j-hope 'Chicken Noodle Soup (feat. Becky G)' MV

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  • j-hope 'Chicken Noodle Soup (feat. Becky G)' MV

    j-hope - 'Chicken Noodle Soup (feat. Becky G)' Download

    Director: YongSeok Choi (Lumpens)
    Assistant Director: Guzza, Jihye Yoon (Lumpens)
    Director of Photography: Eumko
    Focus Puller: Deokjung Kim
    2nd AC: Youngwoo Lee
    VFX: Lumpens
    Co-Production Company: Freenjoy
    Executive Producer: Nathan Scherrer
    Executive Producer / Producer: Tiffany Suh, 1st AD: Chad Nicholson
    Stunt Coordinator: Damien Bray
    Location Manager: Laura Dominguez
    Visual Creative: Nu Kim, Lee Sun Kyoung, Kim Ga Eun, Lee Min Gyu, Lee Hye Ri
    Performance Directing: Son Sung deuk, Lee Doo Hwan, Lee Byung Eun
    Artist Management: Kim Shin Gyu, An Da Sol

    BigHit Entertainment. All rights reserved.
    Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
    Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea.

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    #jhope #BeckyG #ChickenNoodleSoup #CNS
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  • memey ADW
    memey ADW 16 jam yang lalu


  • 백청이는 왜이렇게 기욥나요 ??

    너무 머쪄욘 ㅜㅜ

  • miso army
    miso army 16 jam yang lalu +2

    J_hop = ❤
    👇please 😿😿😿

  • Dag Mag
    Dag Mag 16 jam yang lalu

    Who mister J-hope and Becky G

  • Leah •
    Leah • 16 jam yang lalu +1

    22M left love you Jhope

  • Taehyung Kim
    Taehyung Kim 16 jam yang lalu


  • 한국터키
    한국터키 16 jam yang lalu

    www.billboard.com/articles/news/awards/8520841/2020-grammys-performers-poll. Please vote for BTS

  • Lemony Lemon
    Lemony Lemon 16 jam yang lalu


  • SRT CH
    SRT CH 16 jam yang lalu +1


  • シリコンバレーの雪
    シリコンバレーの雪 16 jam yang lalu


  • unu
    unu 16 jam yang lalu +1

    Tmr me facinó
    So cry...
    R3pr0duscam0s se esforzaron de más
    Yeah baby

  • نوال الاحمري
    نوال الاحمري 16 jam yang lalu


  • Carlota Corpus
    Carlota Corpus 16 jam yang lalu

    All i understand is "chinke Noodle" "soup and Soda" in the said lol😂

    • rabia
      rabia 16 jam yang lalu

      yeah cause they sang in korean and spanish

  • منى احمد
    منى احمد 16 jam yang lalu


    • rabia
      rabia 16 jam yang lalu

      منى احمد fuck off

  • B4D-W0LF
    B4D-W0LF 16 jam yang lalu


  • B4D-W0LF
    B4D-W0LF 16 jam yang lalu


    • rabia
      rabia 16 jam yang lalu +1

      nah he didnt. The artist of the original song was okay about the whole idea and was even happy about it since the song brought so many memories back and it trended worldwide for days. Jhope even paid the artist 2,7 million when he didnt had to and he gave the artist credits too. Jhope chose this song and made his own groove in it cause its what he grew with it. it was his childhood song

  • B4D-W0LF
    B4D-W0LF 16 jam yang lalu

    Dude... That's just wrong.

  • B4D-W0LF
    B4D-W0LF 16 jam yang lalu

    Dude... That's just wrong.

    • Samira Ra
      Samira Ra 16 jam yang lalu

      He paid 2,7 million (!) Us dollars to buy the rights to use the music. Dont spread lies or ur ass will be sued.

  • BTS army
    BTS army 16 jam yang lalu +1

    J hoooppppppe

  • Jin Jimin
    Jin Jimin 16 jam yang lalu +1

    Wow j-hope 78m 😉😁

  • BTS stan
    BTS stan 16 jam yang lalu

    2 weeks and CNS still trending in TUNISIA 🇹🇳

  • Dianne Barbon
    Dianne Barbon 16 jam yang lalu

    Our yellow ranger nailed it! ❤🌹

  • phương anh Nguyễn
    phương anh Nguyễn 16 jam yang lalu


  • Natalia Alonzo
    Natalia Alonzo 16 jam yang lalu

    My ear are blessed 😭💯🥰😣

  • Лиза Ким
    Лиза Ким 16 jam yang lalu

    Go go go go

    BTS JUNGKOOK 16 jam yang lalu

    chicken noodle soup to 100 millions

  • Lilla Hope
    Lilla Hope 16 jam yang lalu


  • Kris Gordon
    Kris Gordon 16 jam yang lalu

    Bongshi bongshi songshi F***ing yoshing nonging hoging woo
    That's what I heard him say.

