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NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2018 | Weekly #19

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 13 Mei 2018
  • All new Movie Trailers from the past week
    00:03 The Predator
    01:38 The Spy Who Dumped Me
    03:52 Incredibles 2
    04:53 Hotel Transylvania 3
    06:23 Solo A Star Wars Story
    06:54 Adrift
    10:17 Searching
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    00:03 The Predator
    01:38 The Spy Who Dumped Me
    03:52 Incredibles 2
    04:53 Hotel Transylvania 3
    06:23 Solo A Star Wars Story
    06:54 Adrift
    10:17 Searching

  • Anita Isi Bolognesi
    Anita Isi Bolognesi 9 bulan yang lalu

    This is one of no numbers times to replace our youth want to do-this planet go in shit!!!!!!!!!

  • Md Mizan
    Md Mizan 9 bulan yang lalu

    md mizan vai

  • ChuckBoris1987
    ChuckBoris1987 9 bulan yang lalu

    Where was the thumbnail?

  • ِClay Intro
    ِClay Intro 10 bulan yang lalu


  • emma ahonen
    emma ahonen 10 bulan yang lalu

    gaze injury beyond sure common German thing neighborhood market.

  • Sal Stevens
    Sal Stevens 10 bulan yang lalu

    I feel like Kate McKinnon doens't even need that other actress? She could be the lead Thoughts?

  • Ben Thayer
    Ben Thayer 10 bulan yang lalu

    So, his daughter gets kidnapped and the police put a robot phone-answering machine to talk to him? That is a horror story.

  • Male Isac
    Male Isac 10 bulan yang lalu

    So in “spy who dumped me” it’s revealed that Beyonce hasn’t done blood sacrifice yet for illuminate and yet she is Queen😱😱😱

  • Leopold Butters Stotch
    Leopold Butters Stotch 11 bulan yang lalu

    lu lu lu lu.....

  • TJ Bozwell
    TJ Bozwell 11 bulan yang lalu

    Who the hell gives thumbs down for movie trailers? Well... at least we know for sure that there are 250 idiots out there.

  • Scott Casey
    Scott Casey 11 bulan yang lalu

    Wow Mila Kunas went from hot to not.

  • Jessica Anderson
    Jessica Anderson 11 bulan yang lalu


  • Kinopanorama Widescreen Preservation Association Incorporated

    Unrelenting rubbish. No originality, loud uninspired music, nothing of interest.

  • Peter Jackson
    Peter Jackson 11 bulan yang lalu

    I just realized. I hate all movies.

  • Toby Kennedy
    Toby Kennedy 11 bulan yang lalu

    All I’m saying is Jurassic World is a stupid concept. Those dinosaurs would not get out of control with the type of weaponry we have. Oh I’m being hunted by pack of raptors no problem I’ll pull out my 300 blackout and make a weekend of it. TRex run amok in downtown no problem 50 caliber that bitch to the ground.

    SCOUNDREL 11 bulan yang lalu

    41yrs. I'm still waiting on the Kessal run tsk tsk

  • upmwinston
    upmwinston 11 bulan yang lalu

    that "Adrift" trailer showed wayyyy toooo much

  • TheBestHeadEver
    TheBestHeadEver 11 bulan yang lalu

    8:03 i would have said yes we are venom and permission granted

  • Germina Tearr
    Germina Tearr 11 bulan yang lalu

    So why isn't Jurassic World added to this list you skipped it

  • Anita Wertz
    Anita Wertz 11 bulan yang lalu

    There was a dog training trick infomercial thing
    During this vid
    It looked like her neck and face were one lol the lighting made her jaw line invisible.
    Dunno if the shit plays
    For everyone but damn
    That was really creepy for me

  • Nancy Ongom
    Nancy Ongom Tahun Yang lalu

    I cant wait to watch all of them especially Incredibles 2. But i also like spy movies and this one seem sick. -the spy who dumped me.

  • Luke Fallon
    Luke Fallon Tahun Yang lalu

    Hollywood is still regurgitating the same crap. I think I'll spend this Summer feeding the squirrels.

  • ChuckBoris1987
    ChuckBoris1987 Tahun Yang lalu


  • AWGI
    AWGI Tahun Yang lalu

    Lmao let me guess. The last one, he’s going to find his daughter in Mexico with a white man in his 40’s. They ran away together. 😂

  • Sopi Lemauga
    Sopi Lemauga Tahun Yang lalu

    *I feel like I'm the only one who's bones is crying for adrift, plus am I the only Samoan living In America? Yes? Ok :(*

  • himeko yurisan
    himeko yurisan Tahun Yang lalu


  • Backstage Bum
    Backstage Bum Tahun Yang lalu

    Olivia Munn eating so much dick for these roles. Because she still can't act.

  • nerdsathome
    nerdsathome Tahun Yang lalu

    1:11 what the hell happened to Olivia Munn's face? That is one surgery too many =(

  • yreh eros
    yreh eros Tahun Yang lalu

    searching seems like a bad movie ngl

  • yreh eros
    yreh eros Tahun Yang lalu

    hey that girl in adrift is the one in divergent. awesome

  • Лариса Николаева

    diet battery another slow world at expectation Ms setting electrical.

