Building a Business Based on a Vegetarian Mission

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  • In 1977, when a few friends decided to help improve the health of Hawaii's residents by starting a small natural foods store in Wailuku, Maui, no one predicted their success. They offered organic and natural products, and promoted a vegetarian diet. Their unconventional vision of a healthy lifestyle has become a part of the American mainstream. Mark Fergusson, Chief Vegetarian Officer (CEO/ CFO) of Down to Earth ALL VEGETARIAN Organic & Natural will talk story about the company's history, mission, and journey in becoming Hawaii's only ALL VEGETARIAN food store chain and one of only a few in the nation. He'll discuss why he became a life-long vegetarian, the health and environmental benefits, and its role in protecting the innocent animals.
    Mark Fergusson left his native homeland, Australia, in 1991 to join Down to Earth for a dream job come true. His values fit perfectly with Down to Earth's vegetarian mission. He started as CFO, later became CEO and, in 2009, added CVO (Chief Vegetarian Officer) to his job titles. Mark graduated from Macquarie University with a bachelor's degree in economics and he is a fellow of CPA Australia. Mark is a volunteer mediator for Mediation Center of the Pacific. He sits on various boards including the Hawaii Organic Farmers Association and the Vegetarian Society of Hawaii as an advisory director, and actively assists other nonprofit organizations.
    Videography and editing by William Harris, M.D. on August 14, 2012 at Ala Wai Golf Course Clubhouse, Honolulu, Hawaii
    Sponsored by: Vegetarian Society of Hawaii

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  • Venicestu
    Venicestu 6 tahun yang lalu

    I would hope that given a choice of shopping at Down to Earth or Whole Foods, people would remember that Whole Foods sells slaughter animals, and Down to Earth doesn't. Most vegetarians & vegans have high moral standards and would naturally do the right thing. However, Whole Foods here on the mainland have cool comforts, fast healthy food, coffee, smoothie & juice bars, sitting areas for internet which appeal to the young net happy crowd.

  • vshvideo
    vshvideo  6 tahun yang lalu

    Backing helps, but its not enough by itself. You still need to provide value to the customer. Look at the large companies that had backing and failed: Borders, Blockbuster, Enron, WorldCom, GM etc. and many more are on the decline.

  • angelbe88
    angelbe88 6 tahun yang lalu

    the reason whole foods is successful is the same reason Starbucks is. It's who is backing the company.