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Death Valley Flood Destroyed Our Road...Now What?

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 13 Agu 2022
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    Hey guys, this week was a hard one up here at Cerro Gordo. A "1,000 year flood" hit Death Valley right by us and completely washed out our road. Short term, it made it impossible to get up or down the road. Long term, this will mean we cannot get the trucks up the road needed to continue progress on the American Hotel and many other projects. This is an absolutely devastating blow in the series of devastating blows that seems to come with living up here.
    The future of many projects is completely up in the air right now and may push the timeline into the winter, which would mean at least 6-8 months of no progress. BUT we're doing everything we can to push through.
    More photos: brentwunder...
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  • Ghost Town Living
    Ghost Town Living  Bulan Yang lalu +1109

    Thank you all so much for all the continued support on this project! If you didn't catch last week's video when we brought up the tank, you can check that out here: idclips.com/video/G3Cuzm7-3Pc/video.html

    • William Morey-Baker
      William Morey-Baker Bulan Yang lalu

      @Kris P not only capture it in the big tank, but also just slow it and sink it... plant native drought resistant trees and you would be surprised how much nicer that place will look in a decades time.

    • William Morey-Baker
      William Morey-Baker Bulan Yang lalu

      please consider doing some earth works that will retain water from flash flood like those in the future... there are some great videos showing how communities in desert nations are regreening their lands through incredibly basic techniques. please look into it.

    • Sa Nad
      Sa Nad Bulan Yang lalu

      Keep smiling, you have survived, you will continue to survive. Miracles have abounded during your whole time in Cerro Gorbo, be hopeful for the next one. You will overcome this hurdle too. Praying for you :)

    • Javier Casales Lopez
      Javier Casales Lopez Bulan Yang lalu

      Adoro la música, desde el jazz al blues, cada momento del día hay un sonido perfecto, y aunque gusto de escuchar , también a veces compongo algún tema, aunque el tiempo .. Parece que se escapa, y así, día tras día, sin soñar en la noche, solo pensamientos de vida y cuando amanece, cada mañana es diferente, saboreando los primeros segundos , e irse de retirada , sabiendo que por la noche, la Luna muestra su cara pálida , y otra vez, una vez más, surcando las aguas en el navío... Mañana.
      Saludos desde la Villa del Tea, Puenteareas, España.

  • Andrew Landis
    Andrew Landis Bulan Yang lalu +1962

    Let not forget; after Brent works 12+ hours a day repairing the road he takes the time to edit and upload so we can come along on the journey. Thanks Brent!

    • KarinaTheDreama
      KarinaTheDreama 7 hari yang lalu

      @metalmanJ he also has a massive brotherhood that's shows him their love encouragem😢 &'support! It's the American Dream he is complaining of. Love him w my heart but a little disappointed as I'm think maybe the diesel bros may be as well. But I also know he'll pull through. It won't be the last weather snap it's the 1st few of many more.

    • KarinaTheDreama
      KarinaTheDreama 7 hari yang lalu

      @Lug I've never seen a man more blessed w exceptional friends &'volume of ppl he has been blessed w the best help - maintenance crew" badass professional extreme best in the world at pulling magic & equipment and prayer. He has his brotherhood his very own community. There is much greater wealth here than any m-F job salary working for someone else has by multitudes. He needs to quit crying and use the God sent teachings and love & respect that by taking this stuff on like a Bull. Make the brotherhood glad they sacrificed & that it was well worthy of the effort& cost in kindness ' goodwill. Brent: maybe ur lacking in religious/spiritual Faith. U cannot live without belief in God when you realize YOU HAVE FRIENDS THAT LOVE YOU LIKE JESUS. And in numbers. Not very many if any can say that. Cowboy up! ❤❤❤❤

    • Tad Cooper
      Tad Cooper 9 hari yang lalu

      @Glenn Wall we're still literally doing the same shit they did.....

