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I'm Leaving Ur Mom's House

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 1 Okt 2022
  • sometimes good things fall apart. it's time for something new ~
    song: Innerbloom by Rüfüs Du Sol
    special thanks @jedcal for helping w filming :)
    instagram: elliotchoy
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  • Danny Nguyen
    Danny Nguyen 2 bulan yang lalu +3655

    When Annemarrie left, I did feel like the energy of the house changed a bit. And now knowing how you felt about it definitely explains how it affected you these past few months, Elliot. Although ur mom's house is coming to a close, I'm glad it happened as it brought many great moments that will never be forgotten. Excited to see the next chapter of your life Elliot.

    • Taha Soomro
      Taha Soomro Bulan Yang lalu

      u could see in the video .
      elliot taking responsibility for ann leaving
      kelly and ashelly dont knowing how they can help but still heat broken

    • SurpassJD
      SurpassJD Bulan Yang lalu

      @BiggestBullsFan You know what the very fact that this does not sound like it was made up and heavily pushed sounds like your telling the truth

    • Kicksonmyfeet
      Kicksonmyfeet Bulan Yang lalu

      Annemarie was weird asf

    • B33 Wong
      B33 Wong Bulan Yang lalu

      @Maryam H He meant Ashley's Mom 😆

    • Priel ThePrune
      Priel ThePrune 2 bulan yang lalu

      @BiggestBullsFan girl be fr

  • S.I.
    S.I. Bulan Yang lalu +970

    kelly and ashley's both had unbelievably supportive families their entire lives, and elliot's mentioned he has strained relationships with his, always having screaming fights etc, and i really empathise with him here. he never had the familial support system so he naturally would put his friends on a higher level of importance and its so so tough to face the reality that they don't view you the same way, even worse that they won't and literally can't understand why he feels this way. i think this is a very common sentiment in (full) asian households and maybe i'm projecting but i really do see why he felt that betrayed. especially since he and kelly were best friends for so much longer than kashley's been together.
    plus kelly mentioned he was the first one elliot told about how he's been feeling the past few months, so it does show that elliot still sees him as number one, if that makes any sense. though not discounting his lack of communication and wilddd mistreatment towards ashley, i do think elliot should probably get therapy if he hasn't already (not in a he's a shit person and needs to be fixed) but more so that he has a lot of emotional baggage and should learn how to process and regulate his emotions in a healthier way, that doesn't end up with him bottling up till it explodes and burns more bridges.
    (Saw this comment from reddit and thought its well spoken about this situation)

    • Suq Maddiq
      Suq Maddiq Bulan Yang lalu

      @No Name Bro what the fuck are you saying lmfaoo emotions are just feelings their is no gender, rhyme or reason to them.

    • AJ Bradley
      AJ Bradley Bulan Yang lalu

      He needs some serious help if he thinks he has a right to be mad that other people have families. Like yeah it's a shame he might not be as close with his family as other house members, and that's a shame. I'm in the same boat living thousands of miles from my own family but I wouldn't become a hateful cunt because people around me have something I don't. He truly doesn't deserve any support for what he's done.

    • vm vm
      vm vm Bulan Yang lalu

      Elliot should had see it coming, kashley told they were already together when she move in, of course kelly would prioritize ashley over elliot. Elliot was seeing the house as a bro friends thing, but kashley was seeing more like a couple thing.

    • echung
      echung Bulan Yang lalu

      We as a society often view therapy as something that is negative and taboo to talk about. It's something important and beneficial to all of us. We all have baggage of some kind. We all need to know how to process a wide range of things. You make a great point in that therapy isn't just available to "fix" someone but there as a resource for anyone to use.

    • Nusaiba Rafica
      Nusaiba Rafica Bulan Yang lalu +2

      We’ve all been through our fair share of traumas in life, does not give anyone the right to project it onto someone else. Also, imagine what Ashley must feel, receiving all this hate, for only falling for a guy. I’m sure she did not want to get in between the two, just cause your friend fell for a girl, giving the girl a hard time is not the right move here.

  • Aria Yang
    Aria Yang 2 bulan yang lalu +2830

    We're making things worse here. Let's not bash elliot nor on kashley or anyone. We're doing nothing good for their mental health by throwing any hate comments. Let's all step back and things be resolved among themselves in their own time.
    Meanwhile, let's just continue to support them as individuals.

    • Hesh Malavi
      Hesh Malavi Bulan Yang lalu


    • aoife
      aoife Bulan Yang lalu

      i love all of them individually tbh but the group dynamic is not it.

    • future
      future Bulan Yang lalu +1

      if people are behaving in a toxic/immature manner they ought to be called out so they can do better.

    • Luca Capron
      Luca Capron Bulan Yang lalu

      @wlndbeach English please

    • wlndbeach
      wlndbeach Bulan Yang lalu

      lmfaoo their word against others. you believe 1 angle of a story and start defaming??

  • Yemi Omotoso
    Yemi Omotoso Bulan Yang lalu +903

    Things like these make you appreciate a team like the Sidemen for sticking together for about 8yrs

    • Taha Soomro
      Taha Soomro Bulan Yang lalu

      cause they are men only

    • yomma
      yomma Bulan Yang lalu

      Yea that's what happens when you start dating each other

    • A_Beats
      A_Beats Bulan Yang lalu +3

      @Jack Simon and jj are literally dating wdym....

    • Yemi Omotoso
      Yemi Omotoso Bulan Yang lalu

      @Avi Sarma well the Sidemen did not become bigger in one night. It takes hard work and understanding each other.

    • Avi Sarma
      Avi Sarma Bulan Yang lalu

      @Yemi Omotoso the sidemen are a much better and bigger group than them

  • Gloria
    Gloria Bulan Yang lalu +494

    Listen guys, let's be all more careful with words.
    I understand that in this type of drama everyone has a strong opinion and takes a side defending it at all costs, but we must limit ourselves.
    They are young adults, they can solve all this very well in private, without spectators who continue to insult and threaten.
    Let's remember the effects that all this hating and cyber bullying can do.
    Be kinder and more sensitive for the sake of all of them.

    • J L
      J L Bulan Yang lalu

      “very well in private” OK its YT and eveyone is putting out their side so …. not private

    • coco
      coco  Bulan Yang lalu

      @GloriaBabe, I don’t want to be as entitled as you to think that nobody can comment about their response to this. The fact that you want to compare me to “hate in dramas” shows your idiotic mindset about “empathy” towards other people that don’t kindly deserve it. Let me remind you that as entitled as you are, your words don’t upset me and I have my own ways to value someone else with respect depending on how they interest other people. Again, your words don’t spazz a phase on me because I don’t give respect to people that clearly don’t deserve it. Stop crying too much about my choices babe 💓 and worry about yourself, you’re blessing my life too much with kind words ;)
      Also, “honey” really? You didn’t even wanna call me cutie names until you got affected. Such shame to be so hypocritical!

    • Gloria
      Gloria Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @coco Honey I would like to recall that you came to answer arrogantly saying disrespectful things under my comment when no one asked for your intervention.
      Funny as you do not know how to deal with a speech in a mature way and go on the defensive, have you never thought you were the sensitive one?
      Your answers and way of doing perfectly represent the fans who spread only hate unnecessarily in dramas you are literally not part of.
      Take this agitation and arrogance to defend other more important causes in life instead of wasting your time treating people badly.
      Have a good life babe! ✨

    • coco
      coco  Bulan Yang lalu

      @Gloria Also babe, you’re here telling me about “insensitive reasoning” but I’m not spreading hate, I simply do *not* give a damn or respect the guy for what he did. This *is* a problem that concerns us simply because of how much this guy has millions of followers and an influencer yet, because of his action and based on the speculation of _serious_ hate towards his best friend’s gf, that _other_ people spread hate due to him releasing the video for false narrative. And who’s to say that this Elliot is really down in the drain with his mental illness. You tell me that these problems are what we shouldn’t concern about yet you want to spend time and preach about my attitude and reasoning lmaooo. I’m sorry but I don’t wanna see this dude be called an “influencer” and an advocate for mental illness when he does fake shit like that behind the scenes. And two decent human beings _still_ care about him after all the apparent hate that these two described him say behind their back and waits for him to communicate but he doesn’t give a shit. It’s a simple no for me babe. No empathy for people like him 💓☺️

    • coco
      coco  Bulan Yang lalu

      @Gloria I think you’re too sensitive about what I care about babe. Grab a book ❤️

  • Yadira
    Yadira 2 bulan yang lalu +2344

    I think its just that Annemarie grounded the house no matter how big or fun everything was Annemarie always had a way of showing every individuals humanity and brought things into perspective she made everyone seem relatable

    • Flymetotheup
      Flymetotheup Bulan Yang lalu

      @jeremy_yzy stop assuming lmao not everyone is jealousy of kashley wtf you on? Yoi said you don't blame her yet you're tryna blaming even when she's no longer with them. That doesn't make any sense.

