I Hire A Celebrity Personal Assistant For A Week

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 17 Mar 2018
  • Kane from BuzzFeed try a celebrity personal assistant for his to do list productivity. He struggles with the challenge of having 24 hours of help and reveal the truth about having Hollywood celebrity assistants.
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    Kevin Gerdes

Komentar • 3 016

  • Aran Sonnad-Joshi
    Aran Sonnad-Joshi Hari Yang lalu

    The captions for the Instagram photos (6:33 - 6:36) show him with the allbirds. He only got those at 6:40 though. Very cool video but the timeline is incorrect.

  • Molly Weigold
    Molly Weigold 4 hari yang lalu

    When he was taking the pictures he already had the shoes on.... didn’t he get them on Thursday not Wednesday.

  • julia ou
    julia ou 5 hari yang lalu

    oh- i thought u said “i hired a celebrity to do my chores”

  • Tim Pheil
    Tim Pheil 5 hari yang lalu

    Is Kevin still in pueberty

  • BCB_Timothy Co Co
    BCB_Timothy Co Co 6 hari yang lalu

    Thinks he’s hella busy

  • Michele Joyce
    Michele Joyce 7 hari yang lalu

    Hire Kevin to say like stories and like be da bomb party thrower

  • Rebekah Innanen
    Rebekah Innanen 10 hari yang lalu

    this seems like such a fun job

  • Dana Dana
    Dana Dana 11 hari yang lalu

    You can put a reminder on your phone for drinking water

  • Tami Pe
    Tami Pe 14 hari yang lalu

    Kevin looks like a Wayan's family member. Remind me to drink water? GTFOH

  • Jacks sparrow
    Jacks sparrow 15 hari yang lalu

    He was so nice

  • Watermelon •
    Watermelon • 18 hari yang lalu

    Wait so when does Kevin do his things

  • iamziano
    iamziano 19 hari yang lalu

    I need a personal assistant to do my thesis rn 😭

  • Frosty
    Frosty 22 hari yang lalu

    The water reminders had me dying in laughter!!


    Detroit become human

  • Logan Weitzel
    Logan Weitzel 27 hari yang lalu

    Song at 6:19?

  • Albert Yang
    Albert Yang Bulan Yang lalu

    QUESTION: @8:22 is that "Claire" from Bon Appetite on the right in the striped shirt??

  • Elsa
    Elsa Bulan Yang lalu

    Team Kevin

  • christian
    christian Bulan Yang lalu

    A buzzfeed employee is too busy to remind themselves to drink water? All you do is shoot a camera and make “which Disney channel character are you?” Quizzes 🙄

  • Collin Doome
    Collin Doome Bulan Yang lalu

    We all need a kevin

  • la__croix
    la__croix Bulan Yang lalu

    do personal assistants need a personal assistant?

  • 7manals
    7manals Bulan Yang lalu

    Love u Bri 💕

  • Pato Swag
    Pato Swag Bulan Yang lalu

    I’ll take one

  • Lucy T
    Lucy T Bulan Yang lalu

    Pa kevin guy so sweet

  • ColcatzGaming
    ColcatzGaming 2 bulan yang lalu

    co-worker party nah get the ladies here party

  • Kdog TV
    Kdog TV 2 bulan yang lalu

    What kind of dog is Marty

  • Kjleed13
    Kjleed13 2 bulan yang lalu

    Runaway with Kevin and make an honest man out of him.

  • RKG 101
    RKG 101 2 bulan yang lalu

    7:42 Queen Reference ("The Show Must Go On")

  • Ri0tz
    Ri0tz 2 bulan yang lalu

    if that's all you're having trouble with....I think you need to rethink your life. 0:25

  • soccermessigame messi
    soccermessigame messi 2 bulan yang lalu

    Harry Kane and Theo walker

  • Vonn De Vera
    Vonn De Vera 2 bulan yang lalu

    I cannot believe that they FIRED Kane 😭

  • EvvsThe ObjectivelyStrange
    EvvsThe ObjectivelyStrange 2 bulan yang lalu

    You broke his legs?!

  • Maya Tamblyn
    Maya Tamblyn 2 bulan yang lalu

    1:04 im pretty sure asking them to kill someone is to big

  • Ellie Koons
    Ellie Koons 2 bulan yang lalu

    Thinks he is hella busy.

