Inside The Lives Of The Rich Kids Of South Korea

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  • Surprising Differences Between North And South Korea
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    If the extent of your knowledge of wealthy people in South Korea is watching your favorite K-pop band BTS perform, we have some news for you. We are going to show you what it’s like to grow up as a wealthy kid in South Korea. While American rich kids might be covered in designer duds, the number one expenditure for rich families is their children’s education. This means fancy schools, private tutors, and a chauffeur to make sure you get to school safely. But that doesn’t mean certain rich kids won’t spend thousands of dollars to ensure they see their favorite movie before everyone else. It’s shocking the amount these kids are willing to spend on a little luxury, and how surprisingly a lot of their luxury looks like our everyday. We are talking about things we consider basic like Starbucks and Apple products, which are used to signify status in South Korea.
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  • Rayan Alsharki
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    I love your videos the richest ! How do you get all these information?
    You're awesome !!! 😊

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      Its funny that the channel would post an compliment to itself then ask an engaging question. A bit desperado.

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    Yoga is not American 🙄

  • Sabina Perrein
    Sabina Perrein 15 jam yang lalu

    1:29 they may have more plastic surgery than any other people, but they still are not that incredibly obsessd by it to talk about getting one as we talk about getting a manicure. Thing are not that extreme😂

  • Tamar Tsomaia
    Tamar Tsomaia 19 jam yang lalu

    lil tay has left the chat

  • Evan Henderson
    Evan Henderson 2 hari yang lalu

    South Korean rich pasty children seem pretty weak. I doubt they could understand that no one gives a shit

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    Realized this channel is a joke... inaccurate info
    BLOCK this channel movement

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    I will consider investing in Starbucks...

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    Sooo.... they’re just like Americans

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    So they made you then think you’re ugly and want you to have surgery

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    Shy McLean 11 hari yang lalu

    She didn’t even say Gangnam right ?

  • KarryUndercover7
    KarryUndercover7 11 hari yang lalu

    The dangers of capitalism. These brainless people are thinking that they are wealthy, while they don’t even know what wealth means😴😴

  • Eliana’s Arts and Animations :3

    I didn’t know Starbucks was expensive

  • mage
    mage 14 hari yang lalu

    laughs at exo and especially yixing in here

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    ur favourite baguette 15 hari yang lalu

    7:48 ayy i see my countries at no. 1

  • JTG Justin ELITE Chang
    JTG Justin ELITE Chang 15 hari yang lalu

    I live in China and I drink Starbucks about ten to twelve times a week

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    How to make a video with no research

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    NCT 😍😍😍

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    J SH 22 hari yang lalu

    This is a poorly edited and misinformative video with clearly minimal research... disappointed

  • joaquim Rodriguez
    joaquim Rodriguez 23 hari yang lalu

    I thought that Koreans were smarter then that about money.

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  • Fancy OO
    Fancy OO 25 hari yang lalu

    these are rich kids but kids with debt if you say they are spending 155% more than they have

  • parkattacks985
    parkattacks985 26 hari yang lalu

    You guys do know that these photos and videos are north korean right? It’s not the same as South Korean

  • Rød Grød Med Fløde
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    7:27 for epic picture of Psy performing Gangnam style

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  • Monika S
    Monika S 27 hari yang lalu

    When I learn from this video that Poland has the highest Starbucks pieces coffee. No wonder it when I was in Kraków, it seemed so expensive to me. 😩

  • bts army forver naruto fan forever

    International armys going nuts.....!! 6:08

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  • MaliMaescherXD
    MaliMaescherXD 29 hari yang lalu

    As if American rich kids are any better at charity, that just sounds pretentions TheRichest

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    Kayla Huang 29 hari yang lalu

    Yeah cause everyone in South Korea is a kpop idol

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    Jane Booth Bulan Yang lalu

    ♧♧♧♧♧ V EVENTS ♧♧♧♧♧

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    new money is just like new cloth. not worth knowing!

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    Do you know BTS .......

  • Ed
    Ed Bulan Yang lalu

    Shows North Korean building for South Korean video? 2:14

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  • Immaculate Ayuni
    Immaculate Ayuni Bulan Yang lalu

    You guys watch the drama : Sky Castle 🏰💖. Im an American Kpop fan and i buy CDs of my favorite Idols groups.

  • Natty
    Natty Bulan Yang lalu

    Some of the asian women shown in this video are not even korea. Since when are alice zhang and kim lim koreans? lol... get your facts right!

  • Belle Nuez
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  • Jacob Christiansen
    Jacob Christiansen Bulan Yang lalu

    I lived in Korea, and many of these facts are simply not true. Especially the Coffee BS. Most students there go to Start Bucks (or other chains) to study every day

  • Jacob Christiansen
    Jacob Christiansen Bulan Yang lalu

    why so many clips from North Korea?

  • Saibu Baba
    Saibu Baba Bulan Yang lalu

    So is this video about the richest kids or about the income distribution and plastic surgery in the country? Confused

  • Lan Feng
    Lan Feng Bulan Yang lalu

    Show Choi Si Won or Jin or something, they're from really wealthy families. Do your research.

  • geralyn david
    geralyn david Bulan Yang lalu

    Talking about South Korea, but using footage of north k ?