  • Andre Alonso
    Andre Alonso Tahun Yang lalu

    I have found some information about one software for movies, and serials and torrents, it's called boxxy. Does anyone know more about this?

  • Midnight Gaming.
    Midnight Gaming. Tahun Yang lalu

    Just dont go sailing 'Adrift' just do go way out there in the open ocean, unless u must.

  • gillyfluffball
    gillyfluffball Tahun Yang lalu

    Each Jurassic world trailer makes me spazz even more. Searching looks interesting.

  • secilia tuulikefo
    secilia tuulikefo Tahun Yang lalu

    i would like to watch this

  • Aris Cheese God
    Aris Cheese God Tahun Yang lalu +13

    the trailer for "searching" gives me chills. I CAN NOT WAIT FOR IT!

    • Anita Wertz
      Anita Wertz 11 bulan yang lalu

      I honestly don't enjoy where's my daughter movies
      at all..... Aside a few exceptions like "Man on fire" or "Taken" I guess. They are
      usually predictable and boring in my opinion but
      I agree 100% with you on zis
      one!!!! It looks very creative
      And promising with more then just the one basic story point. Seems like it maybe
      A new idea that has yet to be written into a movie.
      "HIGH HOPES!!!!!!"

  • Aaron C
    Aaron C Tahun Yang lalu

    Mila's 34

  • jimbotheassclown
    jimbotheassclown Tahun Yang lalu

    Another lack luster Summer for Hollywood. Probably a good thing it's nice not to be tempted to give money to people you can't stand.

  • Sky Leopard
    Sky Leopard Tahun Yang lalu


  • Mike Ulizio
    Mike Ulizio Tahun Yang lalu

    8:32 nipples!;)

  • Nodders
    Nodders Tahun Yang lalu

    9:22 Jurassic world 2 was missed out of your list :)

  • Channel 473
    Channel 473 Tahun Yang lalu

    my crew

  • CloudandZack1st
    CloudandZack1st Tahun Yang lalu

    I haven't watched the video yet, but anything with Jennifer Lawrence I am fuckin' skipping.

  • Ryan Pratama
    Ryan Pratama Tahun Yang lalu

    Somehow, only Solo and Searching that excite me.

  • thzzzt
    thzzzt Tahun Yang lalu

    I see you.

  • Neon82UK
    Neon82UK Tahun Yang lalu +3

    Well no point watching Adrfit they just told us the whole story...

    • Sopi Lemauga
      Sopi Lemauga Tahun Yang lalu

      Neon82UK Am I the only one who's bones is crying for adrift? Yes? Ok :(

  • Fish Zom
    Fish Zom Tahun Yang lalu

    Soylo.... of course his Top lieutenant is a girl. Guys just can't compete in Star Wars.
    I'll skip the first 30 minutes of Adrift. The real story starts at the storm.
    Searching, and Predator are the only live action ones, I'd Netflix.

  • pveal79
    pveal79 Tahun Yang lalu

    Damn you Dick

  • Jeff J
    Jeff J Tahun Yang lalu

    Really not that interesting. Can Hollywood ever produce original content in the future? Don't we deserve better? The mildly interesting Star Wars might be good. The rest look like rehashed junk, and mostly a bunch of CGI or straight out animation. If I want to watch cartoons, I'll revisit the old Saturday morning stuff.

  • Jason Robinhood
    Jason Robinhood Tahun Yang lalu

    I am worried Searching gave away too much during the trailer and I know the ending

  • Kevin Oduor
    Kevin Oduor Tahun Yang lalu

    mk-x made me like predator.

  • Dalim Mont
    Dalim Mont Tahun Yang lalu

    Ill watch em all....on showbox for free. I actually feel bad for those who spend$ to go watch these shit flicks.

  • Lurk Skerwurker
    Lurk Skerwurker Tahun Yang lalu

    Searching looks cool. Guy's daughter goes missing and he livestreams trying to get her back. should be interesting

  • Trailer Place
    Trailer Place Tahun Yang lalu

    Harold looks old

  • Bluefeet
    Bluefeet Tahun Yang lalu

    the aliens still don't know how to land a ship???? this looks dumb and dumb. so disappointing.

  • Dale Robertson
    Dale Robertson Tahun Yang lalu

    Great set of trailers

  • Jakub pogubila
    Jakub pogubila Tahun Yang lalu

    hybrid predators? they could of made the next predator movie so cool like Predators the sequel where they get predator armor dropped and fight the 4 arm predator like in the cartoon,look it up its way cool then this trailers

  • pierre anderson
    pierre anderson Tahun Yang lalu

    searching movie looks like shit

  • Parker Stillinger
    Parker Stillinger Tahun Yang lalu

    I love. Movies coming soon

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  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker Tahun Yang lalu

    Stop putting Olivia Munn in movies. She sticks out like a sore thumb.

  • Andria Ryder
    Andria Ryder Tahun Yang lalu

    well.. at least there are some good video games coming out this year...