    • Sage Sunflower
      Sage Sunflower Bulan Yang lalu

      @ace I just seen Kelly’s new video

    • ace
      ace Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @Sage Sunflower Elliot is certified backstabber

    • jeremy_yzy
      jeremy_yzy Bulan Yang lalu

      to be honest, i dont blame her because she mightve been jealous of the relationship but she was super awkward

    • enproceso
      enproceso Bulan Yang lalu +26

      also living with a couple must be awkward as hell

  • Colin and Samir
    Colin and Samir 2 bulan yang lalu +1688

    Great video and a great run. You guys truly did something unique and should be proud of it 🙌🏼🙌🏾

    • Sara H
      Sara H Bulan Yang lalu

      I came back here to see if all this was a fever dream because I saw this video at like 2am .. Sadly it’s not. I really liked these guys 😢

    • Sara H
      Sara H Bulan Yang lalu

      PeanutBread It’s Elliot Choy d riding to say the way she worded her post reminded me of a toxic friend that I used to have?

    • PeanutBread
      PeanutBread Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @Cloroz weepvmundosalazar what is this Elliot Choy d riding 💀💀💀

    • ً
      ً Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @Cloroz weepvmundosalazar elliot has been backstabbing her for months lol how would you feel

    • Cloroz weepvmundosalazar
      Cloroz weepvmundosalazar Bulan Yang lalu +2

      I’m sorry I just can’t get over Ashley’s post lmao.. she legit speaks word for word like a manipulate toxic friend I used to have. “It was my fault for being naive” “I need to be careful in choosing my friends” “i know I basically called you the worst person ever but I genuinely hope for the best in your future” ew actually gives me chills

  • nbcc
    nbcc Bulan Yang lalu +525

    I think that trying to constantly “be happy” and “spread positivity” can get superficial and creates a distance between the creator and the viewer. Thank you for being as transparent as you could with this video. It builds a lot of trust with the audience❤

    • tink
      tink Bulan Yang lalu +1

      well now you know he wasn't actually being "transparent"

    • LeBrian
      LeBrian Bulan Yang lalu +9

      Well Elliott is contantly moping in his videos so "trying to constantly be happy" isnt an issue here. Every other vlog is "I dont know what to do with my life" or "taking another break from youtube". This dude is always on a break.

    • aliss liou
      aliss liou Bulan Yang lalu +1

      moms house will forever be one of my favorite creator houses and groups.

  • nattketchum
    nattketchum Bulan Yang lalu +88

    Dear elliot, I hope all this drama will mellow out and you guys can sit down and talk it out one day rather than disrespect each other or let the fans pick and chooses sides. but for now i hope your mental health is doing okay. I watched you since the beginning of times, just because you always smile in your videos doesn't mean you're happy. We don't really know what's going through someone's mind and only judge through videos. Only your friends and yourself can be the judge of that. Keep your head up high!

  • James Dino
    James Dino Bulan Yang lalu +142

    Besides all the drama, this video may just arguably be one of his best videos i've seen so far, like he's got the visuals, the music and a story. Can't wait to see what the future holds for Elliots career.

  • Dave Cartier
    Dave Cartier 2 bulan yang lalu +2160

    i really loved ur moms house as a 4 person collective. i stopped watching and lost interest once annemarie left and i felt bad that i lost interest because you are all really great creators and i looked forward to wednesdays because of yall but something felt off once she left, like the dynamic of content switched. best of luck to whatever is next elliot.

    • Mikka Rose Panganiban
      Mikka Rose Panganiban Bulan Yang lalu

      same thought

    • Chaeli
      Chaeli Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @junuk im not mad lol I am happy for them and all they've accomplished with each other. idk where you got the impression I was mad.

    • Chaeli
      Chaeli Bulan Yang lalu

      @Lara Blackburn how do you know he cheated on her tho ... everybody keep saying that but where is the proof?

    • junuk
      junuk 2 bulan yang lalu

      @Chaeli But they still got more followers day by day so stay mad💩🤪

    • Philip Wapaño
      Philip Wapaño 2 bulan yang lalu


  • Brittney Renteria
    Brittney Renteria Bulan Yang lalu +109

    The narrative that you gave in this video seems very vulnerable and honest. We can tell things have been different and like you expressed in your video it has been hard. I hope you create an even better experience for your future.
    P.S. Your videos and the majority of your channel has always been uplifting and inspiring. And it’s understandable that a person who pursues such amazing goals can have difficult times.

  • Tolulope Iwayemi
    Tolulope Iwayemi Bulan Yang lalu +2034

    I hate picking sides but Elliot owes Ashley an apology.

    • josephWOO
      josephWOO Bulan Yang lalu

      You are an actual child if you think this “beef” demands any sort of action from you. In reality this is just a bit of a falling out between some friends, and they’ll most likely get over it in the near future. It’s not a big deal. It just seems like a big deal because it’s on the internet in the form of overly and pretentiously produced videos

    • Jules Mon
      Jules Mon  Bulan Yang lalu

      100% this is a private matter that he turned public. Not cool

    • misstriangirl
      misstriangirl Bulan Yang lalu +4

      No he doesn’t. And obviously Kelly is going to defend Ashley

    • Ade busola
      Ade busola Bulan Yang lalu

      @Rebecca Thakuri Noooo

    • Yourauntngasin
      Yourauntngasin Bulan Yang lalu +3

      @Ctfl What i'm saying is, on Elliot's last video I don't think he was shading anyone in particular. It's very subjective, anyone can interpret the video in their own way. Now Kelly and Ashley has come up with a video to clarify/accusation of what Elliot has done. My only point is, let us wait for Elliot's side of the story before we jump to any conclusions.

  • Shoyo
    Shoyo 2 bulan yang lalu +105

    This felt like a documentary and a movie melted into something different. As if it was a glimpse of forgotten nostalgia screaming to be let free. Something special, really special. Amazing work, sir. I tap my head to you and everyone involved in this. This is simply put the peak this craft has to offer: A masterpiece under masterpieces. Well done, really well done. I wish you all the best in your next chapter. Cheers

    • RedDevil_Joe
      RedDevil_Joe Bulan Yang lalu +1

      Did he film that bit from 5:44 - 7:15 for this video though, cause that was ridiculous and pretentious 😂😂

  • Chelsey Thai
    Chelsey Thai Bulan Yang lalu +211

    my heart goes out to elliot because of how much hard work he put in for finding this house and formulating this group.

    • Bridgette Giannini
      Bridgette Giannini Bulan Yang lalu

      @Justme So he claims. But he also looks up to Kanye West as a role model. A known racist, Trump supporter, and an anti semi.

    • jeremy_yzy
      jeremy_yzy Bulan Yang lalu

      @Soul’ssatisfied fuck is u on about

    • Soul’ssatisfied
      Soul’ssatisfied Bulan Yang lalu

      This commenting is what I was looking for. Great support to all of them esp Elliot with amount of first hard work he put to get together the group. Just think about it deep. Elliot gas been going through hard times past few months so some of his decisions would be emotional but the fact that he still gathered courage to tell everything not in person but by a letter to Kelly *which shows him as an introvert person atp and it's not easy for introverts to share their extreme thoughts and feelings* tells us that Kelly was still the bestfriend who he could be close with and could talk to. See things from both sides perspective and you'll understand the pain they both went through. If you open Elliot's IDclips channel his recent videos are just him being lonely, sad, upset, drained and depressed so it all has been such a pain for Elliot for a long time before he decided to leave and basically escape the pain point

    • Justme
      Justme Bulan Yang lalu +1

      it was kellys idea 🙃🙃

    • jeremy_yzy
      jeremy_yzy Bulan Yang lalu +7

      he didnt make the group, kellys new video said that he didnt found it

  • Emily Monterrubio
    Emily Monterrubio Bulan Yang lalu +482

    Personally, I watched Kelly’s video first and he made me think it was messed up bc he phrased it as if Elliot schemed to release his video first to make Ashley & Kelly look a certain way bc he said “he knew what he was doing” but now that I watch this video and remember how well you treated Annemarie when she visited, how you still speak kindly about her, how this video is about you starting a new chapter. I realize Ashley and Kelly wanted to release a video all 3 at the same time because they have their own thing where they release a similar video at the same time about the same thing in their own perspectives. I see if Elliot released a video with them, it would’ve been what A+K wanted it to be and look like. Personally I don’t think that’s fair and it’s controlling in a way. That they’d leave to travel the world for weeks, make their own content and get views for eachother but they’re hurt when Elliot releases his video before them when Elliot is his own creator, because they knew what that’d expose about them. So sad because I’ve been subscribed to Ashley for years now, since her sophomore year of college (also seeing her mom’s deleted comment made me realize that they’re not who they show us on camera) if Ashley’s mom can say something so petty about one of Ashley’s close friends releasing a video about starting a new chapter & moving out to get his own views for his OWN career before her daughter’s, it only goes to show what Ashley may be like behind cameras. It’s so disappointing bc I was a fan of A+K

    • KEVIN LE
      KEVIN LE Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @sidney berjamin they did rewatch it their reply is under this thread

    • sidney berjamin
      sidney berjamin Bulan Yang lalu +1

      I think you need to watch his new video again ….

