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My Wireless Seatpost has a big problem... Let's hack it!

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 13 Agu 2022
  • I love my Rockshox Reverb AXS dropper post. It’s solid, works quickly, looks good, and is operated wirelessly. I’m unwilling to use another dropper post, especially one with a cable release, but it’s starting to look like a good idea. The battery in the back of the Reverb hits into my tire when the rear suspension compresses all the way. Today, we’ll seek a solution for this issue.
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  • hydra66
    hydra66 Bulan Yang lalu +2414

    For a $800 accessory, that's a major design flaw. Hopefully the manufacturers are taking note

    • I lick the insides of microwave popcorn packages
      I lick the insides of microwave popcorn packages 28 hari yang lalu

      @Only Fool Riding Did you at least watch the video? He literally demonstrated it can happen with air in the shock.

    • M_ _R
      M_ _R Bulan Yang lalu

      I would expect such design flaws with SRAM.

    • peter alexander
      peter alexander Bulan Yang lalu

      @S.K.H. there's already a lot of other stuff inside a dropper post

    • meikgeik
      meikgeik Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @Brian Wright I sell aftermarket parts for another hobby. You have to be as transparent as possible, test as many combinations as possible, and take feedback given. If we were told about an issue like this, we would add a warning to the product page about compatibility issues (we have done this in the past when new products came out that were incompatible with our parts or needed extra bits to make them compatible). My company has me working 5-10 hours a week, and a part time employee working about the same, yet we manage to do it, why can't they?

  • mishmasta
    mishmasta Bulan Yang lalu +741

    If there was ever a project to justify adding a 3D printer to your "tool box", I think this was it.

    • Dan On a Bike
      Dan On a Bike Bulan Yang lalu +1

      DOOOO IIIIIITTTT!!!!! I use mine for so much shit. I make stuff for everything now.

    • kazooka12
      kazooka12 Bulan Yang lalu +1

      We'd never get him back. Don't do it Seth. Tie yourself to the mast and resist the siren's song

    • Keri Solomon
      Keri Solomon Bulan Yang lalu +2

      Seems like the natural progression for his IDclips and mountain biking career. The content value alone would pay for it. I can see a whole new series based on experimental 3D bike parts, maybe even another whole channel

    • Tri-seeker
      Tri-seeker Bulan Yang lalu

      @Michael Summer Yeah, I got myself that bigger Prusa and for casual tinkering, it serves well...

    • Tri-seeker
      Tri-seeker Bulan Yang lalu

      @Beno C ...such is a powerwasher, leafblower, chainsaw... Should I continue? :-)

  • silk loam project
    silk loam project Bulan Yang lalu +152

    This is the first time someone has been truthful with a axs dropper. Everyone else, it's perfect just perfect. Thank you Seth. One-up components for the win. Stick with the basics

    • Trent Vlak
      Trent Vlak Bulan Yang lalu

      I prefer Bikeyoke.

    • jamble7k
      jamble7k Bulan Yang lalu +1

      my oneup aint as smooth, needs regreasing often & the seal is crap... rather have a fox transfer honestly

    • mi yui
      mi yui Bulan Yang lalu +1

      it's good product everyone, if you can't afford it just dont drag people along with you. like seth some people can afford to hack it using a hack saw. but if you cant use a hacksaw on it dont buy it. mtb should not be treated like a baby, but rather like a slave to take all the beatings.

    • MotoAtheist
      MotoAtheist Bulan Yang lalu +2

      @クラウドシルバー For you it's not perfect and is overrated, for many others it is indeed perfect for their needs. But hey, the world revolves around you, right?

    • TheGrundigg
      TheGrundigg Bulan Yang lalu

      @クラウドシルバー .period. dot...dot...dot..., you see what I mean?

  • spankosaur
    spankosaur Bulan Yang lalu +91

    I always enjoy Seth's content regardless of what he is doing, however, when I saw him break out the hacksaw I genuinely tensed up and said out loud "Oh no...don't do it"

    • Hummingbird 79101911
      Hummingbird 79101911 Bulan Yang lalu +1

      me too, I was like put the saddle on backwards first, verify this for me.... noooooo its cut

    • War Thunder Noob!
      War Thunder Noob! Bulan Yang lalu

      “No don’t do it, I’m a virgin!”

