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Blind Dating 7 Girls Based on Their Outfits

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 31 Agu 2022
  • I got Bobby Mares and Anderson Webb to go on 7 Blind Dates Based on Their OUTFITS!!
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    Video was inspired by Jubilee!
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    if you see this comment. "Damn David why you so cute and ugly at the same time?"

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  • David Alvareeezy

    go check out my story on INSTAGRAM to see who won LAST WEEK! Go comment if you're the winner on last weeks video so I can Venmo you :)

  • Rosie Watson

    the first elimination was for sure a mistake lol and I can’t figure out why he made that decision, I liked her answer! should have eliminated the bartender who kept referring to herself in the third person

  • Selena Escobedo

    THESE GIRLS ARE ALL SO STUNNING!! I’m like every girl wow next girl wow other girl WOW! And all genuinely funny. I love it!!

  • Paulina S

    How come these ladies be so stunning and nicely dressed when there are literally three BOYS where one is wearing a pyjama and other two are no better.

  • Lauryn R.

    “I like mom jeans. Chill vibe”

  • Maddie721

    the little “oohs” that bobby and andy make are so funny to me, they’re so awkward but so chill at the same time

  • Emma Taukuheke

    I find it funny that he spoke about how he likes it when a girl has similar style to his,yet the final 3 girls were all wearing skirts😂

  • Elizabeth

    It’d be interesting to see them choose based purely on looks without the questions. Like dead silence. How awkward and uncomfortable to choose! I need to see it lol.

  • Sunethra

    I didn't feel this was fair, it should have been just Bobby answering. All of the girls were so pretty! I hope the single moms confidence went up. :)

  • sophia isabelle

    Seems like all the women have that ‘wow’ factor. They may have different styles, but they’re still slaying. What really matters in meeting partners are getting to know their personalities and personal backgrounds on a deeper level. If you base your preferences on looks alone, then there could be chances that the connection might falter. Anyway, great video overall.

  • cassandra angelo

    The single mom was so real, dating as a mom [a good mom] is soo hard. I've had to let go of so many potential really great relationships because I choose my daughter over men and dating. She was beautiful too ❤

  • J R
    J R  +764

    This was soooo hilarious. I never knew straight guys got sooo awkward and silly around beautiful women. I get the same way around cute guys, but it's really funny to watch from another perspective!!!

  • Shahnaz Mag

    Megan is gorgeous. All the girls are beautiful but Megan’s my favourite one since the beginning. And what she said at the end is really sweet

  • Nena Pen

    Blind dating with Anderson next, but both Bobby and Franny come in for him 😇

  • Yojana Mendoza

    I love it that each time an eliminated girl reveals herself, she got a good comeback to say ☠️👏🏼

  • Ashley H
    Ashley H  +777

    Andy being so thrown by E liking to be choked 😂😂😂 he's so cute and innocent lol

  • amani alm
    amani alm  +541

    all these beautiful girls are out of the guys’ league 100%

  • Pearlyn Woo

    Timestamps of the girls (Spoiler Alert)

  • Maya
    Maya 21 jam yang lalu +8

    Watching these videos makes me soooo happy I'm in a 7 year long relationship with my guy I met when I was 18. I would NOT survive in this dating scene.

  • ItsRae
    ItsRae  +3

    bobby and andy compliment each other SO well, they're very simliar but...not? at the same time???? another GREAT video david! loving this series and set up : )