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This is the COOLEST Art

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 18 Jan 2022
  • This is the COOLEST Art
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  • Surfnboy Shorts
    Surfnboy Shorts  14 hari yang lalu +5

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  • TimeBucks

    He added so much quality to the video

  • yanfei!
    yanfei!  +104

    "Within minutes "

  • Rod Farva
    Rod Farva  +960

    People that have this level of skill need to come down to NYC and make a quick buck selling ur art on the street people will buy and they love when u put on a show and do the painting live

  • Conundrum
    Conundrum  +283

    And then there’s you… confusing a deer with a cow.

  • Golden bar
    Golden bar  +358

    “People like this are so insanely impressive” bro doesn’t even realize who he is

  • Carson Mathis

    The reason he lights it on fire is so it can dry faster

  • krishna maitra

    "Poeple like this are so insanely impressive"


    "they don't even used anything"

  • beepedoop
    beepedoop  +39

    Thank you for explaining such obvious things that didnt need to be said.

  • shreyas Krishna

    I think he is just binge watching shorts like us but made a whole reaction channel out of it..

  • 🤪Quintin🤪


  • Rosumparat

    I've see a lot of this type of artists live and their skills are impressive but everything they do is pure kitsch.

  • Justin
    Justin  +27

    “people who paint these in minutes” it’s sped up bro

  • Thunder Arch

    "Within minutes"....does this guy know about time lapse?

  • Renegade the Sandwing

    The fire does two things 1 gets rid of bubbles and 2 help it dry a little bit sooner

  • I am Mazki

    When doing layers quickly or just finishing up if you light one of your spray paints on fire it dries the picture near instantly so you don't have to wait for it to dry

  • niqua m
    niqua m  +9

    Art is amazing and creative. As an artist for years. Its amazes me to see other artists follow their dreams. I need to do my art again. I miss it.


    "Poeple like this are so insanely impressive"

  • Khadija Jokhan