  • juan sanchez
    juan sanchez Bulan Yang lalu +7

    Seth, SRAM should send you a check for doing their R&D, or at minimum, a new post, free of charge, when they inevitably take inspiration from what you just did!

  • Kyle Manning
    Kyle Manning Bulan Yang lalu +1254

    The escalation from calm to hacksaw was faster than I expected

    • Vincent 123
      Vincent 123 Bulan Yang lalu

      That escalated quickly.

    • 2500timma
      2500timma Bulan Yang lalu

      @Repent and believe in Jesus Christ take your invisible friend somewhere else...

    • Simon Dowsett
      Simon Dowsett Bulan Yang lalu +3

      I take it you don't know Jeremy Clarkson who starts with a hammer.

    • cavemanvi
      cavemanvi Bulan Yang lalu +2

      ability to have kids? OVERRATED.

    • Spencer Tanti
      Spencer Tanti Bulan Yang lalu +5

      Hack saw is plan B, Oxyaxcytelene is I'm not asking anything 🤣

  • John Steed
    John Steed Bulan Yang lalu +2

    That was intense, the emotional involvement. I feel you, stuff like that has happened to me a lot. Thanks for showing us that hacks can go wrong, and may end up frustrating you. That's part of tinkering with stuff, but usually failure means learning. Maybe you'll wake up one morning with a perfect solution for this. Then, the feeling of accomplishment will be even greater than the current frustration.

  • Utah John
    Utah John Bulan Yang lalu +2

    I've known about this problem since last year. I can't believe companies release a product like this without testing it first, it's a pretty basic flaw. I have 2 friends who regularly knock the battery off with their rear tire when bottoming out. WTF.

  • Jonathan Fisher
    Jonathan Fisher Bulan Yang lalu +13

    I approve of the remote battery hack! I know Seth ended up just hacking off the seat post, but for anyone else: make sure the battery has some Armor against meteorites flying off the rear tire. If you pierce a flat battery pack they do tend to shoot flames.

  • Sluysmeister
    Sluysmeister Bulan Yang lalu +19

    This video was pure gold start to finish. From the time it took to go from sane to hack saw was about the time of my patience level. Totally relatable!

  • My MTB Life
    My MTB Life Bulan Yang lalu +864

    Only Seth would mess with a $800 dropper post😂 Your content is great Seth, keep it up!

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ Bulan Yang lalu

      Repent to Jesus Christ “The father of a righteous child has great joy; a man who fathers a wise son rejoices in him.”
      ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭23:24‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ Bulan Yang lalu

      Repent to Jesus Christ “The father of a righteous child has great joy; a man who fathers a wise son rejoices in him.”
      ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭23:24‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • Noch_ein_Kamel
      Noch_ein_Kamel Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @Piotrek I'm guilty of that shit, too. And I mostly regret it ;D

    • dude guy
      dude guy Bulan Yang lalu

      He has the money to buy A LOT of wireless dropper posts before it really hits home LOL

    • Mike R
      Mike R Bulan Yang lalu

      @Lou Sassle he got the bike for free he probably got the dropper for free too.

  • Tri-seeker
    Tri-seeker Bulan Yang lalu +58

    Combine both of your solutions - turn seatpost around AND use that adaptor - in that way you can't hit it with tire AND you can still make bigger family 🙂

    • Daniel
      Daniel Bulan Yang lalu

      @R C but the battery was impacting the tires not the seat

    • Daniel
      Daniel Bulan Yang lalu

      I think turning the post around would limit the seat from pointing low enough.

    • Waremonger
      Waremonger Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @Beno C You are correct. I have the RockShox AXS seat post as well and it's the seat post itself that sticks up and is hitting his seat. Anyone can google image search the seat post and see. Seth probably should have shown a close up though because I can understand how some viewers are confused. While I agree with Seth that this probably could have been designed better, it would only affect some brands of bikes and only the ones with Small frames which he alluded to but didn't quite spell out. All in all it's a great seat post and blows away any wired dropper post but it does have two major cons: 1) The price - it's way too expensive for what it is even though I love it, and 2) They apparently aren't manufacturing the (overpriced) 200 & 600 hour service kits. I've been on notify lists on various websites for almost a year and haven't heard anything. Any time I have manually checked they've been out of stock.

