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What I've wanted to say | The Summer Talk | EP.3

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 10 Agu 2022
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  • jhengchie
    jhengchie Bulan Yang lalu +1122

    So Air Plane is really WayV's concept and it fits them so much. Kun is right, they just need to be grounded for a while to soar high. I am rooting for WayV, they'll fly high and I 'll be taking that flight with them.

    • Fidy
      Fidy 21 hari yang lalu +2

      my eyes is teary when he said that:(

    • Vivo Juned
      Vivo Juned Bulan Yang lalu

      @WinE pArTy!!!!! Dr

    • 久紀子 崎濱
      久紀子 崎濱 Bulan Yang lalu


    • WinE pArTy!!!!!
      WinE pArTy!!!!! Bulan Yang lalu

      @Sraie Meska yes 💚🥺 thank u…!!!

    • Sraie Meska
      Sraie Meska Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @WinE pArTy!!!!! ikr it's scary even just to think about it..but whatever it's going to be,i guess we need to prepare our heart for it...

  • bee
    bee Bulan Yang lalu +809

    the way they kept on saying "let's keep running" "good things will happen to us" "we have gone through a lot" that's just so... my heart breaks for them. they really do deserve so so so much better from the company. more music. more activities. such a waste of talent for SM not giving their best investment in WayV. as fans we can't do much but support every single one of their activities solo/group. but god i really miss their music. SM WE NEED NEW WAYV ALBUM!!

    • bee
      bee Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @Anna Rose Adaza they're too afraid to commit to just promote wayv in china. they're still doing everything from korea and it's true, it will never work. except if they take a brave step and put wayv in china for like a year for comeback and promotion and just do it. it's always the same struggle with Suju-M and Exo-M, i wonder why they are not learning from their previous mistakes

    • Anna Rose Adaza
      Anna Rose Adaza Bulan Yang lalu +2

      Nah wayv is tied to a chinese agency thats why their name is wayv..not nct wayv...sm is pulling them back..we dont know how long is the contract and its up to chinese fans if they will accept back lucas...or that chinese company will promote back wayv...everything just goes wrong...they were really strong group...just one mistake and its that it..they struggled back

    • Ніна Кошлєй
      Ніна Кошлєй Bulan Yang lalu +4

      @Robin Rachelle Totally agree, but, unfortunately, nothing will change. Show business is too cruel and obsessed with making money, especially in Asia. Agencies treat their artists like slaves, and fans believe that idols live to entertain them. They believe if they invest a lot, idols must be perfect. They have no right to make a mistake or private life. And I really hate it in Asian culture! I'm very sad bc of WayV. They are so underrated. It's my fav group, I do miss them 7. Ok, SM turned away from Lucas, but it seems to me they forgot about Winwin. Ok, he has his own schedule, but when was the last time he was in Korea? He even wasn't included in Universe album. WayV is not 5! SM does it all the time with Chinese members.

    • Robin Rachelle
      Robin Rachelle Bulan Yang lalu +4

      @Ніна Кошлєй I agree, still I can't turn my back on Lucas or accept his mistreatment. SM handled it poorly. I want the best for all 7 members. Honestly, the whole overly sensitive culture of carelessly banishing idols over making human mistakes, over something idols did in school as teens before debuting, or breaking up with someone to date someone else and the worse, constant dieting, the racism towards foreign members, not being able to date at all is cruel, unrealistic and a set up for failure as these idols are still young and will make mistakes and be lied on and accused by jealous sasaeng fans. I don't believe in being Neutral over a NON CRIMINAL accusation because a fans NON-ACTIONS & NO SHOW OF SUPPORT BY STANS can hurt an Idol just as much as the accusations by giving the company the impression that the Idol is expendable and disposable. I am always VOCAL and I write and fight for the Idols whenever they are shunned, accused and if their activities are suspended both with or without evidence, especially if NO LAWS ARE BROKEN or CRIME WAS COMMITTED because people (and Idols) make mistakes and can learn and develop 'character' from those mistakes just like WE ALL DO and should not be shamed, banished and shunned. I truly believe neutrality is where Czennie and Wayzennie failed and hurt Lucas. We so called Lucas stans didn't speak up for him because were more worried about being 'politically correct' than we were Lucas's wellbeing emotionally and the sadly the Company's of most Idols are more worried about $$$ and their reputation than their artist's wellbeing, emotional state and the truth. By forcing that Apology, they harmed Lucas. He didn't deserve that and Lucas doesn't deserve for us to give up on him. I hope that one day the culture changes for Asian Idols with their unrealistic standards that none of us mere humans could abide by. That CANCEL CULTURE will never change until WE DO.

