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    Godzilla · Eminem · Juice WRLD
    Music To Be Murdered By
    ℗ 2020 Marshall B. Mathers III, under exclusive license to Interscope Records
    Released on: 2020-01-17
    Producer: d.a. got that dope for Guaranteed Millions
    Producer, Additional Producer: Eminem
    Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer, Mixer: Mike Strange
    Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Vic Luevanos
    Studio Personnel, Asst. Recording Engineer: Tony Campana
    Studio Personnel, Asst. Recording Engineer: Joe Strange
    Studio Personnel, Asst. Recording Engineer: Julio Ulloa
    Associated Performer, Additional Keyboards: Luis Resto
    Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Brian Gardner
    Composer Lyricist: M Mathers
    Composer Lyricist: L. Resto
    Composer Lyricist: D. Doman
    Composer Lyricist: J. Higgins
    Composer Lyricist: A. Villasana
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Komentar • 6 654

  • G SHORTS:)
    G SHORTS:) 6 jam yang lalu


  • Deziree
    Deziree 6 jam yang lalu

    Juice 😭

  • Anna Rose
    Anna Rose 6 jam yang lalu

    the kings back y’all

  • John Hickman
    John Hickman 6 jam yang lalu

    Eminem's brakes are better than a high end sports car.....×1000 speed to 0 in .042 seconds💯🔥

  • Johny rage
    Johny rage 6 jam yang lalu

    We Have Blue Oyster Cult, Now Eminem

  • Ashleigh Cobb
    Ashleigh Cobb 6 jam yang lalu

    Killed it 🔥

  • Jahnky PR
    Jahnky PR 6 jam yang lalu


  • Celia R.H
    Celia R.H 6 jam yang lalu


  • JoeFudge69
    JoeFudge69 6 jam yang lalu

    Em the Goat

  • Vaughn Parata
    Vaughn Parata 6 jam yang lalu +1


  • TioTheGrandpa
    TioTheGrandpa 6 jam yang lalu

    This is lit👌🔥🔥🔥

  • Ghana Mafia
    Ghana Mafia 6 jam yang lalu

    Ok...so now he's rapping KENDRICK LAMAR?...and the guy singing is a JUICE WRLD clone.....unreal...shameless.

  • Deadchannel
    Deadchannel 6 jam yang lalu

    3:08 oh he's at it again haahhahaha

  • JoeFudge69
    JoeFudge69 6 jam yang lalu

    This fucking slaps

  • dUggIE fresh
    dUggIE fresh 6 jam yang lalu

    OH SHIT!!!! That's crazy! Shady's back! Run mubble

  • General Husky
    General Husky 6 jam yang lalu

    Can’t wait for the lyric vid for this 💀

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G 6 jam yang lalu

    It’s funny how the owner of this song was changed 😂

  • pedrobrminecraft
    pedrobrminecraft 6 jam yang lalu

    I paused so Em could breathe

  • III Sparna III
    III Sparna III 6 jam yang lalu

    God fucking damn

  • Naufal Pinasthika
    Naufal Pinasthika 6 jam yang lalu +1

    Scientist : Nothing faster than light you fool !
    Eminem : 2:57

  • Poonslayer75
    Poonslayer75 6 jam yang lalu

    *finally learns rap god”
    *godzilla is released*
    Me - “ahh shit here we go again”

  • curtinn
    curtinn 6 jam yang lalu

    The two on the same track is beautiful but only a one time thing.RIP juice 🙏

  • Gabe Boller
    Gabe Boller 6 jam yang lalu

    My dog listened to this song now he’s sonic

  • Baby Bird Gaming
    Baby Bird Gaming 6 jam yang lalu

    Sorry but this ain’t good dude 😂..

  • Hubert Spitholt
    Hubert Spitholt 6 jam yang lalu +1

    Eminem's new fastest verse!
    Not alike 9.8 syllables per second
    Homicide 10.2 syllables per second
    Rap God 10.6 syllables per second
    Lucky you 10.7 syllables per second
    Offended 10.8 syllables per second
    Speedom 10.9 syllables per second
    Majesty 11.3 syllables per second
    Godzilla 11.5 syllables per second
    Now in words per second
    Not alike 5.4 words per second
    Homicide 6.2 words per second
    Rap God 6.5 words per second
    Majesty 7 words per second
    Lucky you 7.1 words per second
    Speedom 7.3 words per second
    Offended 7.9 words per second
    Godzilla 8 words per second
    Edit: I calculate it like this, go to the fast part of the song and play it for 10 seconds, then count all syllables/words and divide it by 10