    • Money Billa / DJ Murdaa
      Money Billa / DJ Murdaa 23 hari yang lalu

      ypu do realize this is basically his job right

    • BBM
      BBM 25 hari yang lalu

      @Lug lol, if that's true you a fool

  • William Bryant
    William Bryant Bulan Yang lalu +778

    I've been a heavy equipment operator for almost 20 years and I'll offer a bit of advice. Make sure your material you're putting in for the road is compacted really good. Use the excavator to do this by tracking back and fourth over a bunch and don't skip any spots. Crown the road so water sheds to the sides and doesn't run down the middle. If there are spots where you can put in ditches do so. On really steep parts put in water bars, look up on the web how to do that it would take too long to explain here. If you can find rock that breaks up easily and compacts together really good use that as a road base. Keep the really big rocks out of this fill material because it's harder to pack around them and stabilize them. The better the material compacys that you use to build the subgrade of the road the better it will withstand the elements. If you can put in ditches make places often where the water can exit the ditches so there isn't so much in them. When you put crushed rock back on the road use ABC, crusher run, or water ever it's called where you are. It's crushed stone around ½" or so that still has the rock dust and some dirt in it and this compacts very well. Maintain a good compaction, a crown in the road or sloped to one side where needed the best you can, and include water bars on the steepest parts. Wish I wasn't in NC I'd definitely lend my time and knowledge to help fix the road. Never done one that long and in such rough conditions so it would be a challenge for me that I'd really enjoy overcoming. Best of luck with keeping the hotel somewhat on schedule. Stay well. -Wil 👍

    • rose m
      rose m 17 hari yang lalu +1

      @William Bryant yep. he made a community post about it. so much for "1000 year flood"

    • William Bryant
      William Bryant 17 hari yang lalu +1

      @rose m Really?

    • rose m
      rose m 17 hari yang lalu

      yeah the county fixed the road and didn't use any of this advice and now the roads ruined again. *sigh*

    • Alex Jones
      Alex Jones Bulan Yang lalu +1

      Man just really explained all of civil engineering in a comment bra fucking vo dude

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Bulan Yang lalu +388

    Love how strong you have grown over the years.

  • Evelyn
    Evelyn Bulan Yang lalu +112

    Didn't realize that I was emotionally invested in your project until this event. Was talking with a neighbor up here in Vermont about you yesterday. We were nearly in tears over the flash flood, as if it were a personal loss. We have decided that Cerro Gordo is now on our bucket list. See you when the hotel gets done.

    • Evelyn
      Evelyn Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @CharveL88 it would be difficult to imagine being that empathic, since I am that empathic. I can be happy for a person's good fortunes and can feel sad when they have set backs. I love or dislike people for the character of their hearts, not the size of their bank accounts.

    • CharveL88
      CharveL88 Bulan Yang lalu

      Imagine being so empathetic that you actually cry for someone who could afford to buy a beautiful remote property most of us could only dream of, then finance it with compelling videos and eager volunteer labour, in order to build a swanky hotel that we likely couldn't even afford to stay in, because they got set back on development plans for a couple weeks.
      Such tragedy!

    • Evelyn
      Evelyn Bulan Yang lalu

      @Bacon Strips now I am your second subscriber! Love you Bacon Strips!!

  • Thomas Stratman
    Thomas Stratman Bulan Yang lalu +41

    Hey Brent, consider the positive things that happened just prior to the washout. The tank was delivered, a nice new excavator was there when you needed it, and that there is a back road into Cerro Gordo. I'm sure you will figure this out and it will be a delay and not a project stopper.

  • Tyler Trembley
    Tyler Trembley Bulan Yang lalu +1936

    Just like the burnt ashes of American hotel, the road will be revived! Love the preservation of history you’ve been able to maintain Brent! Keep it going. Incredibly inspiring

    • Cindy Orange Neely
      Cindy Orange Neely Bulan Yang lalu

      @I-_-AM-_-G I was thinking the same thing! LOL

    • đoan tran
      đoan tran Bulan Yang lalu


    • thoa tran
      thoa tran Bulan Yang lalu


    • 007nadineL
      007nadineL Bulan Yang lalu +1

      Then why not donate $100 to his project if you've enjoyed so much great free content?

    • Dirk Diggler
      Dirk Diggler Bulan Yang lalu

      @Come Correct coming from someone who has never been there. I agree 😂

  • Travis Ganser
    Travis Ganser Bulan Yang lalu +43

    Hey Brent, even though this may be a disappointing setback, this too is part of Cerro Gordo’s history and the great adventure you bring to us each week. Me and my 13 year old son, Gerard, enjoy wanting. Hoping to visit you sometime in the future. Keep the faith, as you are a master story teller and bring us much joy.

  • Sal
    Sal Bulan Yang lalu +35

    This really makes me realize just how hard it was for the people who lived at CG during its heyday. It’s must have been very isolating in the winter when snow was heavy and also during the rain. I’m sure you’ll have the road working again in no time. PS like the music you used in this video and where you used it.

