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Arabian Nights (from Aladdin) 【covered by Anna】 | female ver.

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 12 Agu 2022
  • Hello everyone! This week I sang Arabian Nights from Aladdin! yeah!
    I am finally back to singing after being sick and what a song to start recording with holy moly. What a doozie. Someone mentioned that I only have one more song until I finish evey one from Aladdin which is so weird to think about. The last one left is A Whole New World and then I’m ✨free✨. Or maybe I’ll just never cover it out of spite. Who knows.
    As always, thank you all so much for your continued love and support! I hope you have a fantastic week and I’ll see you all next Saturday.

    You can save the single here!: ffm.to/arabiannights
    • Credits • “Arabian Nights - Will Smith/Robin Williams (Aladdin)”
    Artwork - zaya_nalenthi [ zaya_nalenthi + zaya.gallery/ ]
    Vocals - Anna (that’s me)
    (thank you to everyone who helped make this cover possible! mwuah many kisses to u)
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    Discord: discord.gg/annapantsu
    Patreon: www.patreon.com/annapantsu
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    Instagram: annapantsuu
    Website: annapantsu.com
    ✨Contact me!✨
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    (for anyone interested in providing illustrations or instrumentals for my covers)
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  • annapantsu
    annapantsu  Bulan Yang lalu +12641

    and with this cover, the female genie can finally rest

  • Cocoecake
    Cocoecake Bulan Yang lalu +1881

    Female genie truly deserves that end of the movie vacation- been carrying the whole plot with these vocals

    • ⥋ kiyomi ⥊
      ⥋ kiyomi ⥊ Bulan Yang lalu +19

      @foopyu nooui you replied to a comment yk😭😭

  • Camila Santiago
    Camila Santiago Bulan Yang lalu +1980


    • €Ňézkúœ CHANNNNN
      €Ňézkúœ CHANNNNN 3 hari yang lalu

      Oh I can do that too it pretty easy

    • Mia Mesa
      Mia Mesa 7 hari yang lalu

      @Error Sans Huh, I just assumed that was some fancy effects added on top. That makes it even more impressive :O

    • Error Sans
      Error Sans 9 hari yang lalu

      @gghostyyishere YESSSSSSS

    • gghostyyishere
      gghostyyishere 9 hari yang lalu

      @Error Sans YES

    • itz☆Kitsy blossom ♡
      itz☆Kitsy blossom ♡ 10 hari yang lalu +5

      Effects of talent
      This is your vote on talent

  • Attempted Voices
    Attempted Voices Bulan Yang lalu +735

    " And with this cover, the female genie can finally rest. "
    Everyone: Genie, I'm . . . I'm gonna. . . miss you.

  • javadoodles
    javadoodles Bulan Yang lalu +36

    this is AMAZING.

  • Waluigi
    Waluigi Bulan Yang lalu +5533

    This song is heavenly on the ears, and Anna’s version is no different!

  • Demonessa Saku
    Demonessa Saku Bulan Yang lalu +1304

    Вау-вау-вау. Давно ждала его, и это того стоило! Очень крутой кавер, голос великолепный

    • Ilya Rysenkov
      Ilya Rysenkov 16 hari yang lalu

      Все равно, нравится больше русская версия, но Анна очень красиво поёт.

    • Ilya Rysenkov
      Ilya Rysenkov 16 hari yang lalu

      @Lil’ Pudding No, we're palpating, still bering pure evil. 🙂

    • Nirild_6931
      Nirild_6931 24 hari yang lalu +1

      @Lil’ Pudding As cool as our winter, comrade

    • Lil’ Pudding
      Lil’ Pudding 25 hari yang lalu +2

      Oh no- the Russians are here- and they’re- they’re being cool?