    • R C
      R C Bulan Yang lalu

      @Beno C it was the battery

    • Beno C
      Beno C Bulan Yang lalu +3

      I don't think it was the battery that was impacting the seat or he would have done that.

  • Adam Bower
    Adam Bower Bulan Yang lalu +14

    This is amazing. "The 6 of you" joke was perfectly delivered, but I also love seeing the reverse engineering that went into this.

  • MARIA- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]

    I always enjoy Seth's content regardless of what he is doing, however, when I saw him break out the hacksaw I genuinely tensed up and said out loud "Oh no...don't do it"

  • Rabiosa- 👈𝓕**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝓒𝓚 𝓜𝓨 Р𝓡0𝓕𝓘𝓛Е🔞

    I always enjoy Seth's content regardless of what he is doing, however, when I saw him break out the hacksaw I genuinely tensed up and said out loud "Oh no...don't do it"

  • Mariya 0ver L!ve🔞
    Mariya 0ver L!ve🔞 Bulan Yang lalu

    I always enjoy Seth's content regardless of what he is doing, however, when I saw him break out the hacksaw I genuinely tensed up and said out loud "Oh no...don't do it"

  • 🚨W​A​T​C​H​​ M​​Y​ L​A​S​T​ V​I​D​E​O​🚨

    I always enjoy Seth's content regardless of what he is doing, however, when I saw him break out the hacksaw I genuinely tensed up and said out loud "Oh no...don't do it"

  • Brown guy
    Brown guy Bulan Yang lalu +33

    There's just no way. I wish people wouldn't pay outrageous prices for things just to say they have it. So it's worth 600 dollars to not have a cable but have to keep up with a battery?...I can't see it. That being said love the channel keep up the good work!

    • Joseph G.
      Joseph G. Bulan Yang lalu +1

      The early adopters will happily pay a lot of money for the new tech. Normal people like us will benefit from them paying “outrageous” prices when the product first hits the market, because the early adopters make the product market viable and the manufacturer then increases production, and other companies take note and make their own versions… all of which leads to lower prices. If nobody bought these AXS droppers now the tech would probably die and never take off.

    • Wishful Enigma
      Wishful Enigma Bulan Yang lalu +4

      Its the early adopter fee. Any new tech always costs more because its not mass produced. I already think 200 for a dropper is crazy cuz its just a hydrolic tube but theyre way cheaper than when they were first released

  • Kdog Jcgdad
    Kdog Jcgdad Bulan Yang lalu +3

    This is why I started watching Seth's bike hacks back in the day I love this type of content

  • OhMyGulay
    OhMyGulay Bulan Yang lalu +495

    I feel like the biking industry is the only industry that tries to justify a 4x mark up on a part because it's wireless.

    • I lick the insides of microwave popcorn packages
      I lick the insides of microwave popcorn packages 28 hari yang lalu

      @one word Someone also had to run R&D on the product including testing, develop it and bring it to manufacturing as a whole new product. Prices are set based on how much they've spent on it and how many they're expecting to sell. They overcharge for the battery but that's about it.

    • liquidwombat
      liquidwombat Bulan Yang lalu

      @Kevin Templeton Yes but how many sales do they make based on a particular price?
      For example let’s say this wireless dropper cost $200 to manufacture they sell it for $800 that’s $600 profit per sale (obviously I’m handwaving away shipping and warehousing and advertising and all that bullshit for the sake of simplistic explanation) so at $800 a pop say they sell 10,000 seat posts that’s a profit of $6 million
      BUT if they drop the price to $400 while they’re only making $200 profit per seat post they may be able to sell 100,000 unity, generating $20 million in profit

    • Kevin Templeton
      Kevin Templeton Bulan Yang lalu

      Manufacturers have no need to justify what they sell, they just need to make sales. The customers justify the markup by buying the product despite it.

    • liquidwombat
      liquidwombat Bulan Yang lalu

      @PastaJuice Fair, but if they weren’t marking it up so goddamn much there would be much higher demand

      TOPSPOT Bulan Yang lalu

      @Vytautas what do you think?