  • Shahrul Aiman
    Shahrul Aiman Bulan Yang lalu +15

    I’ve been following the progress since the beginning. I can see your body is actually changing due to environment and your hard work. Please take care of yourself more . One day I’ll definitely visit you there.

  • IX_IX_
    IX_IX_ Bulan Yang lalu +16

    I won’t be surprised that washing out of the road ends up becoming a blessing for him… like the road will end up being built better this time and him meeting a lot more people who will help just because …

    • Robin4givin
      Robin4givin Bulan Yang lalu

      Amen! I wouldn't be surprised if God had a hand in taking the bad road down so that it could be rebuilt and made safe for people to access the hotel in the future. :D

  • Jonathan Keith
    Jonathan Keith Bulan Yang lalu +440

    Brent I’m a 50 year old farmer running a 3000 acre family farm in Australia. My experiences in life have taught me no matter how hard things get, when you work through them and fix the problems your self, the feeling of satisfaction and personal reward is far greater than being able to call the maintenance team to fix it. These things make you stronger, and you come out the other side a wiser and better person. You are doing a great job with Cero Gordo, I started following your channel about 2 days after you posted the first video when you got the 2WD Toyota stuck in the snow, in the dark that very first episode. I hope to come visit you some time in 2024, we are coming over to visit my wife’s sister in Oakdale CA. I look forward to every video that you post, both good and bad; hang in there buddy and stay strong!

    • Milo
      Milo Bulan Yang lalu +4

      Bottle neck in the canyon is definitely a headache prone to washouts , too bad diversion channels can't be made above to divert majority of flooding waters in the future , other than cementing the problem areas from undercutting the road... 🤔✌️👍💪🙏😔🏜️

    • Earl Johnson
      Earl Johnson Bulan Yang lalu +4

      Well said and so true . It’s not what hood throws at you it’s what you do when dealing with said situations

    • Nastasi Darius
      Nastasi Darius Bulan Yang lalu +4

      *Cerro Gordo oh man good encouragement

    • OffGrid Aussie Prepper™
      OffGrid Aussie Prepper™ Bulan Yang lalu +2

      ahh yeah...... where abouts in oz???

  • legendary breaker
    legendary breaker Bulan Yang lalu +8

    You’ve got this Brent and the Cerro Gordo Crew don’t ever give up! We’re backing you up even if we can’t donate or make it to the town we’re sending prays and good vibes to you stay awesome!

  • Jasper Stroupe
    Jasper Stroupe Bulan Yang lalu +17

    My lord, setback after setback.. can’t catch a break! Brent, I respect you beyond words for your dedication to this town and all your hard work. The fact you still take time to make us content through all this is unbelievable and very appreciated.

  • Tina Eden
    Tina Eden Bulan Yang lalu +10

    Brent, keep on truckin' ! It's a huge setback, but you know you will persevere, like the old miners of Serro Gordo did! Good thing that digger was still up there and you know how to use it! It sounds like you have a good relationship with the guy at the County. That's important as well. The last couple of shots of the road look so much better already! You rock!!!!❤️

  • zyksii
    zyksii Bulan Yang lalu +9

    Man, I wish that more people, including myself, had the courage, enthusiasm and perseverance of you guys. My utmost respect for you guys!

  • tortuga lisa
    tortuga lisa Bulan Yang lalu +9

    "Just one more sunset" Wow Brent! I loved seeing the entries into the journal back then. That's some history. Great portion of the video. You and others there to help are truly bringing back history. I can't wait to come up and stay at the hotel when you have accomplished your vision🙏😊

  • Beverly Horn
    Beverly Horn Bulan Yang lalu +8

    You are my younger soulmate! You and I have so much in common. It’s weird. But I’m old enough now to be your mom. God bless Brent! Stay safe and healthy please 😊✊😘👋❤️🙏🏻

  • Busters Garage
    Busters Garage Bulan Yang lalu +5

    Obstacles are some of the healthiest experiences in life. Whether you overcome them or fall and get back up from them. Some of the greatest adventures and most balanced perspectives come from those who have been through struggles and come out the other side. I've seen people lose all reason from a flat tire and here you are dealing with the skeleton of a road, impassible by no tire! I understand different people handle things... well, differently, but when you stare into opposition and start formulating rather than freezing, you're already a step ahead! Love the videos and love the determination!