  • JelloJenna
    JelloJenna Bulan Yang lalu

    My friend told me that one Korean money is one cent I my country.
    If I move to South Korea I'll be one rich kid

  • Yunha
    Yunha Bulan Yang lalu

    0:07 That is not South Korea

  • iPoop
    iPoop Bulan Yang lalu

    Who cares about these plebs, i want to see the rich kids of north korea👀😎

  • Elaine Viola
    Elaine Viola Bulan Yang lalu

    sounding so knowledgable and confident about what you're saying but showing pictures of kpop idols instead of actual rich kids.

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  • M mode ROKCC74
    M mode ROKCC74 Bulan Yang lalu

    Some of these are true but some of these are BULLSHIT!! so stop it

  • some HOT kpop TEA
    some HOT kpop TEA Bulan Yang lalu

    @7:53 girl that's pure shade *Excuse me but they do charity works* 😕

  • some HOT kpop TEA
    some HOT kpop TEA Bulan Yang lalu

    Okay okay *Hyunshi* is my favorite actor now 😂😂

  • Ramya Ananth
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  • Joseph Won Jin Yi
    Joseph Won Jin Yi Bulan Yang lalu

    Why use pictures of North Korea with North Korean kids, Pyongyang, and statue of the Kims in a video about "rich kids in South Korea"? Not cool.

  • Talin Altareh
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    •RANDOM•(13) Years Old Currently•June 22nd,2005!

  • Talin Altareh
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    If I got rich I’m going to South Korea and living Their its one of my goals to be rich since kinda of now or way before I’m not sure I have many dreams and I’m very passionate and I’m saving up Money

  • Phuong Huynh
    Phuong Huynh Bulan Yang lalu

    the clip at 2:03 is not even korean that's a chinese advertisement for apple 🙃why are you using random footage of asian people?

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  • Tùng Linh Nguyễn
    Tùng Linh Nguyễn Bulan Yang lalu

    why although receiving intense education, Korean kids spend so much money stupidly on trash products from kpop?

  • nadia2883
    nadia2883 Bulan Yang lalu

    millionaire you are there if you earn 250 000 usd a yr min compare this to usa standart

  • nadia2883
    nadia2883 Bulan Yang lalu

    third member of snsd happens to be yuri and these 3 are in top 10 richest families in south korea EVEN before the first debute of girls generation

  • Minho BANG
    Minho BANG Bulan Yang lalu

    I am Korean and a high school student here in Australia cuz ya have fun visiting ma country peeps

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    Why are you showing pics of k-pop idols who are adults and are mainly not koreans

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    Epic FAIL - Makes video about South Korea, then shows pictures of North Korea. Voice annoying af too!

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    Puts in yixing, A chinese man makes sense

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    The thing about BTS...

    ...very very true...

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  • I’m Adele
    I’m Adele Bulan Yang lalu

    Random pictures of Kpop idols when has nothing to do with them 😂

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    Lol idk bout the content but why showing kpop idols' faces??...who r mostly adults?

  • Mishell Namjoon
    Mishell Namjoon Bulan Yang lalu

    Kpop artists don't earn as much as foreign artist because you know theyare in-depth to the company

  • Mishell Namjoon
    Mishell Namjoon Bulan Yang lalu

    We BTS army alway donate when ist a bts members birthday or just to celebrate bts 🤗👼

  • Mishell Namjoon
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    Also a member of BTS witch is Jin he comes from a rich family and his dad is a CEO of Some companies in Korea and in Germany 🤗. Jin brother opened a restaurant alongside jin 🤔🙄😏

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    I buy Kpop CDs too 😅😇
    But I’m still broke

  • braham ben 031
    braham ben 031 Bulan Yang lalu

    I love Korea but it's fucked up lol.
    We in Canada rich or poor no one gives shi# about u lol .
    Ur human that's all it matters

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    6:07 errrr it should be BLACKPINK

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    Me Andrea Bulan Yang lalu

    Yes people in Asia put a lot of effort in having a nice face, this includes plastic surgeries, it's the same thing with rich people in America who put a lot of effort into having a nice body and have surgeries for it.
    It's not so out of the ordinary if you think about it, the two cultures just have different beauty standards and they invest into what the norm is

  • AB City
    AB City Bulan Yang lalu

    7:00 So a million ppl got to know that JinJin has never been in a relationship

  • AB City
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    rani deepthi 2 bulan yang lalu

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  • Sariah Adil abb
    Sariah Adil abb 2 bulan yang lalu +1

    i have an iphone so basically, if i were to go to south korea, then people over there they would be supriesed!



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    MIA KOOK 2 bulan yang lalu +1

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    루시김 2 bulan yang lalu

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  • A GDragon stan VIP88
    A GDragon stan VIP88 2 bulan yang lalu

    Ok,why kpop idols pics are in it esp exo boys?? Put the real rich people nt kpop idols , who mostly started frm bottom . They are nt just spoil rich kids or born rich . Some if them,yeah but most of them become rich by their hardwork .

  • xiao yang
    xiao yang 2 bulan yang lalu

    Apple and Starbucks

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  • Robert Hurd
    Robert Hurd 2 bulan yang lalu

    well if they did give charity to the homeless and the downtrodden they can hedge it against taxes from the government and that way it take stress off the government and stress off the other people but you have to figure out a framework of what would work in that society

    KPOP FAN 2 bulan yang lalu +1

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    So apparently in korea if you could afford starbuck it means you are a rich kid? So i will be consider as a rich kid since I always buy some drink at starbuck 🙄