    • KEVIN LE
      KEVIN LE Bulan Yang lalu +3

      @Emily Monterrubio hopefully he changes. I guess this is why Annemarie left, she probably did not want to be in between the beef

    • Emily Monterrubio
      Emily Monterrubio Bulan Yang lalu +5

      @KEVIN LE yeah Kelly mentioned he’s called and texted Elliot but he hasn’t answered him. He told Elliot that he’d forgive him talking behind his back and everything if Elliot apologized to Ashley. So hopefully Elliot can choose his friendships over Pride or Ego

    • KEVIN LE
      KEVIN LE Bulan Yang lalu +3

      @Emily Monterrubio this whole situation is just so unfortunate hopefully they can be on good terms in the future

  • Richards Voicecast
    Richards Voicecast Bulan Yang lalu +15

    As a creator, i tell you what..this guy is so good. Art is not all about the content, Art is about the Articulacy of the creation. The video speaks for itself. Great Job.

  • boopbeboop
    boopbeboop Bulan Yang lalu +13

    I hope your takeaway from this is that a decentralized group quickly falls apart without leadership. Either lead, Elliot, and have a vision for where your group will go or don’t be disappointed when it falls apart. The lesson isn’t that you need a new group of people; it’s that you need a new strategy. Good choice in letting go ur mom’s house. You’ll be better for it. Just don’t rebound into another group without learning the right lesson from this. Good luck.

  • Trinh Tran
    Trinh Tran Bulan Yang lalu +36

    this video was “dramatic” to be a storytelling for how elliot PERSONALLY feels. he handled this pretty maturely imo (aside from the agreement to post a joint goodbye vid). elliot directed the vision for the content house and he simply expresses his disappointment for it not going as planned. most of his statements use “i” which a lot of you fail to comprehend. he didnt point fingers or go into specifics, it was literally just his perspective. but viewers will take that one resentment bit and run with it. it was literally not about kashley and i dont understand why he would feel envy when he is still successful and is in a relationship w nic…. bffr

    • Aerin Fortes
      Aerin Fortes Bulan Yang lalu

      right 😭 it was literally one line and said so respectfully.. he was just saying how he feels and people are attacking him instead of stopping and using their brains to think abt what the others cld have done to cause this resentment

    • Jean
      Jean Bulan Yang lalu

      @Trinh Tran The problem is urmomshouse was part of each of their brands so it's like being business partners. The creator house boosted all of their channels benefiting them financially. The best way would have done an announcement together with each of them making light hearted videos to help prevent speculation and viewers from picking sides. That would have left the house on a good note as they parted ways.

    • Trinh Tran
      Trinh Tran Bulan Yang lalu +2

      @Jean im just speaking for the content of his video itself. obviously idk anything about their prearrangements but maybe he ended up not creating a joint vid bc he didnt want to gear towards the narrative that everything was all great and good with the ending of the house. i dont think posting this vid separate from the others was the worst thing he couldve done

    • Julianna bartolome
      Julianna bartolome Bulan Yang lalu +1

      If Kelly was on good terms by watching Elliot’s video. They could of still made a joint statement video all together but oh wait he didn’t

    • Jean
      Jean Bulan Yang lalu +1

      Elliot could of had a agenda when he made the video. Who knows. Considering urmomshouse represented all of them and he led the others to believe he was going to join the announcement and make a light hearted video goes to show he's not truthful. I'm not saying he's a bad person, but you really can't believe everything you see in a video.

  • Mel Palomino
    Mel Palomino 2 bulan yang lalu +23

    He can be open about his struggles while showing the reality of the situation; the lease is up, EVERYONE is moving out, everyone is packing up together, everyone is having their final laugh before starting a new chapter, and that’s it. When I first watched this the impression I got was that only he was moving out and he was doing it abruptly because the situation was that bad for him. Seems intentional to me, stupid at the very least.

  • nobodys
    nobodys Bulan Yang lalu +91

    I just wanted to say that it's a complicated situation from all sides. I can only imagine how unmatched expectations, loneliness and mental pressure feel. It's quite sad that the narrative that we - viewers - were able to get was not complete and omitted a number of crucial moments. And the timeline was perceived differently because of that. It doesn't deny the fact that there were episodes of miscommunication and hurting each other. And I'm damn sad because of all this. I loved watching every member of UrMomsHouse and I can tell that these episodes helped me to go through probably the hardest part of my own life. And therefore I'm grateful to each member of the house. I really wish you will be able to remain good friends. Or at least try to do it. Life moves on, but we should remain humans to one another. Love to all of you who read this comment. Hugs.

  • xi
    xi Bulan Yang lalu +58

    Your feelings are valid Elliot, and it’s totally fine for you to express yourself the way u want in your videos. You do you, we look forward to more content from u!!

  • Josh Warner
    Josh Warner 2 bulan yang lalu +20

    Dang man, I’m sorry that you’ve had a rough few months, and I really do hope you get better in the new chapter of your life! However I will say that it’s not cool that you made it seem like you are the only one leaving the house, when in fact everyone is. It’s casts a negative light on Kelly and Ashley and the others involved in Ur Mom’s House, and thats not fair to them. Good luck on your future adventures.

  • itsRalph
    itsRalph 2 bulan yang lalu +998

    Elliot its okay no matter where you go we will all still be there supporting you. Remember don't be sad its ending, be happy it happened, excited for the future :)

    • Life Of Liana
      Life Of Liana 2 bulan yang lalu

      idclips.com/video/pM1Y6d-WOVk/video.html vlog ;D

    • sm0k809
      sm0k809 2 bulan yang lalu +1

      roblox chad

    • Im Thrillz
      Im Thrillz 2 bulan yang lalu +2

      Elliot’s channel was one of the biggest from the beginning, i dont think he has to worry about losing support on his channel lol

    • Hashim Ammar [ AMV ]
      Hashim Ammar [ AMV ] 2 bulan yang lalu +1

      He didn’t even see your comment 😂 sad life

    • Don't Read My Profile Photo
      Don't Read My Profile Photo 2 bulan yang lalu +2

      Don't read my name ..

  • themindofme
    themindofme Bulan Yang lalu +23

    I don't think Elliot is blaming anyone tbh. Sometimes in friend groups when people get in relationships the whole dynamic changes and maybe nobody meant to hurt anyone. I hope all of you don't spread and hate. They all have a right to feel how they feel

  • Bruno C321
    Bruno C321 Bulan Yang lalu +139

    Elliot wasn't trying to paint Kelly and Ashley in a bad light he was simply just describing how he felt and the reasons why the house is officially over .Putting the blame on any of the 3 of them or even Annemarie helps no one and only makes things worse , we as an audience need to not get involved in something too deeply that doesn't need us . They're going their own ways and the most we can do is support them as individuals.

  • pulsar
    pulsar Bulan Yang lalu +34

    Wish you all the best, Elliot! I found you through Ashley but you ended up being my favorite roommate. I feel like you're the most genuine of the bunch and I hope you don't let the negativity get to you. Making and losing friends is a completely normal part of life.

  • Asha M
    Asha M Bulan Yang lalu +1272

    Rewatching knowing he hated Ashley during these vids is eyeopening

    • Ashley Love
      Ashley Love 18 jam yang lalu

      wait where did she say that can yall send me the link i wanna know

    • Sara H
      Sara H Bulan Yang lalu +5

      Adriana Ledo Alvarez Y’all this some kindergarten drama fr., you actually believe a stranger word for word and trust them 100%? You can’t trust anyone on the internet, and I don’t trust Elliot nor Ashley and Kelly but I trust kashley less because of how they talk shit so publicly about someone they called a friend before. Literally not even the most childish influencers like tana or jake Paul sit down and talk and write sht about who they fell out with ., don’t trust any of their words. Look at their behavior. They claim all sorts of things vocally because they felt so betrayed that elliot posted the video that he was leaving first., he had the right to post it. He did leave ur mom’s house because technically that group still exists , they just replaced Elliot with two other dudes and moved to another apartment. Once people started speculating online, to protect themselves and their own image, they were 100% willing to air out all sorts of dirty laundry and throw someone who they claimed was so precious to them just a few videos before. First Ashley and her mother tried the accusation method, sht didn’t work so they went with self victimization. I’d be side eyeing people ik irl real hard if they started hella gossiping and publicly spreading hate about people that they were in close relationships with. Y’all this behavior is toxic, it’s actually so scary that so many people just believe anything they hear

    • Sara H
      Sara H Bulan Yang lalu

      wlndbeach Yeah these people are sheep fr

    • nez
      nez Bulan Yang lalu +4

      oh I noticed his behaviour was off when it came to Ashely. Even Anne-marie didn't seem to like her. There's always those type of friends that make you think they like you but looking back they were just acting to be by the side of every other friend you had

    • Turtle
      Turtle Bulan Yang lalu +2

      @wlndbeach why are we bringing there moms into it it’s not are problem

  • Jake Rochford
    Jake Rochford 2 bulan yang lalu +2793

    it’s been “kashley’s house” for a while now, don’t blame you for separating yourself from something you didn’t sign up for. Best of luck and I’ll be there watching your journey

    • future
      future Bulan Yang lalu

      oh no he better act out like a man child because people are more interested in following them.