  • nischala
    nischala Bulan Yang lalu +5

    I literally got chills when you were talking about living out in the wild, I was raised off grid with almost no modern comforts in the northern sierra nevada and I know exactly what you are talking about, the struggles wear on you and seem to never end but deep down in your soul you know it's worth all the hard work for the freedom and beauty that the mountains provide. Keep living you dream brother.

  • Relevant Information
    Relevant Information Bulan Yang lalu +184

    Remember : You can’t fully enjoy the highs… without experiencing the lows. You’re doing amazing work Brent & friends! 👍

    • american crafts
      american crafts Bulan Yang lalu +2

      idclips.com/video/hf7E57fuPl8/video.html It's here finally.

    • Sean Ferree
      Sean Ferree Bulan Yang lalu +1

      Right on! Well said!

  • MamboJambo
    MamboJambo Bulan Yang lalu +8

    Somewhat I can relate. When I was working on my own land, little piece of a forest, I had a lot of hardships. But that hardship gave me skills, different point of views, hardened me a little, and gave me a will to go on. It was mentally healing and nurturing.

  • couu alis
    couu alis Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Man, I wish that more people, including myself, had the courage, enthusiasm and perseverance of you guys. My utmost respect for you guys!

  • Richefort
    Richefort Bulan Yang lalu +14

    "The most practical move is to go somewhere nice, recount the year and pick it up again next year - but if you watch this channel for a while, you know...that's not going to happen."
    As upsetting as seeing the footage of the utterly destroyed and rerouted roads from the flood, I just know that even with this setback, it's not going to stop Brent & Co from getting this done. Nothing is stopping that hotel getting built.

  • MGaming7378
    MGaming7378 Bulan Yang lalu +2

    Best of wishes praying for you and your town.

  • FarAway Frog
    FarAway Frog Bulan Yang lalu +301

    If a bunch of people with wagons and mules can do it so can you Brent! You got this! Sending yall love and hoping everyone stays safe.

    • prylosec or something
      prylosec or something Bulan Yang lalu +2

      @XtremeChiliPepper but at one point there wasn't a road there at all. That's harder than a washed out road

    • Coraldiamond 192
      Coraldiamond 192 Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @XtremeChiliPepper well I don’t think that was the case, if you look at the geography of just where that road is that looks exactly like a place where something like that has happened before. Perhaps it hasn’t been as bad as that in the last 50 or 100 years but I wouldn’t be surprised if the road had issues when they first built it.

    • MrJustsayinshit
      MrJustsayinshit Bulan Yang lalu +2

      @XtremeChiliPepper So California’s Great Flood of 1862 that "stretched up to 300 miles long and 60 miles across" Isn't part of "American History" sounds like a similar if not worse rain event to me you might want to rephrase your statement.

    • Wasn’t Me
      Wasn’t Me Bulan Yang lalu +3

      Another collaboration with heavy D is coming. He’s got your back for sure IMO. Good luck 👍🏼

    • orange moon glows
      orange moon glows Bulan Yang lalu +5

      @XtremeChiliPepper i think the point is that at one time, there were no roads and yet there were people who created roads without the tech we have today, flood or no flood.

  • VenomIsaacL
    VenomIsaacL Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Amazing to see how far this has come over the past 2 years! Thank you for taking the time out of your already busy day to make these videos and upload them for us to be able to follow on the journey!

  • Susana Allik
    Susana Allik Bulan Yang lalu +5

    My heart goes out to you Brent, you just keep doing what you're doing you are amazing ! Bad time will pass stay strong and make sure to look after your health it will all pay off at the end. God is watching over you I know it.

  • D J L Smith
    D J L Smith Bulan Yang lalu +6

    Your video reminded me of the Zen Buddhist proverb: "After Enlightenment; chop wood, carry water". As a Buddhist, I often take refuge in performing domestic tasks to the best of my ability. Every swipe of the back hoe, every hole you dig, every inch of the road you repair is as important as every sunset, every silent mountain view, every starlit sky.

  • SubieLand
    SubieLand Bulan Yang lalu +2

    Anxiously waiting for an update, i know you've got a pile of work after this one. Good luck out there and be safe. Wish you were in Texas id come volunteer on the weekends

  • Henk Spreeuw
    Henk Spreeuw Bulan Yang lalu +72

    In a way you are living the life of a miner. One day you struck gold, the next day you are struggeling.
    You can do it, we all believe in you!

  • MissDarlaDeville
    MissDarlaDeville Bulan Yang lalu +1

    As a lover of California’s history I’ve fallen in love with Cerro Gordo and can not wait to visit. Just picked up two shirts from the site, wish I could help more. All the good vibes and prayers for Cerro Gordo, hoping to bring my littles to visit next spring.

