Everything Wrong With Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol


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  • Tls papa
    Tls papa 11 hari yang lalu +1

    Tom Spews sucks balls...

  • Alex Fabrizi
    Alex Fabrizi 16 hari yang lalu

    No sin off for the "Your line's not long enough!" "No shit!" scene?

  • Milan Velebit
    Milan Velebit 23 hari yang lalu

    No you can't stop a fucking inert warhead lmao

  • Jephener Ben
    Jephener Ben 23 hari yang lalu

    I nearly broke my phone apart when Darude came out.

  • Blue Alpine
    Blue Alpine 27 hari yang lalu

    Love Mission Impossible, Watch this NOW!! idclips.com/video/DmYYMmCX2dM/video.html

  • Ivan Ovchinnikov
    Ivan Ovchinnikov 28 hari yang lalu

    You didn't have the very non Russian accents....

  • VonWenk
    VonWenk 29 hari yang lalu

    For some reason, I never realized that Ethan's contact was one of Max's henchmen from the first movie. I like that there's at least some continuity between the M:I movies since Bad Robot became involved.

  • Vincent Charles
    Vincent Charles Bulan Yang lalu

    It's easy to seek refutations, but it will never take the genius excitements, technicalities and the affinity of Tom Cruise with action movies away from the movie with your " what the fucks".We can easily seek refutations even in a real life scenario..

  • Lamar Lewis
    Lamar Lewis Bulan Yang lalu

    Knock him sideways instead of killing his fool ass😂😭😱😅😰😥

  • edward jackson
    edward jackson Bulan Yang lalu

    Ain’t that a kick in the head. Fucking sin that

  • Paul Staden
    Paul Staden Bulan Yang lalu

    I LOVE Cinema sins :)

  • Gourav Taparia
    Gourav Taparia 2 bulan yang lalu

    I recently found one more in the movie at 1:53:30 on shutter it's written caution and it's equivalent in either telugu language or kannad language (not sure on this part) where as none of it is spoken or is a native language of mumbai......And one more the cars in the tower parking are left handed where as India have right handed cars.

  • Rose NoHo
    Rose NoHo 2 bulan yang lalu

    11:12 Tom Cruise covered in butter...

  • John Miller
    John Miller 3 bulan yang lalu

    Hahaha, Take a big step back, and fuck your own face. Awesome! Please tell me where thats from.

  • Richard Manley
    Richard Manley 3 bulan yang lalu

    Bullets become completely useless once they hit water.

  • FIRE
    FIRE 4 bulan yang lalu

    Dean Martin song was extended obviously,

  • Stinky Whizzletooth
    Stinky Whizzletooth 4 bulan yang lalu

    Why was Ethan even debating jumping from the hospital ledge into the garbage bin? He’s an expert rock climber and that hospital was like a rock climber’s dream with all those ridges. In fact why did he even look scared. In MI2 he was rock combing a ridge of death with a 1km drop for fun.

  • Desi J Richert
    Desi J Richert 4 bulan yang lalu

    Are you Kidding ME?!?!?!?! I sat here and watched you describe some of the mMOST OBSCURE MOVIE SINS for 11:30 to have you miss the MOST BLARING sins in the ENTIRE MOVIE?!:!??!?! One, for instance is the FACT that when NORAD first saw the initial Plume of a submarine launched missile directed towards the US it would have launched missiles toward the submarine?

  • MohammadMahdi Amiri
    MohammadMahdi Amiri 4 bulan yang lalu

    You had a sega CD ? That's 5 sins

  • Beau Baker
    Beau Baker 5 bulan yang lalu

    Why didn't you sin that screen hiding you in a hallway scene as a ripoff of Robin Williams Toys

  • Matt P
    Matt P 5 bulan yang lalu

    Can you do kill bill?

  • Emre
    Emre 5 bulan yang lalu

    11:06 That guy was only 2 years older than Tom in real life. I say "was" because I found out that he died in 2017.