  • ruanded
    ruanded Bulan Yang lalu +1

    I have this exact same problem when g-ing out. Love this dropper, but really hope SRAM moves or redesigns the battery on v2. Had to raise my seat to keep it from happening.

  • Tiago
    Tiago Bulan Yang lalu +2

    I've seen other people complaining that their saddle would hit the wheel if they used a dropper too low (and long). Not a problem for me, a hardtail (poor) rider.

  • Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones Bulan Yang lalu +2

    You could try using a saddle with a central cut out, that might give enough clearance to adjust the saddle without getting that hump.

  • crazypicturedude
    crazypicturedude Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Thanks Seth for going the extra mile. I ride a size small and go for a 150mm dropper so pointing out that flaw does highlight the cons since I'm considering getting one. As for your battery hack, I think you can get away with replicating the pads with a PCB and 3d printing the rest including a separate enclosure for your battery that is secured to your seat instead of the dual-lock.

  • Slide Drexler
    Slide Drexler Bulan Yang lalu +207

    I think Rockshox should pay Seth for giving them an idea to make their wireless dropper post better.

    • Tomi S
      Tomi S Bulan Yang lalu +3

      @Esteban Gonzalez It's the same company, and it's literally a *RockShox* Reverb.

    • Michael Jolley
      Michael Jolley Bulan Yang lalu +6

      Include a hacksaw with the dropper? 😉

    • Brodin
      Brodin Bulan Yang lalu +16

      @Esteban Gonzalez same company

    • Esteban Gonzalez
      Esteban Gonzalez Bulan Yang lalu +3

      That’s sram

  • Benjamin Wadsworth
    Benjamin Wadsworth Bulan Yang lalu

    You had me laughing so hard. I loved watching this process and can totally identify with you. Thanks for bringing up an issue with the wireless droppers. I have been thinking of getting one at some point. Hopefully this will get reengineered before I pull the trigger!

  • JT Rider
    JT Rider Bulan Yang lalu +10

    I work an an Industrial Automation Electrician, and I can say confidently, that things being unnecessarily automated or electronically controlled, is hardly ever better. BUT it keeps jobs around for me, because people continue to do it, and it always fails! 😂

    • end
      end Bulan Yang lalu

      The electronic derailleur everyone who uses does not go back to cable, as the electronic has automatic derailleur hanger misalignment correction is a significant advance. Seth has a goal of testing products to the extreme and doing various tests, for him the videos generate profit and usually pay the damage, for the manufacturers is the tip of changing the battery position.
      And I really don't have a wireless Seatpost to give an opinion on this product, but the derailleur I have to admit that there's no way to go back to using cables after him.

    • JT Rider
      JT Rider Bulan Yang lalu +2

      @end I understand that, but the point I was making was… is removing a simple, and reliable cable for an expensive, bulky, and battery powered part that requires charging really worth it? In Seth’s case, it looks like it created a bigger problem than any problems or nuisances it may have solved.

    • end
      end Bulan Yang lalu

      in this case the idea is to remove the cable, the mistake is not thinking about the sag of the dampers, and the design mistake was not putting the battery in front

  • Jaap
    Jaap Bulan Yang lalu +1

    I love this, so many times I've been down similar roads in my workshop. I feel you Seth.

  • GingerBeardMan
    GingerBeardMan Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Pretty cool, I love hacks like this! But please be super careful when hacking into LiPo/LiIon Batteries. If damaged they burst into flames very violently. This better be done outside with nothing flamable around.

  • nope
    nope Bulan Yang lalu +4

    That seems like a lot of work just to avoid having a wired dropper post.

  • fedacheese0
    fedacheese0 Bulan Yang lalu

    That adapter looks so good. It looks like you bought it. Congratulations man. You did an amazing job. Making it look like you got it from a store is (for me at least) the hallmark of good diy. Too bad it didn't work 😕.

  • Luke Tschimpke
    Luke Tschimpke Bulan Yang lalu +6

    The part where you said “I know you don’t feel bad” and “the six of you that have this problem as well” were golden dude

  • Abstraddic 0
    Abstraddic 0 Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Great job Seth , Your reverse engineering never fails. Ps: Fun problem to have lol

  • Chuck Fernald
    Chuck Fernald Bulan Yang lalu +3

    Love it, "For the six of you that have this problem..." Great video, as always!