    • Error Sans
      Error Sans 28 hari yang lalu

      @Nirild_6931 FOR REAL IT IS CHARMING! She just- is amazinggggg, compared to my choir she is a GODDESS

  • TheRedWolf
    TheRedWolf Bulan Yang lalu +622

    Can we all just agree that Annapantsu just slaps. That her vocals just hit differernt. That she just tickles that part of the brain

  • jemjimjam
    jemjimjam Bulan Yang lalu +598

    I'm being serious here when I say Anna deserves more recognition than she gets. Her voice is so incredible and I'm only realising that more as I've gotten older (not that I'm that old in the first place). The fact she could do a lot with the amazing talent she has and yet chooses to instead have fun with it for people online is pretty respectable; Idk anything about her past or why she chose to do covers online, but I can say they're some of the best versions of songs I've ever heard. If she's done it already, correct me, though I'd love to hear some original music from Anna herself

    • jemjimjam
      jemjimjam 16 hari yang lalu

      @Pdf ;P did she try out for a role in something?

    • Pdf ;P
      Pdf ;P 16 hari yang lalu +1


    • jemjimjam
      jemjimjam 26 hari yang lalu

      @from Grace same :)

    • from Grace
      from Grace 27 hari yang lalu

      @jemjimjam yes I hope someday She will brign us a song made by herself

    • jemjimjam
      jemjimjam 27 hari yang lalu +4

      @from Grace Ik people don't need to become famous through companies anymore, but even online, I'd like to see her write her own songs (if she can and wants)

  • Tegan
    Tegan 27 hari yang lalu +144

    So I cannot be the only one who hears the difference between the bubbliness in Prince Ali and the darker, almost persuasive tone to this one. It inspires me; I think of a genie who set out with optimism, one who then lived several lifetimes of human greed and ignorance. Her opinion of the mortals shifts, and one day when her lamp is rediscovered, she begins pulling the strings. She manipulates her "masters" to slowly cause discord and eventually bring about the end of humanity. Like a benevolent genie to more twisted and sadistic djinn arc.
    The Arabian nights aren't the only enchanting lure call out in the desert after all
    (I get that 74 isn't much in the grand scheme but just wanna say thanks for the likes, makes me wanna revisit the idea 👍👍)

    • Tegan
      Tegan 11 hari yang lalu +1

      @Not SoGood For sure

    • Not SoGood
      Not SoGood 11 hari yang lalu +2

      ONG she sounds more evil or mischievous in this

  • Aantara
    Aantara Bulan Yang lalu +3147

    Your "signature laughter" makes every song unique!✨

  • Чан У
    Чан У 14 hari yang lalu +2

    Самый шикарный кавер который я только слышала..
    Если бы Джин был женщиной вы бы спели это..эх жаль

  • SeerOfTime
    SeerOfTime Bulan Yang lalu +220

    This is stunning...
    The way you sing "out there on the dunes" invokes SO many chills.

  • 𝕎𝕒𝕤𝕒𝕓𝕚
    𝕎𝕒𝕤𝕒𝕓𝕚 Bulan Yang lalu +137

    Your voice 🛐🛐🛐🛐
    I need this in my playlist omg, is this on Spotify yet?

    • Empathetic_Dyslexic
      Empathetic_Dyslexic 14 hari yang lalu +2

      Ok reading this thread I’m happy I’m not the only one who is like. Why isn’t it out yet it’s the 20th and it’s still not out

    • Millie Rusko
      Millie Rusko 18 hari yang lalu

      As of the 17th it is not out yet. It should be tho.