  • Matt Huber
    Matt Huber Tahun Yang lalu

    The more I watch the predator trailer the more I like it

  • Pci Craftsman
    Pci Craftsman Tahun Yang lalu

    NOT EVEN 1 DECENT MOVIE? Oh that's right it's 2018.

  • Z J
    Z J Tahun Yang lalu

    Nobody asked for a Predator remake .... but I'll take it!

  • edinburgh leisure
    edinburgh leisure Tahun Yang lalu

    The woman in the thumbnail is the second most beautiful woman i ever seen

  • J.F.L. Bousquet
    J.F.L. Bousquet Tahun Yang lalu

    I love when trailers reveal half the movie plot.

  • Brian McDougall
    Brian McDougall Tahun Yang lalu

    That must have been one tough daughter Cho had to raise, look how bringing her up has aged him, Asians usually age well. Definitely a problem child lol.

  • joey Ocean
    joey Ocean Tahun Yang lalu +2


  • Jobs mine
    Jobs mine Tahun Yang lalu

    Well this year is gonna be shit for Hollywood then. They’re al crap 💩 smh 🤦‍♂️

  • Berstich
    Berstich Tahun Yang lalu

    Jurrasic World between Adrift and Searching

  • jsamples
    jsamples Tahun Yang lalu

    I think I'd watch pretty much any movie that has Mila Kunis in it.
    She's not only beautiful,
    She can act,
    and is one of the *few* Actors that have remained neutral in the political BS.

    Thats a Triple Crown in my book.

  • SanFranFan30
    SanFranFan30 Tahun Yang lalu +3

    Searching is interesting, takes place on a computer screen.

  • Chef Lambo
    Chef Lambo Tahun Yang lalu

    Searching......looks great

  • Choko Mint
    Choko Mint Tahun Yang lalu


  • N Shilts
    N Shilts Tahun Yang lalu

    OK so the Jurassic world trailer this is basically a spoiler what went from in my mind a disaster movie where they're racing against the clock to was it Jurassic park 2?

  • Paul Adam
    Paul Adam Tahun Yang lalu


  • Harryporter 15
    Harryporter 15 Tahun Yang lalu

    What’s the song played at the end of the vid???

  • Becky Smeilus
    Becky Smeilus Tahun Yang lalu

    I want go see the " The Spy Who Dumped Me " I love Mila Kunis!

  • br89q
    br89q Tahun Yang lalu

    2:57 this is the way, profesional assasin would definetily hold the rifle.

  • arkblazer1
    arkblazer1 Tahun Yang lalu

    so the plane in hotel transilvania is flown by puertorricans?

  • Howl What
    Howl What Tahun Yang lalu +2

    3:44 that is the Beyonce of the government lmfao

  • Diceman Duke
    Diceman Duke Tahun Yang lalu

    predator gonna be a flop. shit cast

  • Build Villas
    Build Villas Tahun Yang lalu

    action movie

  • Mike B Lin
    Mike B Lin Tahun Yang lalu

    The 'Adrift' trailer is like 6 minutes too long.

    • Sopi Lemauga
      Sopi Lemauga Tahun Yang lalu

      Malcolm Jeevers there are some movies that are 2,3, or 4 hours.

  • rahorin
    rahorin Tahun Yang lalu +2

    Olivia looking serious with that acting. She stepping up her game.

  • David
    David Tahun Yang lalu

    Damn "Searching" looks really good

  • Drew G
    Drew G Tahun Yang lalu

    All of these trailers looked retarded. Especially the second trailer.

  • uchibenkei
    uchibenkei Tahun Yang lalu +9

    i feel like i just saw over half of Adrift and I never gave consent.

    • Sopi Lemauga
      Sopi Lemauga Tahun Yang lalu

      uchibenkei I feel like I'm the only one who's bones is crying for adrift :(

    • Devo Davis
      Devo Davis Tahun Yang lalu

      Agreed... I have no interest in 2 hours of claustrophobic suffering, anyway.

  • fegu
    fegu Tahun Yang lalu

    12:02 what does that idiot mumble?? I can't understand a single word that comes out of her stupid mouth.

  • sleepyheadses
    sleepyheadses Tahun Yang lalu +1

    Searching is like a social media asian Taken

  • xxconaxx360
    xxconaxx360 Tahun Yang lalu

    Herolds movie looks dope

  • K
    K Tahun Yang lalu

    he really needs to call kumar, he's very stress

  • Steve Fox
    Steve Fox Tahun Yang lalu

    Searching...... winner

  • waynejovis
    waynejovis Tahun Yang lalu

    Anybody know the name of the song at the end? Coming up blank on my Shazam..

  • wargamesmaster
    wargamesmaster Tahun Yang lalu

    The Han Solo movie is the least exciting movie in this list, "thanks" Disney and KK for ruining my childhood...

  • tcnascar1
    tcnascar1 Tahun Yang lalu

    Olivia Munn

  • TheEviIOyo's Banned Substances

    Fuck it, avp should be cannon

  • EchelonNYK
    EchelonNYK Tahun Yang lalu +8

    A Drift literally just showed their entire movie in the previews