  • saul duarte
    saul duarte 3 bulan yang lalu

    Theo Wolcott is that you???

  • elysiumcore
    elysiumcore 3 bulan yang lalu

    lazy...grow up lol

  • lilgucci rolex
    lilgucci rolex 3 bulan yang lalu

    How does this personal assistant so energetic???

  • lilgucci rolex
    lilgucci rolex 3 bulan yang lalu

    I really want to have a personald assistant when i get a job

  • Sally Loren
    Sally Loren 3 bulan yang lalu

    I hate this he should do his own work using his assistant as he is maid

  • Shalimar Hadjerel
    Shalimar Hadjerel 3 bulan yang lalu

    Awee Kevin... I want to see more of his tasks with other clients. Kane and everyone are so nice to him 😊👌❤️

  • VOID
    VOID 3 bulan yang lalu

    Ok, being an assistant can boost your confident.
    When you do something for yourself, like shopping, or whatever alone, you will feel insecure. at least for me.
    But, when u do it for someone else, or for your job, you will be more confident about it, since it must be done.
    believe me, i've been through this
    When i was younger, i was like my mom's personal assistant (lol).
    Now, im a "Buddy" of a Princess, Daughter of a millionaire in my country.
    She homeschooled, and im paid to be her friend.
    Amazing Life.

  • Daniel. B_612
    Daniel. B_612 3 bulan yang lalu

    anyone notice all the lamps

    GIO WAVY 3 bulan yang lalu

    How bout this stop being so fuckin lazy and do it ur self

    DENLAN HARMONING 3 bulan yang lalu

    What celebrities has he worked for?

  • WEREWOLF -gaming videos/vlogs/random stuff

    Basically slavery

  • Sebastian Frazier
    Sebastian Frazier 3 bulan yang lalu +3

    Thank you for not making this video 6 seconds longer

  • Dante Garcia
    Dante Garcia 3 bulan yang lalu

    Yo Kane is a complete and udder eeediot when it comes to not knowing how to do things it’s the 21st century there is the internet for a reason

  • Doggo NUGGET Yum Yum
    Doggo NUGGET Yum Yum 3 bulan yang lalu

    Kane:do you ever have that one thing in the back of your mind that you never do?

  • Paola Hernandez
    Paola Hernandez 3 bulan yang lalu +22

    I’ve been my mom’s personal assistant since I can remember

  • Lynn Lynn
    Lynn Lynn 3 bulan yang lalu

    I think I could be a personal assistant! It looks fun! It goes with professional organizing I think.

  • Ellie Hunter
    Ellie Hunter 3 bulan yang lalu

    I love allbirds

  • TheConfuzzledCat
    TheConfuzzledCat 3 bulan yang lalu +3

    This is the single most motivating thing I've seen on the Internet

  • NicoVDT
    NicoVDT 4 bulan yang lalu

    what a cool dude

  • mikaisbae
    mikaisbae 4 bulan yang lalu

    How much does a personal assistant cost?

  • Elevator Man Elevators & More
    Elevator Man Elevators & More 4 bulan yang lalu

    9:41 you took a song from the Norwegian cruise line haven commercial

  • Stephen Hill
    Stephen Hill 4 bulan yang lalu

    I am be someone assistant. And I’m a Paramedic so...there’s...there’s that I mean...

  • Martín Villarreal
    Martín Villarreal 4 bulan yang lalu

    You actually gave him the dumbest must pointless tasks anyone can think of.

  • Charan Das
    Charan Das 4 bulan yang lalu

    Ma'am Hire me, plzzzzz ma''am

  • Elevator Man Elevators & More
    Elevator Man Elevators & More 4 bulan yang lalu

    What’s the ending song called

  • idek whatsthis
    idek whatsthis 4 bulan yang lalu

    Tbh that party sucks 😂

  • aida perez
    aida perez 4 bulan yang lalu

    Wow they took him to the hospital after the party smh...

  • Diane Puri
    Diane Puri 4 bulan yang lalu

    work for kim k !

  • Diane Puri
    Diane Puri 4 bulan yang lalu

    gosh need someone more handsome !

  • Sid
    Sid 4 bulan yang lalu +2

    You go to an ER for a small sprain!!
    You kidding me brah?
    I'd fall off the first floor and shake it off

  • Sahar Al Bakry
    Sahar Al Bakry 5 bulan yang lalu

    Get u a mans like this

  • Iona Sphere
    Iona Sphere 5 bulan yang lalu

    Love Kane's LA top.