    • FeelMyWrath
      FeelMyWrath 21 hari yang lalu

      As of the 12th it's not

    • Ghostly.gachas
      Ghostly.gachas 28 hari yang lalu +1

      Get Musi, you can ha any vid from yt in Playlists even ones that aren’t songs

    • Millie Rusko
      Millie Rusko 29 hari yang lalu

      It is the 6th and it is still not out yet

  • hey hey
    hey hey Bulan Yang lalu +105

    Oh, imagine a land, it's a faraway place
    Where the caravan camels roam
    Where you wander among every culture and tongue
    It's chaotic, but, hey, it's home
    When the wind's from the East
    And the sun's from the West
    And the sand in the glass is right
    Come on down, stop on by
    Hop a carpet and fly
    To another Arabian night
    As you wind through the streets
    Of the fabled bazaars
    With the cardamom-cluttered stalls
    You can smell every spice
    While you haggle the price
    Of the silks and the satin shawls
    Oh, the music that plays as you move through a maze
    In the haze of your pure delight
    You are caught in a dance
    You are lost in the trance
    Of another Arabian night
    Arabian nights
    Like Arabian days
    More often than not are hotter than hot
    In a lot of good ways
    Arabian nights
    Like Arabian dreams
    This mystical land of magic and sand
    Is more than it seems
    There's a road that may lead you
    To good or to greed through
    The power your wishing commands
    Let the darkness unfold or find fortunes untold
    Well, your destiny lies in your hands
    Only one may enter here
    One whose worth lies far within
    A diamond in the rough
    Arabian nights
    Like Arabian days
    They seem to excite, take off and take flight
    To shock and amaze
    Arabian nights
    'Neath Arabian moons
    A fool off his guard could fall and fall hard
    Out there on the dunes

    • GroggyFroggy AJ
      GroggyFroggy AJ Bulan Yang lalu +3

      @PuppetPlayer dude the lyrics are *literally* on the screen is what they are saying. no need to be rude

    • PuppetPlayer
      PuppetPlayer Bulan Yang lalu +9

      @Iha7 if you sing and dont know the song, you wont get why i freakin love this comment 😒

    • Iha7
      Iha7 Bulan Yang lalu +2

      The lyrics are literally right there

  • Jade Knight of Wincost
    Jade Knight of Wincost Bulan Yang lalu +3658

    I LITERALLY told my fiance last night I wished you covered this song. Wishes do come true 😭😭😭😭

    • Leath McCaffrey
      Leath McCaffrey 14 hari yang lalu

      Quick, now say "I wish money was falling from the sky"!

    • Noelle <3
      Noelle <3 18 hari yang lalu

      wait if i wish for my friends back with that work?

    • Jade Knight of Wincost
      Jade Knight of Wincost Bulan Yang lalu

      @Fxdedflxwers I wish Anna would cover bring on the men from the jeckle and Hyde musical. 😤😤😤😤

    • Fxdedflxwers
      Fxdedflxwers Bulan Yang lalu

      You have 2 more wishes

    • DripDrop
      DripDrop Bulan Yang lalu +1

      Whatre your last two

  • Cuma Jenks
    Cuma Jenks Bulan Yang lalu +175

    Now I’m waiting on Once Upon a Dream from Sleeping Beauty or When Will My Life Begin from Tangled to be sung by Anna and my dreams of hearing her as Disney princess will be complete 😂

  • Dev’s Quill and Cartoons
    Dev’s Quill and Cartoons Bulan Yang lalu +95

    This was pretty great. “Arabian Nights” is actually one of my favourite opening songs to a movie. Also, your singing has gotten really good 👍 Well done, Anna 👏🌠👏

  • TA5T13
    TA5T13 16 hari yang lalu +3

    It seems all our wishes have been granted.
    And so, genie…
    …you’re free.

  • K4YD4N
    K4YD4N Bulan Yang lalu +16

    i love when she says “ it’s chaotic, but, hey, it’s home” 😭🫶

  • Wonjae Yi
    Wonjae Yi Bulan Yang lalu +1917

    Anna definitely deserves to be part of Disney, because her voice is so magical!!!!

    • ・🌸『BunnyLizzy』🌸・
      ・🌸『BunnyLizzy』🌸・ Bulan Yang lalu +2

      I agree

    • Iha7
      Iha7 Bulan Yang lalu +3

      @Fizzy okay then

    • Fizzy
      Fizzy Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @Iha7 yea u're right, she was singing voice of Charlie in Hazbin (thats wut i also meant). But as far as i know she doesnt have a role in Helluva yet. Both shows are happening in same universe tho

    • Iha7
      Iha7 Bulan Yang lalu +3

      @Fizzy I actually don't know but I do know she provided a singing voice for a character

    • Fizzy
      Fizzy Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @Iha7 i thought Elsie was in Hazbin Hotel and not in Helluva. U sure she voices someone in HB?

  • • PenguinChoco •
    • PenguinChoco • Bulan Yang lalu +3

    To shock and amaze? She did both of these with her singing!

