Panic! At The Disco - Into the Unknown (From "Frozen 2")

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    "Into the Unknown"
    from Disney's Frozen 2
    Performed by: Panic! At the Disco
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    Why was Elsa born with magical powers? What truths about the past await Elsa as she ventures into the unknown to the enchanted forests and dark seas beyond Arendelle? The answers are calling her but also threatening her kingdom. Together with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven, she'll face a dangerous but remarkable journey. In โ€œFrozen,โ€ Elsa feared her powers were too much for the world. In โ€œFrozen 2,โ€ she must hope they are enough. From the Academy Awardยฎ-winning team-directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, producer Peter Del Vecho and songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez-and featuring the voices of Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad, Walt Disney Animation Studiosโ€™ โ€œFrozen 2โ€ opens in U.S. theaters on Nov. 22, 2019.
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    Music video by Panic! At The Disco performing Into the Unknown (From "Frozen 2"). ยฉ 2019 Walt Disney Records
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  • Miss Jen
    Miss Jen 4 jam yang lalu

    Me with feelings : INTO THE UNNNNNNKNNNNOOO -- UUGHHHH UGGGHHHHHH .. im choking its too high to reach...
    Ok ill watch only ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Ms. Nutz
    Ms. Nutz 4 jam yang lalu +1

    So, you're saying I heard a famous singer really make these lyrics?

  • Chip The Clasher
    Chip The Clasher 4 jam yang lalu

    When the writers of this song actually made it for Brendon Urie so his voice could be showcased to the maximum. Love his version so much better, but that's probably because of his voice, they are both really good.

  • stream singularity
    stream singularity 4 jam yang lalu

    this song was MADE for him like mwoaoslxk

  • lane aloha
    lane aloha 4 jam yang lalu

    just imagine & bare me with me
    What if Brendan played Jared Letoโ€™s joker
    i feel like he would slay ! ๐ŸŽ…

  • Sol Gameplays
    Sol Gameplays 4 jam yang lalu +1

    Sorry, I don't speak English very well, but I have to really admit that this is my favorite musical group. They've never really disappointed me with their songs ;v

  • Tryne Vermaas
    Tryne Vermaas 4 jam yang lalu

    Literally nobody:
    My parents fighting in the theatre while this plays at the end of Frozen II:

  • Naya
    Naya 4 jam yang lalu

    Let's go ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝโคlove this song ๐ŸคŸ๐Ÿฝ

  • Anti-Bullying Squad where dey at tho

    Disney,you never cease to surprise me

  • Dexter Lacbayo
    Dexter Lacbayo 4 jam yang lalu

    . . Try to sing sing this sticky creamy caramel white come out๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Prince of The Disney Princess๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

  • Joash Anthony  Braga
    Joash Anthony Braga 4 jam yang lalu

    have a concert again in the philippines Panic at the disco!!!

  • Taya Ruys
    Taya Ruys 4 jam yang lalu


  • El Rubio Loquendo
    El Rubio Loquendo 4 jam yang lalu


  • XxRobloxgodxX 45
    XxRobloxgodxX 45 4 jam yang lalu +1

    No one

    Literally no one

    People writing the lyrics of this song

  • XxRobloxgodxX 45
    XxRobloxgodxX 45 4 jam yang lalu +1

    Into the unknown

  • Christina Yi
    Christina Yi 5 jam yang lalu +1

    Who is better?
    Panic! At The Disco: Like
    Idina Menzel: comment

  • Bรชrry.Hรขppรฟ
    Bรชrry.Hรขppรฟ 5 jam yang lalu

    Auto tune said hELLO

  • Harokoro
    Harokoro 5 jam yang lalu

    How many notes?
    Brendon: yes

  • kotal john
    kotal john 6 jam yang lalu

    This band is garbage

  • Gh0sty B0i
    Gh0sty B0i 6 jam yang lalu

    Director: Brendon, how high do you want to go?

    Brendon: *yes.*

  • Mr Wonky
    Mr Wonky 6 jam yang lalu

    So I watched frozen 2 and I'm a boy but tbh its really good!!

  • ู…ุงู…ุง ู„ู‡ู„ูˆุจู‡ ุนุงู„ูŠูˆุชูŠูˆุจ

    Luck ......... is a girl who married that she is not a virgin and by chance that her husband was pissed on the wedding night
    Malice ......... is a man who calls his daughter after his mistress in order to not make mistakes in front of his wife
    Fate .......... He is sterile, rapes a girl unjustly, and returns home
    Treason ........ is a sweetheart that is not jealous !!
    Strangeness ....... is an old woman crying as she tries to remember her name
    Innocence ... He says !! Heaven is under your feet, so what is above your head, oh my !!
    The disappointment .......... is a child who waited for the sweet seller to lose his sleep
    Beauty ..... is when reading these lines and understanding the intended
    Lack of interest ..... is reading my words and leaving without subscribing to my channel because I need help ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜
    .................................................. ...........

  • Steven McCall
    Steven McCall 6 jam yang lalu

    Such a great version of the song but this is the cheapest music video I've ever seen ha

  • P R O S P E R
    P R O S P E R 6 jam yang lalu

    His notes is higher than my pride

  • Christopher Ejsmont
    Christopher Ejsmont 6 jam yang lalu

    He is brilliant.. wow!!!!!