    • Ніна Кошлєй
      Ніна Кошлєй Bulan Yang lalu +5

      @Robin Rachelle I really don't understand why SM did it. If they had conducted their own investigation and published some kind of statement, it wouldn't have gone that far. International fans are more loyal, at least they stay neutral. Even Korean fans reacted more calmly, but Chinese fans are too cruel and strict. I talked with some Chinese guy. He said if a celebrity apologizes, it meant he/she is guilty. So when SM forced Lucas to apologize, he is almost dead to Chinese fans. And since WayV is a Chinese group mostly, I'm afraid they won't take him back. I miss him so much. It's not fair. He brought to SM a lot of fans. And what did he get in return? They just turned away from him.

  • ssrchw
    ssrchw Bulan Yang lalu +540

    I'm tearing down when they're deeptalk to eachother, and i hope 'the day' will coming to Wayv soon. They deserves it

  • Young Young
    Young Young Bulan Yang lalu +509

    XIAOJUN : Actually, i've heard this a lot that WayV members are close. That's what all the staff members say.
    One word that comes to my mind when people say WayV, is A FAMILY

  • eM Zee
    eM Zee Bulan Yang lalu +251

    20:09 Main dancer Ten was so entertained by Xiaojun's Regular, and even praised him for remembering the choreography well. Kun was also quick to point out that Xiajun practices a lot.

    • Lillian Xiang
      Lillian Xiang Bulan Yang lalu +1

      Thats cuz Ten kinda forgot the choreo in Great Dance Crew

    • Jean
      Jean Bulan Yang lalu +7

      That was very sweet.

  • Alice Redfox
    Alice Redfox Bulan Yang lalu +947

    WayV is my favourite NCT unit, I adore their family aura, personalities, talents and music style. Give us please WayV's comeback. We need their music too 🥺

  • Elabery
    Elabery 25 hari yang lalu +10

    I'm a new fan of wayv and I really like they friendship so warm and deep I will support them now on .Hendery words really touched

    • KalaKeiko
      KalaKeiko 24 hari yang lalu +4

      Welcome to the fandom! WayV has been in a very complicated and unfair situation for over a year now, but hopefully they will be back soon and stronger than ever! WayV, fighting! 💚
      Each of the boys are incredibly talented, wholesome and endearing and don't at all deserve to be that underrated and sidelined. Hopefully people will soon give them the appreciation and recognition they deserve, especially their agency.

  • denise z
    denise z Bulan Yang lalu +151

    I love how honest and transparent they are to each other. This got me thinking a lot of things about friendship. WAYV helped me realize how we must stay true to our friends and be open to one another. I really learned tons of friendship advice and lessons from Wayv. Thank you so much WAYV! I really aspire to you guys.

    • Sraie Meska
      Sraie Meska Bulan Yang lalu +2

      Omg same..and the first reason that got me to stan them is their friendship which reminds me of my friends.

  • krysttt
    krysttt Bulan Yang lalu +120

    This content is the best healing for me, can't stop smiling and laughing, they really treat each other as family, i rarely enjoy idol content cause sometimes they show too much that it's just an act even in reality show like this, but this content didn't make me think like that. i really enjoy it, they speak up their mind openly and speak sincerely. Wayv is my fav unit and the one who make me love nct, i hope they can get everything they dreaming of. Be healthy and always happy wayv!! 🤍🤍

  • Tiffany Kim
    Tiffany Kim Bulan Yang lalu +75

    I love what Ten said here 19:12 yes they're all different and yes they don't wanna hurt each other's feelings but it's better to be open and honest and true to themselves while they work on their friendships and group harmony rather than faking it. Especially given how much more open they are as well.

  • Nasrun Sj
    Nasrun Sj Bulan Yang lalu +1509

    I am fan a of wayv since debut I love them and I love their vocals, visual and discography. They are so talented and they have a special place in my heart.

    • Robin Rachelle
      Robin Rachelle Bulan Yang lalu +4

      I hope WayV tours! If all 7 come tour America I'll attend in at least 2 cities and I will post Wayv music videos to all of my Social Media platforms while they are touring!! I truly want them to succeed. It's groups like Wayv that remind us no matter what political differences or difference in culture, we are ALL HUMAN and love great music and talented gifted performers Worldwide. SM please give us OT7.

