Winter Bear by V

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  • Winter Bear (2019)
    Actor : V
    Director : V
    Production of Film : Contents Creative @Big Hit Ent.
    *Original Track : Winter Bear - V
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  • Ahmed F Rahman
    Ahmed F Rahman 38 detik yang lalu

    Rest in peace V's grandma. We purple you and your grandson.🙂💜

  • Tae Kook
    Tae Kook Menit Yang lalu

    Those who gave him unlike or bad comments i think they don't understand what is music ,what kind of art it is 🤣🤣
    They just know tap a unlike button
    And give bad comments .

  • Sunflowers Cutie
    Sunflowers Cutie 2 menit yang lalu


  • Anjona Sil
    Anjona Sil 3 menit yang lalu

    Amar bubu sona ta....

  • Лера Сёрдкина
    Лера Сёрдкина 13 menit yang lalu

    я люблю тебя

  • Speakyourself Army
    Speakyourself Army 20 menit yang lalu +1

    Dont touch me. I finally dare myself to watch n hear this :" For sure, I knew that I would cry a lottt... Taehyungahh borahe💜

  • sailor moon
    sailor moon 21 menit yang lalu


  • v dna
    v dna 26 menit yang lalu

    Kim Taehyung is more than a stage performer ♡♡♡

  • Shane Angelie Junio Ritual
    Shane Angelie Junio Ritual 32 menit yang lalu +1

    34,863 views to go
    Lets hit it to 30million views 😍.
    December 11, 2019 •10: 50PM• 💖

  • BTS V
    BTS V 45 menit yang lalu

    Iloveu more than myself ♡

  • Ayodeji Oluwakemi Azeez
    Ayodeji Oluwakemi Azeez 47 menit yang lalu

    I love how calming this song is 😍

  • โดเร่มอน คุงอ่ะ


  • Sun Moon
    Sun Moon 53 menit yang lalu +2

    These days many comments I've seen asking why V is behaving like this why he is sad etc..Working hard for his fans performing in pain and still getting death threats and hate from haters and other Stans..I wish people can understand what psychological state he would be going through..yet for us he posted his funny picture on weverse to let us know he is fine..plz support him..he loves ARMY very much..we have to appreciate him for his hard work

  • hyunjin shin
    hyunjin shin Jam Yang lalu

    윈터베어 시즌이다! 뷔는 천재야~ 방탄소년단 뷔, V kimtaehyung

  • 그므꾹
    그므꾹 Jam Yang lalu

    아 진짜💖💖💖💖💖💝💝💝😭🥳🥳🥳✨✨✨✨✨💝💝💝💝💝💘❣️너무 좋음

  • elle esl
    elle esl Jam Yang lalu +1

    Dear taehyung...
    I love your passion in music
    I love your voice
    I love your song
    I love your dance
    so please be taehyung that we love
    Don't leave us
    Please keep in positive life, be safe, be healthy, be happy
    We love u so much

    VIA JOYCE Jam Yang lalu +1


  • BTS Kookie
    BTS Kookie Jam Yang lalu +1


  • Lakshay balani
    Lakshay balani 2 jam yang lalu +2

    Writer - V
    Director -V
    Actor- V
    Gosh i luv this man he's so tallanted

  • v dna
    v dna 2 jam yang lalu +1

    My lovely singer,dancer,songwriter,actor,model,director....
    Thank you for composing Winter Bear ♡♡♡

  • Seokjin is giving me strength to not end it all

    Beautiful 😍😍😍😍
    I'm crying...

  • favesscoos
    favesscoos 2 jam yang lalu

    I love you taehyungie, tanks

  • Kim Taehyung’s Wife
    Kim Taehyung’s Wife 2 jam yang lalu +5

    i can't believe people are literally not streaming this song Taehyung was on a tour woke up very early in the morning to film this video for us and some of y'all ungrateful are not streaming it looks like only tae stans are streaming it we will do it on our own

    ARPITA BHARTI 2 jam yang lalu +2

    After 3 months also I feel the same vibe , the same feeling once again I am in love with Tae and his voice 💜💜💜💜💜

  • Rosh Jia
    Rosh Jia 2 jam yang lalu +2

    Hii i am v fan for bts and please I hear that v is getting bad comments for hater... Haters please do not do that please please if even I am a mulism I like bts I hope I can meet bts if even I am Muslim.... ❤️ Please hater

  • Ana Zie
    Ana Zie 3 jam yang lalu +1

    I miss you Taehyungie 😔💜💓

  • BTS V
    BTS V 3 jam yang lalu

    Imagine your face say hello to me then all the bad days they're nothing to me
    With you
    Sleep like a winter bear

  • Osh
    Osh 3 jam yang lalu +1

    I love this song so much. This song inspired me so much. I made a new song inspired by V and his song. Check it out guys :)

  • Rama Mandal
    Rama Mandal 3 jam yang lalu +1

    My Winter Bear,
    how are you???

