Nerf Blasters Floating Island Battle | Dude Perfect

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  • Nerf battles are AMAZING on the water!
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    Pumped you guys loved the vid!
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    • xXianplaysXx
      xXianplaysXx 17 jam yang lalu

      Dude Pg c gg erfect

    • Joel  Luna
      Joel Luna 17 jam yang lalu

      Dude Perfect cool

    • Nolan26
      Nolan26 17 jam yang lalu

      poor copy never winning a battle

    • Hasan Özyilmaz
      Hasan Özyilmaz 17 jam yang lalu

      Dude Perfect para cezası verilir, bu arada

    • 林倩玉
      林倩玉 17 jam yang lalu

      Dude Perfect so epic trick shot 4 plz like if you want

  • Lavan Sathia
    Lavan Sathia 58 menit yang lalu

    I want fortnite stereotypes with rage monster

  • Sandra Allen
    Sandra Allen 58 menit yang lalu

    Team coby

  • fantastic Dane channel!
    fantastic Dane channel! 59 menit yang lalu

    Omg this is my first time watching you guys video!!
    It is amazing !!
    Wow!!!! :O

  • Городской Блокнот

    круто !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fifita Leone
    Fifita Leone Jam Yang lalu

    Lovely project

  • Kumari Pushpa
    Kumari Pushpa Jam Yang lalu

    Asome video but this compiditon was easy

  • v Bts
    v Bts Jam Yang lalu

    That is dirty ocean water.its supost to be blue

  • No Subs
    No Subs Jam Yang lalu

    Number 1 on trending

  • Steven M
    Steven M Jam Yang lalu +1

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    Eshaan OMG Jam Yang lalu

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  • Payton Foss
    Payton Foss Jam Yang lalu

    Should of been longer

  • Mohammed Umar
    Mohammed Umar Jam Yang lalu

    happy birthday coby and cory.

  • Laura Berliku
    Laura Berliku Jam Yang lalu

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  • Ella Bradford
    Ella Bradford Jam Yang lalu

    Yo that’s grapevine lake in Texas the inflatable witbit is permanent and it’s been there all summer

  • Duy Đức Lê
    Duy Đức Lê Jam Yang lalu

    Happy birthday Coby and Cory, hope Coby is better at battles tho. And Cory, watch out for glass bottles XD.I drew a picture of Coby in King's dress when he won his first battle, sadly,I am Vietnamese so I can't mail it to you on Mail time in OVERTIME : (

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    UniGrace Jam Yang lalu


  • Sriram Reddy
    Sriram Reddy Jam Yang lalu

    Hi there

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    thinking creations Jam Yang lalu

    Make a finger board edition trick shot with popular finger border people

  • Mohit khadgawat
    Mohit khadgawat Jam Yang lalu

    You guys are awesome. God bless you all.

  • Hat 1607
    Hat 1607 Jam Yang lalu

    This was fun :)

  • Cavid Resulov
    Cavid Resulov Jam Yang lalu

    Bu kanal turk kanalimi yoksa yabanci kanalmi

  • Jadden
    Jadden Jam Yang lalu +2

    *RIP to Cody‘s wedding ring, sorry wife*

  • Marthe M Johannessen
    Marthe M Johannessen Jam Yang lalu

    Can you do a video with That’s amazing.

  • Chespingamer Ash
    Chespingamer Ash Jam Yang lalu

    I went there too

  • Willy_ Will777
    Willy_ Will777 Jam Yang lalu +1

    All of those Styrofoam bullets in the water are gonna suffocate the fish...

  • Gartus TV
    Gartus TV Jam Yang lalu

    türkçe alt yazı iyi olmuş

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    Little Ant Jam Yang lalu

    Happy birthday Coby and Cory!

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    The One Jam Yang lalu

    #1 on trending bois

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    clash of tamim Jam Yang lalu

    Why Tys nose is red

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    Jonathan Dominguez Jam Yang lalu

    Ty stfu up u fat fuck😂😂

  • 10,000 subscribers with no videos

    What’s the difference between your job and a dead hooker

    Your job still sucks.
    Can I get a subscriber for that

  • All in one hindi
    All in one hindi Jam Yang lalu


  • jomsart
    jomsart Jam Yang lalu

    Well that’s underwhelming.

  • Parry TehNoob
    Parry TehNoob Jam Yang lalu

    thank goodness Ty did not win he always wins

  • ناي Nay l
    ناي Nay l Jam Yang lalu

    His Ping 1000

  • Astro
    Astro Jam Yang lalu

    That looks so fun even without the nerf guns

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    _ iamjlc Jam Yang lalu +1

    My all time favourite channel ❤️

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    oscar esparza Jam Yang lalu

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    Leave.It.Blank Jam Yang lalu

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    Snuggle Bear Jam Yang lalu

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    Bound For Ground Jam Yang lalu

    well that's the thing about foam is that it's great insolation I learned this when I had to duct tape million of nerf darts on my truck to make it through the winter and also get on welfare to support my foam eating addiction. God I love nerf so fucking much I cant even handle it.

  • Marshall Playz :D
    Marshall Playz :D Jam Yang lalu

    Rip all fishes that died by eating need bullets they didn't pick up

  • GRIFF 06
    GRIFF 06 Jam Yang lalu

    Happy Birthday Twins

    HARSH SHRIVASTAV Jam Yang lalu

    Best one💓

  • Paul Grodecki
    Paul Grodecki Jam Yang lalu

    I went on one of those Wibit island courses in Dubrovnik Croatia.

  • The evil Gamer
    The evil Gamer Jam Yang lalu

    push by codes

  • The evil Gamer
    The evil Gamer Jam Yang lalu

    great video I got a scam email by someone saying there were u @dude perfect. but anyways ty looked pissed when he go pushed In haha love ya

  • Itz Mehsam
    Itz Mehsam Jam Yang lalu

    Dude this vid is so lit it got 1st in trending

  • Ga Angler
    Ga Angler Jam Yang lalu

    @dallmyd there's a ring missing!

    DHRUV AGARWAL Jam Yang lalu +1

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    Kirstie Roche Jam Yang lalu +1

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    Renegade made Jam Yang lalu

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    Teenage Mutant Starboys Jam Yang lalu

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    Romilly Stevens Jam Yang lalu

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    shelley lambert Jam Yang lalu

    4:50 I think I'm being pooped out right now lol 😂🤣🤣😂

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    Laila Massoud Jam Yang lalu

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    Vanessa Torres Jam Yang lalu

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    Fearlessprice81 Jam Yang lalu

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    Cody Lima Jam Yang lalu

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    pr_ttystranger RBLX Jam Yang lalu

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    Logan Paul said he'd beat these guys in a diss track, but he hasn't gained million subs in a while, and dude perfect gains 500k a night

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