  • Nutaroo 22
    Nutaroo 22 Bulan Yang lalu +3

    Anna always kills on these Aladdin covers

  • Juan Pablo León
    Juan Pablo León Bulan Yang lalu +25

    I have no words to explain the filling your voice evokes to ny mind and soul....you are *THE* goddes of covers

  • thefairyrealtor
    thefairyrealtor Bulan Yang lalu +87


    • thefairyrealtor
      thefairyrealtor 26 hari yang lalu

      @I just wanted to comment LOL

    • I just wanted to comment
      I just wanted to comment 26 hari yang lalu +2

      I see you talking about 2:25, but what I'm wondering is how she did 2:18. It's definitely not just editing or anything, noooo not at all!

  • Clover 🍀
    Clover 🍀 Bulan Yang lalu +1355

    How is this song just now getting popular? I've only started seeing this song getting popular only recently. Best Disney song yet.
    Amazing cover queen! ✨✨

      BEES AND TOAST Bulan Yang lalu +10

      @Sir Mediocre It's literally how culture works and is spread. You're supposed to share things with each other.

    • panda girl xoxo
      panda girl xoxo Bulan Yang lalu +5

      I first liked this when I heard JADA's cover

    • AxolotlGæmr:]
      AxolotlGæmr:] Bulan Yang lalu +5

      Itz because of TikTok

    • Shugo Pendragon
      Shugo Pendragon Bulan Yang lalu +15

      Because the world needed time to recover after the live action abomination lol

    • Sir Mediocre
      Sir Mediocre Bulan Yang lalu +11

      Because social media results in the masses becoming swarms of parrots

  • Andrew Rivera
    Andrew Rivera Bulan Yang lalu +15

    It’s not just your voice, it’s your delivery, you not only sing but you also play a character with your voice. Absolutely insane.

  • Isadora sem h
    Isadora sem h Bulan Yang lalu +2


  • PotatoCat
    PotatoCat Bulan Yang lalu +52

    The first time I heard the song a few weeks ago I told myself, "This song will definitely suit Annapantsu".
    Annapantsu, if you're reading this. I would like to say I love you so much. The song really does suit you, like... it fits like a glove. This just made my month! Thank you so much.

  • Mercy Crowe
    Mercy Crowe 26 hari yang lalu +8

    I love her voice! It's so gentle even when she's putting all her voice out there! It's also so clear! I LOVE IT!!!!

  • Shady Doorags
    Shady Doorags Bulan Yang lalu +2225

    "You are lost in a trance"
    Yeah, ever since the song started.

  • Cynnnnnn
    Cynnnnnn Bulan Yang lalu +19

    I can't stop listening to this! Anna's vocals are so amazing and heavenly.

  • stolasluvsu
    stolasluvsu Bulan Yang lalu +10

    I WAS LISTENING TO THE PRINCE ALI COVER AND WAS LIKE "i wish she'd do arabian nights" and then i see this- beautifully done!~

  • Ghostylia
    Ghostylia Bulan Yang lalu +43

    When I saw other females covering this song I was like “ I wonder if Anne would do this” I guess my wish did come true absolutely amazing and enchanting vocals so beautiful 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • kaela _star375
    kaela _star375 25 hari yang lalu +6

    When this song still isn’t on Spotify 😔😭

  • Beasal_Meh
    Beasal_Meh Bulan Yang lalu +3

    If I had your voice Anna I would NEVER shut up

  • Роман Лорин
    Роман Лорин Bulan Yang lalu +7

    Pure magic. Beatifull, just beatifull. Wholeheartedly thank you for this masterpiece!

  • —.0EarthquakeCupcake0.—
    —.0EarthquakeCupcake0.— Bulan Yang lalu +34


  • KreativeKal
    KreativeKal Bulan Yang lalu +7

    Perfection as always.

  • Mackenzie McMillan
    Mackenzie McMillan Bulan Yang lalu +15

    I adore your covers so much! I've been singing for roughly 14 years, but every time I hear your covers, I'm blown away by your skill! And you did such a fantastic job with this song I got goosebumps! Not to mention how flawless you are with key changes! I'm glad you're feeling better!

  • Aero Noctem
    Aero Noctem 24 hari yang lalu +4

    The drawing of you as a genie is genuinely just so cool. The eyes especially.