  • xDeadMedic
    xDeadMedic 5 bulan yang lalu

    No sin for the discount Russell Crowe at 7:54?

  • Kevin Kaycee
    Kevin Kaycee 5 bulan yang lalu

    i dont get the selena gomez joke lol

  • dickcheney6
    dickcheney6 6 bulan yang lalu

    6:16 In the famous words of Baymax, "We jumped out a window"

  • Autolock Feed
    Autolock Feed 6 bulan yang lalu

    Shaq in a see of Peter Dinklages killed me.

  • Doctor Cthulhu
    Doctor Cthulhu 6 bulan yang lalu

    #7. Just because the Russian justice system is progressive and lets couples(even 4 husband couples) live together behind bars, doesn't mean it's a sin.

  • Gaurav Sharma
    Gaurav Sharma 6 bulan yang lalu

    What's the music at 12:37??

  • Doubting Rich
    Doubting Rich 6 bulan yang lalu

    You missed the biggest plot hole, that utterly ruined the film because it meant their decisions made no sense, and evil dude should never have had the codes. If the little guy knew enough to check the codes were correct, why did they need the codes? In order to check the codes he would need to know the codes.
    Then when he looks at them he just flicks through them, he doesn't even read them in detail.
    There are many more. How did evil dude co-ordinate with Ethan so the US would be blamed, yet he was not able to avoid being seen? How did they blow up the Kremlin? Even 9/11 conspiracy idiots would not believe that explosive rig wasn't detected. How do isotopes allow you to track paper? How did evil dude know his Russian was telling the truth about the codes? They never discussed it, just a "yes". How did evil dude escape from a head-on collision able to run and climb a truck? Why did evil dude go to the Burj Kalifa himself? How did they fit all that kit on the Gulfstream jet with nothing in the cabin? Luggage bays are not that big. How is a military comms satellite repurposed for civilian TV? They are very specialised, and if the system was obsolete enough to sell the secrets (hint: it wasn't; such things are kept secret for decades after they are done with) then how could it contact the submarine? Surely that would only be declassified after they changed their communication system. How did evil dude survive, in fighting condition, his first fall to the car in the robot carpark? It was a long drop when Ethan did it, and the car descended a lot further before evil dude jumped.

  • Barrington Bethel
    Barrington Bethel 7 bulan yang lalu

    @10:00 had me rolling LMAO

  • Stephanie Roestel
    Stephanie Roestel 7 bulan yang lalu

    Ok, everytime I watch this video this bothers me. In 4:48 Brandt asks, "Why would that work? The flair on the body, why would that work?" And Jeremy gets why it would work. But he doesn't give the most logical response to why. I'd say, logically speaking, its night, in Russia, in dark water. The henchman shooting at him probably thought that (very quickly, mind you) they needed to see, thus using the flair as a source of light to lead the way. I would think that would be the most obvious reason that Jeremy would sin it, but that's just me.

  • Janelle Monique
    Janelle Monique 7 bulan yang lalu

    I've never laughed so hard at a roll credits sin.

  • Veckless Gaming
    Veckless Gaming 8 bulan yang lalu

    Feng shui

  • Nephie
    Nephie 8 bulan yang lalu +1

    Hello, could you please sin 1408 or Vampire Academy?

  • Bob Dickens
    Bob Dickens 8 bulan yang lalu

    Ok, so how many seconds of logos do you want? 5 seconds? Stop counting them as sins, it isn't even a sin, it's just credit... if that's so, then give every movie 50 sins for credits

  • Savage Salvage
    Savage Salvage 8 bulan yang lalu

    You're married right? I'm sure your wife probably doesn't watch these anymore, but did she ever get angry when you'd sin an actress for not being your girlfriend/ too hot/ not lapdancing in this scene? Because my ex wife wouldve shit her pants about that 😂

  • Andrew Tolstiy
    Andrew Tolstiy 8 bulan yang lalu

    Sin №82 at 10:10 made me laugh so bad. The writing in Russian means "_Russian_ nuclear warhead status". Like "yeah, we have OUR interface for using OUR warhead, but just for sake of remembering, let's write that it's Russian nukes".