  • Taco Time
    Taco Time Bulan Yang lalu

    Love to see a modern generator solution. Make your own power pedaling or wheels spinning.

  • B1KER
    B1KER Bulan Yang lalu

    I feel like there still may be a solution in the original approach. Otherwise, I wonder if you had a saddle with a wide opening in it like the Specialized Mimic. if it wouldn't matter that the post was a little higher when mounted backwards.

  • Robin Rai
    Robin Rai Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Make sure you've kept the battery management circuit, lipo batteries like to get angry if they're over or undercharged

  • Maxim Jurakovskii
    Maxim Jurakovskii Bulan Yang lalu +354

    6 years ago he had a basic hard-tail and he didn't want more. Look at him now😁

    • SSRacing66
      SSRacing66 24 hari yang lalu


    • Daniel
      Daniel Bulan Yang lalu +5

      @BermChasin' But a 2k Pc will salp your balls off at anything compared to an m1 or m2 chipped mac. The M-chip might be strong but for the money every thing else lacks, the ram, the gpu, the cooling and the upgradeability/ repairability.

    • Никита
      Никита Bulan Yang lalu +4

      @Kermit Of War No reason for them not to be overpriced. People will buy them anyways, because it's hobby - things we love. And company's owners know that.

  • RobG Offroad
    RobG Offroad Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Funny, as soon as I saw the battery sticking off the back in their pictures, I knew something wasn't going to be right. Hopefully a version 2.0 will be forthcoming with a new design. And probably $1200. Sigh.

  • Chad Myles - The Cleveland Cyclist

    I was so impressed with how you engineered a solution to a problem and I felt your pain when it didn't work.

  • Chris Genovese
    Chris Genovese Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Seth's car audio days still paying off! Pretty damn impressive!

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi Bulan Yang lalu

    I always enjoy Seth's content regardless of what he is doing, however, when I saw him break out the hacksaw I genuinely tensed up and said out loud "Oh no...don't do it"

  • cristian matus
    cristian matus Bulan Yang lalu +104

    love seeing these kind of videos where you apply non-bike knowledge to problems like this one,
    greetings from chile!

    • Noah Kubicek
      Noah Kubicek Bulan Yang lalu

      Oh sick! I just skied Valle Nevado and El Colorado a few days ago 🤙

    • Ryan M
      Ryan M Bulan Yang lalu

      Santiago Chile here. Originally from Kansas

  • Joe Napieralski
    Joe Napieralski Bulan Yang lalu +11

    Love the video!!! They do make slim profile batteries I found them on Amazon and they are pretty much the same and I have been using them for a few months now and no issues I think a 2 pack go for 35 bucks

  • Josh Glynn
    Josh Glynn Bulan Yang lalu +4

    I love that you make everything as relatable as possible but I cant help but start the '3D printer' chant!! This would definitely be the perfect project for it!

  • Azaria Rosalyn
    Azaria Rosalyn Bulan Yang lalu

    Only Seth would mess with a $800 dropper post😂 Your content is great Seth, keep it up!

  • Chief Harddick
    Chief Harddick Bulan Yang lalu

    I like that you went straight into hacking it to pieces instead of getting longer seat rail clamps made for the thing

  • James Brown
    James Brown Bulan Yang lalu

    Depending on your crank length, you could shorten them up to gain more clearance (seat post height goes up).

  • Gustavo Mello
    Gustavo Mello Bulan Yang lalu

    this probably only happens on a SMALL size bike. But the solution was absolutely brilliant.

  • Emory Holley
    Emory Holley Bulan Yang lalu +4

    Man I've been on the fence for getting with those for a while. I did the axs shifters and absolutely love them. Really tough to swallow $800 for a seat post.

    • Willbros
      Willbros Bulan Yang lalu

      The people here locally LOVE that post, and have stated that they would forego the drivetrain for the post if given a choice of one or the other. I don't know anyone who has one and has said anything negative about it.