    • Rue des Fleurs
      Rue des Fleurs Bulan Yang lalu


    • Cheng Qifan
      Cheng Qifan Bulan Yang lalu +1

      I'm a fan of LUCAS so I'm not happy that Lucas got framed and not in here

    • Haifa Hadid
      Haifa Hadid Bulan Yang lalu

      girl has a taste 💅

    • Be Nice
      Be Nice Bulan Yang lalu +4

      Missing Lucas hours is open

  • Kristina😙😙
    Kristina😙😙 Bulan Yang lalu +7

    “In a long term relationship…you have to talk” sheeesh what a word. It’s not as deep but it really is important and that was literally the most simple way to put it 🤞🏾🤞🏾

  • Sab Pchr
    Sab Pchr Bulan Yang lalu +16

    "I can hear your toilet" was way funnier than it should be

  • TEN. Ma95
    TEN. Ma95 Bulan Yang lalu +33

    TEN and YangYang must have really really reaaally missed each-other, cause since TEN got back to SK, they've been stuck to the hip lol and i'm loving it.
    WAYV really emits such a warm aura, as they said they're like family, I'm looking forward to their Comeback, hopefully a full album with all the 7 members. 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  • rahmi izzatur
    rahmi izzatur Bulan Yang lalu +3

    wayv emang gapernah ngecewain. sepanjang episode ngakak terus. thank you Wayv

  • Bernadethfebricia
    Bernadethfebricia Bulan Yang lalu +828

    WayV's togetherness makes the fans happy and happy.

    • Robin Kirksey
      Robin Kirksey Bulan Yang lalu +2

      We need all members. That is true togetherness.

    • Rickrolled
      Rickrolled Bulan Yang lalu

      Yo 🔥idclips.com/video/rdJ9bsN7JAw/video.html..

    • WinE pArTy!!!!!
      WinE pArTy!!!!! Bulan Yang lalu +2

      So true .. their happiness is enough for me 💜💚

    • A.X
      A.X Bulan Yang lalu +1

      We want music.

    • Santino Boquete
      Santino Boquete Bulan Yang lalu


  • tpzgleek
    tpzgleek Bulan Yang lalu +74

    24:49 What Hendery said really made me emotional... I'm sure the team has had a lot to think about on their minds the past few months since Lucas' scandal but what Hendery said made me feel that they have all matured and grown up from this incident! I really hope they comeback soon as all the fans are waiting for them!

    • Robin Kirksey
      Robin Kirksey Bulan Yang lalu +9

      Yes, all 7 of them I'm really hoping.

  • Amethy
    Amethy Bulan Yang lalu +15

    what makes me attached to WayV is bcoz even without seeing them in person, you'll know they're all genuine and warm person

    • Arian Azizah
      Arian Azizah 10 hari yang lalu

      Yes i agree i think how theiy interract with each other andd all is real. And theyre not faking it at all that what makes wayv felt special

  • Dayana
    Dayana Bulan Yang lalu +8

    comeback as 7 please 🥺🥺

  • Paula Musik
    Paula Musik Bulan Yang lalu +21

    I was totally tearing up during Henderys speech :´-) Also: Kun is exactly right. With everything that has happened to them there must be many good things for them ahead. It's nice to see them talking about their difficulties and knowing that they got stronger and closer through them instead of giving up. I hope all of them will soon reunite again and that there happiest times and best projects are yet to come

  • Erik Ciccone
    Erik Ciccone Bulan Yang lalu +549

    I didn’t expect WinWin to suddenly appear, I’m crying, I miss all 7 of them together ㅠㅠ

    • Kristina😙😙
      Kristina😙😙 Bulan Yang lalu +2

      Yesss same🥺 it’s so unfair that they have to suffer because of what happened with Lucas and Lucas having to suffer because of people praying on his downfall they deserve the world, the moon, and the stars🥺🤞🏾

    • WinE pArTy!!!!!
      WinE pArTy!!!!! Bulan Yang lalu

      @Liyana Unang yeah 💕 thank u..

    • Liyana Unang
      Liyana Unang Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @WinE pArTy!!!!! He will comeback...just wait for him😊

    • WinE pArTy!!!!!
      WinE pArTy!!!!! Bulan Yang lalu

      @Liyana Unang yeaaaah i just saw his new pooost😭😭💚💚 I’m crying it’s been one year since I waited …. I hope it means he is coming back 😭😭💚💚💚💚!!!!!!