    • sarah
      sarah Bulan Yang lalu +3

      y’all look goofy af for all this speculation. at least wait until you have all the information…

    • joaqueen
      joaqueen Bulan Yang lalu

      @coffeetae you're right about Ashley's videos! her old videos and thumbnails made sense and are all so pretty! but now it's just very clickbaity and very generic! she used to be unique and now she's just doing everything just to get more and more views. i do think that Elliot needs to apologize to Ashley and talk to her and say sorry though because he uploaded this video without her consent (idc about Kelly's consent he's not that important but Ashley's consent definitely matters to most of us)

    • molly seidel
      molly seidel Bulan Yang lalu

      Why are people so invested in IDclipsr relationships. Kashley this kashley that. There are people dying from starvation rn y’all 😂

    • Julianna bartolome
      Julianna bartolome Bulan Yang lalu +3

      @Khushi vats they literally did address.
      They were supposed to put out a joint statement but Elliot straight up left

  • YS R
    YS R Bulan Yang lalu +28

    ALWAYS ALWAYS rooting for you Elliot!!!!! Dream big and trust yourself bc ur talent and drive for success is really inspirational to so many 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • reign
    reign Bulan Yang lalu +20

    just coming back to say that Elliot, your feelings are completely valid and i hope u are doing okay !! wishing you all the best for your new journey, can’t wait to see more vids 💛

  • Jennifer Avila
    Jennifer Avila 2 bulan yang lalu +147

    never did once elliot made it seem like it’s someone’s fault. as someone who’s watched his videos since he started filming in Harvard, I can tell he wanted to show a story and how everything began and how it progressed. for Kelly and elliot to have beef, I think it’s the comments that are making Kelly and Ashley overthink. I felt like this was a bittersweet story. And for those that are blaming a situation, just leave them be and respect their decision without letting drama be created. much love ❤️

    • Shannon lim
      Shannon lim Bulan Yang lalu


    • William Yip
      William Yip Bulan Yang lalu +6

      The fact that the roomates agreed to post at the same time, but elliot decided to post his video first to establish his narrative makes me a little uncomfortable.

    • Kristina
      Kristina Bulan Yang lalu

      @Levi Prado she only said “started filming”

    • Levi Prado
      Levi Prado Bulan Yang lalu +2

      He didn’t even go to Harvard

  • Swarovski
    Swarovski Bulan Yang lalu +26

    YOU started this house the October of last year...you were the backbone to this house....no matter where you go in life ..we'll always support you...stay strong..we're with you!

  • henryswaifu143
    henryswaifu143 2 bulan yang lalu +2175

    tbh i feel really bad for elliot bc he’s the one who started the idea of a creator house and he ended up disconnecting with it. i hope he can stay in nyc because he talks about how much he likes it there
    edit: i thought it was elliot bc he’s the one who recruited annemarie and i thought he was the one who was looking for apartments in nyc but sorry my bad if it was kelly 💔

    • CSL
      CSL 14 hari yang lalu

      Pretty sure Elliot was the backbone

    • future
      future Bulan Yang lalu


    • tink
      tink Bulan Yang lalu +2

      it was literally Kelly's idea

    • Justme
      Justme Bulan Yang lalu +2

      @study oasis ur wrong

    • ace
      ace Bulan Yang lalu +3

      @Edon yeah he obviously a backstabber, jealousy can always destroy friendship 🐍

  • catalina peña
    catalina peña Bulan Yang lalu +341

    I find impressive that Elliot can narrate all those beautiful words about growing and that change is good even though he talked behind peoples backs and wasn’t available to say sorry to Ashley
    Like, bruh
    Quite an empty speech

    • misstriangirl
      misstriangirl Bulan Yang lalu +2

      I find impressive you watch a video and totally eat it up without realizing Kashley has their own narrative

    • Taha Soomro
      Taha Soomro Bulan Yang lalu +1

      ive been watching elliot from the start of his channel . i bet he said this under anger and shit . and i yeah its only one side of th story

    • Jeremy Hunter
      Jeremy Hunter Bulan Yang lalu

      For real. Lost all respect for Elliot

    • tink
      tink Bulan Yang lalu

      @ZhiBao lmao no watch Kelly & Ashley's video

    • ZhiBao
      ZhiBao Bulan Yang lalu +1

      wtf did he do I am confused did he punch Ashley or something?

  • skylar
    skylar Bulan Yang lalu +56

    the essential message I received from this is that being in your 20s is hard and anyone this age or at a transitional period of life can relate. it was a nice feeling and I didn’t get anything negative from this but maybe that’s just me. great work elliot!

  • ToriaPlay
    ToriaPlay 2 bulan yang lalu +826

    I personally don't see any shade. Elliot may have not posted an ending video with ashely and kelly because he wanted to show his perspective- not theirs. For him, leaving the house wasn't just physically moving out- It was starting a new chapter. For ashely and kelly, they're still going to be together and probably make the same content as they always- keeping ur mom's house spirit alive but in another location. Anyways this is their relationship and their lives and I don't think we should victimize anyone. To be honest working with people who are your friends can be difficult and eventually there were going to be some issues between one another. The way they broke up isn't the worse and I'm kinda glad we get to see both perspectives. However, perspective comes with biases. As viewers who didn't witness the full picture of their relationship: we should respectfully accept their decisions without hating on any of them.

    • Zephan Wong
      Zephan Wong Bulan Yang lalu

      @DaJuan Wells it literally is in the title instead of “an end of a chapter” or something he chooses to start the narrative that he is leaving believe me im a big fan of Elliot but have to assess this through an objective lens

    • Taha Soomro
      Taha Soomro Bulan Yang lalu

      exactly where is the shade

    • DaJuan Wells
      DaJuan Wells Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @Zephan Wong I beg to differ. It's an assumption a mass of people are making that Elliot released his video 1st to make his own narrative and that one simple part of the video is shade or is what started the beef. This video before Kelly and Ashleys was just someone sharing their journey with the house, their feelings and emotions along the way and them putting it into cinematic videography and story telling. Saying he started resenting his best friends was context from the prior moments and thoughts in the video so people could understand how he emotionally and mentally.
      Also since UMH was already pretty much done at that point and the damage behind the scenes in their friendships had already been done, he didn't owe it to them to post at the same day and time as them. Especailly since it was a pretty emotionally charged journey for him he could have posted it first because he just wanted to post it, get it over with and be done and move on instead of waiting to post it later with the others. People have shit to do outside of these videos and you have no idea what was going on behind the scenes for him. That assumption that he did it to fit a narrative came only because it was mentioned by Kelly and ashley.
      It's also an assumption that " Elliot made it seem like he was the only one leaving". Elliot could have posted his video early or the same time as them and it would have made no difference essentially. The only reason beef became public was due to the response in Kelly's video in the middle of the edit as well as the one he did with Ashley. Had he just posted his video without an edit of that in the middle talking about Elliot we wouldn't even be having this conversation right now.
      Response from Kelly seemed more on a create and control the narrative move as it was more reactionary. You gotta keep in mind...US watching Elliots video vs Kelly watching it carrys an insanely different meaning and understanding. This is both of their lives and It seems Kelly wasn't thinking from a viewers perspective, it was from his own due to the experience and interactions they've had within the last few months. Kelly didn't have to make that edit in his video which kinda backfired on him pretty heavily and then they had to make another video to control that fire Kelly started in his edit.
      Posting when emotionally charged can make things worse and really expose public beef that people probably wouldn't have know anywhere near that extend or even at all if he didn't post 2 response.
      But to each their own. Cheers, m8.

    • Zephan Wong
      Zephan Wong Bulan Yang lalu +21

      I agree with you but knowing what happened between them is irrelevant because the fact that Elliot made it seem like he was the only one leaving was sus in itself because by doing that it leaves subtext saying “we have irreconcilable differences”
      it just leaves people room to assume it shouldn’t be this ambiguous with some this sensitive and when he mentioned how he started resenting best friends what are audiences supposed to think other than negative thoughts about Kelly and ashley?

    • Amanda Prevedello
      Amanda Prevedello Bulan Yang lalu +15

      My gosh this is literally the best response to it, wish everyone could think the same and not shade and victimize one or another

  • tofu
    tofu Bulan Yang lalu +7

    i've been watching you since you were at vanderbilt, and it's amazing to see how much you've grown and changed since then. this is my first time commenting on your videos as i rarely comment on youtube in general, but i just wanted to say that i appreciate the honesty of this video. although some parts were a little dramatic (the rain scene lol), i still appreciate how genuine this video is. i can understand where you're coming from/feeling left out from your "best friends". personally i don't find this video to be shading your roommates like what some people have said - it's just displaying your true emotions. don't beat yourself up about some of the comments!
    never forget why you started youtube and this career path. it's what you worked hard for and believed in during your college days.
    keep going elliot!! excited for this new chapter~~

  • Raymond Pham
    Raymond Pham 2 bulan yang lalu +534

    Definitely watching this video made me really tear up. I've watched Elliot since Vanderbilt, joined his discord, talked to him for a bit with a group of friends. Elliot has probably changed me for the better as a content creator. When I heard about ur moms house, it brought me so much joy because I got to see his journey from trying to find a place / group to finding the four main youtubers I watch today (Ashley, Kelly, Anne Marie, and Mr Bokchoy ((Also Starting to watch Issa))) It sucks that the journey has ended for you, however I find it super healthy that you are taking that next step in your life into being a bigger and better content creator. Much Love Elliot, keep it up homie.