    • Telegram me 👉👉 OfficialKarolinaprotsenko
      Telegram me 👉👉 OfficialKarolinaprotsenko Bulan Yang lalu

      Congratulations you have been selected among our shortlisted winners 🎁🎁
      Telegram the above username so we can sort this out.🎁

  • Long Peter
    Long Peter Bulan Yang lalu

    If it is the actual battery pushing on the underside of the seat, combine the two solutions. And then make it waterproof 👍🏻

  • BermChasin'
    BermChasin' Bulan Yang lalu +1

    LOL. This is a great video! I would definitely hack the seat by welding some additional rails to it, to make it sit up another cm or so... Alternatively, you could just not drop your seat all the way, and leave a cm of clearance...

  • Chris Morris
    Chris Morris Bulan Yang lalu

    You could 3D print a little housing for the adaptor that could look really flush and cool on top of being weather tight

  • lior yunfh
    lior yunfh Bulan Yang lalu

    This is amazing. "The 6 of you" joke was perfectly delivered, but I also love seeing the reverse engineering that went into this.

  • Tyler Jackson
    Tyler Jackson Bulan Yang lalu

    This seems like a good opportunity to utilize the 3D printer!

  • Austin Desautels
    Austin Desautels Bulan Yang lalu

    I have the same personality flaw, among others! :)
    Could you do both solutions at once? Or does moving the battery (again) not reduce how much the whole thing sticks up into your seat?
    I think the next step might be to go back to your initial hack, but then add some type of casing/protection to the battery contact so that when the wheel hits it, it can't be yoinked out of place......shrink wrap it with a plastic soda bottle and heat gun?

  • shuper_j
    shuper_j Bulan Yang lalu

    Great video Seth! I love the simple solution to a unique problem

  • Eric Jimenez
    Eric Jimenez Bulan Yang lalu

    This was super cool Seth! You definitely need to do more videos like this!!!

  • JIMMY 8x
    JIMMY 8x Bulan Yang lalu

    wireless technology is so ubiquitous and cheap these days. their profit margin on the Reverb has gotta be absolutely insane... really surprised there are not more options out there from other companies yet

  • Steegwolf
    Steegwolf Bulan Yang lalu

    First ever bodge to be seen on this channel 😅
    But probably still better than the original design it seems! Way to go! And I am sure you‘ll find an even better solution soon 😃

  • Danny M
    Danny M Bulan Yang lalu +4

    Seth is literally me working on a bike I mess one thing up and then a next until the part is broken. But Seth is also a great bike mechanic.

  • Derek L
    Derek L Bulan Yang lalu

    While I know the end goal didn’t happen the way you wanted, I’m still insanely impressed with how you got there. Your intelligence is way beyond most

  • peter alexander
    peter alexander Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Wouldn't the combination of the two hacks be what you were looking for? Seatpost turned and hacked battery - loads of tyre clearance and no hump under the saddle

  • Ori Koh
    Ori Koh Bulan Yang lalu

    Great work Seth! Appreciate you trying out such crazy ideas🤣

  • Marlon Whitehead
    Marlon Whitehead Bulan Yang lalu +1

    You should just make a skid plate behind the battery like on the back of the Concorde. Or a wheel that the back tire rubs against connected to the seat

  • Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó

    If there was ever a project to justify adding a 3D printer to your "tool box", I think this was it.

  • [GABBY]H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve

    If there was ever a project to justify adding a 3D printer to your "tool box", I think this was it.

  • Elymi
    Elymi Bulan Yang lalu +4

    "For the 6 of you that have this problem as well." - Im dying. I love you Berm Peak. Im just a casual rider and I cant cant enough of your problem videos even though I will probably never experience them lol.

  • Nero
    Nero Bulan Yang lalu +6

    So these little clamps that hold the seat rails... Could those be extended somehow?
    Edit: Or you could pull the rails from the seat and make 'taller' ones so it clears when you reverse it.

    • Vytautas
      Vytautas Bulan Yang lalu

      @Dulmi thx.