  • Int3rr0r
    Int3rr0r Bulan Yang lalu +17

    Somehow everyone is getting sick this past week, as me and my family had covid alongside my friends but glad to hear you're doing better! This cover is amazing as always! ^ ^

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml Bulan Yang lalu +16

    I cannot stress this enough: THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Gave me literal chills

  • Dilaraslava
    Dilaraslava Bulan Yang lalu +1

    I love your beautiful strong voice!🥺💚💚💚

  • koiun dwrru
    koiun dwrru Bulan Yang lalu +6

    I literally got the chills listening to this. It’s terrifying and comforting at the same time. Great job Anna

  • Toyloli
    Toyloli Bulan Yang lalu +3

    Oh Anna. When you hit those high notes there isn't a dry seat in the house. How have you not become the star of a hit musical by this point!

  • Deathtrooper 2200
    Deathtrooper 2200 Bulan Yang lalu +5

    Simplemente hermoso este cover

  • Alduin
    Alduin Bulan Yang lalu +1

    gorgeous cover!!

  • Saiko Nikos
    Saiko Nikos Bulan Yang lalu +4

    Can’t wait for this to be on Spotify, you’re truly gifted Anna❤️

  • • hiraeth •    on break, stop panicking

    I literally got the chills listening to this.
    It’s terrifying and comforting at the same time.
    Great job Anna

  • EnderNetGaming
    EnderNetGaming Bulan Yang lalu +6

    And the genie is finally freed! Well, until people start asking for a remake of "Friend Like Me" that is, which is one of my favorites I've ever heard Anna do.

  • MoonArt 09
    MoonArt 09 Bulan Yang lalu +470

    YOUR VOCALS ARE EVERYTHING- The suprise keychange gave me goosebumps 😭✨- This feels so powerful yet has this mysterious vibe to it

  • KTEA 994
    KTEA 994 Bulan Yang lalu +9

    Anna never fails to impress with these covers, the music and ofc the beautiful voices are just so amazing! great job Anna!

  • henr akjo
    henr akjo Bulan Yang lalu +2

    I cannot stress this enough: THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Gave me literal chills

  • SkittleZKawaii
    SkittleZKawaii Bulan Yang lalu +4


  • yoongee kim
    yoongee kim Bulan Yang lalu +1

    anna how have i not found you earlier, your voice and charisma is so... AAAAHHHH idk, i'm fangirling, but thank you. for existing. and alas sharing with us your beautiful talents 😣😫😫

  • champ590
    champ590 Bulan Yang lalu +1

    I absolutely love the softness and playfulness in the parts that are more spoken, it perfectly contrasts to the velvety, more sultry verses and the absolute powerhouse that your voice is during the chorus

  • •CH4RLI3._.1NN1T•
    •CH4RLI3._.1NN1T• Bulan Yang lalu +4

    You legit just granted one of my most desired wishes 😩✨

  • KokoroDanita
    KokoroDanita Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Waoooo me encanta 😻😻💙💙💙💞💞🌼✨

  • NyraSketches
    NyraSketches Bulan Yang lalu +1

    This song is making me want to go to agrabah it's amazing and heavenly to listen to and I might listen to it again and again it's that good❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 𝐀𝐝𝐨𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐄𝐥𝐢𝐳𝐚 🤍

    So enchanting!!💗💗

  • keara_11
    keara_11 27 hari yang lalu +2

    “Surprise key change” AMAZING!!!

  • Totally Rika
    Totally Rika Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Anna me and you almost have the same singing voice and I was waiting for this cover to see what I needed to improve apparently it was my tone and how I hold the song notes thank you

  • Leticia Ferreira
    Leticia Ferreira Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Anna how you never made a cover of Never Enough from The Greatest Showman? Your voice is so beautiful, I completely in love with her

  • Skadi
    Skadi Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Have you ever considered covering Insane by Black Gryph0n? I would love to hear your take on this song. I'd also love to hear your version of Stolas Sings since I loved your rendition of "You Will Be Okay" so much. By the way, I'm sure you hear this all the time but your voice is amazing and you have so much talent!