    • Life Of Liana
      Life Of Liana 2 bulan yang lalu

      idclips.com/video/pM1Y6d-WOVk/video.html vlog :)

  • Tyrone Pasajol
    Tyrone Pasajol Bulan Yang lalu +169

    I honestly look up to you for a long time Elliot. The whole video was very well made but not enough context to your main point of view. To everyone leaving a negative comment please stop and think before you type something to rude. This people are human and have real feelings.

    • Joeeeen
      Joeeeen Bulan Yang lalu

      @Cris K ok 😘

    • Cris K
      Cris K Bulan Yang lalu

      @Joeeeen clearly have no life outside IDclips lol enjoy love

    • Joeeeen
      Joeeeen Bulan Yang lalu

      @Cris K Again lame excuse 😁

    • Cris K
      Cris K Bulan Yang lalu

      @Joeeeen you implied it when you said "lame excuse lmfao" but don't worry, you're blocked ;)

    • Joeeeen
      Joeeeen Bulan Yang lalu

      @Cris K Where did I say he owe me😴

  • teu-mae
    teu-mae Bulan Yang lalu +30

    Dude just wanted you to know, Iove your videos and editing style, and where you are doesn't matter to your viewers, it's not even the videos you make, just being yourself is enough. So go out and live life to your fullest! You only get once chance at life and as you said, you gotta put the past behind you to enjoy the present

  • Jess Guan
    Jess Guan Bulan Yang lalu +23

    I loved how honest you were about your mental health in this video! It takes a lot of courage to admit things didn't work out. You have my support, Elliot 😊

    • onei jike
      onei jike Bulan Yang lalu

      holds for Elliots career.

  • Pam-E La
    Pam-E La Bulan Yang lalu +17

    This was a great video Elliot. I enjoyed watching all of you guys together since the beginning, but especially appreciated your presence. You're a very genuine person and your videos were not only fun to watch but actually useful and growth-oriented which I'm sure has helped so many of your viewers, like myself. Like many others have stated, I really felt Anne Marie's grounding and comforting presence and once she left, it just felt unbalanced for probably that reasonYou deserve to be around people who understand and appreciate and support your journey too.
    You too deserve to be unapologetically yourself. Don't listen to people who make assumptions about you who don't even know the real you or take the time to. All that is just noise. Thank you Elliot for being you!! So proud of you and your dedication to self-peace and growth.

  • Frank Huynh
    Frank Huynh 2 bulan yang lalu +7183

    think we all kinda realized moment annemarie left the house, the group wasn't going to work out. Overall we gotta give him props creating ur moms house in first place..

    • Flymetotheup
      Flymetotheup Bulan Yang lalu

      @Melodic Paints I don't find him misogynistic he's just explaining his theory and experience.

    • SYD🦋🦋
      SYD🦋🦋 Bulan Yang lalu

      @ً 😂😂😂😂

    • kunaiapex_
      kunaiapex_ Bulan Yang lalu


    • beef patty
      beef patty Bulan Yang lalu

      @Becksdown shut up nic had no say in the business goofy 😊.

    • Jason Z
      Jason Z Bulan Yang lalu

      @gigi zurpos amber LOL ur delusional

  • Mattymoyouknow
    Mattymoyouknow Bulan Yang lalu +18

    Definitely Elliot's best shot and produced video. Sad to see it end. I'm not sure why the other channels feel shaded by it, I didn't hear any blame in this one. Hopefully they can all can reconcile one day. Enjoyed seeing all their perspectives on life.

  • ann j
    ann j Bulan Yang lalu +15

    through this i (and a lot of us) are able to see the progress of maturity and self-awareness for space of growth in elliot. in all honesty there was no shade which some people think there is but rather, elliot realizing what he need for himself. its hard especially being in a hustle and bustle of a big city and then online too, you realize theres moments where you have to focus on yourself. good luck on your future journey and whats to come elliot!!

  • Rosa La
    Rosa La Bulan Yang lalu +39

    Thanks for being vulnerable and letting us get a peak at what you were feeling. Sorry that others who lack emotional intelligence saw it as an attack. Rooting for your growing success ❤

  • pari j
    pari j Bulan Yang lalu +10

    Elliot I wish u the best and I love your content! keep on doing you I love how authentic and transparent u are. keep on smiling

  • Nate O'Brien
    Nate O'Brien 2 bulan yang lalu +5413

    Although sad, I think this is arguably the best video Elliot has ever made. When you really study the cinematography, the storytelling, and his ability to take you on a journey through this period of his life - it’s truly incredible.

    • Fire
      Fire Bulan Yang lalu

      @William Yip Yea that was wild

    • William Yip
      William Yip Bulan Yang lalu

      @Fire Yea, it definitely was overdramatized in the editing, but I also feel like this whole drama was partly everyones fault... (The part where Elliot HATES Ashley was pretty hurtful though)

    • Fire
      Fire Bulan Yang lalu

      @William Yip After some weeks and coming back to this video, I see what you mean lol. Watching it a second time, I definitely perceived it differently. I still think the editing is done fairly well, but it’s also overdramatized. After Ashley and Kelly’s video I cannot watch this video the same way.💀

    • Fizza Ejaz
      Fizza Ejaz Bulan Yang lalu

      @Khan © Best comment ever, Ashley's mom is the best!!

    • BiggestBullsFan
      BiggestBullsFan Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @eighty lol

  • pragati k
    pragati k Bulan Yang lalu +24

    Elliot, thanks for sharing how you feel. All of us are rooting for your next move. Don't know why Ashley's mom got into this and left a mean comment. Let them adult and sort their own thing.

  • Eunice
    Eunice Bulan Yang lalu +49

    Elliot’s happiness depended on his friends, which is fine but also problematic. You need to be able to live your life individually as well which i think he struggled with and felt neglected when his roommates weren’t around. It’s not a vendetta against you when your friends have a life outside of the house. It may feel like neglect and hatred towards you but it’s maturity, which Elliot still has to learn

    • Caleb Dowers
      Caleb Dowers Bulan Yang lalu

      @wlndbeach ah yes, I, a stranger on the internet who you know nothing about, have to be toxic because I pick one side in a dispute. lol. no maplenerd22 is right, if elliot was in fact trash talking that is obviously wrong and i don’t support that. i was simply responding to the content of Eunice’s comment, nothing more. neither kelly and ashley nor elliot were without fault in this. and i’m 100% certain we don’t know the whole story and won’t ever, and we shouldn’t. we’re just strangers making opinions on hearsay. so maybe don’t attack random internet strangers, making statements about their morals in an effort to defend people you don’t know. just a thought. it’s not that deep lol

    • wlndbeach
      wlndbeach Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @Maplenerd22 exactly. i like how he left that part out about elliot shit talking to other people just for it to come back to kelly and ashley. lol toxic creators like elliot encourage his toxic fans to stick around

    • Maplenerd22
      Maplenerd22 Bulan Yang lalu +7

      @Caleb Dowers If that's the case, then Elliot should have talked things out with Kelly AND Ashley, instead of talking behind people's back. That's what mature people do.

    • Caleb Dowers
      Caleb Dowers Bulan Yang lalu +1

      Your comment would make sense in a different context, but this is a content creator house. Ashley and Kelly were very obviously isolating themselves and not contributing to the house, leaving Elliot high and dry. I would argue that THAT is lacking maturity. Expecting your friends/coworkers to spend time with you/work with you is not lacking maturity whatsoever. From what I can see, Elliot appears as a very driven and independent person who seems to place his happiness more in success and reaching goals than friends. But his friends/coworkers decided to not to be team players. From watching Elliot's videos--even his old videos before the house--you'd know his happiness isn't dependent on his friends.

  • M C
    M C 2 bulan yang lalu +17

    Thank you Elliot for getting the group and house together in the first place. We all knew you wanted this to work so bad and so did we... but there were things no one could’ve predicted and it’s definitely sad to see. However, it seems like you are finding a new you and we all support it!

  • Alex Lim
    Alex Lim Bulan Yang lalu +7

    If y’all understood the tone of the video it’s a sad ending to this chapter. Y’all need to stop jumping to conclusions and give Elliot the support he needs. I loved the cinematography work. It rly did make me feel something Elliot. I hope you get the right type of help and begin to feel better. You deserve everything.

  • cal
    cal 2 bulan yang lalu +390

    aw man I seriously miss those days, when you would all post right after one another on the same day, I’m not sure why it feels so long ago but maybe it has been. You’ve all grown sooo much in this span of time together, and even though it never went the way we expected it to, it definitely happened for a reason. I can also imagine how it would’ve felt when Ashley and Kelly started dating more publically, I always wondered where you were , but you could tell it wasn’t the same.

