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Do All Guys Think The Same?

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 18 Jan 2022
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Komentar • 2 484

  • Polly pocket✨

    Kian is so effortlessly attractive. Personality, style and looks.

  • Kyla Farquhar

    I was expecting this to be "boyish" and rowdy. But instead, we were left with insightful conversation and pure honesty.

  • Taylor Marie

    why is kian so funny without even trying like i’m dying every time he talks

  • Dominica.Mariani

    As a women, it was crazy to see these guys honest perspective on these questions and I actually agreed with some of them. I wish more guys could be this open and honest and just have these conversations (EDIT) so I didn’t expect this to get as much attention as it did but in my personal experience, the guys I know wouldn’t be open to this kind of discussion. They either feel nervous, embarrassed, or just uncomfortable which they shouldn’t have to feel that way. Even my own boyfriend gets nervous talking about stuff like this to me. I feel like there’s been more opportunities for women and safer places for women to have open discussion, and men get brushed aside on these kind of topics. I think it’s equally important for both sides to feel comfortable and safe to talk about this kind of stuff! This is all coming from a place of love and good intentions❤️

  • SolaceMax

    Being a long term fan of Alex for 10-15 years now. I realized how much IDclips has fazed out how human he is and how of his personality I don’t know. Him saying Fuck gave me a reality check

  • Amber Dickerson

    Honestly respect to Kian when david said “but you would too” saying he would probably hook up with some of his friends that are girls and Kian said “i have a girlfriend” instead of admitting to wanting to hook up with other girls. i’ve heard so many guys who are in relationships talk about the girls they’d hook up with if it weren’t for their girlfriends and it’s honestly so disrespectful.

  • JRMun0z
    JRMun0z  +2

    Loved being a part of this doody! Came out great!!! 🙌🏼😂

  • Sarah Crain

    david is literally giving us so many things we didn’t even know we needed but im so glad he’s posting these. honestly the production is so amazing and professional while also keeping the fun and light vibes. just a round of applause for david

  • Mikayla Vourlitis

    I love how easy they all get along with each other. They can talk to each other so casually and it’s nice to see. Usually people are awkward and shy and trying not to step on toes. This was nice to see

  • Washington
    Washington  +511

    Okay this group of men is it. Loved their openness. How they complement each other. Loved this video.

  • Kate Lizabeth

    I LOVE that Alex will pretend he has to go to the bathroom every time he goes out to eat with his parents/family just so he can give the waiter his card to pay for the whole meal, that's so sweet! And also even more wholesome than his dad tries to stop him from doing it lmfao!

  • miko foin
    miko foin  +662

    I knew he was gonna say “I’ve cheated before” lmao and that was SO funny when Kian and Alex kept walking. Also Kian is such a cool name.

  • Jazmine Kushin

    kian and david both going “ahhh” and holding their hand to their chest was funny every single time lol

  • Bleh5678 Hin

    This was such a breath of fresh air, honestly. To see guys who have large platforms and a big following talk about their insecurities and how they process things was so dope! Thank you for making us girls feel much more comfortable around attractive guys our age ☺️

  • zy
    zy  +501

    i honestly love seeing alex in other people's videos, he's always more unfiltered

  • Lisarbi M
    Lisarbi M  +512

    They genuinely seem like good friends, who treat each other equally regardless of each one success, plus they bring each other up and seem very respectful towards one another. Of course who knows the truth but it seems that way which I can appreciate. I used to watch the vlog squad and that balance was totally off and it’s probably the case for most groups in LA so kudos to them

  • Gabija Meškytė

    Why the hell are guys so freaking funny? Especially when they're all together, in their little guys' habitat. Always cracks me up 😂

  • Neligh Muller

    It’s the emotional maturity of every single person in this for me!! Gives me hope for the male species. 🥺

  • Ariana Sosa

    I love that this was such an honest conversation and everyone had valid points and thoughts

  • nothing
    nothing  +64

    I actually loved this so much . The environment felt so positive but they did have the occasional differing opinions, but they weren’t mean to eachother to tried to prove the other wrong, it was just different perspectives. And their chemistry was so funny loved that