    • WinE pArTy!!!!!
      WinE pArTy!!!!! Bulan Yang lalu

      @Liyana Unang OMGG WHAAATTT

  • Mmm fatty
    Mmm fatty Bulan Yang lalu +86

    It’s really touched when they talking together remembering the old days, saying that they were like the plane just need some time to rest then fly higher, we all know that wayv have been through a lot, and I believe they will be better, now all we have to do is waiting winwin back to Korean, so they can keep doing their comeback!!! Love u guys ❤️

  • Sunny Squirrel
    Sunny Squirrel Bulan Yang lalu +50

    The fact that there were three beds but they still chose to huddle together and sleep makes me weep. I love them individually and as a group so much. Please let things go smoothly for WayV from now on, they deserve that and more 🙏
    Kun, Ten, Xiaojun, Hendery and Yangyang, our miracles, I hope you all can achieve everything you wish for. Love you!
    Edit: Why is nobody talking about kitten Yangyang and turtle Xiaojun 🐱🐢 T^T They're so cute 8:59

  • usoppisbae
    usoppisbae Bulan Yang lalu +45

    god i miss them sm. it's so good seeing them together and laughing again like old times. i wish next time they do this, maybe it'll be all 7 of them together now. 18:19 :)

  • luvletter93
    luvletter93 Bulan Yang lalu +26

    Sometimes Xiaojun srsly acts like the maknae HE IS SO ADORABLE!!!

  • valentine
    valentine Bulan Yang lalu +73

    It must have been hard for the members and staff to film pool content, but they have so much positive energy and still made it really fun. I loved their talks at the end too, especially what Hendery said. They are all chaotic, but still have very deep and mature thoughts and I love that.

  • Alya Shahrina
    Alya Shahrina Bulan Yang lalu +65

    I've missed WayV so much this was so cute. Ten's Chinese is so good now!! Also I love how Ten cuddled his baby YangYang to sleep. WayV is one of the few groups that I can actually believe think of each other as family and it warms my heart to see them together. I hope we get to see a comeback from them soon!
    Fly High WayV

  • jina
    jina Bulan Yang lalu +7

    Ten really misses his younger trio's interaction lol he laughed at everything they did. 💗

  • Kimj
    Kimj Bulan Yang lalu +61

    Wayv will always be family.. its a no lie getting emotional hearing hendery speech and im sure all of wayv7 and wayzenies are waiting for everyone to be back together again. They are so real they play hard and argue hard too but at the end of the day they know that they will have each other back.

  • crms
    crms Bulan Yang lalu +631

    NCT WayV are full-time comedians, being an idol is just their sideline.

    • nastynat1001
      nastynat1001 Bulan Yang lalu +1

      I couldn't agree more

    • crms
      crms Bulan Yang lalu +5

      If NCT WayV said NCT WayV, then it is NCT Wayv.

    • WayZeNi Only
      WayZeNi Only Bulan Yang lalu

      Only WayV

    • Pulis Patola
      Pulis Patola Bulan Yang lalu +8

      @Aurora V the members have started to refer WayV as NCT WayV

    • Rickrolled
      Rickrolled Bulan Yang lalu

      Yo 🔥idclips.com/video/rdJ9bsN7JAw/video.html..

  • Reese Lansangan
    Reese Lansangan Bulan Yang lalu +28

    What Kun said really hit hard. WayZennies are like the wind reminding WayV that they soar even higher and better together, despite dark clouds.

  • Bea Bañaga
    Bea Bañaga Bulan Yang lalu +18

    Kun's message is all we want to hear right now, he knows how hard it is for us too and reassurance is all we need. I'll be waiting for their next flight!

  • lait_274 10
    lait_274 10 Bulan Yang lalu +21

    WayV is a really great group. members get along very well and the relationship is beautiful. The importance of speaking that Ten said seems easy, but it is also difficult. The reason they are exchanging their opinions is because they value each other and want to continue to be on good terms. Looking at them reminds me of the important things I forgot. WayV should do more activities and more people should know about them. They will have many fans all over the world !!!!