  • Aj Jingco
    Aj Jingco 8 bulan yang lalu

    Mission Impossible (1996)
    Mission Impossible II (2000)
    Mission Impossible III (2006)
    Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (2011)
    Mission Impossible Rogue Nation (2015)

  • Shahid Shamim
    Shahid Shamim 9 bulan yang lalu

    Wonder how many times he has to watch a movie to find all these mistakes .

  • Will Poundstone
    Will Poundstone 9 bulan yang lalu +1

    This movie also assumes that the US Military has no means of detecting or tracking incoming Nuclear Missiles. Also, if it were possible to disable ICBMs just seconds before detonation, then preventing a nuclear holocaust would only require a few nerds with laptops.

  • Robert R
    Robert R 9 bulan yang lalu +2

    IMF agents?? They work for the International Monetary Fund? All these black ops are for global financial stability right?

  • PEA
    PEA 9 bulan yang lalu +1

    10:00 i loled hard :D

  • Sir Plerple
    Sir Plerple 9 bulan yang lalu

    plus the explosives all managed to hit EXACTLY where cars are parked.

  • Rob H
    Rob H 10 bulan yang lalu

    So Tom Cruise is working for the International Monetary Fund? Not sure espionage is in their jurisdiction.

  • Sponsor Man
    Sponsor Man 10 bulan yang lalu

    Why hasn't one of these movies been subtitled "Phantom Noise"?

  • Mohammad Shahzad
    Mohammad Shahzad 10 bulan yang lalu

    You missed a "this scene doesn't include a lap dance" when Paula Patton was changing in the car

  • GoddessOfWhim2003
    GoddessOfWhim2003 10 bulan yang lalu

    me personally would have taken one off for Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner's chemistry. they were funny together. sad they weren't teamed in the fifth one

  • Nikola Peh
    Nikola Peh 10 bulan yang lalu

    My fav MI movie :-)

  • Junior Wilson
    Junior Wilson 11 bulan yang lalu

    I didn't see the movie in IMAX so I want an explanation for sin 51!!

  • ErnyNet Mc
    ErnyNet Mc 11 bulan yang lalu

    Whats that song at 12:45?

  • smolkafilip
    smolkafilip 11 bulan yang lalu

    *ding Even though all of their equipment had to come out of one train cart size stash, they just happened to have a magic room number re-engraver thing which works made exactly for the room numbers in an expensive hotel they had no idea they would be going to before entering the cart.

  • Kuunib
    Kuunib 11 bulan yang lalu +5

    You know that Dubai is part of the sovereign state United Arab Emirates and not Dubai so if Russia were to have some treaty that involved Dubai it would be with the UAE

  • Mateusz Wojtkiewicz
    Mateusz Wojtkiewicz Tahun Yang lalu

    I think that car crash thing was brilliant. Cars are designed to protect people in crashes up to 60km/h which is like a drop from 5th floor. So I'd say it's perfectly believable he came out of it unscaved.

    • Caitlin Brewer
      Caitlin Brewer 11 bulan yang lalu +1

      Mateusz Wojtkiewicz Alive? Yes. But unscathed? No, he'd at the very least have a bloody nose.

  • Vegeta Uchiha
    Vegeta Uchiha Tahun Yang lalu

    Should have removed a sin for Tom Cruise doing that khalifa stunt by himself!!!

  • Manolo Malaguitaman
    Manolo Malaguitaman Tahun Yang lalu

    8:20 We can suppose that if her henchman is free, for the 4th part Max is already out of prison also.

  • Manolo Malaguitaman
    Manolo Malaguitaman Tahun Yang lalu

    I have another one (or 2).... When Ethan escapes from hospital & from the russian agent, he´s seminaked, and needs "to steal" many things for get ahead well.
    When he takes a shoes from a street stand just in front of the shopistant, he gets a pair of his number, without the box, in only 1 second and without the shopistant lady doesn´t tell him nothing or nag him. xDDD
    And with the mobile phone the same.... An unknown person who stand from a table in a bar let him to get his own phone and seconds after Ethan throws it to a sewer. Hahahh

  • BloodyRain2k
    BloodyRain2k Tahun Yang lalu

    That sentence is almost a sin, don't drag Darude into this :x that's rude man.

