'"Beyond Home Economics 101 : Putting Science into Nutrition"

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  • After a short movie of some of his athletic and skydiving activities, Bill Harris, M.D., founding member of VSH, discusses some of the errors of the nutritional establishment, beginning with its use of nutrient/weight ratios instead of the more scientific and simple sorting of foods by nutrient/Calorie ratio. He compares some popular sugar and fat laden recipes, versus high nutrient/Calorie vegan foods and suggests that America${q}s obesity problem is in part the result of a fundamental mathematical error. He also highlights the confusion stemming from the concept of "servings" defined in terms of cans, containers, cups, loaves, oz, packets, pieces, portions, slices, sprigs, tbsps, tsps, wedges, and finally variable gram weights, with further opportunity for error at each step. Harris also criticizes the defects of some popular diet programs, both veggie and non-veggie, and discusses the importance of dietary fat and the difference between good fat and bad fat.

    Filming and editing by Dr William Harris M.D. on December 11, 2004 at McCoy Pavilion, Ala Moana Beach Park, Honolulu, Hawaii
    Sponsored by: Vegetarian Society of Hawaii www.vsh.org

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  • earthpet
    earthpet 5 tahun yang lalu

    "Nebuloma"...lol. Was I the only one who laughed at that?

  • vshvideo
    vshvideo  6 tahun yang lalu

    Quinoa is a very good choice. It's the only terrestrial food in the USDA SR 22 database containing DHA, the 3rd of the omega-3 fatty acids. There's not much, only 40 mg/100 gm, and it's probably there only because quinoa originated in the cold Andes where the fragile DHA was protected from thermal breakdown.

    I also regard trans fats as suspects in the rise of herpes II, although at this point I can't prove it.

    -William Harris, M.D.

  • vshvideo
    vshvideo  6 tahun yang lalu

    It's out of print now but available free in pdf at my website vegsource (dot)com/harris/book_contents.htm

    William Harris, M.D.

  • natureasintended
    natureasintended 6 tahun yang lalu

    Lovin' vegan :-)

  • vshvideo
    vshvideo  6 tahun yang lalu

    nutrtiondata . self . com is a great site, but I don't think it was available in 2004 when this video was recorded. The USDA database that all of these nutrition programs use is also available directly from the USDA at: ndb . nal . usda . gov

  • grassman422
    grassman422 6 tahun yang lalu

    Nice presentation that sounded very Dr. Fuhrman like.Nutrient density does seem like the only logical way to feed the body correctly.