    • Dulmi
      Dulmi Bulan Yang lalu

      @Vytautas definitely spam. all over youtube on all sorts of big channels

    • Vytautas
      Vytautas Bulan Yang lalu

      @sjeants better safe than sorry :)

    • sjeants
      sjeants Bulan Yang lalu

      @Berm Peak Express - same here but you know no one trusts anything anymore. Interest to see if this is actually true

    • Vytautas
      Vytautas Bulan Yang lalu

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    Tugboat Tristan Bulan Yang lalu

    This channel has come so far. Look at us learning about basic DC circuits and soldering!

  • Drew Ferguson
    Drew Ferguson Bulan Yang lalu

    You could try and customize the mount on the saddle to give you more clearance

  • Gary Altman
    Gary Altman Bulan Yang lalu

    I think you were headed down the right path with the first redesign, but I have the same "fu-- it, I'll make it work" attitude that you do and would have ended up with the hack saw as well.

  • Bri
    Bri Bulan Yang lalu

    That is absolutely ridiculous that they wouldn't engineer it differently for full rear suspension movement. Not really a hard fix as Seth has just shown us, just run a remote battery via wires under the seat.

  • Tony D
    Tony D 5 hari yang lalu

    The torx screw that tilts the saddle looks like it would back straight out with the right pin spanner to remove the lock with no need for a hacksaw. Needs to be revisited for am update!

  • Jonna 🔞 T[A]P ON [M][Y] PlcTuRE

    The escalation from calm to hacksaw was faster than I expected


    The escalation from calm to hacksaw was faster than I expected

  • mtnbikeman85
    mtnbikeman85 Bulan Yang lalu +1

    As a fellow short guy on small frames I feel your pain with droppers. Even with normal droppers often the bends in the seat tubes make it hard to run much more than a 125mm dropper on the smalls and get the right seat height.

    • mtnbikeman85
      mtnbikeman85 Bulan Yang lalu

      @david doornenbal already got one, doesn't entirely make up for most frame designs though.

    • david doornenbal
      david doornenbal Bulan Yang lalu +1

      Then you should buy a oneup dropper, they are the shortest droppers excisting

  • Arne Seys
    Arne Seys Bulan Yang lalu

    the return of "Seth's bike hack's", diy for life

  • Geddy
    Geddy Bulan Yang lalu

    My only concern is that the LiPo (which I recognize as being from an SCX24 if I'm not mistaken, and is a 2-cell battery) will either a) become unbalanced over time, and b) will over-discharge beyond repair, since there's no speed controller with low voltage protection.
    If you added a low-voltage alarm to the balance connector, it would beep when voltage dropped too low, so you would know to recharge it. That would work.

  • Kalin P
    Kalin P Bulan Yang lalu +62

    You could 3d print a super thin plate to connect the seat post terminals to the battery, or you could solder wires to the terminals then run them to the location of the taped battery which would be even slimmer than the printed plate.

    • Freezorg
      Freezorg 22 hari yang lalu

      @SILENT MINORITY cope harder, you're just mad people can make self-defense "tools" with them

    • Kalin P
      Kalin P Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @SILENT MINORITY quite the opposite actually, they squeeze material out

      SILENT MINORITY Bulan Yang lalu

      3d printers suck

    • Sinan Kargı
      Sinan Kargı Bulan Yang lalu +10

      Exactly. Even better he can print a bumper for the Ergon saddle so that the saddle makes the first contact, not the slim adapter.

  • Josh Triplett
    Josh Triplett Bulan Yang lalu

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  • clamboni9
    clamboni9 Bulan Yang lalu

    this would have been a perfect project for the 3d printer. You could easily design an adapter in a simple CAD program that would not protrude at all from the battery port, and print it in PETG OR abs.

  • Jevan Bloss
    Jevan Bloss Bulan Yang lalu

    Hey Seth maybe since your are no longer partnered with any specific brand and have a company that can make custom fabricated components for bikes. Maybe they could make a custom saddle rail that has a bigger rise than normal so the mechanism isn’t pushing against the seat

  • Ben Slater
    Ben Slater Bulan Yang lalu

    Maybe an opportunity to collab with Wheels Mfg again? They're amazing at solving weird problems like this, maybe they can create a new clamp with additional clearance that allows folks to flip their dropper post around like you did?

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon Bulan Yang lalu

    This video was pure gold start to finish. From the time it took to go from sane to hack saw was about the time of my patience level. Totally relatable!