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki 6 jam yang lalu

    Honestly, never been mad about his beard

  • ZyL Wonder
    ZyL Wonder 6 jam yang lalu

    More power idol 👍

  • Esteban Prince
    Esteban Prince 6 jam yang lalu

    Glad this is trending instead of Jimmy Kimmel and Yummy

  • Omer Şanlı
    Omer Şanlı 6 jam yang lalu +1

    Rap god 2

  • Sloth Sin
    Sloth Sin 6 jam yang lalu

    Selena Gomez: Stream my shitty music so we can go #1
    Eminem, Juice Wrld, and Roddy Ricch: Stfu bitch

  • dave lévesque
    dave lévesque 6 jam yang lalu


  • ahsan someone
    ahsan someone 6 jam yang lalu

    how long has this been recorded juice wrld is in this

  • JustAnother90%
    JustAnother90% 6 jam yang lalu

    Man has created a Masterpiece with Darkness and a Monster with Godzilla 👀
    A living G O D !!!!!

  • Giovanny Abonce
    Giovanny Abonce 6 jam yang lalu +1

    Vengo por Jony Beltran

  • Sha Money
    Sha Money 6 jam yang lalu +1


  • KeisukeRotary
    KeisukeRotary 6 jam yang lalu

    this how eminem raps now "mayday its payday decay ray j ray j layzay im feeling hayzay cuz im crazay"

  • John Marston
    John Marston 6 jam yang lalu


  • James Fralick
    James Fralick 6 jam yang lalu

    really like juicewrld on hear he fits perfectly

  • Zynq Edits
    Zynq Edits 6 jam yang lalu

    this is sick

  • RealMiss JaymeNicole
    RealMiss JaymeNicole 6 jam yang lalu

    R.I.P Juice Wrld
    Last song released now with eminem!!!!

  • Boi Dank
    Boi Dank 6 jam yang lalu +1

    it’s so interesting to hear these 2 sounds together ... it’s fucking amazing

  • Steeven Danilo Patiño Agila
    Steeven Danilo Patiño Agila 6 jam yang lalu +1

    The best❤❤❤

  • CapOr Die
    CapOr Die 6 jam yang lalu

    He Was Definitely Talking About Nick Cannon At The End😭😭🤦🏽‍♂️💯💯😯

  • The Real Dragon
    The Real Dragon 6 jam yang lalu +1

    I hope Eminem's songs in COD 2020 by Treyarch. David Vondahaar and Eminem!

  • donte
    donte 6 jam yang lalu +1

    i wish juice wrld had a verse instead of just a hook, he was so good at this type of rap.

  • Ricardo Estevão
    Ricardo Estevão 6 jam yang lalu +3

    if that sound doesn't in Godzilla vs Kong, i don't watch the movie hahahah

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 6 jam yang lalu

    I love that it’s faster than rap god and sounds flyer!

    IB UCHIHA 6 jam yang lalu +1

    Don’t be sad that juice is gone be glad that he was here

  • Doinki
    Doinki 6 jam yang lalu

    2:38 ?

  • K
    K 6 jam yang lalu

    Tending in UK 🇬🇧 congrats :)

  • John Marston
    John Marston 6 jam yang lalu

    He's the goat 🐐

    IB UCHIHA 6 jam yang lalu +1


  • Александр Тищенко


  • No Name Tito
    No Name Tito 6 jam yang lalu

    Good song!

  • Blaze Rod Needs 10,000 Subs
    Blaze Rod Needs 10,000 Subs 6 jam yang lalu

    Turns out slim shady is a Godzilla

  • Gal Shalev
    Gal Shalev 6 jam yang lalu +1

    02:57 damn I can't even mumble jibberish that fast....

  • Eetu Cook
    Eetu Cook 6 jam yang lalu

    Me: This is fast.
    Also me: Holy sh*t this is faster than rap god!!!!

  • Thompson
    Thompson 6 jam yang lalu

    K rino is a million times better than this bum. Eminem needs to fade out into the oblivion. Also needs shut up about gun laws as he’s a fucking hypocrite

  • cristhopher Mc
    cristhopher Mc 6 jam yang lalu

    Todavía tiene el toque 🔥🎤

  • GhxstRaven YT
    GhxstRaven YT 6 jam yang lalu

    1.2m views? Why is it only counting mine