  • Volvith
    Volvith Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Things get tough when you're out on your own, even when there's help from all corners you can see, it takes a toll.
    But in my experience, incomparable to yours as it may be, giving up, losing hope takes a much, much larger toll than any problem yet to be solved can hope to.
    Mountains kneel where mankind persists.
    There's no 'the' end, just 'an' end. Of a day, of a week, of a year.
    Outside of the untamed force of nature itself, you decide what ends when.
    I know i'm speaking words you've already spoken aloud a thousand times, but never give up on Cerro Gordo.
    This project, to see from where you've come, and where you are now, you will make it work.
    It definitely hurts to see all that progress postponed, but these delays won't last forever.
    I wish you the best man, seriously.
    One step at a time, you'll walk that thousand mile road to reach your goals.
    And like the land you walk upon, there will be ups and downs, hills and valleys, but you'll get there.
    Thanks for sharing your journey with us.
    Stay as strong as you've always been, as we've come to know you throughout these last couple of years.
    You can do this!

  • Jonty Rowe
    Jonty Rowe Bulan Yang lalu +2

    Is it possible due to being a public road, the council will step in & pay to resurface the area? I know it's wishful thinking but surely this could be possible.

  • Scott Goodrich
    Scott Goodrich Bulan Yang lalu +4

    Best quote I've heard in a long time: "At the end of the day, between those two decisions, I think the one where I'm actually actively participating in my life and my dreams is going to be the one that leaves me feeling the best at night, no matter how tired I am." Amen, brother. Amen.

  • Ruth Z
    Ruth Z Bulan Yang lalu +390

    That the excavator was left there for you is incredible. Gives a person reason to hope. No matter where you are life is going to send curve balls. Expect it! This is what makes people stronger!

    • missingremote
      missingremote Bulan Yang lalu +5

      The excavator is nice. He needs a dump truck too. For a good foundation. To patch the road with crushed stone and rocks. Not soft sand.

    • Ron Petersen
      Ron Petersen Bulan Yang lalu +4

      Yup. A religious type of person might say it was left there for this very reason by someone looking out for him ... If I was an atheist, I would have a hard time arguing that not to be the case.

    • Paul Hoffman
      Paul Hoffman Bulan Yang lalu +5

      WOW! Great observation. Might there actually be a sense of "future knowing"?

    • Joseph Gold
      Joseph Gold Bulan Yang lalu +13

      He just has to remember that if what he was doing was going to be easy, someone else would have done it already.

    • Kate G
      Kate G Bulan Yang lalu +26

      Well said. I also believe that life sends you blessings. Was it part of the big plan that the excavator was there? I'd like to think so. Also, the tank was in before the flash flood. That's enough progress to hang in and hope.

  • Kathleen Medina
    Kathleen Medina Bulan Yang lalu +1

    dont give up, things will happen just be a little patient we all love to watch your journey and get to live through your experiences thank you for that

  • Peter Rayden
    Peter Rayden Bulan Yang lalu +1

    This is the type of place where anything and everything is expected. It is the size of the man's heart and spirit that will get him through any difficulty. The ability use your spirit to keep going... no matter what the obstacle. The ability to pick up a tool and fix the problem, especially when there are tears from the heart. You are inspiring millions of people in how to just keep moving forward in the face of adversity. There is no better man for the job. Keep going Brent... we all support you.

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Stay strong Brent, ever sense I found your first video I’ve been addicted to your content. Best wishes from Maine

  • Terry Ackerman
    Terry Ackerman Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Love, love, and more love sent your way. I know that doesn't help with the road, but I hope it will give you the courage and stamina to keep going forward in preserving this beautiful historical site.

  • Owen Roberts
    Owen Roberts Bulan Yang lalu +137

    Brent, your devotion to this town shines brighter than you realize. You've already proven yourself as capable and strong enough to make something like this happen. We all love you Brent, and the legacy that you've already carried on your shoulders. Your audience will never leave you in the rear-view, and all of us are right here with you. Cerro Gordo forever.

    • 007nadineL
      007nadineL Bulan Yang lalu

      Then why not donate $100 to his project if you've enjoyed so much great free content?

  • A Path Trampled by Deer
    A Path Trampled by Deer Bulan Yang lalu +4

    I wish you all the best on this endevour, and I hope this ust is one of those setbacks that you can look back at fairly soon and laugh at it all.
    You all seems like people who kick adversity in the teeth.
    Take care and be well!