  • DanielS
    DanielS 2 bulan yang lalu +139

    In this video Elliot said “ I started to resent some of my best friends”, Those are really strong words, this video was more than just a “leaving the house video”. There’s def tension. I wonder what the beef is between Kelly and Elliot. Whatever the case is, I’m a fan of both and support both; wishing them all the best, can’t wait to see future content

    • study oasis
      study oasis Bulan Yang lalu +29

      With the tone he used, I saw it as him disliking that he even felt resentment. Sometimes you can't help hating close friends especially if it's influenced in a certain environment (ie their work and personal lives are so intermingled it must have felt really suffocating and confusing for him). Bc those feelings started to arise, he thought it would be best to leave to squash those negative feelings, that clearly affected him and others around him

  • Olive Hernandez
    Olive Hernandez Bulan Yang lalu +9

    I’m really hoping you’re not getting so much hate and that the support you’re getting overpowers that 🫶🏼 can’t wait to see the next chapter. Funny how I found you through AA and I’ve since unsubbed her and stayed with your content

  • Ahd Hashim
    Ahd Hashim Bulan Yang lalu +10

    Just here to remind not to pay attention to the hate you’re getting I honestly don’t see how you shaded the other roommates you just simply stated how you felt throughout these past months which is totally valid in your behalf🤍 we’re excited for what’s coming next for you and we’ll be supporting you

  • Arsela Mallick
    Arsela Mallick Bulan Yang lalu +96

    love you Elliot!
    to the people saying this is dramatic (including ashleys mom unfortunately):
    the real viewers who have been following you guys for a long time clearly know how much effort Elliot put into the house. it was mostly his idea, he brought everyone together, found the apartment, got the times sq billboard, etc etc. He deserves to express exactly how he feels. Plus the storytelling and cinematography is so well done. In my opinion Elliot seemed the most genuine & passionate in the house. No matter what happened we’ll always support you bc you’re an amazing creator!

    • Marie Dy
      Marie Dy Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @Arsela Mallick yeah true. I just feel bad for them especially when everyone's all up in their business. I wish them all the best and that they could solve all their problems 💖

    • Arsela Mallick
      Arsela Mallick Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @Marie Dy Same, it really is unfortunate, I never thought it'd be like this. Keep in mind that video is all through Kelly and Ashley's point of view. I think the best thing would be for them to do the joint podcast and hear everyone's perspectives. Wish them all the best

    • Marie Dy
      Marie Dy Bulan Yang lalu +3

      Kelly just posted a vid explaining everything 🥲 It was mentioned there that it was a joint effort between kelly and elliot in establishing the house... Elliot betrayed kelly and talked shit behind his back... I think it's just sad how everything turned out this way.

    • Lyza Andatuan
      Lyza Andatuan Bulan Yang lalu +3

      wait for real ashleys mom said this was dramatic? nooo 😢😢😢

  • Etherz
    Etherz  Bulan Yang lalu +128

    Two sides to every story. Its cringe to see people side with Elliot after Kelly released a video that backfired on him and it is also cringe to see everyone side with Kelly and Ashley the moment they release a second video. Just leave them be. They are human and we dont even know how much of everything is true from both sides

    • LeBrian
      LeBrian Bulan Yang lalu +5

      The actions of those who know them best is also quite telling. The fact that Kelly and Ashley are in a new apartment living with and hanging out with the friend group, tells us what the group thinks of how things really shook out.

    • coco
      coco  Bulan Yang lalu

      @Michael It's better if you watch it yourself. If you read it from someone else's words, their opinions and bias will be created inside of it. The problem has been rooted since months ago so it's best to watch each detail to just gain a perspective.

    • Michael
      Michael Bulan Yang lalu

      @RUser User can u like tell me what happened between all of them? i feel like ive been living under a rock

    • RUser User
      RUser User Bulan Yang lalu +5

      It's insane just seeing literally 90% of comments do a 180 after the day of the Kelly and Ashley response, the parasocial venting is wild in these comments.
      Hopefully it was worked out away from the camera.

    • eni
      eni Bulan Yang lalu +4

      People are so easily manipulated and gullible, i hope kashley and elliot work it out behind the scenes tho

  • Darion Vigil
    Darion Vigil Bulan Yang lalu +9

    I just hope at the end of the day you guys realize the temporary problem shouldn’t be forever. I’m glad you guys made ur mom’s house and gave us great content . Will you guys all film together again? Who knows. But I hope wherever y’all will end up in new endeavors, y’all remain friends and continue to be great. Thanks for being inspiring, creative and genuine.

  • Nancy Velasco
    Nancy Velasco Bulan Yang lalu +5

    We’ll always support your decision Elliot and I hope you find happiness in your future plans. it takes a lot to finally realize that there might be things that you aren’t feeling comfortable with and stepping away from the negativity that your getting.

  • Dahliabyi
    Dahliabyi Bulan Yang lalu +59

    Annemarie is like a mom keeping everyone together, I’ll be honest. If I was to live together with a couple, I’ll feel left out and feel like 3rd wheeling all the time as well if not feeling fit in, left out. I’m not surprise how the group ended this way, after all.. it’ll only last 1 or 3years maxim of good relationships with people you met in life. I wish the best of luck in every members as they parts way…

  • youtube user
    youtube user 2 bulan yang lalu +64

    There is no wrong or right decision. It's just how each person accepts it. Elliot will grow from this decision and how the rest accepts this makes their path. Vice versa for each ur moms house roomate. Considering that we(subscribers) no nothing about the truth, the best we can do is wish the best for them.

  • Trinity Mumm
    Trinity Mumm 2 bulan yang lalu +5

    I wish you the best of luck in your next chapter Elliot. You were the first creator out of this group that I watched and I have always enjoyed watching your videos each week. I am excited to see what you will do next.

  • Casey Yoon
    Casey Yoon 2 bulan yang lalu +168

    I'm sure Elliot didn't intend to make audiences feel as if Elliot was throwing shade to Ashley and Kelly. Elliot phrased his feelings around his mental health decline after Annemarie's departure and the NYC content creator house not feeling like the productive, stimulating environment as they imagined and previously experienced in LA. It's also cool to see Elliot talking about his feelings and his mindset in light of his most recent videos outlining his burnout and mental decline.
    But after watching Kelly's video and his response to Elliot's video, although Elliot may not have intended for Ashley and Kelly to get hate from their audiences, it was a dick move, especially if Elliot considers Kelly and Ashley as friends. As Kelly mentions, Elliot is a smart guy and his business decision to not post at the previously agreed to date, does provide a lot more clicks and views to all of their videos, yet at the cost of controversy, rumors, and speculations about their friendship. This ultimately put Kelly and Ashley's image and reputation at stake and that's why I called it a dick move -- a business decision that garnered more views for Elliot, himself, at the cost of his so-called friends (if they're still friends at all)
    I believe Elliot's and Kelly's intentions of starting a content creator house were great, yet a bit naive, something I'm sure they both realize or have realized recently. Initially, drawing inspiration from their time in the content creator house in LA, I say Elliot's and Kelly's intentions were naive in the sense, that the perceived success of one project may not necessarily translate to that of another. I'm not saying that ur mom's house was not a success, but the parameters were slightly different. In LA, the period of stay was rather short compared to the year in NYC. Also, nobody left and nobody was romantically involved with each other in LA. Again, naive in a sense that these factors were not accounted for in NYC.
    Life happens and yes, people should care for their own selves first for the sake of their mental health. And although the NYC content creator house was at the core, just a group of friends who became roommates and documented their good times together, it is, however, also a business/career. Kelly and Elliot pitched this idea of a NYC content creator house and should have been directly responsible for taking into account the various factors regarding human relations. If the ur mom's house videos were a mainstream TV show, HR would have been heavily involved. The lack of such an entity only contributed to the controversy for those involved. In IDclips, there is a lot of mixing between personal and business and it's sad to see friendships soured/strained from these issues. I hope Elliot makes up with Kelly and we can see their friendship still on camera as a fan of both these creators.
    Much love to those involved
    Disclaimer: These are just my thoughts, so who cares what I think lol I'm just another speculating fan 🤷‍♂

    • Casey Yoon
      Casey Yoon Bulan Yang lalu

      @laura ☆ That’s a fair point of view, you could call it an unprofessional accusation based on contextual evidence that Kelly points out is Elliot’s supposed intentions. I understand where you’re coming from, however, I would like to suggest that confrontation is wildly unpleasant for some, yet very much a necessary part in resolving matters.
      I grew up to be an avoidant person and found confrontation and thus taking accountability to be pretty hard. There really was no “right way” for Kelly to have confronted Elliot about this issue and as much as Elliot deserves the benefit of the doubt for not having intended to hurt Kelly and Ashley in any way, Kelly also deserves the same level of expectations, in that, his so called accusations is merely a confrontation to affirm Elliot’s intentions.
      As an alternative perspective, professionalism is also inherently biased because who determines what is professional? What is professionalism? In what context is something deemed unprofessional? Kelly could be unprofessional in his “attack” on Elliot, but so could Elliot for not having adhered to the previously agreed upon upload date, which I would argue to be just as, if not more unprofessional as it was a previously agreed upon business decision.
      To call someone less professional based on their reaction to a potential wrongdoing done on them only belittles them. Like how people have belittled others in America be it women, people of color, or other minority groups, to point out their unprofessionalism glosses over the real issues at hand: that they were treated unfairly - be it intentional or not.