  • KingJakeGamer NZ
    KingJakeGamer NZ Tahun Yang lalu

    Do everything wrong with the fate of the furious please

  • Alfred Wang
    Alfred Wang Tahun Yang lalu

    Feng Shui😂😂

  • Milos Jovanovic
    Milos Jovanovic Tahun Yang lalu

    of course the bullets slow down A LOT when they hit water and stop being deadly after 5 feet. thank you cinema sins

  • Ethan Perry
    Ethan Perry Tahun Yang lalu +2

    im named after this guy

  • jayboy 90291
    jayboy 90291 Tahun Yang lalu

    I hate that I can skip a five second ad but not a 25 second or longer ad

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un Tahun Yang lalu


  • fracturedempiricist
    fracturedempiricist Tahun Yang lalu

    You missed the sin of stealing your heist plan from the movie Toys.

  • rekt m9
    rekt m9 Tahun Yang lalu

    So Benji is an IMF hacker that could hack into a prison's system and open cells but can't loop the song that was on? Is that your point?

  • erikpurne
    erikpurne Tahun Yang lalu +2

    I feel like Paula Patton's hotness deserves at least 10 more sins removed. Good lord.

  • The Budgie Admiral
    The Budgie Admiral Tahun Yang lalu

    Darude Sandstorm haha :-D
    Minus one sin for awesomeness.
    Also, surprise Hawkeye at the end. I didn't even notice it was the same actor until now. One sin removed.

  • Judo Nomi
    Judo Nomi Tahun Yang lalu

    Is there no cure for Jeremy Renner's fooking ugly pug ass face?

  • Forsaken Pumpkin
    Forsaken Pumpkin Tahun Yang lalu

    Wait no point removed for the fantastic use of Dean Martin's Kick in the head?

  • Ryan Hill
    Ryan Hill Tahun Yang lalu +1

    A missile is headed for a major american city and the US military does not scramble fighters or launch counter offensives to stop it? Add about ten more sins for that BS!!!!!

    • Will Poundstone
      Will Poundstone 9 bulan yang lalu +1

      ICBMs are way too fast for fighters to intercept. In reality, there would be pandemonium in San Francisco as people were told to shelter in place.

  • Hjortron
    Hjortron Tahun Yang lalu

    13:15 Thank you, CinemaSins

  • Melissa Jolley
    Melissa Jolley Tahun Yang lalu

    My husband feels the same way about Paula Patton. I don't blame him.

  • Nick Usenko
    Nick Usenko Tahun Yang lalu

    how about Americans not giving a shit about a ballistic rocket flying to their city?

  • Shabir Jaan
    Shabir Jaan Tahun Yang lalu

    funny movie

  • vadim stekolnikov
    vadim stekolnikov Tahun Yang lalu

    Russian prisons have way more then 4 dudes in a cell. Like 10 or smth. If it's not a solitary.

    • vadim stekolnikov
      vadim stekolnikov Tahun Yang lalu

      Also, most of the prisons are way far from Moscow to reach it in less then a day. Especialy one's for high value prisioners. They are in the middle of nowhere in sibiria, so even if you run away you'll die.

    • vadim stekolnikov
      vadim stekolnikov Tahun Yang lalu

      Also, a uniform of the guards in Kremlin is messed up. The epaulets are bullshit and they have police uniform. Place is guarded by military and Federal Security Service (ФСО not ФСБ) which is a same thing as Secret Service.

  • Phoboz
    Phoboz Tahun Yang lalu

    Missed the sin where Ethan shows he has two gloves in the server room after he leans against the door.
    Cinemasins has sinned!

