    I’m really confused if they are dating or they are just friends 🤨

  • Hiba El Koubaiti
    Hiba El Koubaiti Hari Yang lalu

    You guys should maried shoude

  • Ethan Holder
    Ethan Holder Hari Yang lalu

    2:55 that walking tho

  • Carla Pop
    Carla Pop Hari Yang lalu

    Youuu need to steal brent's phoneee

  • K P
    K P Hari Yang lalu

    Did anyone see Dr Mike in her dms? 😂

  • Jill Turner
    Jill Turner Hari Yang lalu


  • Jill Turner
    Jill Turner Hari Yang lalu

    Who is that at

  • Madison Hendrickson
    Madison Hendrickson Hari Yang lalu

    Still think he’s gay

  • Sydney Sharp
    Sydney Sharp Hari Yang lalu +1

    2:55 when your that one person in the background

  • Pineapple Love
    Pineapple Love Hari Yang lalu


  • Milanija M4183
    Milanija M4183 Hari Yang lalu


  • Nam Phu
    Nam Phu Hari Yang lalu

    I ship #brava

  • Jacqueline Takacs
    Jacqueline Takacs Hari Yang lalu

    hi omg i totally with van girl i love her i would like to be friends can you put in a good word for me and if she has tik tok she can follow me at @girlnamedjuliet cause my name is juliet and thats my tiktok account you can also follow me too if you'd like

  • Ryan Vong
    Ryan Vong Hari Yang lalu

    January 14th is my birthday and the photo was my birthday at 8:01

  • Ryan Vong
    Ryan Vong Hari Yang lalu

    Someone at background at the left at 2:54

  • Laylah Barker
    Laylah Barker Hari Yang lalu

    Yes you should look throw Brents phone again your so pretty❤️❤️

  • Ryu Chan
    Ryu Chan Hari Yang lalu


  • Elsee Oathout
    Elsee Oathout Hari Yang lalu


  • Ramirez Children
    Ramirez Children Hari Yang lalu

    go threw his screen shots