    • laura ☆
      laura ☆ Bulan Yang lalu

      @Casey Yoon its not that kelly responded, but how he responded that seems weird to me. he said elliot was shading him and ashley in the video and that did not appear to be the case (at least in my perception). i think it would have seemed less weird to me if he had only addressed the rumors and said that everyone in your mom’s house was leaving, not only elliot

    • Casey Yoon
      Casey Yoon Bulan Yang lalu

      @laura ☆ An argument can be made that Kelly over-reacted to the comments and the audience-driven rumors and speculations and his official callout of Elliot only added fuel to the fire.
      Should Kelly have left things be and handled criticisms off camera and hash things out with Elliot personally first? Yeah, he could have. However, if Kelly let things be and tensions rise higher, it could damage his and Ashley's brand and reputation should Elliot not address these issues.
      In life and especially in social media, you can choose to ignore things or cover things up and hope for things to blow over. Some cases they do, but when they don't, it really comes to bite you in the ass down the line and maybe even continue to haunt you. Transparency and swift public crisis management is key, look at the Try Guys. It's also only been a couple days haha let's give it some time.

    • sophia the phirst
      sophia the phirst Bulan Yang lalu +2

      @Britney Ayala I agree with the op and your comment!! both well said. It's really hard to make any judgement at all without knowing the behind the scenes content

    • Britney Ayala
      Britney Ayala Bulan Yang lalu +3

      @laura ☆ i get what you mean. I definitely didn’t sense any resentment toward Kelly or Ashley from Elliot, so I don’t understand why others are commenting about them.
      However, I don’t think Kelly’s response intended to make any drama, I think he genuinely just wanted to clear up the air and clarify that Elliot wasn’t the only one leaving the house. And obviously if your name and your significant others name is being dragged by comments you would want to say something. I think Kelly’s response was well said and I also just think he’s confused as to why Elliot would do something against what they all decided.
      It’s honestly sad to see that Elliot would, in a sense, “betray” his friends like this. I’m not bashing or hating on him it’s just confusing, especially because like you said we don’t know everyone that went on behind the scene.

  • Aerin Fortes
    Aerin Fortes Bulan Yang lalu +12

    we love u elliot, im sure leaving the house & group will make your mental health a lot better. they didnt seem to be doing much work toward making the friendship and the house a very positive environment. i hope you are doing okay

  • Yasmin Briones
    Yasmin Briones 2 bulan yang lalu +337

    Don’t get me wrong I’m happy for Kelly and Ashley for finding each other and having a happy relationship but it feels as if they closed themselves off to the rest of the group and were never home anymore which I’m sure felt lonely for Elliot after Annemarie left, I hope you the best for whatever is next in this chapter of your life

    • Maria
      Maria 2 bulan yang lalu

      @Finn Clancy do you have discord by chance? Or some other social media you’re comfortable sharing?

    • Finn Clancy
      Finn Clancy 2 bulan yang lalu

      @Maria like what? Just wondering

    • Monica Marie Hohman
      Monica Marie Hohman 2 bulan yang lalu

      @Emi G I disagree.

    • Maria
      Maria 2 bulan yang lalu +2

      @Eli Lugo uh you should probably dig a little deeper my guy. There is some shady stuff going on behind the scenes currently and recently

    • Rana sabia
      Rana sabia 2 bulan yang lalu +1

      Um he is dating someone too lmaoo

  • Lian
    Lian Bulan Yang lalu +5

    Things really just happen in life and us viewers don't know the full story. Thankful for all the four of yall creating ur mom's house. I hope maybe someday if you're all good and thriving all on your own paths, you'll make time to get together and have a little reunion. Wish u all the best in this new chapter Elliot. You are amazing.

  • Anna Carlson
    Anna Carlson Bulan Yang lalu +95

    Elliot wasn't bashing Kashley, he took ownership that he started resenting his friends. That being said, Kashley did change the dynamic. That doesn't mean anyone was unhappy for them!

  • snowlyn varghese
    snowlyn varghese Bulan Yang lalu +10

    It never felt the same without Annemarie, ever since she left there was I feel like there was this distance that was created among everyone, and I also found myself not enjoying their content as much as when I first did in the beginning. Overall the experience was worth it! And I wouldn't have discovered Elliot if it wasn't for ur mom's house. Also the cineomatography goes hard!!

  • SolaceMax
    SolaceMax Bulan Yang lalu +282

    He didn’t say anything bad about Ashley or Kelly and didn’t make seem like it was there fault. He was talking about his journey and how he felt throughout it all and how through the good times and bad times that he appreciated the memories and the people of this house. All of the memories that came with it and he’s scared but excited about this new chapter. I think Kelly had a misunderstanding nothing happened. I hope they are all well

    • tink
      tink Bulan Yang lalu

      sure love lmao

    • Kurtio
      Kurtio Bulan Yang lalu +5

      Sometimes people don’t have to actually say anything to throw shade at someone, it may not be obvious but you can tell by the video and the choice of Elliot’s words that he was trying to get the viewers to sympathize for him which makes the viewers come up with stories and assumptions about Kelly and Ashley, which I feel like Elliot knew that would happen because he is a pretty smart person. I could keep going on about how Elliot worded his choice of words for a specific reason for this video but it would just be too much😭

    • Willie C
      Willie C Bulan Yang lalu +6

      this didnt age well lol

  • Steezy Kane
    Steezy Kane 2 bulan yang lalu +2388

    I keep forgetting how funny this title and thumbnail must be to people with no context lol. But in all seriousness, wish you the best of luck on the next chapter brother!

    • Zephan Wong
      Zephan Wong Bulan Yang lalu

      the fact that Elliot made it seem like he was the only one leaving was sus in itself because by doing that it leaves subtext saying “we have irreconcilable differences”
      it just leaves people room to assume it shouldn’t be this ambiguous with some this sensitive and when he mentioned how he started resenting best friends it’s really weird I’m not too sure what Elliot’s intentions was

    • Harkirat Singh
      Harkirat Singh Bulan Yang lalu

      yeah that's fine and all, drop the new vid rn

    • Noah Witt
      Noah Witt Bulan Yang lalu


    • Amin's Thoughts
      Amin's Thoughts Bulan Yang lalu

      @Tranzollo I'm leaving your mom's house... you know like your mother...

    • SonMin Plays
      SonMin Plays Bulan Yang lalu

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  • henryswaifu143
    henryswaifu143 Bulan Yang lalu +339

    this is a “dramatic” video because it’s about elliot’s mental decline and how much he struggled since annemarie left. i feel that he also made the narrative about him and not about the whole house because this is HIS end of the chapter - kashley is still staying together so they’re literally just moving; elliot is going on a new journey. i think elliot should not have posted early if they agreed to post together but he has the right to post this video (and no it is not shady). ashley’s mom saying that elliot is suffering from jealousy and kelly calling this video dramatic is not cool. ps elliot this cinematography is beautiful

    • Alisha Pisha
      Alisha Pisha Bulan Yang lalu +8

      @Lyza Andatuan after watching Kelly's new video, I think for Elliot to tell Kelly that he hates Ashley and that she doesn't deserve any equity in the new company really isn't the more mature, and yeah maybe even rooted in some jealousy that Ashley "took some of Kelly/Elliot time away"

    • goduxunike
      goduxunike Bulan Yang lalu +8

      @Rosa La the video Kelly and Ashley did together really showed that Elliott didn't deal well with his negative feelings. He is allowed to feel abandoned and hurt but shit talking Ashley and almost pitting Kelly's old friends against him is so extra, it really shows his character

    • Jules Siriban
      Jules Siriban Bulan Yang lalu +7

      @Lyza Andatuan "dont blame your unhappiness on other when you had tge same opportunities as ashley and kelly to grow your own chhanel. a true friend wouldnt make such a overly dramatic video to throw sgade on you called you best friends. do better if you want to succed. dont blame others for your lack of ideas on videos. jealousy is a sickening disease. get well soon" ashley's mom

    • enproceso
      enproceso Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @Lyza Andatuan yeah she really said that

    • Jules Siriban
      Jules Siriban Bulan Yang lalu +2

      @Lyza Andatuan yes!! she deleted ger comment tho

  • Praying Tanaka
    Praying Tanaka 2 bulan yang lalu +12

    Cinematographically, this is a fantastic video. And very well said: we must embrace change, because in life, change is the only constant.
    Though I also know that this is around the time y’all’s lease is expiring, making a video as a group would be good.
    I absolutely love to see how it ties into your personal journey, and I actually want to hear more about why the past few months where so hard for you on your path (the cycle of destruction, chaos, and rebirth). However, I think releasing this video by itself before the other roommates release theirs or everyone releasing one together and painting it in a very individualistic way (which, again, I really want to hear about your personal journey, i just don’t think it should have been went about this way) was a bit false-edged. It isn’t really the most clear way to honor the collective story which also involves other people. This is a fantastic piece of work, a beautiful video. But we all know there’s more to the story, and keeping ur moms house group matters and your own personal journey and struggles separate in this video would have been more clear.
    I’m sure you went though a lot, and I’m curious to hear all the lessons that you drew out of it and what realizations you’ve had along your path. And yes, please talk about your feelings. It’s okay to express your feelings, any frustrations or resentment, but understand that it’s coming from within you, and a projection of your internal state onto the reality.
    Wishing you the best in the future

  • tulipnights diary
    tulipnights diary Bulan Yang lalu +604

    Either way I see the hurt Elliot went through, but that Equity thing was a dick move tho.

