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  • I realize some of these are not necessarily WEIRD BUT I did want you all to get to know me a little better before we dive into videos here! What's the weirdest thing about you?!? Comment PIGS down below if you've read this, and I will come and love on you in the comments!
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  • Anthony Ichishita
    Anthony Ichishita 18 hari yang lalu

    OMG you were Lucy in Jekyll lol. Love you even more

  • Rick VERDE
    Rick VERDE 5 bulan yang lalu

    Most of this stuff has nothing to do with what you've done for money. The name is just for clickbait, and the video is really retarded.

  • Emily Meade
    Emily Meade 6 bulan yang lalu


  • Lily Swarthout
    Lily Swarthout 6 bulan yang lalu

    Yassssss their fav movie is the little mermaid and tha is also my fav movie!

  • sapiri123
    sapiri123 7 bulan yang lalu

    yesss come to Israel :D

  • bekki clark
    bekki clark 7 bulan yang lalu

    What part of NC are you from?

  • Camille Abaya
    Camille Abaya 8 bulan yang lalu

    How is it possible for one person to have so many jobs, and so many certifications? Like, what?

  • jillian
    jillian 8 bulan yang lalu

    QUESTION --- How is flying being claustrophobic ? I'm scared to fly cuz I'm claustrophobic too. I Amtrak it.. but really want to cut hours off travel

  • jillian
    jillian 8 bulan yang lalu

    This was AWESOME !!!

  • ravenskye23
    ravenskye23 8 bulan yang lalu

    Hmm pigs

  • nicolaclark98
    nicolaclark98 8 bulan yang lalu

    If you come to New Zealand you won’t be disappointed!!

  • Lauren Grace
    Lauren Grace 8 bulan yang lalu

    i'm so intrigued by your past erin!! please do more videos like this haha

  • amanda Wilson
    amanda Wilson 8 bulan yang lalu

    I’m sure your my twin. Lol.

  • Melanie Pope
    Melanie Pope 8 bulan yang lalu

    Girl I had meningitis when I was pregnant with my first baby! Not fun!

  • hello people
    hello people 8 bulan yang lalu

    I SCREAMED AT 1:47 ‘thats shawn mendes new album’ 😂 its hes first

  • Chelsy Lynn
    Chelsy Lynn 8 bulan yang lalu

    Those flowers look like honey suckle? I love those flowers. I grew up in frederick md. They grow in places with a ton a land. So beautiful.

  • AD / HD
    AD / HD 9 bulan yang lalu

    My most irrational fear is ... Moths ... I'm terrified of hen my husband threw a dead one at me in the pool one time and I cried ... This was before he knew the extent of my phobia 😂 I Hate moths ... I have 3 cats they protect me from them lol I also have a German Shepherd dog he's 1 year old ... I was always a dog person then my cat growing up pretty saved my life so she got me into cats and I fell hard for the fluffy little weirdos ☺️ lol but I still Love dogs and I feel like I have a special connection with dogs more than cats but I also have the Nickname Catwoman because I attract kitties 😸 everyones always like wow that cat/dog usually doesn't like people how are you getting to pet it! I just tell them that I can speak dog/cat lol idn why animals like me so much maybe they just know how much I like them 😁 lol

  • Dora Peterson
    Dora Peterson 9 bulan yang lalu

    I Loved this video!!!!!

  • Nicolle Hoyer
    Nicolle Hoyer 9 bulan yang lalu

    PIGS! We have the same colored natural hair as well as dyed.

  • Kahu Puru
    Kahu Puru 9 bulan yang lalu

    Yes gome to new Zealand

  • Jessica Gladys
    Jessica Gladys 9 bulan yang lalu

    Anyone else notice Matt's water bottle collection on the bedside table? No? Just me? Okay lmao

  • Mine NOTurs
    Mine NOTurs 9 bulan yang lalu

    #5 is me ...

  • Brittany K
    Brittany K 9 bulan yang lalu +1

    OMG!!! I'm half Lumbee too.

  • ForeverCheer117
    ForeverCheer117 9 bulan yang lalu

    Also loved this video so much!!!!!

  • ForeverCheer117
    ForeverCheer117 9 bulan yang lalu +1

    PIGS !!! My favourite animal 💕

    • Erin Robinson
      Erin Robinson  9 bulan yang lalu +1

      I hope I get to swim with em one dayyyyy!

  • Scarlet Diblasi
    Scarlet Diblasi 9 bulan yang lalu

    Omg I’m allergic to morphine aswell

    • Scarlet Diblasi
      Scarlet Diblasi 9 bulan yang lalu

      Erin Robinson I wear a bracelet if I’m going to the doctors so they know but also if I was going to have surgery I would wear it

    • Erin Robinson
      Erin Robinson  9 bulan yang lalu

      Do you wear a bracelet?!? I've always wondered if I should

  • Zoëy
    Zoëy 9 bulan yang lalu

    what is your life?!

  • луциано
    луциано 9 bulan yang lalu

    why does she remind me of cassidy banks lmao

    • Erin Robinson
      Erin Robinson  9 bulan yang lalu

      Is she a porn star? And if so...thanks I think!

