Norman Rockwell Museum tour Video #2

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 9 Jun 2017
  • The second of 3 videos that up till now you could only see at Superheroes and Superstars The Works of Alex Ross, a museum tour organized by the Norman Rockwell Museum. Stay tuned for 3rd video to follow next week!

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  • Vincent Preston
    Vincent Preston 6 bulan yang lalu

    Definitely one of my all time favorites!

  • Always watching
    Always watching 7 bulan yang lalu

    At 5:18 in the top panel right next to Spectre's head, is that Blackbolt? I never noticed that before.

  • rey reyes
    rey reyes 10 bulan yang lalu

    your brilliant.

  • Craig O neill
    Craig O neill Tahun Yang lalu

    1:00 fairly rough drawing 😂the guys a genius

  • Roberto Melo
    Roberto Melo Tahun Yang lalu

    Thank you, Alex!!!

  • Roberto Melo
    Roberto Melo Tahun Yang lalu

    They were always tributes to Alex Ross.

  • Roberto Melo
    Roberto Melo Tahun Yang lalu

    My Work in gouache!!
    Follow the big pictures !! -

  • Roberto Melo
    Roberto Melo Tahun Yang lalu

    My Work in guache!!

  • Roberto Melo
    Roberto Melo Tahun Yang lalu

    My work in gouache is that !! I do not have time is everything for yesterday !!
    - Whatever I tried to do in Alex Ross's technique, I used Black China ink for the initial paint, black and watery shades. The material did not mix, did not match, gave work, suffered, I covered the ink of China with black gouache, but I saved my work with suffering. :(

  • Roberto Melo
    Roberto Melo Tahun Yang lalu

    My work in gouache is that !! I do not have time is everything for yesterday !!

  • Roberto Melo
    Roberto Melo Tahun Yang lalu

    I understand, my comment needs to be approved.

  • neb court
    neb court Tahun Yang lalu


  • CercoUnCentro
    CercoUnCentro Tahun Yang lalu +1

    please again the spawn 100 stepbystep

  • Vitor Oliveira
    Vitor Oliveira Tahun Yang lalu +1

    00:50 : "... can I show something?"... Please, DO show. You are a pretty handsome guy, Alex, but I'd rather see your thumbnails and breakdowns. 😊. I always learn something from it.

  • Paola Flores
    Paola Flores Tahun Yang lalu

    genio ...el mejor ilustrador grafico !!!

  • John Lemus
    John Lemus Tahun Yang lalu

    To me. There is no other artist working today that can bring out the Quintessence of a character, the way that Alex Ross can. A lot of artist will do their takes on the multiple different characters, like Superman, Alex brings them to life the way they should be.

  • nichols4520
    nichols4520 Tahun Yang lalu

    They should collect all Alex Ross video interviews, presentations, commercials and dvd behind the scenes and put it all on 1 dvd. I would definitely buy it. I watch his video to inspire myself never to give up on my dream of drawing and someday see it in print. Alex Ross is my inspiration. Thank you

  • navin praveen
    navin praveen Tahun Yang lalu +1

    The Kingdom come : a timeless classic.

  • Mustafa Jackson
    Mustafa Jackson Tahun Yang lalu

    An excellent interview with an excellent illustrator,Alex Ross.

  • Superman
    Superman Tahun Yang lalu +2

    I'd love to hear why you made Superman's symbol in Kingdom Come have that unique look. All I know is that it had to do with the old Max Fleischer cartoons, if I'm not mistaken... I don't know if there's anything else to it.

  • PatRyant
    PatRyant Tahun Yang lalu

    Absolutely incredible work! Cannot wait to see more videos like this, it's rare to see such personal stories attached to the artists of comic books which inspire generations of young and growing people.

  • The Little Pasty
    The Little Pasty Tahun Yang lalu +5

    I'd love to just see a video of his complete process of working on a piece. Like, real time layout, to pencils, to paint, to finish

  • AggressiveNegotiator
    AggressiveNegotiator Tahun Yang lalu

    Amazing artwork!

  • Didien Shairwan
    Didien Shairwan Tahun Yang lalu +3

    These are stellar Alex. You're an amazing inspiration.

  • Eric Espinoza
    Eric Espinoza Tahun Yang lalu +6

    0 dislikes, not surprised

  • TheSpanishzombie
    TheSpanishzombie Tahun Yang lalu +8

    For real, the man is the best, i dont remember reading all the comics, but goddamn i remember kingdome come and others of his work, every page i just gotta stare for while, takes time reading this man's comics haha

  • darkempire
    darkempire Tahun Yang lalu

    The Master at work

    METEHAN ÖZBİLGİ Tahun Yang lalu

    Sir are you going to keep the channel up to date?

  • Zinogg
    Zinogg Tahun Yang lalu

    so inspiring

  • Misa
    Misa Tahun Yang lalu


  • CaptainBardiel
    CaptainBardiel Tahun Yang lalu +2


  • Raj Patel
    Raj Patel Tahun Yang lalu

    Phenomenal video!

  • The Thomas Gallery
    The Thomas Gallery Tahun Yang lalu +23

    Kingdom Come is my absolute favorite graphic novel!!!

    • theClarkknight
      theClarkknight Tahun Yang lalu +3

      in my view kingdom come is the most beautiful comic art the world has every seen from the opening page on my absolute edition the art draws you in with more emotion than any other

    • fstmks
      fstmks Tahun Yang lalu +2

      The Thomas Gallery mine too

  • 20 Dollar Gold Piece
    20 Dollar Gold Piece Tahun Yang lalu +1

    A living LEGEND

  • Kal El
    Kal El Tahun Yang lalu +3

    just an incredible inspiration to so many of us

  • fstmks
    fstmks Tahun Yang lalu +11

    The best comic book artist ever. No doubt.

  • SuperBatmang
    SuperBatmang Tahun Yang lalu +1

    Do you ink your pieces before you paint them in watercolor? Or do you start with the sepia/black watercolor as your base?