    • wlndbeach
      wlndbeach Bulan Yang lalu

      @Eve OK. now that elliot put out a garbage response, stumbling on his words and shit, it's easier to accept kelly side of the story. elliot's was so ass.

    • Eve
      Eve Bulan Yang lalu

      @wlndbeach that’s literally what you’re doing too tho tf

    • Alina Baltazar
      Alina Baltazar Bulan Yang lalu +3

      @wlndbeach lol I’ve seen you copy and paste this same comment on other threads. You’re such a hypocrite 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • m
      m Bulan Yang lalu

      seriously, it literally doesnt make sense why she wouldnt get equity when she was a crucial part of this house just as anyone else is

    • LeBrian
      LeBrian Bulan Yang lalu +8

      The friend group choosing to stick with Kelly and Ashley prove Elliot is the toxic one no one wants to be with.

  • Lynn Nguyen
    Lynn Nguyen Bulan Yang lalu +11

    This is such a beautiful video. Filming, pacing, content. Thanks for being so vulnerable! Social media can easily impact the authenticity of real life moments. It’s a bummer. Looking forward to what’s next for you!

  • Bob Brown
    Bob Brown Bulan Yang lalu +79

    The cinematography and music choice is insane. After watching Kelly’s video and rewatching Elliot’s video I don’t think Elliot was shading Kashely I think he was just expressing his pov.

  • Nupur Pal
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    You're one genuine and nice person, Elliot! All the best!

  • Paolo Morales
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    Honestly, you guys are the only content house that's actually genuine and worth watching. And that's saying something. Been a fan of ya'll and you had a great run.

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    One of your best videos! It's real and also a demonstration of your cinematography, efforts, and heart. Wish you all the best in your next chapter!

  • Daniel Bayhonan
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    Its sad to see how all this time, Elliot is feeling like this yet Kelly and Ashley is having the time of their lives (at least with their recent videos). Makes you think that Elliot really felt alone in a house his started.

    • e.
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    • Laura
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      @Khushi vats Have you seen Kelly's new video? Definitely wont be any "we'll miss you". He was pretty angry

    • Khushi vats
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    • Sidhant
      Sidhant 2 bulan yang lalu +1

      @Khushi vats It's so amazing to see someone with so narrow a perspective that they literally try to bend reality

    • palermo Venegas
      palermo Venegas 2 bulan yang lalu +6

      To be honest, elliot try to be the victim lol he know what he is doing with the last part of the video...

  • Itsmenate
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    I really hope for the best Elliot, i know it can be all overwhelming but u always find a way to cheer yourself up, i know u can get through this and yes there is always light at the end of every tunnel and bro welcome to a new chapter🎉❤😢

  • Nexhmije Xhelili
    Nexhmije Xhelili Bulan Yang lalu +6

    i know how elliot feels ive been there myself and lost many friendships bc of unresolved emotional baggage. hurt ppl hurt ppl and i understood this after a long time when i would finally think things unbiased and clear headed. i wish you guys (viewers) to not come in here and bash ppl for personal stuff that you're not included bc these ppl are human too and humans are flawed so stop leaving hateful comments everywhere. as for elliot, i would love for you to take your time and heal and comprehend what rlly went down and what was your part in all this mess and apologize when its due.

  • Rhea Mehrotra
    Rhea Mehrotra 2 bulan yang lalu

    Your journey feels like I'm a part of it and I literally felt every emotion you put out through this video. Change is hard but that's exactly how you grow. Kudos to you for being real to yourself than to anybody else. You're only getting stronger. Love and light always.

  • Steffi
    Steffi Bulan Yang lalu +71

    I don't know you personally, but you don't deserve these comments targeting you. I am sorry it ended like this. I truly hope you find happiness in your job again, do your own thing, working with your so called friends will never work out. Take care elliot :)

    • Justme
      Justme Bulan Yang lalu

      watch kellys video

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    I really appreciated how you were so honest with your feelings whether they were good or bad. You really know how to tell a story and experience in a way where we can all feel it!

    • ace
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      Yeah you appreciate him being a backstabber snake right? 🐍

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    This video hit hard, really had you can tell how much this guys been thought. It’s not easy but keep going, I don’t think he could have picked a better song either. Like the emotion in the video and cinematography was incredible, def lost some tears here

  • Josie Vannavong
    Josie Vannavong Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Elliot, be strong! I see no harm done in this video. You are entitled to feel the way you do. Your experience is yours only.

  • Warrior
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    Hmm, after watching Kelly’s latest video, I’m really disappointed to know Elliot would say he hates Ashley when she’s been nothing but sweet towards him. Jealousy truly toxic. Hope you guys can work it out, but still…sigh…

  • Rayhan Puthucheary
    Rayhan Puthucheary 2 bulan yang lalu +218

    Its a huge bummer that ur moms house is coming to an end but i feel with every chapter transition in Elliott's life from college to new york and now amidst all this change there has been a constant and thats the fact that Elliott never fails to make entertaining and quality content. He could literally be murdering puppies in his videos and id still watch it because hes so charismatic, funny, and has honestly taught me a lot about getting my life together striving for sucess and overall living life more meaningfully. All the best moving on Elliott we'll certainly be here for the ride.

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    • Papi Detroit
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      Lol you’re looking like a real clown now😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Shubham Mishra
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    Hi Elliot, I don't know if you will ever see this, but I just wanted to say that right now might be a weird time for you and people might be saying all these things about you, but what you are feeling is completely valid and I don't think your video is throwing shade in any way its really just an understandable thing and its sad to hear that Kelliot won't be a thing but you are ELLIOT and I have been a subscriber since then and I love your content you don't need them to be an amazing IDclipsr. Your mind is amazing, and I really hope you come back, no rush, but when your break is over I am really looking forward to seeing what you bring. I love you so much and yeah :)

  • I am Envy
    I am Envy Bulan Yang lalu +8

    I'm now a senior in high school. I still remember watching you as a freshman and riding along with your journey at Vanderbilt. I keep saying it to myself and almost everyone I know-- but, man, time flies... huh...
    I'm sad about the departure of everyone, and the ending of ur mom's house, though I'm still looking forward to your next chapter in life!

  • Mason R
    Mason R Bulan Yang lalu +9

    I've been watching Elliot's vids for awhile, and to be honest never subscribed. I have now subscribed. Well done video, thanks Elliot, and best of luck. I know that you will do well in this new chapter.

  • Michael Bagasan
    Michael Bagasan 2 bulan yang lalu +717

    Makes sense. After annemarie left, the urmoms house content as a group practically stopped. The podcasts just died off too. Keep doing what's best for you Elliot.

    • Life Of Liana
      Life Of Liana 2 bulan yang lalu

      idclips.com/video/pM1Y6d-WOVk/video.html vlog ;D

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    To all the great things that are yet to come , I wish you all the best for your future Elliot🙌🏻You go Boy!!! And Yes this video wasn’t DRAMATIC at all lol!!!

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    After watching Kelly and elliot video on this situation, its difficult to choose sides. But i honestly think that the narrative in elliot's video was coming from a very different perspective like isolation, burn out, being in a content creator house but not really a thing happening to make videos, loneliness .....
    I think its less of a blame game and more of elliot being Honest and transparent about his feelings that he felt at that time..
    No hate to Kelly and aashley but their whole idea of being in a creator house for making content and not really fulfilling the job is not done..
    It's not necessarily anyone's fault at the end of the day, just different perspectives and expectations..
    I genuinely hope the best for all of you.

    • Karma Corp
      Karma Corp Bulan Yang lalu +2

      @future look at @snewj top content creators . What do all these guys will 9 million subscribers have . They are all in relationships but know how spread awareness on being smart , working hard and outside the box . I feel Eliot after nick came in totally changed him and in your
      Mom house when she left . It went spiral . Down wards

    • future
      future Bulan Yang lalu +1

      This is just wrong. The other side didn't act malicious, he did. Being burnt out doesn't allow you to switch up on your friends.

    • Hyunjin BB
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      @Karma Corp he's Korean common man 🙂

    • Karma Corp
      Karma Corp Bulan Yang lalu

      @Tipsy Vipsy not going to happen bro. This Chinese guy will stick to his pack

    • Tipsy Vipsy
      Tipsy Vipsy Bulan Yang lalu +2

      We don't need to choose, just hope that they reconcile and continue on and open a new book in their lives

  • Aiyanna Bentley
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    This was a long time coming! I felt the disconnection ever since Annemarie left! So happy you're moving to new and better things!

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    I don't want to believe it. This house was so inspiring, the people, the creator, the dynamics just everything. I have been following it since day 1 - THANK YOU! Please keep going!

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    Elliott, I really really hate this it's so unfortunate but i truly think i speak on behalf of everyone, we appreciate the honesty and we all want what's best for you! Hopefully this decision leads you somewhere greater and we'll always cherish you and the memories at ur moms house!!!!!!

    • Life Of Liana
      Life Of Liana 2 bulan yang lalu

      idclips.com/video/pM1Y6d-WOVk/video.html vlog ;)