  • LindaKatharina
    LindaKatharina 9 bulan yang lalu +1

    Loved this video!!! You have such an interesting life!! Also you and Matt are soo stinkin CUTE!!!

    • Erin Robinson
      Erin Robinson  9 bulan yang lalu +1

      Thanks Linda! It's a weird one, that's for sure!

  • SenoraDroolcup
    SenoraDroolcup 9 bulan yang lalu

    I KNOW "IN THE LIVING YEARS" holy shit I used to sing along to that on the radio allllll the time when I was young!

    • Erin Robinson
      Erin Robinson  9 bulan yang lalu

      Same! Clearly, it gets all up in ma feels!

  • Emma Harris
    Emma Harris 9 bulan yang lalu +1

    Watching from New Zealand please come

  • msclutz15
    msclutz15 9 bulan yang lalu

    Hi! Fellow red hair lady. How do you keep your hair looking fresh for seven days before you shower again??? I use Batiste but I still feel like it looks gritty.

    • Erin Robinson
      Erin Robinson  9 bulan yang lalu

      I think I'll do a video about it, but honestly I had to train it. Took about 6 months

  • Simona Cazes
    Simona Cazes 9 bulan yang lalu +1

    Good music taste Erin!!!!! have you ever heard the Mike and the Mechanics song "Looking Back Over My Shoulder" - THAT is also a good one! Also, unrelated - how come your Fibroid docu series never mentions the option of Uterine Fibroid Embolization? Much less invasive than myomectamy and Acessa - no cuts at all but just bloodflow decrease.

    • Simona Cazes
      Simona Cazes 9 bulan yang lalu

      Got it - thanks for clarifying :) Just wanted to bring it up because you so rightfully emphasized the docu series was intended for women's health and there are some women and couples who do not wish to become pregnant, so it seemed that for a problem as common as fibroids, at least mentioning UFE for them might have been useful, just like myomectamy was mentioned with its downfalls. Anyhow, thanks for making it and I love your cute videos - please give us updates on the house, that bathroom was so gorg!

    • Erin Robinson
      Erin Robinson  9 bulan yang lalu

      I haven't! I am googling this song now! Also, UFE is super risky AND it's not recommended if you want to get pregnant.

  • wendy645
    wendy645 9 bulan yang lalu +1

    I LOVE In The Living Years!!!

    • wendy645
      wendy645 9 bulan yang lalu

      @Erin Robinson , I enjoy listening to it somewhat frequently! Also, fan-girling a little that you replied LOL Have a great day! :D

    • Erin Robinson
      Erin Robinson  9 bulan yang lalu +1

      I didn't think anyone here would know it!!! OMG!

  • olivia weber
    olivia weber 9 bulan yang lalu +1

    Omg how did I not know you were in a Jonas brother music video that show was my favorite growing up

  • emily monaghan
    emily monaghan 9 bulan yang lalu +1

    omg i want more videos of erin singing

  • Taha Sultan
    Taha Sultan 9 bulan yang lalu +1

    Hi Erin can I just say that I love how much of your personality shines through in these videos? I'm a weird person too and it feels good to see that I'm not the only one!

    • Erin Robinson
      Erin Robinson  9 bulan yang lalu

      Thanks Taha! I can't find the weird anymore!

  • Livie Treat
    Livie Treat 9 bulan yang lalu +1

    Ya'll r so cute together!!!

  • Kayla
    Kayla 9 bulan yang lalu +1

    You have such an interesting life!!

  • Haya Dakkak
    Haya Dakkak 9 bulan yang lalu

    Israel doesn’t exist, Palestine does tho ❤️🇵🇸. It’s definitely one of the top places that I wanna visit one day also 😍

  • TheSMarie42
    TheSMarie42 9 bulan yang lalu

    I love that song In The Living Years but I just lost my dad earlier this year so I can't listen to it. You sound amazing though.

