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I Joined The #1 Cheer Team In America

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 12 Agu 2022
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Komentar • 3 816

  • Michelle Khare

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  • RockinDocs

    I love how supportive your cheer partner was. he seems like such a nice guy

  • Jillian M

    As a cheerleader I'm beyond SHOCKED at the skills Michelle was able to do in a bit over a week. Most cheerleaders practice for a decade before doing these stunts. It definitely helps a ton to have expert bases under you to learn, but still, this is extremely impressive.

  • oreo
    oreo  +2

    Only 10 days of training, yet it felt like you had the most spirit out of everyone. You were literally the light and joy out of all of this and it’s AMAZING AND STUNNING. Sure you couldn’t do all the stunts the professional and more experienced cheerleaders could do, but it was still so beautiful and amazing Michelle!!

  • Chinmayee Prabhakar
    Chinmayee Prabhakar 21 hari yang lalu +469

    If I was in Michelle's position, I would have just cried and wet my pants...like Michelle doesn't realize how much of an inspiration she is ...looking at her trying new things and putting herself out of her comfort zone over and again is just amazing 👏

  • Andrew Matthews
    Andrew Matthews Hari Yang lalu +221

    I’d like to take just a second to point out how great of a cheerleader Daniel is. I hope that he doesn’t think of himself solely as “Gabi’s stunt partner,” because he is simply remarkable. I cheered in high school and college, and if I could have been even a tenth as good of a cheerleader as Daniel, I would have never given it up.

  • Alpha King
    Alpha King  +958

    After Marine, SWAT, Police and Flight intensive training, I'm not surprised she is athletic for cheer squad. Well done MK....... I'm always here to watch and support you. Keep up the good work.

  • Garrett van Adams

    As a former cheerleader, Michelle made this look insanely easy she is athletic as hell! All the cheerleaders being shocked were genuine reactions most people can’t do the stuff Michelle did even a few months in!

  • Glen Coco
    Glen Coco  +776

    it’s so satisfying watching people realise how incredible and determined michelle is like at

  • Elizabeth Gonzalez

    I wouldn’t have minded a documentary style day by day video of this challenge. I hope Michelle knows a lot of us love longer format videos!

  • Jay Me
    Jay Me  +297

    I really loved how the coaches graded her on a different scale (obviously) or else she would of not made the cut from day one. Not because she is bad but because she went to tryout against athletes that have been doing this their whole lives since they were kids. She had to learn a brand new skill in a couple of minutes, hours, and days! Kudos to the coaches that graded her fairly according to what she did and kudos to Michelle for kicking ass at such a competitive sport. Congrats again Michelle!

  • julia szwabowski

    I would literally love if Michelle learned to be a competitive dancer for a month, as a dancer myself it was really give people into a look of the athletisicm and work it takes to be a dancer since so many people do not understand that it is a sport.

  • AD
    AD  +372

    I CRIED when you got out there for the fight song. You committed to it and gave it everything you had and I loved watching you. It takes guts to step out there with those athletes. I am a dance teacher and there are some things that are very hard to teach, like charisma and personality on stage/mat. You have it. Great job!

  • JoieOlivier

    The genuine surprise on their faces when she did the 4 back handsprings and other moments when they were so impressed by how quickly Michelle was able to learn just made my day. They seem like really nice people to allow you to film while making these crucial decisions and it was obvious they were being as supportive and nice to you as possible.

  • shipstalia.x

    This was the cutest thing ever. I criedddd. I love how her partner supported her through the whole thing! Such a great guy.

  • Ashlyn W
    Ashlyn W 14 hari yang lalu +51

    What a great coach! No wonder they’re so successful. Honest feedback, straightforward, and you can tell she doesn’t put up with bs!

  • shibbyxoxo
    shibbyxoxo 14 hari yang lalu +19

    As a former cheerleader, this was INSANE Michelle! Honestly I smiled every time you were on screen. Your attitude and perseverance was inspiring to watch 💜

  • Social Anxiety
    Social Anxiety 14 hari yang lalu +38

    Honestly miss girl was SO inspiring this episode! She trained for 10 days and managed to do ALL of that! The fact that she exuded such confidence in herself really put the cheer in cheerleading and that’s so beautiful to watch. I enjoyed this episode so much, and you have inspired me! You’re so cool Michelle!!!!!

  • ShadyyNess
    ShadyyNess 19 jam yang lalu +14

    As a former cheerleader who couldn’t compete well due to weak ass wrists, your spirit alone is what cheering is all about. We were always taught to smile when you mess up and keep going and no one will notice and you seriously smiled through everything that you outshined so many of the other teammates just from your spirit! You made everything look so effortless and you were having fun while doing it.

  • Maddy
    Maddy  +3

    I did competition cheer, cheer, and gymnastics and she WAS IMPRESSIVE!!!! Learning to fly and go up in the air isn’t just a physical thing it’s mental too. And ALOT of trust