    KHAOFANG Bulan Yang lalu +21

    I never thought I would attached to them this much that i cries when they talk abt the team. WayV are so real, they really understand how like id, how human is. That's what make their relationship become so strong that staff can also see it, I feel great hearing that. They are so precious, realistic, and talented. These guys deserve much more contents, more stages, more come backs to meet their loved ones around the world, not just sitting in the dorm and practicing in the room. Love WayV so much

    • KalaKeiko
      KalaKeiko Bulan Yang lalu +1

      Same here! WayV is and has been my all time favourite group since their debut in 2019 and have been such a huge source of comfort and joy for me and I will never understand why they are still so underrated and mismanaged and why most fans of NCT are ignoring them when they're all so incredibly talented and wholesome and have everything it takes to make it big and become popular and everything one could want and ask for in a group, not to mention their family dynamic is the most genuine, precious and tight knit group dynamic I've ever seen! Let's hope they will be back and even stronger than before soon and finally get the recognition they deserve so much! WayV jiayou, fighting! 💚

  • Priskia Angellika Banne
    Priskia Angellika Banne Bulan Yang lalu +614

    I didn't expect this episode to be uploaded so quickly, I'm so happy to see them laughing. thank you very much i really enjoyed this video :)

    • mbmd
      mbmd Bulan Yang lalu +2

      Me too

    • Rickrolled
      Rickrolled Bulan Yang lalu +1

      Yo 🔥idclips.com/video/rdJ9bsN7JAw/video.html..

  • Classically Mish
    Classically Mish Bulan Yang lalu +46

    I wish SM would bring Lucas back and we can hear the Hendery & Lucas duet.

  • YOu aRE nANa!
    YOu aRE nANa! Bulan Yang lalu +3

    me alegra mucho que los chicos esten juntos aunque no completos , cada miembro es importante y desarrolla un papel en WayV . Gracias por dar todo en el escenario , lo estan haiendo bien a pesar de todo. Espero que los 7 se puedan reunir pronto

  • •.° neo rose °.•
    •.° neo rose °.• Bulan Yang lalu +18

    Dang what Hendery said while they were all just sitting there drinking wine really resonated with me. I definitely have the same mentality of "not everything is permanent" from my own experiences, so seeing him find the people he feels like that'll never happen to really just touched me

  • MayMay
    MayMay Bulan Yang lalu +19

    Mereka benar benar sangat asik lucu dan bersemangat,,,SM promosikan mereke yuk bisa yuk wayV sangat bertalenta visual yang sangat tampan suara yang sangat bagus,,Waiting for come back wayV
    Wayzeny love wayV foreverrr

  • titanimarklee subs
    titanimarklee subs Bulan Yang lalu +632

    Wait I want Yangyang to complete his bedtime story about Princess Kun and the Hendery she is raising 😆

    • Ashfiraa
      Ashfiraa Bulan Yang lalu +7

      imma liked ur comment because HOW MANY? 127 likes lol

    • csml
      csml Bulan Yang lalu +19

      🤣 mayb he would release it in next bday princess party...

  • lovelyxtzen
    lovelyxtzen Bulan Yang lalu +4

    Hendery is so hilarious 😆😭 !!!
    Plus the way yangyang always trick the members 😂✋

  • Young Ah.
    Young Ah. Bulan Yang lalu +3

    威神彼此之間關係真的很好!隔著螢幕我也這麼覺得!每次看視頻 都覺得你們的關係很舒服~都是朋友,沒有輩份之分🤣🤣🤣 讓人看著影片也覺得輕鬆!💚

  • Dian
    Dian Bulan Yang lalu +7

    Ten cuddling up to Yangyang omg hahaha

  • Dong Si Cheng
    Dong Si Cheng Bulan Yang lalu +31

    I became an nctzen from another unit but for some reason my heart fell on wayV, their closeness is very natural, jokes are like real family, they are what they are in front of the camera without being made up.
    Rest assured WayV will shine in the future, as Kun Ge said, this is just a dark cloud, as the saying goes, out of darkness comes light, you deserve it, especially at a relatively young age, you still have a lot to go through, I hope to see you concerts at my country, I will faithfully wait for you, you are the best, I love you, I will not leave, I will stay wayzenni💚💚💚🥺🥺

  • kifferandboo Francis
    kifferandboo Francis Bulan Yang lalu +8

    Hilarious - Ten with his powerful, pink winged water gun & all of them screaming about a bug. Pillow talk and WinWin call was a highlight. Favorite episode so far . . .