  • Sara Pontier
    Sara Pontier 9 bulan yang lalu

    Hell yeah flute crew #11years

  • Brad Myers
    Brad Myers 9 bulan yang lalu

    Are you ordained with the Universal Life Church? I am ordained as well

  • Princess Scully
    Princess Scully 9 bulan yang lalu

    Ok how did I not know Erin sang wtf

  • Hayley Merrill
    Hayley Merrill 9 bulan yang lalu

    I love this

  • Donna
    Donna 9 bulan yang lalu

    Hi Erin, 1st things 1st, I Adore you, your happy attitude even when stuff is hitting the fan!
    Aso, we have Two things in common:
    1. I not only know who Mike & the Mechanics are... I've seen them LIVE & they were Amazing, Living Years left me sobbing all the way home!
    2. For over 15 years I suffered constant bleeding, had 2 Laparoscopic procedures that were pointless, I then had a years treatment of a pellet being inserted via an enormous injection every 3 months into my tummy, it worked its way to my lady parts as it was meant to stop the bleeding & 12 months later it was worsening.
    Luckily I had my 1st baby in 1994, my baby boy Zachary, then in 1998 my 1St daughter, Daisy & this was when my health deteriorated. I was collapsing whenever I went to work or out with my Mummy food shopping.
    My last Laparoscopic op must have got rid of a few cobwebs from down there as my 2nd Husband & I had been trying for a baby for 18 months+ & 2 months later I was pregnant!! In 2007 I had a Beautiful Daughter called, Grace! (My miracle baby)
    After the birth things went downhill fast & my Gynaecologist Consultant told me we had reached the end of the road & the ONLY option left was a Complete Hysterectomy including removal of Ovaries too!
    I didn't want more children so I knew I had to do it but he also warned me it might not stop the bleeding, it didn't & now the GRIPPING PAIN is where my Left Ovary used to be, oh & I have Endometriosis which had been mentioned but was never a definite conclusion to my illness!
    Since the Hysterectomy I've been in hospital 30+ times spanning from 2009 to now, last July until September I was rushed in as I collapsed & needed a Blood Transfusion, as well as a Calcium & Potassium Transfusion along with countless tests & scans, also the confirmation that I now have Endometriosis!
    I now live a life of a 90-year-old, Can't work or drive, take 30 tablets a day as a Jnr Dr gave me an epidural when I had insisted from day 1 to pre-op, NO EPIDURAL!! I had my last 2 children with NO pain relief apart from gas & air!
    Long story short he couldn't insert it correctly & tried SEVEN TIMES & it took over an HOUR, eventually, MY GYNAECOLOGIST CONSULTANT/SURGEON came to see why I wasn't in theatre yet, he went from calm to calmly angry at the Jnr Dr! He then asked the head nurse to call My Anesthetist, I'd of been lost without her as she hadn't left my side Once during the most Traumatic episode of my life!!
    I had spent over 10 minutes insisting to go home, then another 50 minutes being used as a Human darts board. Within minutes she had rung the Head Anesthetist, also mine & he was there, calmed me down & literally within 2 minutes he had done it & I was put to sleep and 2 hours later I was with My Mummy going back to the ward.
    Post op I was In Hospital just over a week then home & this was the beginning of the nightmare & the END of My Life, because the Jnr Dr did what he should Never have done, I'm now left with no shock absorber between each bone section of My Spine & my Spine has worn away to DUST, that was on my last MRI report LAST August!!
    They then added after nearly 10 years of investigation & sending me to every Neurosurgeon in the UK that my spinal pain was due to 'Old Age Plus wear & tear, I've just had my 48th Birthday & this happened on JANUARY 19th 2009.
    Love watching you & the other girls, you keep me smiling.

  • Lorenzo Perez
    Lorenzo Perez 9 bulan yang lalu +1

    Hi Erin, I love all your videos so far and I have been watching you since your earlier Clevver days. I would honestly love to hear that “chance in you” song that you wrote. It sounds very beautiful :)

  • Jessica Gates
    Jessica Gates 9 bulan yang lalu

    Idk where I’ve been but I just found out about Clevver and literally the only reason I ever watched it was because I loved you Erin. You made me laugh so hard. Can’t wait to see what you have in store now! Also, pigs ;)

  • Simran Singh
    Simran Singh 9 bulan yang lalu

    Can you drop the proposal video?☺️💞💍

  • Itzzy Z
    Itzzy Z 9 bulan yang lalu

    Aaawwww you guys are soooo cute 😍

  • The Age of Fabulous
    The Age of Fabulous 9 bulan yang lalu

    I can put my hands flat on the floor no matter if I’m fat or thin. I can also turn my legs around backwards because I have a rare genetic condition called hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.
    Weird facts that you relate to your followers! :P Recreate your first IDclips video on Clevver - or first paid IDclips video.

  • Green Lean
    Green Lean 9 bulan yang lalu

    How are your teeth so perfect if you never had braces? did you get veneers?

    • Erin Robinson
      Erin Robinson  9 bulan yang lalu

      Nope, no veneers! I just got super lucky with the teeth roulette

  • Sophia Méndez
    Sophia Méndez 9 bulan yang lalu +1

    You've had more jobs than Barbie lol

    • Erin Robinson
      Erin Robinson  9 bulan yang lalu

      This might be my favorite comment ever!

  • noabenakoune
    noabenakoune 9 bulan yang lalu

    Would love to have you in Israel :) you've got a house in Tel Aviv ❤️

  • nnjddr
    nnjddr 9 bulan yang lalu

    Dang Erin!!!

  • HorizonOfAngels
    HorizonOfAngels 9 bulan yang lalu

    What do you dye your hair with? I've always loved that vibrant color

    • Erin Robinson
      Erin Robinson  9 bulan yang lalu

      I just did a video about it on my channel! All the details are there!

  • shalom hovav
    shalom hovav 9 bulan yang lalu

    OMG I’m from Israel TLV and I will be happy to show you around!

  • MrsFooCough
    MrsFooCough 9 bulan yang lalu

    God I love you Urn

  • Jamie Wiggins
    Jamie Wiggins 9 bulan yang lalu

    How did I NEVER know you sang?! Everything has changed after this video.

  • Claire C
    Claire C 9 bulan yang lalu

    My favorite fact was during your proposal you had to smell the flowers😂 so funny and I would probably do the same