  • Fatbike Daddy
    Fatbike Daddy Bulan Yang lalu

    I find the second version better: you could cutout the part of the saddle which is in interference and be good to go.

  • xB4R7x
    xB4R7x Bulan Yang lalu

    Love it!! I will say this though. If that lipo is a soft-sided RC battery it'll react poorly to having and holes poked in it.

  • Peter Baskind
    Peter Baskind Bulan Yang lalu

    That’s a pretty big miss by the product designers. Nonetheless, I like the solution. I’m a “meh” bike mechanic, but I’m pretty good at wiring stuff like that. It’s all part of being an Extra Class Ham. I love shrink tubing.
    Too bad it wasn’t a perfect solution.

  • John Carpenter
    John Carpenter Bulan Yang lalu

    "I cannot stress enough how much this is not a tutorial." - Seth (many times but, weirdly, not this time...)

  • sjeants
    sjeants Bulan Yang lalu

    I feel you pain - 5’6” with a 29” inseam. Droppers have been the Bain of my existence, 29ers even more so. Not from a riding perspective but continually buzzing my butt when landing jumps. I now just keep to 27.5

  • Muddy biker
    Muddy biker Bulan Yang lalu

    As with all new to market products the manufacturer will hold some features/design back for v2.0, v3.0 etc. I bet they already have this sorted in the pipeline for the next version, to make us buy the new one!
    Also, I don’t understand why they don’t combine the post control into the shifter, that would get the cockpit even cleaner. Maybe that’s coming!
    Love the vids 👍🏻!

  • King Machiavelli
    King Machiavelli Bulan Yang lalu

    Thank you Seth! Been struggling with that battery issue too but now I have an idea of what to do. Once I'm able to upgrade my $100 Chinese bike 🤣

  • _yesfish_
    _yesfish_ Bulan Yang lalu +77

    Am I the only one hear who doesn't mountain bike.... but watches everyday video. This man is an enabler to me when I do DIY projects. Love ya Seth 🤙🏽

    • ieism1
      ieism1 20 jam yang lalu +1

      Nope, I just ride BMX and watch this channel to lol about a single part that costs as much as my entire custom build bike. 😅

    • _yesfish_
      _yesfish_ Bulan Yang lalu +3

      @demon rc 😂😂😂😂😂😂 thats awesome!

    • demon rc
      demon rc Bulan Yang lalu +3

      I haven't owned a bike for years. I started watching when he broke his leg cuz I thought it was an RC channel 😆 and now I'm definitely getting a decent bike someday just hard to make a decision on what one.

    • Levi Ault
      Levi Ault Bulan Yang lalu +3

      Yo, go get a bike. Then we can officially declare you awesome.

    • bungeee.
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  • AnimeJ2
    AnimeJ2 Bulan Yang lalu

    Gotta go best of both worlds. Stash the battery up under the seat like before, and run the adaptor with the post turned 180.

  • Pooter Bilbo
    Pooter Bilbo Bulan Yang lalu

    Fun video but this illustrates the silliness of some wireless bike components. In the quest to eliminate one tiny dropper post cable we now have battery packs, worse form factors, and the always perfectly reliable Bluetooth connections to deal with. Sometimes it's just better to keep things simple.

  • DaviCupra
    DaviCupra Bulan Yang lalu +2

    Great video Seth!
    I hope Sram sees this video and upgrade their wireless seatpost :D

  • Sebastian M.
    Sebastian M. Bulan Yang lalu

    This is exactly my thing: how can I "improve" this ridiculously expensive item without destroying it? Sometimes I cancel the project, sometimes tears will be shed.

  • gc88831
    gc88831 Bulan Yang lalu

    I see the merging of the RC hobby and mountain biking has come through again! Except I'm not sure I would want a lipo near that part of my body 😅

  • Kerim Mesic
    Kerim Mesic Bulan Yang lalu +2

    That's the kind of thing that would have me run a MX wheel size.

  • Jason Nosaj
    Jason Nosaj Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Is there no shorter travel drop option? I run a 120 and could fit a 180, with no room for adjustment, but there’s no need. If your seat is sitting below the top of the rear tire there’s room for adjustment