  • Jon Ryan
    Jon Ryan Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Brent, I am impressed with all you have achieved and once done it will be a great place to visit. As a former miner/heavy equipment operator440 Kobelco excavators and Catt D9T's were my choice of equipment to operate. Eventually I will make it out that way and look forward to seeing the place in person. Good Luck my friend

  • Peter Gill
    Peter Gill Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Keep pressing on you can do it love watching how it’s all unfolding .

  • cory cox
    cory cox Bulan Yang lalu +1

    We're praying for you guys . This is one of those things that you half to just force yourself to do. Be strong buddy. God speed.

  • Eric Mattinen
    Eric Mattinen Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Life is such a grand adventure! You will persevere! You've got the drive to make it happen. Just a thought, if you can, leave the hotel basement unfinished and frame it up. Wheelbarrows are cheap if you have to place the concrete by hand after the road is fixed. A loader and a dump truck would be great if anyone has one. All the road base is at the bottom of the hill...gravity and momentum of erosional forces are what mother nature does best.

  • Tulip Qwerty Wolfie
    Tulip Qwerty Wolfie Bulan Yang lalu +2

    Living in a place like that you cant give in. Keep up the great work Brent. I hope to visit and stay a night or two one day

  • Matt Williams
    Matt Williams Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Brent thank you for sharing the new chapter in Cero Gordo's history with the world. I think the task you have taken on is a great test for anyone to tackle but you are smashing it. The town was obviously built by many people who share the passion of the place you also have but you are one man keeping the dream and history alive. So much respect to you Brent you are doing what many people could never tackle. Peace out from the UK 🇬🇧

  • Kip O'Hara
    Kip O'Hara Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Keep going Brent, You have achieved so much, God's got your back....

  • UP
    UP Bulan Yang lalu +190

    Imagine if the flash flood happened the day or two before when you were bringing the tank up!! If it was gonna happen, it was definitely better after the tank was up and Heavy D and the rest of the helping crew had safely gone home. I'm sure there will be fun discoveries and blessings that come out of this (like all of the good that came out of the original hotel burning down). YOU GOT THIS BRENT!!

    • Alin Asaftei
      Alin Asaftei Bulan Yang lalu +1

      @007nadineL I don't think you get what he's saying, having some perspective on things that happen in life can help a lot more than 50$

    • 007nadineL
      007nadineL Bulan Yang lalu +4

      Easy for you to say. But will you donate $50 to his cause?

  • Toni ann Donnelly
    Toni ann Donnelly Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Brent I am so proud of you, don't give up sweetie,you got this!!🙌

  • Paul Lambert
    Paul Lambert Bulan Yang lalu +1

    I think that everyone that watches this channel is pulling for you. What you have done already is beyond amazing. I’m sure that many thousands of people out in IDclips land are willing you on and will continue to send their good thoughts towards Cerro Gordo. Keep up the great work Brent!

  • mrlister2000
    mrlister2000 Bulan Yang lalu +4

    Greetings from Liverpool, England!
    You need a steam-roller to flatten and compact the dirt road, to make it a bit more durable during a rain storm.
    Also, dig a massive square hole, line it, and use it as a water trap or even a swimming pool! Either way, the stored water could be filtered and used for personal use.
    Love the channel mate, keep it up!

  • DzyMsLizzy
    DzyMsLizzy Bulan Yang lalu +1

    So heartbreaking for you! I hope you are able to get the assistance you need. I'd be there in a heartbeat, except that I'm a 74-year-old widow with none of the special skills you need. I have some basic home repair & handygal skills, but nothing like major construction or earth-moving. So I wish you all the best and may the universe provide what you need when you need it.

  • Nana Chick05
    Nana Chick05 Bulan Yang lalu +84

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    Joshua Chilton Bulan Yang lalu +1

    The production quality of this is incredible. It’s like a documentary that has been carefully crafted over the course of years. Way beyond any “vlog”.

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    Kai Miller Bulan Yang lalu +3

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    Alison Clark Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Brent its sad to see you down, however its understandable, but, i know your far too determined to throw in the towel, the world and god is with you and im sure who ever is able to help, will do. This is a project to be very proud of, youve grown and become stronger, keep up the good work Brent!! 👍😃❤️❤️

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    Lorie Parker Wade Bulan Yang lalu +1

    I understand brick walls, those things you hit when things are going to good. I just had to start telling myself these are experiences to tell people about, or to break out my camera. But for me now, as a widow these brick walls are dangerous. But you got this! You have a darn good batch of friends.