  • Heather Butler
    Heather Butler 6 jam yang lalu +1

    What song is better?
    Let it go: like
    Into the unknown: comment
    Both songs: like and comment
    What movie is better?
    Frozen: like
    Frozen two: comment
    Both movies: like and comment

  • bert umaya
    bert umaya 6 jam yang lalu

    wow such a powerfull voice๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • ๊น€์ดˆ์ฝ”
    ๊น€์ดˆ์ฝ” 6 jam yang lalu

    ๋‚จ์ž๊ฐ€ ๋ถ€๋ฅด๋Š”๊ฑฐ๊ธธ๋ž˜ ๋” ๋‚ฎ๊ฒ ์ง€ํ–ˆ๋“œ๋งŒ ใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹ ์‹œ์ž‘๋ถ€ํ„ฐ ๊ธฐ์ฃฝ์ด๋„ค

  • Martin Matthew Joy
    Martin Matthew Joy 6 jam yang lalu


  • J S
    J S 7 jam yang lalu


  • Dana H
    Dana H 7 jam yang lalu

    Brendon papasito

  • marci clause
    marci clause 7 jam yang lalu

    Only Brandon can make a Disney song way better and this is gold we have a treasure here 0.0

  • Coco Lily
    Coco Lily 7 jam yang lalu +1

    In my opinion, he sings it WAY better than Elsa
    His voice is amazing

  • Cรธffรจ Cup
    Cรธffรจ Cup 7 jam yang lalu

    Brendon when he finds out he doesnโ€™t where a dress: 2:19

  • Jessica Won
    Jessica Won 7 jam yang lalu

    Heโ€™s rly good

  • WT jin
    WT jin 7 jam yang lalu

    ์˜ํ™”๋๋‚˜๊ณ  ์ด๋…ธ๋ž˜๊ฐ€ ๋‚˜์˜ค๋Š”๋ฐ ๋‚˜๊ฐˆ์ˆ˜๊ฐ€ ์—†์ง€

  • Jackson Zegers
    Jackson Zegers 7 jam yang lalu

    My music teacher started playing this song and when Brendan Urie is singing the third in to the unknown that is 4 or 5 notes higher than my music teachers highest note

  • LuminousSaiyan27
    LuminousSaiyan27 7 jam yang lalu

    Sooo much better than Let It Go

  • N Burrows
    N Burrows 8 jam yang lalu

    Can u be a Disney princess

  • N Burrows
    N Burrows 8 jam yang lalu


  • Novita Wati
    Novita Wati 8 jam yang lalu

    Full of power, i love it

  • Lyndie Lopez
    Lyndie Lopez 8 jam yang lalu +2

    No one is to old for Frozen (:

  • Jessica Reyes-Classen
    Jessica Reyes-Classen 8 jam yang lalu

    Maaaan, after all these years this guy has still got it.
    Never knew he had such a vast range though!๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

  • Loesy Van Vliet
    Loesy Van Vliet 8 jam yang lalu

    Me watching this vid while not watching the movie yet
    Me on 1:32 Oh shit no spoilers pls ๐Ÿ‘€

  • Jay Sims
    Jay Sims 8 jam yang lalu

    This is sooooooo great!!!! I have all over my body goosebumps! *playbacks on her her desk with headphones on loud*

  • James Bryan Barrios
    James Bryan Barrios 8 jam yang lalu

    Yazzzz Queen.

  • Noname
    Noname 8 jam yang lalu

    Samantha ?!

  • Patrice Whiting
    Patrice Whiting 8 jam yang lalu

    Wow, this cover is better than the movie! Fantastic performance just awesome. What an impressive vocal range bravo

  • Otaku GachaGamer
    Otaku GachaGamer 9 jam yang lalu +1

    Brendon be hitting them high notes like no tommrow

  • The Enchanted Kingdom
    The Enchanted Kingdom 9 jam yang lalu +1

    Soooo much BETTER than Idina.... I'm sorry.... but the only MINUS to the new Frozen movie is that they've used Idina AGAIN. She is SUCH an utterly boring vocalist! And Elsa deserves a MUCH better vocalist than Idina. Just my opinion!

    XIII DIABLX 9 jam yang lalu

    I remember when I went to his concert, Man does he hit them notes.

  • Anna Netreba
    Anna Netreba 9 jam yang lalu +1

    Want PTX do the cover ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  • zkwmnrr _
    zkwmnrr _ 9 jam yang lalu

    ะญะขะž ะกะะœะžะ• ะ›ะฃะงะจะ•ะ• ะงะขะž ะกะ›ะซะจะะ›ะ˜ ะœะžะ˜ ะฃะจะ˜ ะ“ะžะกะŸะžะ”ะ˜ ะฏ-

  • nergiz
    nergiz 9 jam yang lalu

    He's living a dream that we all have... singing for disney ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿป

  • Maria Duarte
    Maria Duarte 9 jam yang lalu

    I only noticed that was really Brendon when the film was ending!!

  • Shenaz Miah
    Shenaz Miah 9 jam yang lalu


  • Carmen Lara
    Carmen Lara 10 jam yang lalu

    His voice is such a gift ๐Ÿ˜

  • Teya
    Teya 10 jam yang lalu

    Is it just me or is Brendon giving Chuck Bass vibes in this video

  • Kuba
    Kuba 10 jam yang lalu

    Anyone else from polish Accantus cover "Gdzie nie siฤ™ga wzrok"?

  • Badri Arabuli
    Badri Arabuli 10 jam yang lalu +1

    boy-into the unknown comment
    girl-into the unknown like
    who is better?