  • CaptainFluffyHD
    CaptainFluffyHD 16 jam yang lalu

    Lol lol jajaja jajaja this veo funny!

  • Tri Chaau
    Tri Chaau 16 jam yang lalu

    I love you❤

  • bangtan armyy
    bangtan armyy 16 jam yang lalu

    Army's: why did you went to LA
    Jhope: important bussinessu
    Me: ohh I understand, your important bussiness was the collabration..

  • namjin forever uwu
    namjin forever uwu 16 jam yang lalu

    Me encanta la cancion pero me siguen dando celos 🤣
    Like:si te dieron celos
    Comenta:si eres ARMY

  • AB C
    AB C 16 jam yang lalu +2

    i love korean

  • Catty
    Catty 16 jam yang lalu

    Ahhh que perrona 👍🏼💃💃💃

  • 임다님팬!
    임다님팬! 16 jam yang lalu


  • 박종미
    박종미 16 jam yang lalu

    들으면 들을수록 좋고 백희G너무 매력 있다❤

  • Luz BTS
    Luz BTS 16 jam yang lalu

    80 M vamos chicas

  • aleyna gk
    aleyna gk 16 jam yang lalu +1

    Eskimeyen şarkiiiii

  • 림가애Bae_
    림가애Bae_ 16 jam yang lalu +1

  • ___Sai!___
    ___Sai!___ 16 jam yang lalu +2

    I love Becky green hair. So beautiful

  • Thenunei Belho
    Thenunei Belho 16 jam yang lalu

    I remember in other bts mv where jhope opens the car door and the girl leaves here Becky actually came out of the car😂💜💜💜

  • Deepankar Bisht
    Deepankar Bisht 16 jam yang lalu +1

    *jhope* has joined the chat
    *sprite* has joined the chat
    *BeckyG* has joined the chat
    Chicken and noodles has joined the chat
    soda has joined the chat

    Sprite has left the chat

  • 료연
    료연 16 jam yang lalu +1

    Hull J-Hope. Cool.

  • Gabi Ramos
    Gabi Ramos 16 jam yang lalu +4

    J -hope arrasa totalmente

  • Eva Nikolova
    Eva Nikolova 16 jam yang lalu +1

    Много ми харесва песента💖😘😜😃

  • Sarvinoz Bahriddinovna
    Sarvinoz Bahriddinovna 16 jam yang lalu

    I love you j hope 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Pha Na
    Pha Na 16 jam yang lalu +1


  • rla dusdn
    rla dusdn 16 jam yang lalu

    왜 졸라 이쁜 우리 희지 언니 저렇게 만들어놓냐구우 ㅜㅠㅠ

  • Gui Santos
    Gui Santos 16 jam yang lalu

    B R A S I L 😎 #Sopadegalinhacommacarrão

  • Ince Ciarysaa
    Ince Ciarysaa 16 jam yang lalu


  • Praxedes Howell
    Praxedes Howell 16 jam yang lalu

    I was here since 10m views now it had got 68m more views 💜💜

  • Paolitha Curi
    Paolitha Curi 16 jam yang lalu

    So adictive

  • Rahma 098
    Rahma 098 16 jam yang lalu +1

    Jhope burn it up againnnnnnn ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I can’t get over this songgg ❤️
    Becky G u r the besttttt ❤️❤️❤️

  • Khyoda Jernia
    Khyoda Jernia 16 jam yang lalu +1

    l like J-hope sooo much
    Thank you for your song

  • mitzimo PH
    mitzimo PH 16 jam yang lalu

    jhope 💜💜💜💜

  • Chelsea B.
    Chelsea B. 16 jam yang lalu

    This has to be a joke tho right? Are they desperate for ideas?

    • Samira Ra
      Samira Ra 16 jam yang lalu

      This is a new Version of an old song from 2008 that was called chicken noudle soup. It was THE song that made jhope start dancing. If it wasnt for the song, he would have never started dancing and would have never been in BTs and BTS would have never exist. So that song means the world for him. He bought the music rights for 2,7 million us dollar and he doesnt sell thid song. Its for free for the fans.

  • Muối ARMY
    Muối ARMY 16 jam yang lalu +1


  • maria colina
    maria colina 16 jam yang lalu +1

    100 millones,!!!!!

  • maizar indra
    maizar indra 16 jam yang lalu

    Intronya mirip limp bizkit nookie

  • Danial Najmi
    Danial Najmi 16 jam yang lalu

    Macam hawaq