  • roy arts
    roy arts Bulan Yang lalu +1

    I don't understand Why Disney hasn't called you yet your amazing 😍

  • CommandoGentleman
    CommandoGentleman Bulan Yang lalu +1

    This was on my autoplay. I had to pause my work to hear it through.
    This was beautiful. I never heard any of your songs before today, and this is just beautiful! Thank you.
    Also, I may have to make a genie warlock for my next D&D character now...

  • xVana Halfhide
    xVana Halfhide Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Ma'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam.. will this be on Spotify, please? D: Can't find it (yet).. made me a bit sad because HO-LY NATURE what a cover. Goosebumps. Maybe I'm just too excited and it won't be on Spotify at all.. also, I found your cover (of 2022) Running up that hill ft. RichaadEB (or the other way around).. I had to subscribe. Still have Arabian Nights in my head because of your magical voice. Love your covers and the feeling you put in your voice matches perfectly.

  • Preston Hall
    Preston Hall Bulan Yang lalu +194

    Holy cow the absolute power behind her voice sends chills down my spine.

  • Christine Yamata
    Christine Yamata 28 hari yang lalu +2

    ughhhh i will never get tired of your vocals

  • The Artistic Turtleduck
    The Artistic Turtleduck Bulan Yang lalu +1

    #40 on trending! Congrats Anna! 🎉

  • Ella TD
    Ella TD 23 hari yang lalu +1

    You know Anna, This song is so hypnotic and you made it so much better~

  • Fofy FLoRa ART
    Fofy FLoRa ART Bulan Yang lalu +1

    So impressive .. amazing cover 👌

  • FearlessAndFree 1289
    FearlessAndFree 1289 Bulan Yang lalu +851

    my adrenaline went 📈, as someone who loves music and plays an instrument this filled my heart with so much joy, the vocals and the Keychain were amazing, the emotions and tones were immaculate 😙👌

  • Elliana Kovac
    Elliana Kovac Bulan Yang lalu +1

    I love your singing so much! Keep it up!

  • Komi Hoshiko
    Komi Hoshiko Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Ughhhh loveee your voice 😩🙏

  • чикириндыш
    чикириндыш Bulan Yang lalu

    Офигенно звучит, я просто расплылась

  • EbGame1995
    EbGame1995 27 hari yang lalu

    I really love your version of songs from disney movies as well the others, your voice sounds nice to me. I was re-watching some old movies and came across The Prince Egypt by Dreamworks and the song in it were really good, my favorite being "The Plagues" and "Deliver Us" and hope I could hear you sing these songs. just as a suggestion thats all. 😁 I look forward to anything you do put out.

  • Zaya Nalenthi
    Zaya Nalenthi Bulan Yang lalu +432

    Wow that art sure does look familiar!
    Thanks for letting me be a part of your wonderful cover 💙💙

    • Bensaid Nassim
      Bensaid Nassim Bulan Yang lalu +3

      Your art is impressive . 😍😍 and stunning . If you add half moon 🌙 and some ⭐ star's it will be great too. Because it Arabian night details

    • *_Miazani_*
      *_Miazani_* Bulan Yang lalu +2

      Amazing artwork!

    • Marta
      Marta Bulan Yang lalu +4

      this wouldn't look half as dreamy without your stunning art! what an amazing combo

    • Strawberriez
      Strawberriez Bulan Yang lalu +5

      You drew that?! I can’t even draw hair

    • nealonah
      nealonah Bulan Yang lalu +4

      It looks awesome!!!

  • Augustus Maximus
    Augustus Maximus 15 hari yang lalu +1

    Wow, just wow! What a voice! Love it!

  • Amber dolphin1210
    Amber dolphin1210 Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Fantastic! I Wish I had your voice.
    Nothing happened. She keeps her voice.

  • Sarah Hernandez
    Sarah Hernandez Hari Yang lalu

    This was the best female cover of any song I've ever heard before!!!

  • David Pumpkins Jr.
    David Pumpkins Jr. Bulan Yang lalu +2

    I'd like to hear you cover a song from another genie: Dance Through the Danger from the "Shantae" series.

  • Nyx King
    Nyx King Bulan Yang lalu

    I’m so happy you covered this one. You did a lovely job!!

  • Anime fam
    Anime fam Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Beautiful as always 😍

  • Yuri No Hana
    Yuri No Hana Bulan Yang lalu

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