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The Surprising Secret of Synchronization

  • Dipublikasikan tanggal 30 Mar 2021
  • How does order spontaneously arise out of chaos? This video is sponsored by Kiwico - go to www.kiwico.com/Veritasium50 for 50% off your first month of any crate.
    An enormous thanks to Prof. Steven Strogatz - this video would not have been possible without him. Much of the script-writing was inspired and informed by his wonderful book Sync, and his 2004 TED talk. He is a giant in this field, and has literally written the book on chaos, complexity, and synchronization. It was hard to find a paper in this field that Steven (or one of his students) didn't contribute to. His Podcast "The Joy of X" is wonderful - please listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts www.quantamagazine.org/tag/th...
    Nicky Case's Amazing Firefly Interactive - ncase.me/fireflies
    Great Kuramoto Model Interactive - www.complexity-explorables.or...
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    Special thanks to Patreon supporters: Mac Malkawi, Oleksii Leonov, Michael Schneider, Jim Osmun, Tyson McDowell, Ludovic Robillard, jim buckmaster, fanime96, Juan Benet, Ruslan Khroma, Robert Blum, Richard Sundvall, Lee Redden, Vincent, Lyvann Ferrusca, Alfred Wallace, Arjun Chakroborty, Joar Wandborg, Clayton Greenwell, Pindex, Michael Krugman, Cy 'kkm' K'Nelson, Sam Lutfi, Ron Neal
    Written by Derek Muller and Petr Lebedev
    Animation by Fabio Albertelli and Jakub Misiek
    Simulations and 3D Animation by Jonny Hyman
    Filmed by Derek Muller and Raquel Nuno
    Edited by Derek Muller
    Additional video supplied by Getty Images
    Thumbnail by Ignat Berbeci
    More footage from NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio
    100 metronome video from www.youtube.com/watch?v=suxu1...
    Intro animation by Jorge Cham
    Thanks for the BZ footage from SteinbockGroup: www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJn1s... and
    NileRed idclips.com/video/LL3kVtc-4vY/video.html
    Animation of waves in the heart from The Virtual Heart/ EM Cherry/ FH Fenton - ve42.co/Cardiac and ve42.co/Cherry2008
    Chemical materials and protocol provided by Mike Morris and the UCI Chemistry Outreach Program www.chem.uci.edu/~jsnowick/ou...
    Thanks to Alie Ward for title/thumbnail consultation
    Thanks to Dr Juliette Becker and Dr James O'Donoghue for the planetary science help
    Music from Jonny Hyman, Epidemic Sound epidemicsound.com "Seaweed" "Deeper Than The Ocean" "Ripple Effect"
    Music also from Artlist artlist.com "Children of Mystery"
    Thumbnail by Ignat Berbeci

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  • rolturn
    rolturn Tahun Yang lalu +9

    This channel is what the Discovery Channel was like to me when I was a child. I love how it brings life to "uninteresting" subjects.

  • Marq Jaqobs

    Ever since I was a child, I've noticed that when people walk together, they end up walking with synchronized steps. I thought it was some kind of telepathy or, at least, a no-verbal communication. I never realized it is actually a phenomenon in physics and chemistry.

  • Buddy Holly

    Breaking lockstep or cadence is hard. I noticed this during my many years in the Army. Going from double time to quick time march, brings a formation into lockstep extremely fast. Run to walk is what this means. A group of SMs (Service Members) just casually walking is in lockstep. That being drilled into your head day after day and year after year….is a habit not so easily broken. Kinda impressed more Brit SMs didn’t cause bridge collapses.

  • Mr. Jake
    Mr. Jake  +281

    I have always been amazed when I synchronize with a complete stranger going to work in the morning on a consistent yet intermittent basis.

  • MrChrispy777

    One summer evening, in Pennsylvania, I was witness to a huge cloud of lightening bugs, against a pastel sky, at sunset. Additionally, up on a hill, the chimes of a church played a melodious hymn, which tune floated over the small town. The gentle pace of the hymn was synchronized with the lighting of the bugs, as they kept a beat. It was a magical moment, that I wish I could've captured on video..

  • James B.
    James B.  +22

    I used to practice jumping into lock step say, with my dad or someone I was walking and talking with. Walking while holding hands, I found, is another way of being in synchrony! It's a lot like drumming in a big circle and locking up with a synchronous rhythm with everyone else. It is amazing to experience the sudden coalescence and to even introduce a new movement and feel the effect it has on the whole group.

  • Mr. Person Humanson
    Mr. Person Humanson Tahun Yang lalu +13

    Don't you just love it when you're just about to go to sleep, then you accidentally discover a new scientific phenomenon

  • Mart El
    Mart El  +480

    This makes me think of quantum entanglement and how maybe the reason it happens is because there is a shared field in a higher dimension from which the atoms "hang" and serves as a way to transfer information. Just like the table serves as a medium for transferring information here

  • WalrusRider

    Interesting. I thought it would be a video on standing waves and natural vibration frequencies

  • Miss E.
    Miss E.  +1

    I experienced the synchronized clap one time at band camp and I thought that was really neat. This video explains so much about why that probably happened. Very cool. 😎

  • Jeff Walters

    I think synchronicity is like attraction. Everything wants to be like it’s neighbor (for lack of a better example) and tends to sync to it or a group. I was looking at trees and noticing how they tend to lean to each other say on a street or parking lot.

  • dat vergil doe

    The more I learn about science the more I understand just how important Huygens was. I learned about him in my adult years. Truly a remarkable mind.

  • WiZarD
    WiZarD Tahun Yang lalu +1

    Can we all take a moment to appreciate such knowledgeable content for free on this platform...

  • Justin Teper

    In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.

  • Ray Fridley

    Your car's transmission uses synchronization of the gears, especially with manual shifting . In the gearing assembly, moving into the next gear becomes easier as there are synchronizing rings that engage immediately before fully shifting, moving the next gear to spin at the same speed as the rest of the transmission's components.

  • Peteri Davies

    This simplistic explanation was so immediately and intensely enlightening.

  • harshith swamy

    Its just amazing to find the video which is started with pendulum clocks synchronization and traveled through chemical , electrical and ended with the quest to find the properties of whole system using its smaller parts ,which i think everybody is struggling to do it now ! great video

  • Texan in Italy

    You don't have to be on a bridge to synchronise with other pedestrians. I have seen it on a packed alley in Japan after a fireworks festival, where everyone had to exit down one narrow street. Everyone did this side to side penguin walk, and was in perfect step, all without a word about it.

  • ERDFCN3040
    ERDFCN3040 Tahun Yang lalu +2

    I'm from Russia and I watch your videos, but I watch your videos from another channel that does Russian voice acting. But I still go to your channel looking for the right video and put a like. It was you who instilled in me a love for physics and I would like to say a huge thank you! You probably won't even read this comment, but I still want to write it. Thanks!

  • Ashley Berkowitz

    I love watching the metronomes because your brain clicks the instant they synchronize. Gotta love that pattern recognition