  • VTS Paved the Way
    VTS Paved the Way 3 jam yang lalu +1

    🦋Taehyung enthusiasts🦋:
    Please help by streaming Winter Bear, Scenery, Stigma, 4 o’clock, It’s definitely you, DNA, BWL and SINGULARITY on YT, Sound Cloud, Spotify... This is the most important work to be done.
    Recently people are talking about fancams. Please stream those by at least by nuna v, off the rec and m2. Stream that most watched one. The 1theK fancam can be neglected as it’s not even opened worldwide. I can’t watch it in Hong Kong.
    Dear New Armys, Taehyung is the fancam king. He used to have a famous fan site called via who deleted many of the popular fancams of him. Still he has the 2nd most fancam with over 1M views of all time and this year.
    Back to Taehyung enthusiasts, remember to spend some time to view Taehyung’s ads as well. These include the Tokopedia and Lemona ads. Let’s show the world the power of Taehyung biased Armys.
    Antis from other Kpop groups and even within the BTS fandom are now trying their very best to ruin his birthday. They’re not going to succeed, obviously-but we have to stay focus on our own work and prevent getting distracted by negativities. We are his most solid backup.
    Taehyung’s birthday is approaching. Let’s do our best to support him:) He needs our love and appreciation.

  • Taekook Forever
    Taekook Forever 3 jam yang lalu

    Sending love to taehyung :)

  • Mikaella Asus
    Mikaella Asus 3 jam yang lalu +1

    I purple you my baby bear

  • Yn Lily
    Yn Lily 4 jam yang lalu +1

    This song is a masterpiece. I had cried so many tines

  • nabilla nordin
    nabilla nordin 4 jam yang lalu +1


  • U4 Studio
    U4 Studio 4 jam yang lalu +2

    I am here after listening death rate and his back pain ....
    This beautiful pure hearted soul taehyung don't deserve this...
    Love tae tae....😭💜

  • Andressa Braz
    Andressa Braz 4 jam yang lalu +1

    quem esta dando vius para o niver do taetae? deixa like

  • Parcia Borbora
    Parcia Borbora 4 jam yang lalu +2

    ARMY, let's be sure that DNA has 900M and Winter Bear has 35M on Taehyung's birthday on 30th December.
    We need to work really hard for it.

  • Kania dewani
    Kania dewani 4 jam yang lalu

    everyday i miss you, so everyday i'm listening your music. and always play this song before sleeping. thank you for making a very great music

  • mimi mimicha
    mimi mimicha 4 jam yang lalu


  • Vrety y
    Vrety y 4 jam yang lalu +1

    Taehyung oppa stay happy okay💜💜 you the best of me👑

  • Patrícia Fernandes
    Patrícia Fernandes 5 jam yang lalu +1

    this song makes my heart warm ❤

  • Pink Katana
    Pink Katana 5 jam yang lalu +6

    armys lets hurry get to 30 million views before Kim taehyung birthday( ^ω^)

  • omnia abdalwahab
    omnia abdalwahab 5 jam yang lalu +2

    Love you from Egypt 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • omnia abdalwahab
    omnia abdalwahab 5 jam yang lalu +5

    باقى ١٩ يوم على عيد ميلاد الحلو🎂🎂🎂
    العمر كله يا قلبى 💜💜💜💜

  • omnia abdalwahab
    omnia abdalwahab 5 jam yang lalu +3

    Your voice is my heaven 💜

  • omnia abdalwahab
    omnia abdalwahab 5 jam yang lalu +3

    i love this song

  • omnia abdalwahab
    omnia abdalwahab 5 jam yang lalu +3

    오빠 사랑해요💜💜💜💜💜

  • Kiranmala Salam
    Kiranmala Salam 6 jam yang lalu +2

    Taehyung congrats on becoming themost streamed korean artist on SoundCloud

  • Leon Tiger
    Leon Tiger 6 jam yang lalu +1

    Taehyung 💜I love you so much. I’m crazy for you.

  • Tursrmy26
    Tursrmy26 6 jam yang lalu +1


  • 자본주의좋아함
    자본주의좋아함 6 jam yang lalu +4

    나는 영화 대신 윈터베어 뮤비만 본다.오늘도 영화 한편 뚝딱 완료!!

  • hyunjin shin
    hyunjin shin 6 jam yang lalu +3

    유명 저널리스트는 뷔의 예술성을 높이 극찬하며 뷔를 진정한 르네상스맨으로 칭하기도 했다. 미국 매체 엘리트 데일리는 음률, 가사 비주얼 모든 면에서 믿을 수 없을 정도로 아름답다고 평가했다....방탄소년단 뷔. Kimtaehyung Taehyung btsv V

  • Lia liie
    Lia liie 7 jam yang lalu +4

    Love you winter Bear 💜💜

  • Aliza Legaspi
    Aliza Legaspi 7 jam yang lalu +2

    I wish you good day taehyung oppa

  • cry baby
    cry baby 7 jam yang lalu +2

    Winter bear

  • cry baby
    cry baby 7 jam yang lalu +2

    Love uu

  • cry baby
    cry baby 7 jam yang lalu +1


  • cry baby
    cry baby 7 jam yang lalu +2


  • cry baby
    cry baby 7 jam yang lalu +2

    Plzz always be happy

  • cry baby
    cry baby 7 jam yang lalu +1

    We love you