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The Call | Season 2022 Cinematic - League of Legends (ft. 2WEI, Louis Leibfried, and Edda Hayes)

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 6 Jan 2022
  • For the fallen. For the deserted. For the downtrodden. And for those who will rise again.
    Season 2022 is here. How will you answer the Call?
    Video created in partnership with Unit Image and Ben Hibon.
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    "The Call"
    Featured artists: 2WEI, Louis Leibfried, and Edda Hayes
    Written by: Louis „LoOF" Leibfried, Hermann Schepetkov, Christian Vorländer, Simon Heeger
    Produced by: 2WEI & Mr. Herms
    Mixed and Mastered by: 2WEI & Mr. Herms
    Vocals performed by: Louis Leibfried and Edda Hayes
    Additional vocals performed by: Colm McGuinness and SVRCINA
    Executive Producer and Supervision by: Riot Music Team
    ​​2WEI: idclips.com/user/2WEIMUSIC
    Louis Leibfried: open.spotify.com/artist/0t9nu...
    Edda Hayes: thisiseddaha...
    Hear my plea to the fallen
    Leave me to be with the broken
    one last time before I go
    Hold the last burning ember
    Let us never surrender
    May we rise unto the Call
    For the Glory and the Fall
    For the beat and the broken
    For the lost and forsaken
    Let us never surrender
    May we rise unto the Call
    For the beat and the broken
    For the lost and forsaken
    Let us never surrender
    For the Glory and the Fall
    For the beat and the broken
    For the lost and forsaken
    Let us never surrender
    Now we rise unto the Call
    (For the beat and the broken)
    Chains that we are breaking
    Fate that we are awaiting
    We will rise unto the Call
    (Rise unto the Call)
    For the Glory and the Fall
    Read through the stories on Universe to learn more about each champion’s journey:
    “Dead of Winter”
    “The Faceless God”
    "In Battle, Broken"
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Komentar • 32 313

  • dB Maf
    dB Maf  +5

    It has always amazed me how a 5min cinematic from this company can make me go through an entire year of pain in solo queue

  • MrEspex
    MrEspex  +3

    I don't even play League, but this cinematic gave me chills, the creators are incredible artists and this is a testament to their skill and ability. Hats off. Amazing work.

  • SwyfT
    SwyfT  +3

    Side note that this is Pantheon fighting without the power of the aspect. For all intents and purposes, he's essentially human until the end of the video. That being said he solo'd 4 guards with only a shield, and then proceeded to give Leona a good fight, and then tanked a beam from a god.... Only to survive. As a human. Really explains how Atreus is able to fight Aatrox

  • CasualBrie
    CasualBrie 4 jam yang lalu +13

    With the new Legends of Runeterra expansion, we see that the one who destroyed Xolaani's giant statue was Aatrox!

  • Diego Rojas Sebastian

    Riot cinematics now occupy the place that Blizzard cinematics once owned. The absolute top of the top. I always knew Pantheon was a badass, but this just ramps it up by a few orders of magnitude. GigaCHAD indeed.

  • Sam Fahey
    Sam Fahey 2 jam yang lalu +3

    Best league cinematic ever..

  • Bongo cat
    Bongo cat  +32

    I like how everyone is 4v5ing and Ornn is just farming and practicing his forging hobbies peacefully in toplane.

  • johnahiti gms

    You can see an feel the honor in Pantheon's eyes when he is about to fight leona

  • João Vitor Gomes Dornelas
    João Vitor Gomes Dornelas 9 jam yang lalu +1

    O os deuses mano

  • Riley Matthews

    I love that Kai'sas part leads right into belveth intro as to why shes in the area shes in

  • Hamish
    Hamish  +675

    It's disgusting that they don't have more movies or TV series. There characters and lore a brilliant, and Arcane was a master piece!!!!

  • Thragara

    I love how they presented ornn like in the actual game; minding his own business and smithing plus never cares about fights.

  • What Is VR?


  • Andy Ulloa
    Andy Ulloa  +157

    Taliyah's expression when she saw Kaisa is unique, I shuddered and my blood froze when I saw so much detail in this cinematic. LOVE IT 😍

    SUBHANJAN 9 jam yang lalu

    Ornn the all father of league of legends

  • Gerald Henry


  • Tío Tony Clock

    It's been almost 8 months and I won't get over this cinematic until Riot release the next one.

  • Oliver Torres

    I love that Pantheon is using his shield to fight the humans, but take the spear to fight an aspect. That tell so much about his character and lore. He is a hero for the mankind and an enemy of the gods.


    kudos to the whole Riot team and everyone involved in these ; been year after year now, just awesome/emotional cinematics and banging soundtracks ; well done all ; i dont even play LoL, but i have listened to these songs for hours and look forward to each years new addition ; also the character themes and lore and voicelines for so many of these characters are worlds unto themselves