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Fortnite Servers Just SHUT DOWN

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 2 Okt 2022
  • If you can't get on, this is why. There's downtime for 11 more hours. CRAZY.

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  • @TaborHill

    The servers are down for over 11 hours, so no item shop review tonight. Yikes!! Don't forget to use my support-a-creator code, which is: tabortime

  • @OgRoNite
    @OgRoNite  +64

    Thanks for keeping us posted Tabor! You never let us down when it comes to this stuff! Keep up the amazing work!

  • @leslietischler

    Yes for anyone who didn't know: Tabor is sitting Crisscross Applesauce on the floor while playing Fortnite. 🙃 Rumor has it he isn't exactly short either. If that isn't goated, I'm not quite sure what is.

  • @RarinGaming

    a punch in a gut for us stw players, we still have to wait for the downtime when we know stw aint getting updated

  • @near6388
    @near6388  +99

    thank goodness for you, tabor. i thought i got banned or something. youre a life saver

  • @vertex4968

    This sucks! I'm a bus rider and I didn't get home until after this was posted. Thanks for keeping my updated Tabor!

  • @coupleshotties7286

    Hopefully we’ll get some free rewards again like we most long downtime’s! Supposed to be an update aswell so hopefully we get a good item shop with a few good changes 🔥

  • @datnut-rition4468

    Do you know when the reflector wrap will be released? I didnt end up getting the chrome flow wrap from the discord quests and I’m very annoyed about that. I know I wont be able to obtain the chrome flow wrap so just worrying if you know i have a chance of getting at least one of these wraps

  • @coupleshotties7286

    So excited for the supposed update! I hope we get another good item shop!

  • @maxtongamer4560

    I thought I was the only one. If I got banned or something, i would cry. Thank you, TH, you the GOAT

  • @thejacquesfamily5486

    Hi love your content keep doing what your doing

  • @vermillionstallion1643

    I wonder what Epic has in Store for us later?

  • @ailsani3753

    Hey Tabor, I was wondering what type of mic you use for recording your videos (not for the camera). Also, great video as always!

  • @QuicksFN

    yoooo tabor long time fan i love all the updates you give and how helpful you are to me i hope you have a pbtt day

  • @crimzonstunts2544

    What a perfect time when I finally get to play after a week of work

  • @itsjackthebot7732

    I hope we get a free reward for the downtime

  • @regdugeht9514

    Thank you!!! I had no idea what was going on. You got a new subscriber here!!

  • @martiniman1970

    Wonder if were compensated with some xp for the long downtime, they have before

  • @jzyguy1429

    Hello tabor! All I want to do is have a good day but when I joined this club at school after school and was not allowed to go in there because there is to many people :( the other thing was when I wanted to play fornite, I couldn’t go in. Hope Jackie feels better too!

  • @djpplayz7745

    i was trying to port skins but couldn't because of the downtime so the leakers won't be able to datamine during downtime