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I Lost $3,500,000 On Fake Pokémon Cards

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 12 Jan 2022
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    I’m a 26 year old manchild living in Puerto Rico. This is my life.
    G.I. Joe Theme
    Edited by: @HillierSmith
    Shot by: Kevin Galvan

Komentar • 20 487

  • PokeRev
    PokeRev  +33

    I remember buying a fake $10,000 box and being upset…but $3,500,000 I can’t imagine.

  • Prawn king

    He’s a lot calmer loosing 3.5 million than me when I lose 20 bucks

  • Nicholas Boyer

    Ah yes, grown men drinking wine in a hotel room while they open a $3.5 million case of pokemon cards. Just as the pokemon company always intended it

  • Julian Ortiz

    It’s also kinda sad that the man who authenticated the box basically just lost all his credibility. He’s always going to be reminded of this moment

  • Sanford Threeohfour

    When the owner of the authentication business said "we all got duped, agreed?" And looked to get confirmation from Logan, he was trying to get verbal confirmation that he can't be blamed or sued.

  • StevMeister

    No one ever:

  • Weekend Pirate

    Logan needs to get an investigative team to back track where this package came from and make a very entertaining docu series on the story.

  • Rory
    Rory  +867

    the panic on everyones face was scary, such an insane situation to be caught on camera

  • SkyGodCheesey

    Fun fact, Logan is now the first person to spend $3.5M on GIJOE cards

  • That Guy
    That Guy  +49

    I feel you. It's the feeling where you know something is fake but you try to ignore the feeling and do the wrong thing. Sorry for you, Logan!

  • Rob
    Rob  +865

    dang logan handled that well. Ive been madder after the vending machine took my 1$ bill 🤣

  • renehtta

    i genuinely feel bad for the dude that authenticated it

  • ProtoMario

    Imagine going to prison over Pokémon card fraud, insane.

  • Shelquan

    How do we know some BBCE authenticators haven’t become experts at repacking boxes and just stole the cards themself? For all we know the case was completely legitimate up until it got in the hands of BBCE

  • Aaron Fernandes

    “The biggest fraud in the entire history of Pokémon” is a mad sentence but you definitely feel for them

  • DarkIsNotOk

    To those saying his reaction is so fake, Logan has mentioned before that he always tries to stay positive no matter what even in the worst situation. that's why he tends to laugh in situations like this

  • Ryan Chang
    Ryan Chang  +547

    I was laughing so hard when I saw GI Joe cards LOLLLL... The fact that they weren't raging over 3.5 mill is crazy

  • deepfield23

    I love how he is still smiling with confidence at

  • DavidLafargePokemon

    I can't imagine the feeling. Big support

  • zuxx00
    zuxx00  +988

    "We all got duped. Agreed?"