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    Jones Factor Bulan Yang lalu +1

    🤯🤯 you’ve got a great community of people behind you, I have feeling that road will be better than ever. 👊⚒🔦

  • D.J. "The Metalhead Mercenary"
    D.J. "The Metalhead Mercenary" Bulan Yang lalu +2

    Good on you man, got to take the bull by the horns.
    I'll recommend it again, wherever you can, put french ditches on the sides of the road to mitigate rain effect on the road itself and lead the drainage away from the road. Water will take the path of least resistance, so any mitigation you can do apart from the road repair I would highly recommend it. I would use some of the aggregate from the tailings piles to fortify the road and make the drainage avenues as you need to.
    With the Narrows section, it's obviously more difficult as you have little to no space to play with, Jackhammering channels into the sides of the road in the rock will create a ditch/ gutter for the water to move and could really benefit keeping the road intact, but that's a lot of work with some logistical hurdles.
    Looking forward to updates and seeing progress otherwise.

  • Keith Schurr
    Keith Schurr Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Hang in there buddy I've been up there once back in 2007. I did the electrical at my friend's aunt's home that he was remodeling down in Lone Pine. The two of us went out 4 wheeling after I was done and I think what you're doing up there is very noble, risky, and quite a bit crazy but the rewards will make it all worth while. Besides nothing good in life is ever easy. But the community around those parts is strong supportive and just all around good people. You will get through this with their help. It's what they like to do. Good luck to you my friend when it's time for the electrical to be done if my car is running ( it's down right now) I would love to come up and help you with that.
    Keith Schurr,
    Las Vegas NV.

  • Kadenthatchevdude
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    Can we all just say thank you to Mr Dave sparks and his crew for having such genuine pure hearts. Without Dave and Brent colliding, Brent would be so screwed.. don't get wrong, Brent's a badass but there's only so much a man can do. Shoutout to both of these guys. Sany putting in work thanks to Dave, Brent putting the sany to work with such a passion👊😎

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    David Mackintosh Bulan Yang lalu +1

    Don't give up Brent, you are a great guy and we all know you will get through this. You are made from strong stuff, you show this over and over again. Keep going, I look forward to your videos every week!

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    I'm really glad that the county approved your request to at least make the road usable for 4 wheel drive vehicles. So many places would never even let you touch the area and would force you to wait for them to do it in several months. Hopefully some other people who know how to fix that kind of stuff see this video and are able to help get the road completely redone with approval from the county.

    • Isaac Graff
      Isaac Graff Bulan Yang lalu +4

      They did say they were stretched thin. Silver lining (from county's perspective) the road has had some work done. They aren't starting from the rough wash

    • Chad Neu
      Chad Neu Bulan Yang lalu +8

      The places that tell you no usually have a reason for that. It's usually because folks have done a bad job of repairs in the past and then the county gets blamed. Rural counties generally don't care in situations like this but more urban ones definitely do. There are codes and requirements for road safety. They're usually written in blood and litigation.

    • Ravenbar's Repairs
      Ravenbar's Repairs Bulan Yang lalu +13

      Given that it's serving only 1 property, It should be considered a driveway.

    • Sorren Peak
      Sorren Peak Bulan Yang lalu +19

      You'd be surprised how chill a lot of those rural guys are. Once you get on a first-name basis with them, you're pretty good.

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    Lora Lee Bulan Yang lalu +1

    I’m sure when you fix the road it will be better than before. From what I’ve seen in your videos you are never less than 100% in all you do. Keep looking ahead.

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    Your courage and enthusiasm is inspiring, keep up the back breaking yet amazing work you do! I can not wait to see the American Hotel once again stand proud. Much love from here in the UK!