  • maya t
    maya t 5 bulan yang lalu

    i’d hate to have anyone run around after me :( it’s unfair

  • lavaxxx2001
    lavaxxx2001 5 bulan yang lalu

    So did this dude from buzzfeed finally come out of the closet? 2 years ago he wasn't as gay as now. What happened?

  • Jonah Nugent
    Jonah Nugent 5 bulan yang lalu

    Ur the same dude from the hair transplant

  • Kevin Morales Gomez
    Kevin Morales Gomez 5 bulan yang lalu

    Loved working for you had a blast!

  • Leah Ginsburg
    Leah Ginsburg 5 bulan yang lalu

    Love you

  • deloreanfan81
    deloreanfan81 5 bulan yang lalu

    You guys should do 'I hired a butler for a day'

  • Circuit Central
    Circuit Central 5 bulan yang lalu

    8:27. Wow, what a big team.

  • Barrett Carter
    Barrett Carter 5 bulan yang lalu

    Why does Buzzfeed only put low testosterone soyboys in their videos?

  • The Dreamer
    The Dreamer 5 bulan yang lalu

    Damn. Now I want a personal assistant.

  • SirChapoSniper27
    SirChapoSniper27 5 bulan yang lalu

    "Thinks hes hella busy"

  • Patrick
    Patrick 5 bulan yang lalu

    Dudeee Kevin rocks!

  • steve kno
    steve kno 5 bulan yang lalu +18

    This dude sold your mac for 1500, gave you 800 and pocketed 700

  • Kevin Anderson
    Kevin Anderson 5 bulan yang lalu

    Buzz feed should hire Kevin

  • xwolfvideos 1
    xwolfvideos 1 5 bulan yang lalu

    Kevin should be a vlogger

  • Lola Lily Valdez
    Lola Lily Valdez 5 bulan yang lalu

    How much does a personal assistant cost

  • Gingerest
    Gingerest 5 bulan yang lalu


  • DaEpicDerp
    DaEpicDerp 5 bulan yang lalu

    That guy better get 3500$

  • miera syafiqa
    miera syafiqa 5 bulan yang lalu

    I need a personal assistant to remind me to study and to remind me that i’m pretty hahahahahahahahahahaha jk

  • Adawn2k
    Adawn2k 5 bulan yang lalu

    is it me or is this modern day slavery.

  • emo rat
    emo rat 5 bulan yang lalu

    i was sick the day we had a party and watched a movie at school yay

  • M4 Sh
    M4 Sh 5 bulan yang lalu

    It must be fun working in buzzfeed

  • derrick porter
    derrick porter 5 bulan yang lalu

    I feel so bad about the assistant I don’t know why tho

  • Kermit the piano player and nintendofan

    I would never have a personal assistent. Because i would always feel bad when i ask something.

  • Ben G
    Ben G 5 bulan yang lalu

    Kane needs more lamp shade. lol

  • Medd 2k
    Medd 2k 6 bulan yang lalu

    This Kane dude didnt even care about Kevin's ankle for straight 2 mins after people came for the party

  • LiLo Ve
    LiLo Ve 6 bulan yang lalu +1

    I need my house cleaned, groceries and making dinner; While I'm watching this...lol

  • Mir Mohsin
    Mir Mohsin 6 bulan yang lalu

    Bro I'm 12 and I have those Adidas shoes

  • Cubix
    Cubix 6 bulan yang lalu

    I hired my dad to get a W on fortnite.

  • ありがとう
    ありがとう 6 bulan yang lalu

    Marty is so cute.

  • Just a Person
    Just a Person 6 bulan yang lalu +1

    "Nothing is too big or too small"
    Sooo, can you tell them to rob a bank and get you the money?

  • Calvin
    Calvin 6 bulan yang lalu

    Do personal assistants do homework?!?

  • Troy
    Troy 6 bulan yang lalu

    I know I'm super late but, if you guys want to check Kevin's channel, his name is Kevin gerdes

  • TBNRSparking30
    TBNRSparking30 6 bulan yang lalu


  • Matt Hyde
    Matt Hyde 6 bulan yang lalu

    I though it was going to be a celebrity that was the actual personal assistant 😪

  • Surayyah
    Surayyah 6 bulan yang lalu

    I loved this video.