  • 96년생. irsahyun 2.
    96년생. irsahyun 2. Bulan Yang lalu +21

    wayV radiates playful and chaotic sibling vibes that we likes 🤣🤣🤣

  • mbmd
    mbmd Bulan Yang lalu +21

    I am touched to kun's speach. He is a great leader 💚💚

  • Madee Lee
    Madee Lee Bulan Yang lalu +12

    The way they exchange and use mandarin Korean and English in same sentence is the point I was actually understand Korean and English and abit of Chinese but the way how they could speak those Language without hesitation lead my brain want to explode 😭❣️

  • Delia
    Delia Bulan Yang lalu +343

    I’m only 10 minutes to this video and i’m already laughing so hard, this video is so funny lmaooo. WayV we miss you!!

    • Rickrolled
      Rickrolled Bulan Yang lalu

      Yo 🔥idclips.com/video/rdJ9bsN7JAw/video.html..

  • Tarisa Ardhana
    Tarisa Ardhana Bulan Yang lalu +12

    Wayzennie orang yang kuat-kuat karena sabar menunggu ditengah gempuran unit lain pada comeback bahkan konser sana sini. Semangat Wayzennie ayoo kita dukung terus WayV sampai jadi million seller

  • noviia prisilia
    noviia prisilia Bulan Yang lalu +3

    Seru banget wayv ada konten begini cuma sayangnya gak full member huhuhu

  • k.
    k. Bulan Yang lalu +7

    I love WayV’s dynamics and how much they care for each other. When Xiaojun was dancing, Hendery reminded him to watch out for the mirror behind him and when Hendery was turning rounds, Yangyang told him to stop so he wouldn’t throw up. Ten was right, they really have good dynamics despite being so different and that’s what makes them unique.
    (Ten also said that Xiaojun was very good at the dance, and Kun acknowledged that Xiaojun practised a lot. I’m glad to see him getting recognition for their hard work.)
    It was nice to see WayV content again, and this time there is the promise of seeing Winwin back again. Can’t wait to have them back together as 7

    • k.
      k. Bulan Yang lalu

      not me trying to decide if hendery was kidding when he said yangyang was afraid of the dark bc what was that puppy-eyes emoji for 💀💀

  • Kentrosaurus
    Kentrosaurus Bulan Yang lalu +22

    24:08 "for every person you meet, you will have to say goodbye" ╥﹏╥ tht really hit hard

    • Sneha Saha
      Sneha Saha Bulan Yang lalu

      What does that mean are they gona do separate things

  • 💚 H E A R T
    💚 H E A R T Bulan Yang lalu +455

    SM, please give them comeback with a world tour, these amazing gentlemen deserve it. 🥺

    • Jariya Phadungsilp
      Jariya Phadungsilp Bulan Yang lalu +3

      @robin !! Thanks . we are waiting for Wayv 7boys

    • Robin Rachelle
      Robin Rachelle Bulan Yang lalu +5

      @Jariya Phadungsilp Ten is AMAZINGLY TALENTED. I seen videos of when he was little. I appreciate your culture and Thailand's gift to the world is TEN. I am a 54 year old Czennie Wyzenie Grandma with nothing in common but my love for WayV and all NCT Units. I watch their treatment with the love & understanding of a Mother so I really hope that SM brings them ALL back and promotes WayV fairly and on tour across the world. They are just that great!!

    • Jariya Phadungsilp
      Jariya Phadungsilp Bulan Yang lalu +6

      @robin I love Wayv so much I am Thai and my boy is Ten but I love them all. sometime I feel so sad that Wayv underret . Sm unfair that my opp. miss Wayv so much . I want Wayv on world tour

    • Robin Rachelle
      Robin Rachelle Bulan Yang lalu +13

      @Jariya Phadungsilp If all 7 come tour America I'll attend and I will post Wayv music videos to all my Social Media platforms while they are touring!! I truly want them to succeed. It's groups like Wayv that remind us no matter what political differences or difference in culture, we are ALL HUMAN and love great music and talented gifted performers Worldwide. SM please give us OT7.

    • Jariya Phadungsilp
      Jariya Phadungsilp Bulan Yang lalu +1

      I don't think so. becs SM have 127 on tour . wayv is chiness boys.

  • Suci Aulia
    Suci Aulia Bulan Yang lalu +11

    I am proud of Wayv's children who have very high solidarity with each other,, I like it when they are together like family, I like it when they understand and understand each other,

  • Shazza C
    Shazza C Bulan Yang lalu +6

    It's been soo long since WayV did anything music related that they're starting to forget their own songs. SM PLEASE GIVE THEM AN ALBUM.

  • Jocellyn Arelis Martinez
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