  • hypnocilicdreams
    hypnocilicdreams Tahun Yang lalu

    pissing myself xD great film. great video

  • Cole Gamba
    Cole Gamba Tahun Yang lalu

    11/10 for Darude~Sandstorm

  • Vihaan Asthana
    Vihaan Asthana Tahun Yang lalu

    They are driving left hand drive cars in Mumbai 😂

  • Alukat A
    Alukat A Tahun Yang lalu

    How did Benji got out of the kremlin?
    You missed that one ^^

  • Pannemat
    Pannemat Tahun Yang lalu

    Val Kilmer, f*ck yeah!

  • Pannemat
    Pannemat Tahun Yang lalu

    8:22, sin off for bringing back Wisniewski.

  • Sam Vodopianov - Самуил Водопьянов

    If this movie takes place during the cold war, why the hell does it have a Imperial Two Headed-Eagle there when it was banned during the Soviet days?!? (5:19)

  • Caitlin Brewer
    Caitlin Brewer Tahun Yang lalu

    A couple of sins of for a few wonderful shots of Jeremy Renner's ass.

  • Rashid F.E.A.R
    Rashid F.E.A.R Tahun Yang lalu

    You missed 2 sins at the prison scene...
    1; Each security guard MUST have an rifle or an secondary... In case of this....
    2;When the security guard say's "Call Spetsnaz!" he forgets that he IS an Spetsnaz security geeko....

  • irllcd13
    irllcd13 Tahun Yang lalu

    lol "As easy to find as Shaq in a sea of Peter Dinklages." I lost it.

  • John Luu
    John Luu Tahun Yang lalu

    OMG when I heard friggin darude in the end:'D

  • Grace Gonzales
    Grace Gonzales Tahun Yang lalu

    CinemaSins remove 1 sin for the prison layout in the beginning. prisoners are separated by their crimes, gang affiliations, and their ability to cohabitate with others (or their lack thereof), not to mention housing needs. it is NOT made up randomly, since ppl can and do get hurt if housed incorrectly.

  • Sleepdream
    Sleepdream Tahun Yang lalu

    Okay, I get that Paula Patton changing her clothes (sin counter 10:03), and using a gestural windscreen during a high speed chase, cancel the removing/ adding of sins, but the fact that a Cruise does not even notice, or have an accident.. cause Paula Patton is changing her clothes next to him during a high speed chase, definitely deserves a couple of sins. Also, Kudos, CinemaSins rocks!!

  • TheEmcee
    TheEmcee Tahun Yang lalu

    Eww Minority report ?

  • Marc Bartholemy
    Marc Bartholemy Tahun Yang lalu


  • Merrida100
    Merrida100 Tahun Yang lalu +1

    Tom Cruise is so incredibly FIT!

  • diee123
    diee123 Tahun Yang lalu

    0:52 5 dudes. *DING*

  • aludred
    aludred Tahun Yang lalu

    10:00 is exactly what I was thinking in theatres, and was laughing a little before he said it, then he said. BULLS!

  • That One Button on Kookie's Shirt That Didnt Pop

    10:01 to 10:07 ...................i think i broke my ribs laughing hard

  • Doge Maverick
    Doge Maverick Tahun Yang lalu +1

    11:24 No sin for the most in your face and obvious BMW "look how fucking safe our shit is" product placement, like... ever?!? The entire scene is made up for this message.

  • Morenatsu Village
    Morenatsu Village Tahun Yang lalu

    1 + sin: Couldn't he just throw the briefcase off rather than making a suicidal jump with it?

  • PeachyKeen73
    PeachyKeen73 Tahun Yang lalu

    I watched this movie earlier today and I thought about almost all of these sins while watching it.

  • Kenny Nguyen
    Kenny Nguyen Tahun Yang lalu +1

    6:13 he removes a sin

  • FilmThemesAndScenes
    FilmThemesAndScenes Tahun Yang lalu

    6:27 He did climb back up but the movie cut it to make sure the scene wasn't too long. Movies use that technique...