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    Stephen Miller Bulan Yang lalu +147

    The Sierras and surrounding mountains do seem to “ Get into your soul “ somehow. I’m 62 now and my first trip up was with friends when I was only 16 back in 1976. I’ve been up to Cerro Gordo a few times and last trip was back in 2009 and we got a chance to meet Robert as he was caretaker at that time and he was saying how much snow that the town had received earlier that year. My Buddy Dan & I were camped at Portagee Joe’s camp at base of Whitney portal road & we had ridden our Dual sport Motorcycles up from camp . Weather was cool , but spring seemed to be just around corner . Very next morning we took off for a ride up the opposite side of valley from your towns view and headed up Horseshoe Meadows road only to be blindsided by one Hell of a snowstorm once up at summit almost at campgrounds. Needless to say that was a memorable ride on fresh snow in freezing cold weather all the way back down to my Toy -hauler trailer at camp . Dan’s mom’s home made clam chowder sure tasted great that afternoon as we sat warm & drying out watching snow fall . I try to get up there at least once a year into the Owens Valley for just those types of adventures. From what I have seen this is just the beginnings of your life long love affair with that whole area👍 Wishing you well & may your ventures be memorable and safe 🤞👍👍

    • american crafts
      american crafts Bulan Yang lalu

      idclips.com/video/hf7E57fuPl8/video.html It's here finally.

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    Good luck

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    Thanks for all you and your friends/family etc do

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    Nick Gallwey Bulan Yang lalu

    Awww Brent I so feel for ya! BUT you’ve got to get back up, enjoy those sunsets - you’ve invested so much time and effort, I’m sure you won’t give up now. Yes it’s a struggle but for what you are doing and what you’ve achieved, what you are preserving for the world it is so worth it. You are showing true grit, but one thing does worry me. You said it was a thousand year storm, but these days who knows? Everyone’s weather systems seem to have gone haywire these days. I appreciate for now it’s a temporary fix on the road, but once you’ve got back the essentials maybe with the heavy plant you have, build in drainage channels. That may be easier said than done, but as your video ended you showed more storm clouds brewing, so maybe it won’t be another thousand years til the next time. Water follows the line of least resistance so look into whether by digging a gully parallel to the narrows the water can be diverted down another route where it won’t cause so much damage to your access route. Everyone that watches your vlog is willing you to succeed, so keep your pecker up and don’t let this set back beat you down. Good luck and best wishes from Kent in the U.K.

  • Guido Lyons
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    Brent, this too shall pass. Some gravel and dozer work and you will be back in business. Keep on keepin' on. You got this. Cerro Gordo will continue to get better and better because of you.

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    To see your town coming alive , the ups and downs you have been through , most of all seeing your dream happening , the support you have , it’s amazing and your energy level.
    Can’t wait to visit and would love to help out in building your town in the future .
    Keep up the great work work

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  • Arterexius
    Arterexius Bulan Yang lalu

    I've been helping my dad my entire childhood, with house renovations. And while your town is many, many times larger in sheer work, the feeling is the same. It's a special feeling, like you describe so yourself. It's the feeling of finding something unexpected and bad, which instantly makes multiple questions pop up in the head, like "what am I doing here?", "why am I doing this?"/"why do I keep doing this to myself?", "is this even worth my time?", "what have I gotten myself into?", "what am I doing with my life?" and so on. But every single time, we find ourselves bitching about it for a little while, before picking the work back up, find a solution and continue the project. Cause we still feel that love for the place we're renovating, regardless of the scale. Whatever made us fall in love with the place the first time, is still there. And it's that love that keeps us picking ourselves back up, when something bricks itself, cause we won't ever trade our predicament for anything else. It's also that love that speaks, when we bitch about a bad, unexpected discovery. Like a parent to a child, who almost got hurt, because they wouldn't listen. It's the same feeling of annoyance, because we care. Because we love and we only want the best for the place. So we pick it back up and continue working. We press on, like you too show, time and time again. Giving up is not an option. And you'll get to experience Cerro Gordo alive again. And nothing, as in absolutely nothing, will beat the sheer euphoria you will feel, once that happens

  • Martha Burke
    Martha Burke Bulan Yang lalu

    Thank you Brent for taking the time to let us all know what’s happening. Never give up!!! Hope it all comes together for you and the town. If we lived closer, we would be there to lend a hand.

  • JessThe101Rurple
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    Brent, your determination and perseverance never fails to make me smile. You've got such a big heart, espeically towards this town. Hats off to you.

  • bridgit halle
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    Aww Brent, you look like you need a hug. Don’t give up! Blessings will shine through, and after everything you’ve been through, those blessings will be even sweeter.

  • Sadlave MCMXC
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    These are good lessons on things to come (weather vise), there are ways to minimize the damage in the future.
    And there are ways to redirect water from the road to the drenches(just pits on the side of the road) it might not save all the road but the goal is to minimize the damage.
    You need a lot of water that you bring from the town bellow, then you could make rain catchers in strategic places and collect the water.
    The best saying is "work smart not hard" saying that sometimes you still have to work hard so later you could work easier.